Vyvanse in Adults: 14 Hours

A study was recently published which demonstrated that Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) works up to 14 hours in adults with ADD/ADHD.

In this study, measurements of adult ADD/ADHD symptom control were taken at 2 hours post medication, and were found to be effective all the way to 14 hours after the medication was taken.

This can be important for adults with ADD/ADHD who need to have good symptom control throughout the day – to take care of many responsibilities through the day, including family and work responsibilities.

Based on this study – the FDA has allowed for a labelling change for Vyvanse – so that the product monograph allows for documentation of the 14 hour duration of Vyvanse in adults.

I’m curious to hear adults’ experiences with Vyvanse. Does it last up to 14 hours for you? Does it take 2 hours to start working? Please share your comments below.


Dr. Kenny


  1. 14 hours with Vyvanse? Perhaps for some, but not even close for me.

    My personal experience is that I get moderately good symptom control for about 9 hours with 70mg Vyvanse. After that, it is noticeably less effective. After about 11 hours, it is pretty much finished. Currently, I also take Adderall after about 10 hours to extend coverage through the end of the day.

    In my specific case, I would also say that Adderall provides significantly better symptom control with fewer side effects than does Vyvanse, but the comparatively long duration of the Vyvanse makes it reasonable trade off. I did not care for the ‘roller coaster’ of peaks and valleys prior to beginning Vyvanse. Nor was I very good at remembering to time my doses throughout the day.

    What I would hope for is is a true 16-hour Adderall.

    • Vyvanse works good for me I dont have ADHD so I use it recreational,ive took 210 mg in less than 12 hours and I feel okay not too much not too less but it does take it longer than an hour to kick in for me.My tolerance isn’t too high bc I don’t do this daily or weekly,If you never took amphetamines you should start low as possible because everyone acts differently,I’ve don’t real Methamphetamine so 210 mg of vyvanse isn’t going to hurt me but make me feel pretty good.It has worked better sometimes than adderall,vyvanse is a good way to lose weight,I just usually have bad insomnia,and sweat sometimes.I get dry mouth a little bit but I drink water constantly,it makes me speedy a little more talkative and definitely more motivated,I’ve known people to take it and it doesn’t do anything but mostly everyone I know has the same effects they just seem to fall asleep quicker.And you can be high and not think you are…..idkif anyone else is like me but my pupils get big and wide.

      • This is an unfair reply to those that suffer from ADHD. First, you are illegally using it. Second, you by your own admission are normal and using recreationally. Third, your review is moot point to all of us that need it.

        • Frankie’s comment is relevant and useful. Many people (mostly children in America) are diagnosed with ADHD who do not actually have it. Frankie has highlighted for us the dosage needed for someone without ADHD (but has some tolerance to amphetamine) to be able to feel the effects. The original question was given to “adults who have taken Vyvanse”. This includes Frankie. Also imagine the amount of teenagers/college students who have tried other ADHD medication recreationally, then decide to go to the doctor to get a prescription- after noticing the euphoric effects. These people would be more likely to take a number of pills at once to reach that effect again. Someone like that could be reading this comment thread because they’re thinking about or just have taken more than one pill. Frankie’s comment also highlights many adverse effects one might get from taking that mg. (ADHD or not) which is helpful to us all. Notice the blundering way he typed his description of meth use. Also notice his overall grammatically incorrect, excited and “speedy” (as he calls it) comment as a whole. It becomes a subtle warning to those reading this, attempting to find the maximum dosage to take for recreation/actual treatment and not get hurt. Frankie says it works well on him at that dosage but even he suggests starting low… Literally, Frankie’s comment is saving lives.

  2. Yes, I find that to be about right. I usually feel my Vyvanse (50mg) kick in after 90-120 minutes. It usually wears off after 12-13 hours, I can’t be sure that 14 hours is what I feel, as by then I am pretty used to the feeling of being on the medication and I think it is more of a gradual “come down” for lack of a better term.

    I’ve recently started taking it at 6pm however, as I need the medicine more for my after-work relationships and have found it much more enjoyable this way. I get a whole evening where I am very productive, not slightly grumpy as the tiredness catches up with me from a whole day on stimulants, which is how I normally feel. I also don’t fidget when I’m sleeping so much, so I tend to sleep better, although I am noticeably more of a lighter sleeper than I usually would be. I’m trialling this for a few weeks, but for the week I’ve been doing it this way, I’ve had a much better time than when taking it during the daytime.

  3. What were the dosages? I do find it lasts up to 14 hours.

    But that’s on 140 mg, which is above the FDA approved dosages here in the U.S.

    Of course, I do pay out of pocket for the extra 70 mg. But it’s only $130 USD where I live, which over 30 days is only about $4.5/day. Most people spend more than that on daily lunch.

