Vyvanse in Canada

Updated January 3, 2011:

Vyvanse was officially launched in Canada on February 1, 2010.
When it was first launched – it was only officially approved for use in children – aged 6-12 years old. As of November 2010, Vyvanse is now officially indicated for use in ADHD in children (6-12 years old), teenagers (13-18 years old), and adults (18-65 years old). This means that Vyvanse is now officially indicated in Canada for use in ADHD ‘across the lifespan’ – i.e. from childhood to adulthood.

Dosage of Vyvanse in Canada:
Vyvanse is available in these dosage strengths in Canada: 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 50 mg, and 60 mg.
In the US, there is also a 70 mg capsule – but Health Canada wasn’t convinced that it was needed – so for now, the highest dose capsule that we have in Canada is the 60 mg.

Doctors will generally start with a lower dose (often 30 mg) and then increase to a higher dose (often 50 mg). Of course, your doctor will tailor the treatment to your needs.

Vyvanse is a the first prodrug for ADHD. This means that the medication is inactive until an enzyme in the body works to activate it. To read more about how it works, visit this blog post on Vyvanse.

To read the press release on Vyvanse being released in Canada, please view it here.

This blog has several articles on Vyvanse, but my favorite is the one where my readers have shared their experiences with Vyvanse (over 800 comments at this time) about whether Vyvanse works.
You can find more articles by looking at the ‘related posts’ below this article.

Please share any comments or issues with Vyvanse being in Canada below.


Dr. Kenny

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  1. To Francie: My 8 yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD @ age 3, and with Asperger’s disorder at age 7. We have run the gamut of meds for ADHD. He has been on Concerta (which proved to be a miracle drug with my 12 yr old when he started it at age 5), Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Focalin, Strattera, and finally Adderall. In the meantime, his psychiatrist–who specializes in kids with these types of problems–has added Depakote, Risperdal, Cogentin, and Prozac to the cocktail. Our problems were there, but they were survivable. Two and a half weeks ago, he was switched to Vyvanse from Adderall in an attempt to control his fits–which occurred on a regular basis. Within two weeks, his fits had become violent and more frequent. Last week in school, he even went so far as to throw chairs across the room–a behavior that had stopped when he was in kindergarten–3 years ago. My baby is now in an adolescent ward in a psychiatric hospital in a desperate attempt to help him. When he is not throwing fits, he is loving and affectionate, and a truly happy child. But it seemed as if a switched was turned when he lost control and his fits began–even more so since Vyvanse was introduced. At this point, after reading about all of the wonderful results of other parents, I am beginning to wonder if our problem was caused by the combination of the Vyvanse and another one of his many meds rather than the Vyvanse alone. I would urge any parent whose children have other conditions coexisting with ADHD to proceed with caution when their MD mentions Vyvanse. For the parents who have had success with Vyvanse, I am so very happy! I have walked many miles in your shoes, and I truly believe that every child needs to be evaluated and treated as individual cases, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. If it did, then there would only be one type of ADHD med out there! I will add more postings as we get more info on my son’s condition.

  2. Wow. That hurts. I feel your pain. From the first time I had to give my son (diagnosed with ADHD, ODD & LD) medication, it killed me. To have that happen to you when you are only trying to fo the best for your kids…it hurts. Perhaps its the combination. I am interested in this new drug. We’ll see. Currently my son is on Concerta and Risperdal in the A.M. and Ritalin and Risperdal in the pM. I hope it was just the combo and you can figure it out. As for me…I have lots of research to do! I just want my son to be able to function with society and not be judged based on his conditions that are out of his control.
    All the Best, Nicole

  3. My 15 year old was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten and was put on Adderall . He was on Adderall until recently and it worked very well until he reached 14. He objected to having to take imedicine at school. Because Adderall is not long lasting, he had to take it in the morning and at lunch. Recently he was put on Vyvanse because it lit is suppose to last for 12 hours and he wouldn’t have to take it at school. Recently it seems to me that his behavior has gotten worse. He seems more angry and has more outbursts. The reason for this could be several things but I am trying to do some research to see if other parents have noticed these behaviors after their children started taking Vyvanse.

