Vyvanse in Adults: 14 Hours

A study was recently published which demonstrated that Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) works up to 14 hours in adults with ADD/ADHD.

In this study, measurements of adult ADD/ADHD symptom control were taken at 2 hours post medication, and were found to be effective all the way to 14 hours after the medication was taken.

This can be important for adults with ADD/ADHD who need to have good symptom control throughout the day – to take care of many responsibilities through the day, including family and work responsibilities.

Based on this study – the FDA has allowed for a labelling change for Vyvanse – so that the product monograph allows for documentation of the 14 hour duration of Vyvanse in adults.

I’m curious to hear adults’ experiences with Vyvanse. Does it last up to 14 hours for you? Does it take 2 hours to start working? Please share your comments below.


Dr. Kenny


  1. I am 21/female/5 foot and 135 pounds

    I started on 20mg of Vyvanse in June I believe ? My doctor said we would up it once I was back in college (September) but my next appointment isn’t until October 7th .

    Once I was back in school I noticed the 20mg was doing nothing at all to help me… (Didn’t notice before because I wasn’t working and had nothing to concentrate on). So (and I don’t recommend this) I upped my does to 40 mg with extra pills I had and this made a slight difference but not much… I am in an advnaced accounting program and good grades are a must ! I’m scared he won’t up it enough… I don’t feel 40mg will be high enough (BTW not trying to get high with my meds just wanna be able to focus !). I am scared to ask for a higher than 40mg dose fearing the doc will think I am trying to abuse…

    Some side effects I have from it are extreme dry mouth… Teeth grinding and jaw clenching that causes headaches and twitching lol oh and loss of appetite.

    • Hi

      Could not find a comment box so using the reply function.

      I have treatment resistant double depression with GAD and SAD, Vyyvanse or other stimulants are often used for those with this diagnosis as it provides relief even if it is temporary.

      We found that 60 MG worked on morning I felt I could use it.

      WOW!14 hours I would love half that. ADHD and serious chronic depression are of course different.

      My dosage starts wearing off between 4 and 5.5 hours after taking

      I don’t take it every day and have never needed to up my dose to get the same effect. Always 60 MG

      I don’t expect an answer. Is the 14 hour time because it is used for ADHD. Other mental conditions like mine would effect how the drug work
      Thank you
      Barry Wilson

    • Hi Krista I know this post is 4 years old but I am just wondering if you got anywhere with your dr about increasing your dose? I am on 40mg of vyvanse and scared to ask him to increase it as I don’t want him to think I am wanting to get high or something off it. To be honest I’ve taken 2 40mg pills and I was able to focus and finish tasks and motivated as well. How did you talk with your dr if you did?

  2. Oh, it does NOT and never has worked 14 hours for me. Most would’ve been 9. It is anywhere from 4-9 with 6-7 being most common.

  3. I have been on vyvanse since I was 5 or 6 years old. I was placed on 50mg and as I began to get older the amount has a little more than doubled. I’m now 18 and on 80mg of vyvanse and it does usual take up to 1(1/2) to 2 hours to finally start working throughout my system. It last up to at the most 10 hours. If you are new to this prescription I’d advice you to talk to your doctor and see what dose works best for you and when the best time to take it is.

    I’m currently on other medications and happen to become very familiar with other medicines and pain killers due to health issues and visits to the hospital. If you have any questions that you feel need to be answered or want to be answered you may reach me at marnitawilliams97@gmail.com or (901)-296-1469.

  4. I’ve been taking vyvanse 40mg for a couple months now, I can’t seem to find any sleep. Even if I take it at 8am, it will last until 4am

    • Me too….it’s been some time since you have posted… did your body end up adjusting..? I took same dosage at about 8 this morning- it’s 5:50a almost 24 hours and I’m very awake.

      • Hi , I just started taking Vyvanse 20 mg , I take it at 8 am and by around 6 or 7 pm I start getting very irritable and anxious, and I feel like the medication its not effective anymore after 7 pm but yet I have not had a good sleep since I started taking it , I get maximum of 4 hours sleep at nights :/

        • For me I take 70mg vyvanse around 6-7 am and it does last the full 14 hours and when I start to get that crash I take 2 Advil pms before bed and within an hour-2 hours I can fall asleep. Try to avoid caffeine tho in the afternoon since it can enhance the medication and worsen the anxiety and irritation side effects. If it becomes too much you could always ask your dr to prescribe benzo like 1mg Xanax. Works wonders as well

  5. I am 32 years old and have tried several adhd meds and like vyvanse the best, but it’s far from perfect. I’m on 70 mgs and I take it around 7 am every morning. It seems to start working two hours later, but around 2pm every day I get very drowsy. I’m talking drowsy to the point I could probably fall right asleep if I laid down. If I drink a small cup of coffee, that seems to help and I can quickly refocus. My focus lasts until about 6pm, but I still feel less a little effect until 8pm or so.