  4. My experience has been interesting and at the moment a bit confusing and disappointing, sorry for the long read but here are all the details. I started on Vyvanse 50mg the beginning of February this year, and it worked amazingly well for me, kicking in after about 45min. – 1 hour and lasting a full 12-14 hours. I could feel my energy, focus, motivation, productivity, and desire to be outgoing all increase by the minute, and during that time I couldn’t even consider napping or relaxing or stop thinking about all the great stuff I wanted to get done and how productive I could be – just about a full 180 degrees switch from the way I had felt for so long before the medicine. By the way I am 26 years old, 6’0″ and 135 lbs. and am not hyperactive or manic or anything similar… without the medicine I feel almost permanently tired, fatigued, unmotivated to do anything or talk to anyone, unable to concentrate, and definitely “scatterbrained” with random, uncontrollable and unfocused thoughts always. But I did have two side effects – very dry mouth where I always seemed thirsty (which encouraged me to drink a lot more water every day), and rapid heartbeat (which made me want to jog and exercise much more regularly, with the goal of decreasing my resting heart rate to balance this effect out!), but these effects did decrease over time.

    This was the case for me Feb. – start of June this year, but I noticed the effectiveness to decrease the last 2 months or so. The effects would start about 1 1/2 – 2 hours after use, would help decently with concentration and focus for about 4-5 hours, then the only noticeable effect was an increase in energy and motivation to do things – not being so tired and fatigued and “blah”, which has almost always been the case for me before the medicine. I didn’t notice any side effects anymore either, except occasional irritability and loss of patience.

    The start of July I switched to Vyvanse 60mg, which helped a little better to extend the effectiveness of duration, but not as long or effective as the initial 50mg use, and no increased side effects. Every day I had to decide when to take it – in the early morning to be effective during my job but not really the rest of the day, or drag through work and wait until after, to be able to get more done in the afternoon? This continued for the month but it seemed to me that the effectiveness and duration were decreasing. I discussed these things and asked to be prescribed 70mg, to see if this would help once again like the initial days of 50mg or at least extend the duration of effectiveness to all day long.

    The day after my last 60mg pill, which was still noticeably effective, I started 70mg and anticipated having a great productive day. However it did not go as I expected, with no increase in focus or motivation or even energy after an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours… after about 4 hours I became tired and almost exhausted, and took a long nap!! I figured it was being tired from hard work that morning and was ready for the next day, but even a few hours after use and after jogging to get my energy going, it was the same exhaustion or fatigued feeling, and all I could think about was “Why is this not working? What’s wrong with these pills? Did I get a different medicine?” Back to sleep… which I could never even consider doing within 14 hours of use the first month of my initial Vyvanse 50mg prescription!

    Nope it is the right stuff, but the last 2 weeks have been a big disappointment. After about 2 hours there is a period of maybe an hour or two where I have a tiny increase in energy and motivation, but not of focus or productivity or any other symptoms it is supposed to help with, then after 5-6 hours it is a “brainfog” and fatigue and time for bed! My doctor says this is over-medication and I should switch back down or to Concerta or Focalin. Recently I have been cutting the pills with a hobby knife, taking about 2/3 or 3/4 and leaving the remainder for later, simulating a lower dosage. But with that there is zero effect at all. So where should I go from here? Try a medium-level dose of a comparable medication, or back to 50mg Vyvanse that used to work, or search for some physiological basis for why I am permanently tired and fatigued and unmotivated and scatterbrained when not on any medicine? Thanks for the long read and any suggestions,


    • thank you for taking the time to share this. I had a mild traumatic brain injury from a car accident while on a medical mission in ecuador. they have me on vyvanse. I have the same symptoms as you are reporting. started off great, increased it when it was slowing down and it was fine and now i am tired all the time. I am returning to the states to see my docs next month but would like to know if you found any help and what it was. thanks.

    • I am in the exact same position. I have been taking vyvanse for 3 years now and started on 20mg. It worked great for the first couple months (about 7-8 months, but only taking during the week). They moved me to 40mg and that worked like the 20mg did for the first few months, however 2 years later, the effectiveness of the medication has stopped workiing. I cant get out of bed without taking it, but even when I take it (i take it at 6am and get out of bed at 8am as my doctor suggested when I started it) I dont feel like doing anything. My brain is foggy and my body is physically and mentally tired. I find I have become very reliant on this medication to function day to day. Reading everybody elses dosage and their effects (good and bad) is very helpful but it seems that this medication eventually leads to a disappointment and frustration for us all that rely on it day to day. I am going to speak to my doctor about switching to concerta or ritalin, but it is unfortunate because vyvanse is a long lasting medication whereas the other class needs to be taken every few hours.

  5. And just an update based on something I read on another forum post. They stated that their multivitamin was having an impact on the medicine’s effectiveness because of the high Vitamin C content, and after switching to the multivitamin at night the effectiveness returned. I also occasionally take a multivitamin with a high Vitamin C content, and sometimes drink orange juice also high in Vitamin C.

    So is that true that it might be a reason for decreased effectiveness, or maybe my Excedrin use with Acetaminophen, Aspirin and Caffeine I usually take for my early morning physical labor job and occasional headaches in the morning? It could be these things, along with an increased Vyvanse tolerance by my body through daily use, that has reduced effectiveness. The more knowledge about these things the better.