  4. A few years ago, my 13 yr old daughter (age at the time) started having discipline problems and occasional angry outbursts. Her problems continued and worsened. She went through three years of misdiagnoses and incorrect treatments. It’s taken us until this year to get her a proper diagnoses, along with a correct combination and dosage of medication. It was during her recent hospital stay that she was diagnosed with bi-polar. Most of the children diagnosed with bipolar disorder also meet the criteria for ADHD. In her case, this was correct. Having BP and ADHD together, she could not risk taking Vyvanse or any stimulant. ADHD stimulant medication has been known to trigger anger/violent episodes. Bipolar disorder typically surfaces in adolescence. If your child’s mood becomes aggressive with stimulants, it may be a sign of a larger issue.

  5. My 11 year old has just started taking Vyvanse 30 mg and while it has helped him to focus better in the classroom, he is not eating at all. He has no appetite what so ever and I have to literally force him to eat a piece of toast in the mornings. It’s only been a week and he has already lost 5 pounds. My son is tall and slim and so I worry about how much more weigh can he afford to shed before something serious happens . We have tried numerous other medicines and so far over the past 5-6 years nothing has proven to be worth the trouble. I am also concerned with what it will do to him later in life with his liver. Is it really worth going through all of this ? I have also noticed him refraining from doing any outdoors activities with us. It’s like he would like to be left alone. I know my child and this is not how my son is. My husband wants him taken off these drugs and I am stuck in a hard place to help him better in school or have him not eat all day.

  6. My son’s doctor says that Vyvanse is the same as adderall except that the effect of Vyvanse lasts longer. Is Vyvanse the same as adderall?

  7. Vyvanse in Canada | ADD ADHD Blog.com…

    Vyvanse is the newest medication to come out for ADD and ADHD in the USA. I have posted articles on Vyvanse, and many of my readers have shared their experiences with Vyvanse (over 50 comments) about whether Vyvanse works….

  8. Vyvanse in Canada…

    Vyvanse is the newest medication to come out for ADD and ADHD in the USA. I have posted articles on Vyvanse, and many of my readers have shared their experiences with Vyvanse (over 50 comments) about whether Vyvanse works….

  9. Vyvanse in Canada | ADD ADHD Blog.com…

    Vyvanse is the newest medication to come out for ADD and ADHD in the USA. I have posted articles on Vyvanse, and many of my readers have shared their experiences with Vyvanse (over 50 comments) about whether Vyvanse works….

  10. Hi,
    My son is 10 and was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8, we have tried Ritalin with no effect and have been on Adderall for about a year. It was working great at first and then he started having some trouble in school and at home. I went back to the doctor and she gave him Vyvanse, we have been on it for 3 days and it’s been awful so far. My son is crying, screaming, throwing major fits, and even physically attacked me yesterday. I had to send him to school today and I’m terrified of how his behavior might be. I am currently waiting for a call from the doctor.
    My son said this med has mad him angry, sad, and feel like he could hurt someone.

  11. I wrote a comment last March about the change in my son’s behavior since taking Vyvanse. His physician assured me that it was the same as adderall except that it lasts longer. He stayed on the medication but his behavior has gotten worse. His anger episodes have gotten worse to where he punches holes in the wall and he has all but given up in school. I receive calls from teachers frequently about his behavior including today in which his teacher said that his behavior is not like him at all and is similar to the way Carrie described her son mad, sad. Basically he has given up. He is irritated at me when I try to talk to him about this but he told me he doesn’t know why he is so angry. He always apologizes after he calms down and I really feel that maybe he can’t control his anger. I have another appointment with his physician tomorrow to talk about his medication. My son does not want to quit taking Vyvanse because when he takes Adderall he has to take a dosage at school which he does not want to do. That is one of the reasons that we tried something different but it is hard for me to believe that Adderall and Vyvanse are the basically the same medications. I am terribly worried about Jordan and if anyone has more information about Vyvanse for me to show his physician I would appreciate it.

  12. I’m in Canada. Both my son & I have been on Adderall. It only lasts 6 hours in me. He has been switched to Vyvance and his teacher is very pleased with his improvement but our drug plan probably won’t cover it once it officially enters the market.

