Welcome to the ADD & ADHD Blog!

Hello and thank you for joining me!

I am thrilled to unveil my new blog.

Although the title of the blog is ADD and ADHD Blog, I will often just refer to it as ADHD. However, even when I leave out the term ADD, I still mean it as well. As of 1994, when the DSM-IV came out, the diagnosis all falls under the term ‘ADHD’. This relates to the fact that there are three subtypes of ADHD – the inattentive type (formerly just called ADD), the hyperactive impulsive type, and the combined type (which has both the inattentive and the hyperactive impulsive types involved). So, when I use the terms ADD or ADHD, I am really using them interchangeably.

What can you expect on this blog?

1) Up to date information on ADHD from a medical authority on the subject
2) Research updates
3) Transcriptions of my ADHD Audio Newsletter – Many of my subscribers have asked for written content of the ADHD Audio Newsletter – and now I am giving you the content. This blog will be updated with the different newsletters on an ongoing basis. Now you will not only be able to hear them – but you will be able to read them as well!
4) Coverage of a wide range of topics relevant to ADHD and handling it in children, teens, and adults

The great thing about a blog is that it can grow ‘organically’ – so please be sure to put comments up and I will see them! Let’s work on this together.

Thanks for joining me and watch for updates soon.

Dr. Kenny Handelman


  1. Looking good so far – I will have a proper look around tonight when the kids are not on the computer :):)

    Cheers Jackie (New Zealand)

  2. Dr. Ken,
    Thanks for the information. I will be sharing this with my Clients. I was wondering if you could add a print feature that would only print information and not everything else that may be on the page? It would make it better to print off and share with Clients.
    Once again, thank you for ;the information.
    Stan Carder MS, LPCC

  3. Dr. Ken – This is an answer to hopes and prayers. I was first introduced to you and your work through Tellman Knudson. I have a 12 year old son who litterally went through “Hell” from K – 6″ in our school system because the “experts” in childhood behaviour in our district were not able to diagnose ADHD and spent all of their, and his time isolating him during classes, from the student body. This led to 4 years of his being “bullied” and made fun of by his elementry scoolmates and carried over into Middle School – It was during that period (Grade 6) that he finally was assesed as ADHD, but the special needs leaders were for the most part not very familiar with what ADHD really was “All About.” It gave me the chance to share with them the Information and resources I had picked up from associating with you and to coin a phrase, “The world has become a better place,” for Horace and a lot of his “peers” in our school division. Now that you are Blogging – it makes it so much easier to “spread the word throughout the scool communities in Manitoba. Thanks a again to You and Tellman and his associate Stephanie.

  4. Thank you Stan, and Donald for your great comments.

    I am thrilled to hear that this information is not only helpful to you, but is also
    helpful to Stan’s clients, and to Donald’s son’s teachers and resources at school.

    Stan, I agree with you – blogging will make it much easier to get info out quickly and effectively. And it will be easy to share with people.

    Keep watching the blog – more info will be coming soon.

    Dr. Kenny Handelman

  5. HI Dr Handleman,

    I love the audio newsletters and have missed. I really hope that in the future you will continue to have audio and a choice for writen for those who like to read. This was the first trusted verble newsletter I have found. Now having in print it will now be a little easier to use when I am writing a paper or sharing information with others.
    I am hoping that you are able to keep site update and continue to share new information.
    I am really looking forward to the new announsment or update for diagoning an adult with ADHD.
    Do you know of any studies that currently going on or any looking for participates/

    Thanks for being interested in this field, as are not many specialize in this field.’

  6. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Yes, I will work on keeping this site, and the audio newsletter updated.

    I don’t know of any active studies recruiting patients, and of course that would depend on where you live. If you are interested in participating in studies, you could contact your local university medical school department of psychiatry, and look into whether they had studies going on.

    You know what? I have been getting a lot of comments and questions asking for more Adult ADHD information. I will work on that in the near future.

    Dr. Kenny Handelman

  7. Hi Dr. Handelman,
    I look forward to your newsletters, and will try to check out the blog periodically as well.
    My daughter is improving since beginning meds (Metadate). Although at times I wonder if a medicine that incorporated some amount of antidepressant may help even more.

    The support of your newsletter is great. I’m particularly interested in the behavioral information – how to cope day to day. Thanks again. karen

  8. Love the ideas! I especially like the written transcripts as it is very hard to get a quiet time in my house, to listen to the audio. And I am a visual learner. So thanks!


  9. I was so excited to hear about the blog! I can read the newsletters at work without disturbing anyone, as well as any additional information posted by you and others in the ADHD community!
    I am the parent of an 8 year old with ADHD, inattentive type and the challenges are a bit different for us. I hope to see more information on the inattentive type and some tips for helping our inattentive children with motivation.
    It’s great so far!
    thanks again!