    • Steve – if you take anything that is mildly acidic (i.e. vitamin C, orange juice, or even any ‘bar’ that has preservatives to let it sit in a foil wrapper on a shelf for months), it will make your stimulant medicine less effective. The stimulant medicine is mildly basic, and if you take a mild acid, they will react, and your body won’t absorb the medicine. So, you can still have these things, but try to avoid them for 1 hour before your pill and 2 hours after your pill. That may make a difference.

      • Im no doctor im just obsessed with research and ive asked all kinds of people about this pharms, docs, psychis, and it all comes down to the same thing;

        1) The medication is designed not to be bothered by you pissing or what you eat as the doc above said acidic and base foods and due to the design the life is suppose to be extended.

        2)People take this stuff and dont do independent thinking and those of us who do arent being analytic enough. Check it out this medication as with most will be affected by everything you do so you need to monitor what you do what you eat how much you sleep your sexual life everything. I know personally everytime i work out at the gym and do squats it releases testosterone and all i know is it makes me angry and pissy for the next 3 days. i know that if i smoke cigarettes for one day ill experience withdrawl symptoms for 3 days, and i know if i dont get 7hrs of sleep i dont get the whole benefits from this medication because its being awake and sleepy. You need to know yourself and be able to pinpoint why you feel a particular way based on what you do and dont do if that makes sense. I personally started taking this medication on the basis that my lifestyle sleeping pattern body chemistry and many other factors were different from what they were when i started taking it. so in order to be where i was in the initial stages i try to over emphasis some of these former factors that may or may not have been altered by introducing this medication into my life and it helps…

        Its really a case by case basis if you want the medicine to have its full effectiveness you need to regulate your diet as stated above i even start the day off by taking it after a bowl of cereal and milk with a glass of milk that really gets it absorbed for me or some tums will work as they are an antiacid. SECONDLY im not trying to speak on things im ignorant on but as im told these types of medications have an effect on your adrenal glands and you could be experiencing a deficient elsewhere as stated in an earlier post GET A MULTI VITAMIN and take it at night so you dont have to worry about a potential conflict. Im not sayin erosion is happening in your brain but im saying this substance is relying on other things to keep it effective so you need to replenish them instead of upping the dose and continuing to suck resources dry or you could try cyclcing off the drug for a brief period. Overstimulation has also been a big factor. The drug hits hard to begin with because your body isnt use to it and is fresh for contributing the “resources” it needs so again replace your resources ive also noticed that you dont really get as much sleep when on this at least i dont and ive realize sometimes you need to take a day of rest and just not take the meds and get a fresh night of sleep and nutrition(and your multivitamin) and then try again. We all love the way this stuff makes us feel as far as productivity but if you can spare a weekend or even a saturday of not taking it and sleep in sunday a little bit go for a jog and replenish with lots of hydration and nutrition you may find that this method will yield big results. Again im not professional or even really educated on drugs although i am an aspiring pharmD and am passionate about analysis if all these people with education want to stab at this post like a cooked steak go for it but you’re posts are mundane and redundant and most likely medically correct ;-) but im bringing something new to the table so good luck and it works for me! Thanks for allowing me to share…

        • Thanks for sharing and yes, I am a firm believer that experience is everything. With all due respect, these medical professionals are very educated and have valuable knowledge which is very helpful. However, first hand experience is key. Doctors and Pharmacist make educated guesses a lot of the time based on knowledge gained through reading educational materials, attending lectures, and through research. Many professional will tell you their most valued knowledge comes from the patients themselves through subjective (directly from communication with the patient/subject) and objective (observed or observation of the patient) assessments.
          As a Registered Nurse, and with this being said…my personal preference is to use both information from people who have first hand experience with the medication from being prescribed it as well as medical professionals. Just make sure the info is coming from several people,(not just a few as everyone is different) who have used it over a period of time as prescribed. Be aware people that are taking other medications or have other medical issues may have different outcomes. When asking advice from Doctors, choose a Dr that prescribes this medication on a regular basis such as a psychiatrist or a mental health professional. They will have more firsthand experience and knowledge as well as feedback coming directly from the patients they treat.
          Medications prescribed long term will eventually need to be increased because you develop a tolerance to them. Your body then requires a higher dose to produce the same effect. To help with sleep at night, try taking the medication as early in the day as possible. If too problematic, ask your Dr for a non habit forming sleep aid. Some Doctors prescribe Clonidine which is actually used to lower blood pressure which will assist with relaxation allowing you to sleep .Allways ask your Dr before changing any doseing orders but I have found that many are ok with you skipping the Vyvanse on the weekends or may allow you to take a lower dose to give your body a rest but ALLWAYS check with your Doc first. Hope that helps and thanks everyone. Your feedback is the most valuable knowledge to newly prescribed patients and medical professionals… PRICELESS!!!!

        • Pete,

          You sound like you are very analytical yourself. I am very glad to know we have intelligent people like you in this world that make such great contributions to the field of science.

  6. I think it takes closer to 1-1.5 hours to start working for me. But it seems to be giving out after 6 hours. Can that be? I get really sleepy at around 2pm.