    I am in University taking a class at 10:30 & 3:05, Tuesday & Thursday. Currently my doctors instructed me to take my Adderall @ 9:00am so it is running out during my 3:05 class. I can’t sit still. (It’s the 1st week. After class someone even asked what I was on because I looked like I was on something BAD. LOL)

    Does anyone know if Vyvance and Adderall can be taken on different days (ie Vyvance on class days {OR Tue-Thur} and Adderall on non-class days since I may have to pay for the Vyvance?)

  13. When Adderall 30 mg daily maximum is divided it doesn’t seem to help much for either time. I don’t have faith in My GP’s ADHD treatment. She doesn’t know much about ADHD so my son gets better treatment than me. When my son was taking Adderall Dr. Ahmed said he couldn’t take it after 12:00 because later than that messes up sleep.

  14. Hi Doc:

    I am going to ask my psychiatrist to switch me from Concerta (and Ritalin) to Vyvanse. The reason for this is to get a longger duration of effect (DOE). However, I am skepticle of their claims that the DOE is 13 – 14 hours. For instance, I have noticed that Shire always reports effiacy at 2 hrs after ingestion. And, the measure DOE from the time of ingestion. Given that it is a prodrug, I would suspect that it takes longer to reach efficacy and that is why the use the 2 hour measurement versus the 1 hour measurement that all other stimulant manufacturers use.

    Interestingly, as a patient, I am only interested in the duration of therefutic effect. Gor instance, if I take a pain reliever, I don’t consider it to be effective until I obtain adequate pain relief. Actually, I am quite interested in duration until therepeutic effect. I think that there is a lot of misrepresentation of datataking place which leads to patients, like me, having unrealistic expectations.

    Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic that I will obtain a longer DOE (therepeutic) but I hope that it is not a waste of my time. I know that these companies invest heavily in their indirect marketing, so I always erie about claims about specific products, even if they are from health care professionals.

    Any thoughts?

    • Jeds,
      You make some good arguments. The newer studies measure the medicine at 1.5 hours.
      That said, now that I’ve had some patients try it, and I am getting feedback, many are noticing that the onset of action is the same as the other medicines – and I had a kid in today where the parent was able to conclusively say that Vyvanse started working after 30 minutes! And it lasted pretty long – though they couldn’t report exactly when it wore off… (so I can’t give you a full DOE for this kid).
      So – the effect may be different for you- but here’s to hoping that it works well.

  15. Hi,

    Where can we purchase Vyvanse? This was supposed to have been available Feb 1 but no one seems to have it yet.

    Thx, Nadine

  16. is vyvanse available by mail-order to the u.s.? i’m hoping for a lower price than the current $150 a month i’m paying now. i’d appreciate any information about being able to order from the u.s.!

  17. Just had vyvanse prescribed for 12 yr.old son, little success with concerta, addera, bi-fentin etc.
    So far neither Shoppers drug mart or Pharmaplus is able to get it in.
    After reading these experiences, I’m afraid to give it to him. We were really counting on it, with hope and prayers.

  18. My son 13 was just prescribed with Vyvanse. He started this morning actually. This drug is available in Newfoundland but the pharmacy had to order it in. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works out for him.

  19. I don’t know where other Canadians are getting their Vyvanse. I have. A one month old prescription at my pharmacy that still hasn’t been filled. They say that their wholeseller still isn’t stocking it. This is a major pharmacy! Anyone else having this problem?

  20. My son was diagnosed with ADD in grade 4. We tried many drugs and combinations of drugs because we were also treating depression. He is now 15 and in his first year of high school. The start to high school was horrible, he was falling asleep, could not pay attention did not participate. My husband and I did not think he would be able to graduate. We went to his pysciatrist in one last attempt to saw “what else can we do”. He suggested a second opinion on the meds.
    This second opinion led us to a doctor who told us that ADD/ADHD symptoms peak during adolesants and that our son’s meds were probablly half of what they should be.
    We started to increase the Straterra – in total we moved from 25mg to 40. Good results with the mood.
    As this doctor was part of the Vyvanse trial we started him on the drug and from day 1 we go amazing results and feedback. He may actually make it trough high school. By the end of 2009, kids were callig him for school help, he was participating in class etc.
    We are now 3 months in, school is still fine but I have noticed side effects that are continuing – weight loss, picking at the skin around his fingers, angry outbursts/frustration.
    As my son was 6’1″ and 105 pounds to start the weight loss makes him look quite sick. At this point I’m just letting him eat anything he wants, it is very concerning
    The skin around his fingers is so bad they bleed and I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost a finger nail or too. It is horrible.
    The outbursts came out of the blue all of a sudden, 3 months in.