    The mid-day tiredness is really odd and annoying. I haven’t been able to find much online about others with this issue–I would love to know if it is just me. I don’t have that problem when I’m not taking it.

    Overall I really like vyvanse. I’m able to focus, but not laser focus like adderall, and without the jitters. I forget that I’m taking it until I get the mid day drowsyness, but I still don’t feel like I’m “on something”.

    • Bianca: I’m in the exact same boat as you: 70mg vyvanse at around 7 am (have a job as a radiographer.) It always works by the second hour after ingestion, and I usually start to feel very drowsy between 12:00-15:00ish, and it persists until I can nap a little or at least rest for a while and maybe eat something. Then I seem to have a period where I am a little better, but in general I am just looking forward to sleeping in when night comes after that. I am about 230lbs male, and I suspect my dose is too low. The mid-day naps feels like they would be avoidable if I could up the dose and maybe extend the period before tiredness sets in until after at least 12 hours or so after it starts working in the morning, so I can get to bed at night and fall asleep right away instead of messing up my sleeping-pattern with naps

      • I take my Vyvanse 80 mg at 7:00 and around 1:30 I start to feel anxious . I’ve taken Vyvanse since it came out and it works great. The anxious feeling just started.. may not be related but just wanted to throw it out there

    • I am now 36 yrs old. I have not been on medication since i finishes school. But my doctor finds it odd i get sleepy also. I take it at 7am and will lay back down until 9 for it to kick in. By 1 or 2 i am ready for a nap. The only thing o have come up with ia that my mind is finally calm. Idk

        • I need this????. I’m the opposite. Vyvanse 70mg by 6-7 am and kicks in around 8-9 and up till the next day haha. Advil pm is the only savior for me but obviously ibuprofen is not an everyday drug so I’m honestly considering asking my dr for a small prescription of Xanax.

      • i was taking adderall 30mgXR (daytime/wk) plus 10mg tablets(evening/class, kids hw etc) for little over a year. The daytime adderall had become less effective for me, where I wud take it and still be sleepy most of the day. Long story short, dr chgd to 70mg Vyvanse once a day, and kept me with the 10mg adderall for the evening. Everybody’s body chemistry is different, so for the ones that loose the effect before the end of the work day, ask yur dr about prescribing a low dosage CNS to get yu through the evening. So far the Vyvanse has been effective for me, and lasts throughout the day, but maybe because its sumthg new. I also haven’t needed the extra 10mg adderall for evening, but I will keep and use as needed.

        • Sounds like a come-down. Your body probably breaks down the majority of your dosage in that first 5 hour period.

          You probably just need to eat and sleep a bit.

          Maybe lowering your dosage would prevent such a big come-down. It sounds like the amount makes you tired after.

    • Hi Few days ago I started on 40 mg yvanse
      And it helped the same day on My focus and depression and anxiety. I was afraid that after a time I would feel drowsy as you say, wich I did with Ritalin and medikanet. I know start to feel the same with elevanse and you are the first that I have met that get thi drowsiness (wanna)sleep. I remeber the first time I got 40 mg I slept for 48 hours wow yeah.My psykiatris an adhd specialist told me I had the rarest form of ADHD. It is not only My score were 10o.She told me that I had brain defekt on my fronloaps that did not
      Fully close. And my ADHD WAS a clear ADHD
      p_senaida@Yahoo. computer
      Kindly regards

  6. F/24/Quebec

    I’ve been using vyvanse for a couple months now,
    My whole life i went on without any medication but always had the same problems happening over and over. Anyways as an adult i decided to give myself a break and try. I originaly started with 10mg and went up gradually, now i just started 40mg.

    My jaw locks, my hearts races, im feeling hot/cold, constant feel for a smoke, thirst and a lack of appetite.

    If any parent is reading this considering it for their child, please don’t !
    It’s just like cocaine without the fun, i used to use recreationally.