    • Most people get sleepy around 2pm. Sad to see so many people relying on this stuff when there have not been near enough studies (and likely never will be) on how such chronic daily use of stimulants affects your heart etc.

      • There have been extensive medical journals written and tests conducted on willing participants.

        In a study by the FDA involving over 400,000 participants, the only symptom was increased heart rate which is ONLY an issue if accompanied by high blood pressure, palpatations, or disease, which–sorry to burst your hater bubble–no drug can actually cause.

        It is FDA approved for ADD and ADHD.

        Not only that, but Vyvanse cannot be insulfated because of the contents of the capsules, so abuse is negligible. Anyone having heart problems has not taken their dose correctly or is taking a prescription that is not theirs. Even still, accidentally taking two pills in the same day (even if they’re both 70mg, the highest recommended dosage) will not harm you in any way. The effects will simply last longer. This is because it is a time released drug.

        Sorry, over dosers.

        And I’m not sorry to you. But you’re completely and utterly wrong.

        To the OP: I was getting sleepy at 2pm, too. Talk to your doc. You probably need a higher dose. That fixed me.

    • Same here I get really tired around like 1 and have no motivation to do anything when I first started taking it I could consintrate so good and get my work done brought my grades up to A’s but now it’s like I don’t care about my grades and it takes me the whole class period to do one paper i fill about the same as if I didn’t take it but more tired.

    • I take my Vyvance 40 mg about 3 am.
      That is when I get up to start my day.
      It takes about an hour to kick in.
      I do a few chores around the house, get the husband off to work, and by 5 am I start getting ready for work.
      I do find that around 2 pm, my “get up and go” is leaving me.
      I do go to bed around 8pm so I do get plenty of sleep.
      I have CVID, which is an immune disorder, and do weekly infusions for this. The side effects of the infusion meds are severe lethargy.
      If I do not take the Vyvance on a Saturday or Sunday you can bet I won’t be off of the couch.
      I just wish it lasted a few more hours in the day

  7. I have been recently diagnosed after close to 50 years of suffering from ADD. I first tried Concerta which was quite helpful but I found it made me slightly anxious. I switched to Vyvanse working the dose up to 100mgs.
    The mild anxiety dissipated but I found its results much less helpful. Especially as the day passes. I get maybe 6-8 hours of good concentration followed by exhaustion that was not there with Concerta. As well I notice on a number of days the effects don’t seem to be present.
    I am quite confused as to what to try. I really would prefer NOT to go back to Concerta.

  8. switched from aderall to vyvanse 6 months ago amazing improvement over all fuctioning.I am going to see add specialest,i hope will increase milligrams over 80.I take several doses per day works for me.I am 42 years old weigh over 200 metabolise quickly and diagnosed at 35.should there be a higher formulation for adults and complicated add.Yes

  9. I have been on 40 mg for 2 months now and have found it to have minimal effects for approx 5 hrs. I have previously been prescribed 20mg Adderall Twice Daily and have found it to be very effective. (not XR) I would take a dose at 6am and another at 2pm and I found it to be effective (without side effects) until approx 9pm. I have recently moved to a state with an amphetamine abuse problem and the Doctors I’ve encountered have seemed leery to prescribe Adderall. I am hopeful that an increased dosage will strengthen and lengthen the effects, or that my current Doctor will consider switching to a more effective drug. In reality I would prefer to not take medication, but the increase in functionality and concentration from a ‘scattered mess’ for me has been nearly phenomenal.

  10. 21 year old college student (Engineering). Been on Vyvanse 50/60 mg for roughly half a year now (Spring Quarter last year, summer, Fall Quarter presently). Concerta before, with minor effectiveness. I take it approximately an hour before classes begin, can feel effect before/ kick in during the first hour of classes. Works fairly well, as my attentiveness in class is raised a good bit. I take nearly obsessive-level notes, making sure to get everything the instructor writes/demonstrates down. (Engineering courses are very math-heavy; note that this does not, however, make me miss any information. I am just a very good note-taker).

    Problem I have is with memory retention. Most of my classes move too quickly for me to absorb and internalize/learn what has happened while it is happening. Rather, I take notes of everything that has happened, and later I go and “reteach” what I’ve recorded. (Also note that even when trying to take very light notes and plain paying attention to the lecture does not work, and works even less).

    Even doing this, on exams and quizzes and the like, a lot of times there are complete gaps in my memory, where the methods learned / events that happened in class are essentially non-existent; it’s like they’ve never happened. This causes extreme frustration and even more mental blocks.

    Aside from this issue, Vyvanse works within 90 minutes of ingestion noticeably, helps noticeably in daily tasks and general concentration, and lasts roughly a bit under 12 hours. I certainly notice where/when it wears off, as I am an unashamedly avid gamer in the evenings (good release from high-tempo schoolwork for a good 8-10 hours of the day), and the downturn in focusing ability is noticeable and detrimental. I am also very fit (5’10” 145 lbs) and active (biking to class, plenty of outdoors exercise)

    • Gamer here too… totally relate to that statement. And man it sucks when I lose my focus and competitiveness later in the night, I go from playing awesome to complete noob in a span of 3 hours after work.
      I did just have a medication change to 30mg of Vyvanse 2x a day… I’m only on day two though and so far I’ve noticed it seems to be lasting about 6 hours… which is what I was getting out of 36mg of concerta. I also think I’m a fast metabolism as I seem to experience more peaks and valleys than I believe I’m supposed to be based on the described pharmacology of the medications.
      Also.. avoid generic concerta, it’s terrible.