    I’m going to have to decide what to do. From a purely ADD perspective, it has been a miracle. Thus, it will be a difficult decision.

  21. I just started today – 30mg a day for the first week, then 50mg a day thereafter. I was told that of the chains, only pharmasave and walmart are stocking it so I picked my up at Walmart – no waiting, it was in stock.

    I’m already noticing I have a lot more focus and energy. I hope it keeps up!

  22. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7. It has been working wonderfully but he is getting these angry ouburts and from what I have read this is a side effect that is happening all over the place. We plan on letting take a break on the weekends to see if that helps. I want him to do good in school but I do not want him so easily angered and not wanting to be around us. We are such a close family so these changes in him are very noticable. I love my son and want to do what is best for him.

  23. My 14 year old son started a trial of Vyvanse almost 4 months ago. Incredible results so far. He has pulled his grades up and is passing with a C average. This a a HUGE acheivement as he was failing (D’s and F’s) almost all of his classes before Vyvanse. Teachers had almost given up on him. He’s no longer having difficulties with his peers. He isn’t physically aggressive anymore. No anger outbursts or irritability. He has been able to focus and stay on task. Although, one side effect that has disturbed me a little is his weight loss and he mentioned that when he reads, the letters “move around” on him and he has to try to re-read what he had just read. (Medication induced dylexia?) The dr. reassured me the weight loss was how he knew that my son’s prescription was at the correct level for him. Worries me sometimes when I look at my son who went from a healthy robust muscular boy to a skinny, almost boney gaunt looking shell of his former self. I am hoping that perhaps this side effect will just be temporary.

  24. I am a 29 year old adult who has been taking 30mg Vyvanse for approximately 1.5 months after taking adderall xr (5mg) for 2.5 months (diagnosed with ADHD 5 months ago). I noticed that adderal xr worked immediately to assist in my ability to sit in one place and concentrate for long hours at work and did little to effect my appetite and energy level. Vyvanse took about a week before I noticed the differences in drug. On Vyvanse I have noticed an improvement in a variety of areas that I was not expecting but I have experienced. In no particular order I have experienced an increase in my energy level, a consciousness about my eating and ability to focus in social situations, that has helped reduce my nervousness that preceded. I’ve read some of the comments with your children and I would have to say that in my opinion the mood swings are reflective of an increased energy level and ability to focus which may be counterproductive if your child is focused on negative feelings/emotions. From my discussions with my psychiatrist and reading, depression and mood disorders are often found in individuals with ADHD and can adversely effect one another.

    I’ve also noticed that on weekends I do not need an afternoon nap like I used to and have an increased desire to see tasks through. i am not saying that this drug cures all, but it has helped me to be a more productive husband, employee.

    As for physical side effects, this WILL reduce appetite and if you/your child has a small appetite as is, this could be difficult on their system. It also gives me a dry mouth.

    I hope this helps anyone reading.

  25. I have been taking ADHD med since I was 6 up to 12 and parents out there I truly wish you wouldn’t put your kids on it. It made me feel like a complete zombie all through those years. I hated not eating but maybe once a day, the depressive feelings.. its just not worth it.

  26. Hi there Dr. Handelman – wondering if you can help me; have a youth I am working with who has been prescribed Vyvanse, however parents cannot maintain the monthly payments to get the prescription refilled. Do you know the company who distributes this drug in the Peel Region? I would like to contact them for an attempt at assistance.


    • Heather – Shire is the company that provides Vyvanse in Canada (and the US). They have ‘sample cards’ that doctors can give out with the prescription so that the family doesn’t have to pay, and they will likely have a compassionate release program launched at some point in 2010. When this comes, the doctor can apply for the family to get the medicine covered (if the family meet the criteria).