    It’s difficult to manage, i don’t know what to expect as far as, how much can this VYVANSE can actually help with. My doctor is asking me, is 40mg seems enough. if i need a higher dose? I’m afraid that the side effect would also increase. But also temptted to say yes because, as you can see, i still find it hard to get to the point lol
    I still act spontaniously and cant control my excessive speach… Any thoughts?


    • Find a therapist or mindfulness group that can help you develop your ability to focus.

      It should make the Vyvanse work more to your favor. Without that, all your extra energy is going all over the place.

  7. I have been on Vyvanse for about 2-3 months now and it seems to work for me only if I am still on Adderall which I am on 30mg Adderall. I know that I shouldn’t be on both but I can only function if I take 30mg of Adderall and 50mg of Vyvanse. On top of my other medications that I am on, like my anxiety medication. Then I am good all day at work and at home because I tend to get stuff done. I feel like myself when I am on both medications. My brain can’t seem to know the difference in stopping Adderall and trying Vyvanse by itself. I just can’t seem to come to terms with it. Because I don’t know which one works best for me.

  8. I started 30 mg Vyvanse about a month a go. The first few days I did get the dry mouth, but did not get racing heart or jitters like I used to get on Adderall. It is very smooth and gentle in comparison, and not a “high” type feeling for me. But it does start to wear down around noon. I hate to have to take a 2nd dose during the day, but I go back to the dr in a week or so to talk about how it is working for me. I will see what he suggests whether it is a higher dose or maybe a booster dose, or maybe I am just SOL.

  9. I am a 54 yr. old woman who was just diagnosed. I am started on 10mg. today and it helped me. I took it at about 10:30am. However, now it is almost 9pm and I am eating like crazy. I judt had 4 applecider powered donuts. I have been working so hard to loose weight and I cannot have this happen to me. I lived this long without vyanse, I would rather not take it and be in better physical health thatn take it, focus but be fat.

  10. I just started my first dosage yesterday and 17 hrs later still reeling and going so may be too much for was epic day for got everything handled and felt great! I’m taking 60mg once a day every am fyi

    Woman 43
    123 lbs 5’3

  11. I find 70mg lisdexamphetamine (vynase) begins to work within 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes, every day the times are consistent within a 15 minute period. The effects will begin to wear off between 6 to 8 hours and be completely gone by 10 hours. Lisdexamphetamine is the best ADD medication i have tried, manages my symptoms without feeling “jacked up” like methylphenidate(concerta) made me feel. I previously tried Concerta 108mg daily and the effects lasted around 6 hours with a depressive mood and generally feeling horrible for the rest of the day/night.Lisdexamphetamine keeps me focused, organised and happy with how well i perform on a daily basis with little to no “comedown effects”. I have no issues with sleep whilst on lisdexamphetamine.

    I would reccomend lisdexamphetamine to anyone with ADHD or ADD that have had no success with other medication.

  12. I was recently prescribed 30mg Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine) for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The severity of my ADHD according to my doctor on a scale from 1-10 is about a 6. Before I got prescribed a real medicine for this, I used to drink energy drinks to try and mimic the effects. Caffeine as you probably know is a Central Nervous System stimulant but is much less potent therefore much less effective as opposed to Vyvanse. If you suffer from or believe you suffer from ADHD, I do not recommend combating it with caffeine due to the increased heart rate, contracting of blood vessels, and jitters. Caffeine should not be sought after as anything except a chemical to push you through a late night homework assignment or something of that matter. It blocks the neurotransmitters that receive adenosine (the chemical that makes you feel the urge to sleep or rest). Once I started to take Vyvanse instead of caffeine, I noticed an incredible difference in my ability to focus and maintain information. The “Lis” part of lisdexamfetamine is actually quite amazing. It is a bonding agent on the molecular level that causes the dexamfetamine to breakdown overtime. You can take one capsule in the morning and be focused and on task for your whole day. Also since it is bonded on a molecular level, it makes it quite difficult for people to abuse. This is very influential and a step forward in stopping stimulant abuse because it defeats the purpose of why people abuse Adderall, Ritalin, etc. Because it doesn’t give the user that “rush” that is sought after. Also since vyvanse contains a cousin of amphetamine, it is still placed on the scheduling list as a Schedule II drug therefore it is abusable and can lead to dependence. However, I have been using this medicine for three months now and I do not feel dependent on it. After a few weeks straight of using it, I will take a break to give my brain time to breathe and operate on its own. Another plus to taking a week or two week break from Vyvanse is it will keep your tolerance to it low which will keep you from having to bump up your dosage which in the long run will keep your neurotransmitters happy and more importantly, your wallet happy hahaha. I would recommend this medicine to anyone looking for a safe alternative to Adderall, Ritalin, or any other instant release stimulants. It serves its purpose very well! Hope this helped anyone questioning. Peace and Love to all<3