    • I have noticed a memory issue too. Much stronger memory when not on it, so never take it before exams. Just more robotic and able to sit for hourrrrs when taking it, but have definitely noticed decreased memory strength on it.

  11. I was excited when vyvanse was released for adults with adhd because it was going to be like dexedrine with an really long extended release, and doesn’t have the sexual side effects that adderall does since it doesnt have racemic amphetamine. It didnt have the sided effects but it wasn’t very effective either. It work after about and hour or so and then work for 2 hours then it would stop and then work again for 2 hours and then stop and then work for 2 hours and stop and that was it. It left holes in my day where it wasn’t working at all. I took dexedrine for 8 years in school and never had any problem with it. I wanted to join the USMC and stopped taking it to see if maybe some decipline will help. That didn’t work out for me very well lol. I hurt my knee and got medically discharged. When I went to the va the could ouly do ritalin which doesnt work very well for me. The va told me to see a civilian doctor which I did and he put me on adderall. The side effects are horrible for me. Can’t have sex I was having chest pains. Then I got put on vyvanse and it wasnt even half as effective. When I asked the doctor if I could just be put back on dexedrine he was like a dear in the headlights. When that doctor moved his practice the new doctor was the same way. Dexedrine in my opinion is the best drug with the least amount of side effects. To bad everyone demonized it and now people like me are stuck with side effects or not enough effectiveness

    • Everyone is different, what works well for one, will not work at all for others and there are just so many individual variables such as other medications or medical diagnosis, medical history, diet, exercise…to name a few. I would keep trying different Doctors until you find one that really wants to work with you for a solution or that will prescribe the Dexedrine. Also, if you are on other meds, try asking a pharmacist if there is something that may be intensifying the unwanted effects. They may know of another medication that may work better for you. Pharmacist are very knowledgeable when it comes to side effects and drug interactions. They are coming out with new medications and alternatives daily.

  12. I was, by accident, diagnosed with Adult ADD by my daughter’s pediatrician in 2003 – Let’s call him Dr. “S” for simplicity. He and I have been close, since the day I met him (before my daughter’s birth), he seemed interested in having a personal relationship with our family. Kind hearted… he is a great doctor, and has a kind personality.

    Anyway, the event that was the tell… my daughter’s grades were faltering in 4th grade. From Kindergarten to 3rd grade, she made A-grades, with an occasional B. Good behavior, and overall a very good student. So, her 4th grade teacher calls me and my wife, and asks us to come in for a conference. Her first mid-session assessment came back with predominantly B-grades, and a couple of Cs. The teacher, as I generally understand it, can’t say “I think your child is ADD.” But they can point to the grades, and say “Your child seems uninterested in class.” and “It seems to be a ‘focus’ issue.” My wife and I were asked what we thought. Presenting the opportunity for us to ask the teacher “Is our child possibly ADD or ADHD.” The teacher said she could not say one way or the other, but she administered an evaluation, which my wife and I filled out, as well as the teacher.

    I took the 3 evaluations and my daughter to meet with Dr. “S” and he and I went over the results. He was very low-key, and asked my daughter “Do you sometimes think about being outside of class, wanting to do something else?” She said “Yes.” And then he asked “When you talk about stuff, do you forget what you are talking about sometimes, in the middle of a sentence?” and she said “Yes.” – Then he looked at me and said “John, how about you?” and I said “yes.” He moved through some more questions… and would re-ask them of me. “Are you tired and/or lethargic?” And my daughter and I were both answering the same way… “Yes.”

    And then he moved directly to me and asked “John, do you start 3 or 4 things at the same time, and not complete tasks at work?” ouch… “Yes.” And he asked “Do you think your organization skills have affected you, in the workplace?” “Yes.” I said.

    He said “Have your General Practitioner call me office.” You and your daughter have moderate ADD. He prescribed Adderall to my child. I got a call from my Doctor, and he said… “Come in and pick up a prescription for Adderall. I concur with your pediatrician.”

    We took Adderall for several years. My child took one 20MG-XR, and I ranged from 20MG twice daily to 60MG twice daily. My wife decided to pull our child off of it about 2 years ago (her grades have dropped from A-to-High-B average to B-Minus) – AND, she did so without asking the doctor, and additionally, she said she believed it made me edgy… and she – my wife – said she did not want the two of us on “speed” – I continued to take it. Two 30mg a day – I weigh 275 pounds.

    And yes, Adderall gives you a notable boost within 30 minutes.

    So, move forward 7 years from diagnosis – I have a new doctor. He looks at my prescription list from my paperwork. He said… “Adderall. I don’t like that. Have you heard of Vyvance?” I said some relatives take it. But I like Adderall. He said “Adderall is quite addictive.”