  27. My psychiatrist was willing to help if I could not afford the prescription. I have coverage so I could afford it, however he was willing to supply me with the sample cards. (14 days sample) If you ask your child’s psychiatrist for support he/she should be able to support you with at least a couple cards to tide you over. I don’t know the ethical side of this one, but I do know that mine has shown compassion to those who cannot afford it.

    I would consult with Shire, as there must be support programs in Canada for this situation.

    Good Luck.

  28. The Compasionate Care program is not set up yet for Vyvance, the rep says it is coming, so there are many people in the clinic where I go that are living on 28 day cards.

  29. For Smitty who wrote on March 7…….I have a son with ADD. As of yet I have not met any parents whose child has ADD it is usually ADHD and no one seems to understand what ADD is like. Since my son does not have any of the behaviors he is often not seen as having a problem. I was just wondering if we could connect as sort of a support system please.

  30. Hi

    My son has just turned 15 and his psychiatrist wants to try him on
    this new med. He is currently on Concerta 36mg/day, Seroquel 75mg/day, and Celexa 50 mg/day. He as ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorders, and non-verbal learning disability. He is extremely defiant, has trouble staying on task and completing tasks, he can be aggressive (throwing chairs, kicking things, banging his head, etc. In his first year of high school he will be lucky if he gets 3 credits out of 8.
    He is at an amazing school and all the teachers and everyone involved with him has bent over backwards to assist him. He is not a good eater to start with, so after reading these messages I am very worried about that side effect, but I am even more concerned about the number of kids who are experiencing more mood swings, outbursts, and episodes of aggression! I do not need a medication that is going to increase his negative behaviours!!
    I’m not sure what I want to do now…but I do not feel that his current meds are really that effective.
    I would really like your opinion on this.
    And does anyone know the cost of this medication?
    And if I do put him on this med, which of his current meds would be eliminated?
    Thanks for your time

    • Sandy – usually when Vyvanse is added, the other stimulant – i.e. Concerta would be eliminated.
      While each individual is different (and your son’s doctor can speak about your son’s specific case), I have found in several people that Vyvanse has improved their anger and aggression significantly. So it is probably worth a try.
      Regarding appetite – for many people it is just the same as the other stimulants – i.e. Concerta.
      Good luck,
      Dr. Kenny

  31. I am a 60 year old male that started taking Vyvanse a month ago for ADHD. I expect I am one of the older users. I am gradually increasing my daily dose from 40 mg. to 60 to 80 and in a week or so to 100mg.

    I have experienced some of the reported side effects including dry mouth and loss of appetite which have not been a major inconvenience for me but I am experiencing problems with urination. The stream causes a bit of pain at the beginning and then is very weak and slow. I also get an increased feeling of urgency to urinate even though the volume is small.
    The reaction decreases a bit as the day progresses and is much less of a problem in the morning before I take my daily dose.

    When I told my specialist this he suggested that this may be a sign of an underlying problem with my prostate and I should see my family doctor. I had a rectal prostate exam and PSA test 6 months ago ago and everything was fine.

    I had a similar reactions when I tried Strattera a few years ago. My early results from Vyvanse are good with increased focus and energy and I’d like to stay on the medication.

    Should I be worried and see my family doctor immediately? Is there a chance that this side effect will lessen after my body adjusts to the medication over a longer period of time?

  32. My 8 year old daughter is two months in on the use of Vyvanse to manage her ADHD. My son is in Concerta. After a few months the appetite suppressing effects of Concerta waned for my son (may be a factor of also being a 10 year old pre-pubecent).

    I am concerned about the weight loss my daughter is experiencing on Vyvanse. She was a bit chubby to begin with, so initial weight loss was a blessing. Now, I am hoping that the appetite suppressing effect will also wear off. Does anyone have any experience with this?