  10. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your audio newsletters. I work with both adults and children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD; your newsletter is a constantly used resource. I learn from it myself and refer others to it daily. The idea of a blog just makes things even more accessible. It is great to hear Canadian, professional information. Keep up the good work Dr. Handelman!!

  11. Hello Dr. Ken

    Thank you for your audio lessons and now this blog!
    Will there be any chance in the future for caregiver sharing?
    My 15 yr. old son has severe ADHD along with severe Learning Disabilities. He is entering Gr. 9 this fall and finds academics extremely challenging! We live in a small community in Central Ont. and our school has very little resources or Ed. Assistants, which creates even more difficulty, to say the least. I am wondering if learning strategies that a young person can figure out to do will be part of this knowledge base?
    Thank you for your dedication to this field and for your invaluable teaching and research sharing.


  12. I really appreciate this service that you are offering! My son is 11 and on Concerta. He did stop taking the medication over the summer (probably would not have done thsi if I’d read your earlier message before now). He is overweight. We try to encourage more exercise (its like pulling teeth- swimming works best), however he overheats very quickly and hardly sweats at all. You mentioned something about potential cardiac issues. Is there anything specific we/his doctor should be checking for in this regard? Also I’ve recently started taking Strattera (2 weeks ago). Would you please comment on its effectiveness, how long it may take (should I already be noticing a difference if it is right for me?), why its not prescribed for kids (or is it or when it might be acceptable to use it if it is effective), and what I should be looking for in regards to figuring out whether or not it’s working? I’ve got many more ADHD questions swimming around in my head, but those are the top ones and I’ll hold the others for now. Once again I’d like to thank you for taking time to share your knowledge.

  13. I am thankful for the news letter, and the blog page, I will be checking the blog weekly. I am a 37 year old female with ADHD, and so far only one out of three of my girls are showing any signs of having ADHD. The letters have helped me with ideas for her, and myself. Thank You again Dr. Handelman, can’t wait to hear more.


  14. This blog is a great idea, Dr. Handelman.

    II’d like to hear more about everyday tips for adults with ADHD. Once the medication takes affect, I figured that everything will be fine.

    But sorting out what’s fairly typical for a. adults, b. professional adults, and c. ADHD adults takes time.

    For example, I now carry my keys on a lanyard around my neck (no more lost keys) and I jot down or outline in my mind everything (5 top categories, with no more than 2 subcategories each).

    Thank you

  15. I agree, this blog is a great idea. It has helped myself as well as others to understand ADHD etc. My problem is right now my 11 year old sons doctor wants to start him on Strettera and it isn’t covered under either of our drug plans. I am in the process of filling out forms to get this med covered but it will be a few months before this happens. I understand there is a generic brand and can I get this in Canada?

  16. Hi Dar,

    Regarding insurance coverage for Strattera – this can be tricky (as you describe). Unfortunately, there is no generic form of the medicine – not in Canada and not anywhere yet. This will take a lot more years – likely at least 10.

    One question to ask your doctor is whether you can get samples. Because this medication is not a controlled substance (i.e. stimulant), it can be given out as samples from the doctor directly.

    Your doctor may be able to give you enough samples to at least test it out and see if it works before you have to consider paying for it.

    I wish you luck.

  17. Dr. Ken,

    By the term, caregiver sharong, I thought it would be helpful if ,as those who face the challenges, that we could share, positively, things that we have found to be of help day to day. Also to be able to chat with a professional, such as yourself, to gain suggestions An online forum where we could meet monthly at a set time for instance.

    Thank you

  18. Dr. Handelman,

    The blog idea is great. I completely agree with Sharon. An on-line parent support group would be most helpful. Our family recently went through a crisis with our 15 year old son (ADHD) who was also struggling with depression, anxiety, etc. This was very emotionally difficult for the rest of the family and friends and relatives didn’t quite get it. It would have been wonderful to have support, during these very trying days, from other parents who understood. Glad to say, son is doing much better thanks to Dr. Handelman and his wonderful team at the hospital.


  19. Thank you for a wonderfull resource Dr. Handelman.

    I appreciate having some hard facts to face the critics (some unfortunately in educational leadership positions).

    I have 3 main questions which i would like you to adress sometime:
    1.) What is your view on the link that some researchers say may exist between improvement in ADHD symptoms after tonsillectomy?
    2.) Is there a higher rate of bedwetting in ADHD children?
    3.) Would it be possible to have some educational strategy input from Dr. Giorcelli in Australia? – She has a phenomenal wealth of experience and is very practical. For those interested her webpage is: http://www.doctorg.org

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