    Frankly, I can see that. So, he put me on 70MG of Vyvance at first. In my follow up, he asked me… “How do you feel at dinnertime?” I said I feel a sort of edgy, tired feeling. He asked, how does it help with your focus? I said quite good, but without that boosted feeling – like having too much coffee.” And he adjusted the dosage to 60MG in the morning, and 30MG in the lunch hour. He said due to my weight – 275 – and my previous Adderall use, I would exceed the 70MG maximum safely. Interestingly, no problems with insurance. I still believe a change in dosage would be improved with a 70MG in the morning, and lower noon dosage, of say 20MG. I typically now go to bed at 11:00-12:00. That said, with Adderall… I would be up to 1:00-2:00 a.m. and I would have to use relaxation techniques to fall asleep.

    My opinion… Vyvance is a better, more stable medication (I was told by my new doctor that Adderall addicts do not like it – so, transition was smooth, and no craving of Adderall occured)… I think the FDA might consider optioning it to a 2-dose-per-day medication, and consider body weight in dosage calculation.

    Hope that helps.

    • John,
      Thanks for sharing your story. There are many good lessons in there for other people.
      I do want to say that I don’t believe Adderall is addictive when it is taken as prescribed. That said, Vyvanse is a lot ‘smoother’.
      Dr. Kenny

  13. Hi, I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in the 4th grade and first put on ritalin, which worked for about 2 weeks and then got put on Dexedrine. When I took Dexedrine I went from a flunking student to an A-B student in about 9 weeks. I did awsome in school, the thing was my dad always thought it was mental discipline I was lacking and I didn’t need the medicine. When I got done with high school i decided that I was going to stop taking medicine totally and try to do it on my own. It didn’t work very well. I would forget things lose, my keys and wallet, it seemed like it took me longer to do stuff and I would get off track. I thought maybe I need to be in a situation where I had to concentrate and have metal discipline, so I joined the USMC. It was hell, I couldn’t remember facts, I couldn’t keep in step marching, it took me forever to figure stuff out. I would make simple mistakes and forget my canteen at the chow hall. I spent nights when i should be sleeping reading the Marine Corps Knowledge over and over again and couldn’t remember things it was like my brain didn’t want to right the information down. I ended up tearing my left acl and got a medical discharge. After a while I decided I was done fighting this ADD thing and realized it was real and I need to treat it. Since I was in the usmc and got injured there I had VA benefits and saw a psychologist for ADD. He put me on a prescription for Ritalin and I was hopeful that maybe I matured mentally in the last 4 years since I took dexedrine and it would be all that I needed. Ritalin worked for about 2 months before I had to go to the maximum dose. The VA could only do Ritalin for some reason and the psychologist suggest I see a civilian doctor to be put on something else. I took his advice and saw a civilian doctor. I didn’t know that much about medicine and told him the situation and asked him if I could be put on Dexedrine since when I was growing up there was just Dexedrine and Ritalin I didn’t know there was anything else. He game me a weird look and said that things have advanced and they have new medicine and game me prescription for adderall 30 mg 2x a day. I thought it was going to kill me. My heart was beating out my chest and I couldn’t sleep, and it made my chest hurt. I told him and he lowered it down to 20 and 20 which was better but, I couldn’t have sex when I took it and got knocked down to 15 mg which didnt work and I still couldnt have sex. Then my Doctor put me on vyvanse. It didn’t do anything for me until I got to 70mg. The weird thing was it worked after an hour for 1-2 hours and than stop for 2-3 and then go again for 1-2 hours and then stop for 3 and then it worked again for 1-2 hours. Its Coverage was really spotty I told my doctor about it and got put on straterra. That stuff is horrible it, it didn’t do anything but make me tired and kill my sex drive. I talked to that doctor one more time and realized that he had no idea what he was talking about, and went to see a new doctor. I explained everything that happened and he put me on concerta, that didnt work very well so I tried ritalin xr and had no luck. My doctor finally suggested that I see a psychologist for ADHD and put my on adderal xr since it was the only one that worked with out gaps. I saw her after I did some research on adhd medications and told her what I was going through with the medications and it only seemed like dextroamphetamine based medications worked for me and I explained about the gaps I was having and the side effects adderall gave me. She said that vyvanse wasnt really made with adults in mind and adderall’s other ingredient racemic amphetamine was known to have the issues that I had with it. She said she was going to try me on Focalin XR to see if I will respond to it better than ritalin and if that didnt work she was going to put me on dexedrine spanuals. Then I got layed off my job and lost my insurance and couldn’t afford the 300 dollars a visit it cost to see her. Then I ended up having to see a different doctor because the one I was seeing moved his practice. I told the new doctor my situation and tried focalin xr which calmed me down but didnt help me pay attention when i went higher in dosage it was like an adhd enhancer. I couldn’t type or do anything. The new doctor put me on adderall and told me the dexedrine is very different from the other medicines and doctors dont prescribe it anymore, which I knew better, I don’t know what to do. I want what worked for me but I can’t get a doctor that I can afford with out looking like an addict. Should I just give up taking medications again and risk my job, or take adderall and risk my marriage. Drug holidays dont help because I can still feel the effects of the medicine. Even after being treated for low testosterone with steroids I still am not all that interested.