  33. Okay! Update on my son again. We are at a serious, serious cross roads with Vyvanse. My 14 year old son’s dr. wants to keep him on Vyvanse. The problem is this; we are aboriginal and the Dept. of Indian Affairs (DIAND) WILL NOT pay for the prescription because they stated there isn’t enough research to prove that it is a benefit to the individual who are taking it. And to top it all off, my husband’s medical didn’t cover my son because he is partially covered by DIAND, so my husband has NO coverage at all for him. I can’t afford to pay $298 per month for the prescription available at Wal Mart (in Canada) I sent an email to DIAND which I have attached the main body. Please note that this email is from the government of Canada specifically the acting assistant deputy minister to the Ministry of First Nation and Inuit Health.

    “The CEDAC reviewed Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) and recommended that this drug not be listed by public plans such as the NIHB Program, as there was a lack of evidence that it provided an advantage relative to other treatment options. Treatment options for ADHD available on the NIHB drug benefit list include Ritalin SR (methylphenidate sustained release) and Dexedrine Spansules (dextroamphetamine).

    The NIHB Program recognizes that there are exceptional circumstances where drugs such as Vyvanse may be needed. For this reason, the Program has an appeal process. When coverage for a benefit through the NIHB Program has been denied, the client has the right to appeal the decision. In order for a case to be reviewed as an appeal, a letter from the client or legal guardian, accompanied by supporting information from the provider or prescriber, must be submitted to the NIHB Program. This information
    includes: the condition for which the benefit is being requested, diagnosis, prognosis, other alternatives that have been tried, relevant test results, justification for the proposed treatment and any additional supporting information.

    Further information on how to submit an appeal can be found at:

    As a mother concerned for the wellbeing of my son, I don’t know what to do. Should I have my son put on different medication? My son was a whopping 160 lbs when he began this medication. He is almost 5’10 and weighs barely 120lbs. Makes me sad because he said it really bothers him that he isn’t able to gain weight. He hates being skinny, but recognizes that Vyvanse does help him control his rage and fits. When the medication kicks in, he’s a very pleasant teenager. When he’s not on the medication, you risk being punched, having holes put in the walls, broken things….complete black out rage! He says he can’t control the rage he feel inside him. Breaks my heart!

    Can you perhaps offer some advice? We are going re-visit his pedicatrician this week to see if there could perhaps be other options, but my guess is that DIAND will only pay for ritalin. :(

  34. Last February my 12 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. We were later given a phamplet from another doctor for Vyvanse and I put it away hoping we wouldn’t have to go this route. He has had numerous problems in school and he already has an explosive temper and is a fussy eater. My son also has type 1 diabetes so I am concerned about the loss of appetite as a side effect. The reason we are only considering this drug now is because last night after an angry 2 hour episode he confided in me that he really wanted to be able to control his behaviour and he wanted to go on medication. He recently got back from 2 weeks of camp and said that he was blurting out things and it bothered him a lot that he couldn’t control the impulses. Does anyone have a child who is also a type 1 diabetic who has been on this medication?

  35. I have a 7 yr old son who I finally received answers for after 3 years, He was recently diagnosed with Tourettes, OCD, ADHD, Epilepsy, sensory processing disorder and has a heart murmer as well. He has trialed many medications so far from adderal, concerta, clonodine and biphentin. Most of the results were horrible. Extremely suicidal, angry, depressed, and very intollerable. However the Concerta did work for a period of 2 weeks.After that the effects had worn off and seemed innefective, so his dose was raised to 27 mg and horrible side effects happened all over again as with the other medications. Vynase/Vyvanase was introduced at the last appointment. I am very scared to try my son on any medications and with so many diagnosis I am worried about conflict on which meds he can safely take. He is a VERY lovable little boy and he means well in most that he does however the school is having a real tough time with him, even though he has an amazing team of people in the commnity helping him. I am considering no meds at all except the Tegretol for the seizures. Anyone have any suggestions with such a complex little man? I want all the best for him but Im afraid his quality of life will be even worse without meds.

  36. My 42 yr old husband started taking Vyvanse 20mg approx. 1 1/2 weeks ago. About 11-12 hours after taking it he says he starts to feel angry and violent like he wants to throw rocks at things or hit things. He is usually the most non violent passive person I know and we were wondering if anyone could offer any comments.