  13. I am prescribed 60 mg of Vyvanse though it helped somewhat I was feeling touchy/edgy/emotional which recently has all but shut me down due to life circumstances. I have an appt with my psychiatrist tomorrow where I was going to ask if it’s time to go on an antidepressant. Since I know that less medication is not the answer (I’ve tried that) I started increasing my dose (Yes I know this is not advisable but I have been going through this trial and error with medication for a year now). I found that at 100 mg most of my “depression” symptoms went away. at the 120 mg mark I was able to lock in and sit and focus on a task. The higher dose also gave me a reprieve from the high emotional reactivity I was experiencing that was debilitating me.
    I notice my medication is working within 45 minutes of taking it (empty stomach first thing in the morning) and the therapeutic levels last 2-3 hours for me. There is enough of the medication to manage some of my symptoms for 5-6 hrs but I need to boost every 2 hours in order to maintain an adult level of functionality (or student level).

    I sleep better when I’m taking meds though it does take some meditation/calming exercises. The body scan works well if you’re ok with scanning the foot and the ankle over and over again :)

  14. I started taking Vyvanse a little over a month ago. I started at 20mg went to 30mg now at 40mg. I take it between 8 & 9am, similar to the last poster about 30 to 45 minutes to kick in. I’m 36 years old & started taking adhd meds because I have gone back to school. As a teenager I never took meds for my adhd or didn’t even know I had it. People just use to think I was weird, or would say “what’s wrong with you”. It wasn’t until I first hooked up with my fiancé, she has 2 children with adhd, (ones an adult now & other is 7). If it wasn’t for her I’d probably still not know wtf was wrong with me like I use to lol????. I do feel like I’m at the right dose for how I feel in the morning. Like some others, I feel it tapering off starting at around 2 or 3pm. I’m also on other meds (for depression and pain). After starting Vyvanse I wanted to taper off the depression meds but my dr. advised me that was not a good idea. So ya I guess to answer the dr’s question here. No Vyvanse down not last 14 hrs on me. At best 8 hrs and that’s a stretch. Probably more like 5 to 7 hrs. Sorry if I’m all over the place I started this post as I took my Vyvanse lol ????????

    • Same here. It’s only a problem if I take it on a day off. Doesn’t happen if I’m at work (maybe due to the stress and busying my mind with work?) Days off are another story. It’s almost worse than ADD b/c all I think about is sex. Not that I didn’t before, but this is like hyper-aware version of horny. Tough to get anything done.

  15. If you can try to take a weekend or two off from the medicine. I end up feeling like shit….tired and worn down, but I don’t want to let this drug win. I wish there was a different way. I feel like I have been screwed over of all the drugs I could of been stuck on mine has to be a controlled substance that fries my brain worse and can get me addicted.

  16. I forgot my own Hope to get some advice. I have started on yvanse 40 mg at first it helped very well but then I dont know! So now today I am takten another mg of elevanse I must I am afraid to take it. Afraid IF it Will give me anxiety side effects or high blood pressure. I also suffer from severe, PTSD and were I fund out ECT elektrochok. .helped me a lot. For the frist time in manna years I felt happy and was the god lod self again. But I had only got 6 treatments when they kicked me home. And I am denied to get any treatment of ECT the only thing that freed me from the hell hole of living with both aa severe the seldom kind of adhd that not only give 100 score but is BECAUSE of a brain defect on my fronloaps and a severe PTSD. …IT IS REAL HELL. .BUT THAT IS WHY MY PSYKIATRI GAVE ME ELEVANSE HOPE IT WOULD HELP ME.HOPE SOMEBODY HERE HAVE ANY GOD ADVICE? WANNA ASK IF ANY OF YOU KNOW ABOUT CBD OIL IF IT HELP ON ADHD BECAUSE I AM TIRED TAKLING STRONG MEDICATION, I ALSO TAKE HIGH DOSIS OF MORPHIN FOR CRONIC PAIN. HOPE ALL OF YOU WILL GET A HAPPY LIFE THAT YOU DESERVE

  17. I am currently on 40 mg of Vyvanse for about 4 months now. I find it works in about 1.5-2 hours. It doesn’t seem to last too long after that. I told my dr that I take it around 7am and then wears off around 2pm, he told me to take it at a later time 10 or 11 am. I would love to get a higher dose as my job requires a lot of concentration and helps me driving as well. I am wondering how I can communicate with my dr that cause I don’t want to sound like a druggy i just want to be able to get tasks and be able to focus.