  14. I was on 30mg for a good time (over a year), and it seemed to be like a miracle drug for me (‘course when I was on ritalin I thought the same thing, then when i’m off I get used to the way things are, and years later am put on Vyvanse, which reminded me of how great life really was, and I could actually get things done. It took about 2 hours to kick in (as i would wake up at 7am, take it, and fall back to sleep until I woke up around 9am with it in full swing saying “hello!!! wake up and smell the roses!!”)
    Tho it only seemed to work for about 6hrs, then i would start noticing I wasn’t able to focus again (much like i am without the med, but not like withdrawl symptoms to where i’m just deadified for a few days after going off of it for the “break”- so i’m sure it was still working just not making a diffrence other than keeping me from any withdrawl symptoms.(which was generally me on a normal day (no med) but extravigate it by 10, and then you have a deadified Angang.

    I’m now on 50mg, not been two hours since i first took it, and already slowly feeling the affects kicking in (Such as here I am writing this instead of being like “no work full 14 hours on 30, but now i’m on50 might be diffrent” lol)
    The pdoc thinks with the dosage raise the duration of how long it lasts will raise in hours (because it was getting to where it was just working for an hour or two after it kicked in).

  15. When I quit smoking about 5 or 6 months ago my previously manageable ADHD became totally unmanageable. After about a couple of months I decided to try medication. I tried Vyvanse for a few weeks after being diagnosed with adult ADHD, inattentive type. I guess I was pretty hyperactive as a kid. But my parents didn’t know much about medication back then. I take medication for Bipolar 2 and depression, which is under control. But when I took the 30 mg. of Vyvanse, it made me extremely angry. Not all the time, but some of the time. Enough to have me switch over to Concerta, 27 mg. That caused problems with irritability too, so I switched to about 10 to 20 mg of Adderall XR. Same thing. Anger. So I quit and gave up on those medications. Then I came across something about Tenex helping people who take stimulants who have irritability. So now I’m doing that, and for the most part it is working. I’ve been taking 15 mg to 20 mg of Adderall xr along with .5 mg of Tenex 3x a day, every 6 hours, all according to my doctor of course. But I don’t like how I can’t really have all day coverage, so I’m going back to trying Vyvanse with the Tenex. Has anybody else tried this combination?

    Thanks for your input.

  16. Vyvanse works for about 10-12 hours, I take 60 milligrams
    40 when I first wake up and another 20 when I come back from running or the gym about 90 minutes later. It’s weird but when the additional 20 kick in, i know exactly what to do, how to do it and get things done.

    I have no problem sleeping because I take it so early in the morning, although I wish it would last a little longer.

    • Simona, I have a theory about the second dose working better than the first. I think the first dose of Vyvanse has holes of time when it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it did (or it will again)…its not terrible but is kind of irritating to feel it up and down. But when you take the second dosage, since you take it at a different time than the first, it covers the holes that the first dose has and gives you a consistent effect.

  17. I am an adult also that recently got diagnosed with add and depression. severe depression at times does that go along with add? anyway i am on 150 mg effexor xr for depr.doxipin 50mg for sleep.70 mg vyvanse.and yes theres one more tenax 50mg for irrability when my vyvanse wears off. ok let me just start out saying the meds are helping. the way i am now, huge differance. 40 years without meds i feel like i litarally spent 40 years in hell…the effexor and doxipin i dont really have a problem with. but vyvanse seems to only last bout 6 or 7 hours for me. but i also weigh 210 and am 6 ft. and when it wears off i seem to get irritable.i dont want to try anything different cause when the vyvanse is working i feel calm and literally wipes out my anxiety my focus and concentration are unbelievable no wonder i didnt graduate high school unmedicated. im on a pap for the vyvanse they must not pay for extra dosing? so my doc. gave me tanex or tenex? to get me through the rest of the day. but it is a seditive. it takes care of the irrability for sure because your not irritable if you are sleeping or in a zombie like state..That stuff sucks. would be a good sleeping pill though it does nothing for focus concentration at all..i need that full 14 hours of my vyvanse bad cause im like a scatterbrained veg. without it. is there any way that dosage for adults that weigh 200 pounds could be approved in the future?cause my girlfreinds kid weighs 60 pounds and he is on 60mg vyvanse. if i got that 14 hours i wuold be set for meds good to go no tanex. though i have no ins. and would prob. have to pay out of pocket for anything over 70mg or is there some other way? if worst comes to worse ill pay out of pocket cause im in school now and need it. but man its salty like 200.00 bucks for 30 days.thats like a car payment man..anyway it just sucks that adults have to deal with such low doses. they need like an adult dosing guide that starts at bout 120 to 200mg maybe…sorry for the rant just dissapointed…Clint