  37. After my son was diagnosed at 8 years old, I took a long look at myself and realized he comes by it naturally. I discussed it at length with my family doctor, and after tests she put me on Adderall. I’m taking 25 mg xr, and frankly figure I’m headed for 30. I asked her about Vyvanse, but she’s never heard about it, and it wasn’t in her 2010 PDR. I’m up at 5am for work, and find Adderall is wearing off by 1pm. Is the 60 or 70 mg Vyvanse available in Canada yet, or should I be discussing other options. The 25 mg Adderall XR does a great job, but doesn’t last the time I need to be 100% effective at work.

  38. Dear Dr. Handelman: How come the Heath Canada site has not been updated to reflect Vyvanse approval for teens? My insurance company, GreenShield, is relying on that information and not approving the drug coverage–saying Vyvanse is only recommended for 6-12 year olds.
    Do you have any link or Health Canada document that I could get. I contacted Shire Canada, and all they send me was the Product monograph, which I could have pulled from the US web site.
    My son has been on all the standard drugs and he likes Vyvanse the best- appetite is better and he feels that it is not such a sudden hit that he gets with Adderall.

    • Hi Michael,
      I don’t know about how Health Canada documents the approval of medicines, etc. You can try to contact them if needed.
      The product monograph is exactly what you need. The CANADIAN one.
      Once the age ranges are added (i.e. teens and adults), the product monograph is updated, and this means that Health Canada has approved it. Forwarding the product monograph should help with Greenshield – particularly if they get a medical person to review it (if it is just a ‘paper pusher’ then they may not see the significance).

  39. My 9 year old son has been put on Vyvanse 30 mg. since the Fall of 2010. He was first put on a blind challenge study using one ADHD drug at a time plus a placebo. Vyvanse was the one that worked. He has greatly improved in his school work and he is focusing and concentrating better. The teacher noticed the improvements right away. I was a mother who was skeptical using ADHD drugs for the first three years that he was diagnosed and now I feel guilty not putting him on it from the beginning. He was getting further and further behind in his school work and now he has to play catch up with his school work.

  40. Hi Dr. Handelman.

    I am a single mother and my son had ADHD; he is 16. He is in a modified program at school. All his school years have been hell with him having behavioural issues and an inability to focus whatsoever. We have tried every medication for ADHD including ritalin, concerta, stratera,and dexedrine. His new pychiatrist gave us a trial for 20 ml Vyvanse. This is the 1st medication in 10 years that seems to actually be working!~!! My son is happy. Im am very excited. There is one catch.
    My medical plan will not pay for in completely because it is not on the formulary. They will only cover 70 percent and being a single mother I can not afford the hundreds of dollars this is going to cost me per year.
    Do you have any suggestions or help you could offer me?

    Lisa Pogossian

    • Hi Lisa,
      I’m glad to hear that there is a medicine which is now working.
      Regarding suggestions – the only thing I can suggest is to ask your doctor for ‘sample cards’. These are cards that your doctor can get from the sales representative from Shire – the company that makes Vyvanse. These cards can give you either 14 or 28 days of free medicine. If your doctor is able to get you some cards (it may not be for every prescription), then hopefully this will make it easier for you to handle the costs.

  41. Hi Dr.
    My 10 yr. old son had been diagnosed with ADD. He has tried a few different medications over the last 3 yrs. Adderall, Statera and now Vyvanse. He had various side affects on the other meds, weight loss, loss of appetite and no sucess with attention or focus. He was on the 30 mg Vyvanse for awhile and now for the last month 40 mg. I thought ( and so did the teachers) that there was a bit of improvement when we tried the 30 so we uped it to the 40, but now I’m don’t think it’s helped at all. Also it seems that our son has been not himself for the last month, he is being defiant, talking back, argumentative. I don’t know if it’s just his age (hormones) influence of peers or if the meds have contributed. He finished the last of his perscription yesterday and I haven’t refilled it. I don’t think I want him to take it any more. We visit his peditrician tomorrow. I am totally frustrated and feel like giving up. If we can’t do anything to help him he is not going to make it at middle school next year. Any advice ?

  42. My son has been on Vyvanse 30 mg. It is working for him but he does seem to be responding. I do find that he is being defiant and talking back and not sure if it is a teenager or the medication as well. I’m going to let him finish out his school year.

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