  18. My husband and son are both on Vyvanse 70mg, taken at 6am. Son is now also on Dex 5mg taken at the same time in the AM and at 3 pm, and 10 additional Vyvanse. Dr for adult ADHD will not prescribe extra meds. By 2 pm, husband is unable to focus (8 hrs) and by 4pm he is falling asleep. So he has never, ever been even close to 12 hours, let alone 14.

  19. Hi all!
    I was on Ritalin as a child/adolescent and hated it, never took it regularly. I resisted any ADHD medication until my 30’s and have been on 90-120 mgs of Adderall Immediate release for the past 10 years. What I find is that the IR works but I want to take more than I’m supposed to and I have a love-hate relationship with it. I didn’t care for the XR at all. I’m tired of It controlling my life but the unfortunate side is I have to have some sort of ADD medication to function and hold a job.

    My doctor has given me a 14 day trial of 70 mg of Vyvanse, which I’m finding to be much more pleasant as far as constantly thinking about taking more. However, It’s definitely not strong enough considering I have a huge tolerance after years of taking Stimulants.

    Just wondering if anybody takes 100 mg of Vyvanse And if that’s even something that my doctor might possibly prescribe? Or, possibly takes 70 mg of by Vance with 30 mg of Adderall a day or something along those lines?

    I do not want to go back to the Adderall battle and really want to stick with the Vyvanse but obviously it’s got to work for me and the 70 mg just is not quite enough.

    I appreciate any feedback!

  20. I am on 30mg for more than a month now. My experience is that 1,5 to 2 hours after taking the medicine I feel it begins working, somewhat higher heart rate, slightly nervous feeling. This last a half hour or so, then flows away.
    I can focus on most days whole day long, but at the end of the afternoon or early in the evening I get some light rebound feeling (less then on methylfenidate) for about a half hour. But the rest of the evening most days my focus and energy stay ok.
    In first weeks I had serious troubles with sleep, woke up very early (around 5:30).
    Now I have bad sleep nights some days, but more nights sleeping well.

    I think the medicine is working longer than 14 hours, but on a lowering dose during the night.

    O, my wife is not sure this is a good medicine for me, since I am showing more hyper behaviour now (speaking too much from time to time, having a lot of energy (restless when sitting down, I want to do something). But this new energy feels good for me, I asked her to keep an eye on me to prevent it gets to worse.

    Also I feel better using it all days including the weekend. Then my dopamine levels stay more stable.

    Are there more people using it all days?

    • Hi, I am a 20 year old male taking 60mg at 9am right now. I felt the same way you do where maybe the Vyvanse is running throughout the night just on a lower dosage, which would make sense because my heart rate goes up and I get jittery at like 1-2 in the morning and I’ve had an extremely hard time pin pointing when I’m no longer medicated, which I attributed to my innate late night energy I tended to get before I took medication. When I was on 30mg I felt like my heart was working really hard and I’d get all jittery like this, but since I’ve gone up to 60mg I haven’t had those symptoms anymore except these rare exceptions at night.

      I would disagree with your wife that this isn’t the medication for you if you’re feeling good about it because of the symptoms you listed. I am normally very closed off but because of the high amounts of energy I am a total chatterbox as you described and it feels kinda nice to open up more as an unintended side effect. What I told my family is that when I am constantly talking I don’t mind them tuning me out or ignoring me, for me it’s more to cope with the high energy levels I’m not used to than to create conversation and I don’t need them always listening to me. If your wife would rather you not be so chatty in the first place not want to create noise I find ways to talk online like this so I’m quiet but still expelling social energy. I’ve also found I need to keep myself moving and being productive without bugging them with my restlessness, so I’ll go and do some exercise whenever I don’t have anything to do. Anything small from just stretching or jumping jacks or a quick run around the block so I’m not bouncing off the couch or something, and it has the side effect of being healthy so that’s nice.

      I prefer to use it all seven days. I honestly hate how unmotivated I am unmedicated and even if I’m not doing work I enjoy the extra energy just to wake up, regulate my eating, work on some hobby I find or something. For me I always find something to work on and I enjoy that about Vyvanse. I agree with you where the regulation is preferable to me, and taking Vyvanse helps extremely with regulating everything in my life and as someone who has never been consistent before I started taking Vyvanse I want to keep the consistency of my life going all seven days now.

      • 24 year old here and I 100% relate to this. I’m always wondering if I should take a weekend off or if would rather feel dread And lack of everything since I have a severe case of add. So I decided once everyday and I’ve been a 100% better person than ever before

  21. Nope.
    I take 5MG IR + 50mg Vyvanse in the morning(6am). Then 2 hours later 20MG Vyvanse.
    This extends the Vyvanse’s effect till like 2-4pm. Normally I’m out by noon.

    Then around 1-2 I need 20mg IR so i can keep working till 5+.

    If i only take 50mg or 70 at once i’m done by noon and sleeping by 2pm.

    With the IRs AND twice vyvanse i can do around 12 hours.

    • Cbd 10mg-20mg helps with the sleep and with the comedown. Its not a miracle but it does help if you take vyvanse sometimes at 4PM And still want to sleep at 11pm-ish.

  22. I am a 20 year old male who weighs around 130lbs. I was on 30mg initially but my psychiatrist and I tinkered with the dosage until it ended up at 60mg to find the perfect fit, which I personally feel like I did for the most part. I used to get a raised heart rate and jittery feeling on 30mg but once I went to higher dosages those side effects disappeared, wish I knew why. I take my dosage around 9 AM and go back to bed until the medicine kicks in 30 min – 1hr later, after which I’m up all day.

    I stay pretty constant throughout the day in high levels of energy and generally feel great about myself because I can get work done. A problem I’ve found is I don’t know when the medication wears off. Sometimes it feels like I’m up till 4-5 AM and the medication is still going strong, other times it feels I crash around 6-7pm and rebound around 10pm until roughly midnight.

    I am normally very closed off but because of the high amounts of energy I am a total chatterbox and it feels kinda nice to open up more as an unintended side effect. What I told my family is that when I am constantly talking I don’t mind them tuning me out or ignoring me, for me it’s more to cope with the high energy levels I’m not used to than to create conversation and I don’t need them always listening to me. If for whatever reason I need to settle down and stay quiet, I find ways to talk online like this so I’m quiet but still expelling social energy. I’ve also found I need to keep myself moving and being productive without bugging them with my restlessness, so I’ll go and do some exercise whenever I don’t have anything to do. Anything small from just stretching or jumping jacks or a quick run around the block so I’m not bouncing off the couch or something, and it has the side effect of being healthy so that’s nice.

    I prefer to use it all seven days. I honestly hate how unmotivated I am unmedicated and even if I’m not doing work I enjoy the extra energy just to wake up, regulate my eating, work on some hobby I find or something. For me I always find something to work on and I enjoy that about Vyvanse. The regulation is preferable to me, and taking Vyvanse helps extremely with regulating everything in my life and as someone who has never been consistent before I started taking Vyvanse I want to keep the consistency of my life going all seven days now.

    The side effects I have aren’t extreme by far but things I certainly have to watch. Because of how easy it is to focus one thing at a time now, I lose my train of thought on something if I move on to a different topic, which feeds into my chatter box since now I want to say everything on a topic before I move on to a different one. This also means if I set something down and move on that thing is gone from my brain, it is lost instantly so I can’t set things down in random places. I am sweating way more because of the increased blood flow and prefer to stay around cooling sources like fans to keep me from sweating too much. I am dehydrated much more often so I designate how much water I need in a day in a large water bottle and make sure to drink it all. My metabolism has always been quick, but I now digest food at an alarming rate and have to go to the bathroom much more frequently. The weird one to me but is also common and I see it in this thread is I am way more horny, which has its pros and cons haha. The more serious side effects to me is I have an extreme loss of appetite. Like a lot of my solutions I’ve had to turn eating into a regiment to make sure I’m eating properly. My body weight has gone down as well and as someone who is uncharacteristically skinny as it is it’s a little troubling as being underweight has been a struggle all my life, and so I’ve also reintroduced my high calorie diet from when I was swimming in high school to stay healthy. Lastly not every night has been like this but last night especially I had trouble sleeping and my old side effects from my lower dosages return at night as I mentioned earlier. If anyone has a suggestion to cope with this or make the medication not last as long or other ways to reduce my side effects I’d love to hear them!

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