    • I agree they need to make higher doses for adults. I believe vyvanse was made with children in mind more than adults. I am currently on 20mg vyvanse.. Doc said we’d up it once I was back in school but my next appointment isn’t until Oct sometime and I haven’t been able to concentrate even with the 20mg so I upped it myself to 40 mg until my appointment (had extras I didn’t use). I noticed improvement with this but not much and it doesn’t last all day… I think I need more than 40mg and I find I naturally have a high tolerance….. I think I will quickly make my way to 70mg and I’m scared that won’t even work… I think they need to up the dosage covered to at least 120mg

      • Recommended starting dose for children AND adults is 30 mg. this is what a psychiatrist who knows what they are doing will do. Used to believe that adults needed more than kids. Not true in general. Everyone is different. So start low…works for lots of people. Work up if need be …also works for lots of people. Never ever up your dose yourself. Plus @ 20 mg your next dosage would have been 30 mg not 40 mg. Are you all also seeing a therapist of some sorts to help with coping mechanisms? If not, please do so ASAP. It will help. Promise! Medication will not make the ADHD go away but hopefully it will make it manageable. And with a psychologist or someone like that but PLEASE someone who specializes in ADHD cause I think we can all tell a story of how ignorant some health care professional has been about ADHD. This is a relatively new thing so do your homework and find someone good! i went 20 years unmedicated. Nearly cost me my marriage, my kids and my life. ADHD can be an awful awful thing.

  18. Hello,

    To start I am 31, male, 152lbs, very athletic in bicycle racing. I ride 15+ hours a week at 200+ watts output if you know what that is its. For me my resting HR is at night in the mid to lower 40 BPM, day time sitting about 70 BPM, my work outs at about 160 BPM for 3+ hrs per workout, what we call “tempo” and my max at 191.

    I started today for the first time ever in my life on any type of med’s VYVANSE for ADD. once daily @ 40mg. My doc said, after a very detailed interview, that i had been suffering from ADD for about 20 years. As far back as i remember about 10yr old, i have done all the normal ADD things from then to this date. I never questioned it being so use to just copping with problems thinking it was just normal, i was slow learning, etc… It was not the case but only that i was ADD and just never knew it.

    I am a very successful business owner for 7 years now. We employ 4 people in addition to my wife and i, managing hundreds of regular customers. My wife and i bought out a 4th company Nov 2009 and its now much larger than ever before. Its getting to be more than i can handle every day and past 6 months i have gotten really bad with my ADD symptoms. My wife suggested that i might have ADD that i should be tested. Sure enough i fit every single question to a T as being 1 to 10 being the worst as a 8 or 9 with ADD. I dont like doctors but i really felt this Doc was really trying to help and not sell me something. Awesome Doc! Thanks Doc!

    After starting on this med I feel like a whole new person, like i woke up from a horrible dream able to actually function and think freely. OMG i cant believe this is real. I am very concerned about long term health problems this med or any meds might have but for now the alternative is to not function at all.

    I have noticed a slight heart rate increase, i use a Garmin HR Monitor everyday for workouts as i am a amateur pro cyclist and keeping close eye on bodies health is key to racing well. I eat very healthy, sleep pretty well feeling rested.

    So far this med VYVANSE 40mg is awesome! I will keep you posted on progress good and bad and will read up on yours as well.

    I know i said it already but feel compelled to say again that i feel that i just woke up after a 20 year dream! Very focused, not groggy, ready to finish things i just never could seam to get done in the past.

    Looking forward to hear more from others!

    • Jonathan – thanks for sharing.
      I suspect that your endurance exercise has likely been ‘treating’ your ADD for years. It was probably the recent stress that pushed your symptoms to a level of less functioning.
      Exercise can do wonders for the brain – as Dr. Ratey wrote about in his book Spark.

  19. I am 36 and weigh about 235. I am really struggling with my Vyvanse prescription right now. I take 70 mg. once a day. I am only noticing about 3 maybe 4 hours of the medications effectiveness and when I come off of it I am virtually useless the rest of the day. So everyday at about 1:00 I am going back and forth in my head if i should take another so I feel better as I still have a long day ahead of me. Normally I cave and take another. I feel like a drug addict because in my head I know that there will be many days at the end of the month that I will be without the medication and I wont get out of the bed till 1:00. This can’t be all that healthy. Is there another natural way to extend the effectiveness? Is it recommended to take more Vyvanse or an additional Adderall later in the day? Help. Thank you.

  20. Hi, I’m a 53 year old male that was diagnosed with ADHD 15 years ago.In the beginning I was placed on Ritalin and my whole world changed for the better. As time went on I had to increae dosages to maintain the effectiveness. The one bothersome thing was the peaks and valleys and the end of day headache. I’ve tried Stratera and Concerta but neither had the effectiveness. Then I found vyvanse. I have to say I’ve been on 50mg for two years now and have been very pleased. Yes there are times when for some unexplained reason ( I like to blame the full moon) that it seems less effective but I have found the same with the other mess I’ve used. I have a tendency to wait at least 2 weeks before making any judgement and in most cases I’ve found things go back to the norm
    . This usually happens more on the winter than summer. Maybe it’s the vitamin D thong

  21. Hi
    I am a 40 year old professional diagnosed with ADHD after decades of obvious symptoms. I am quite intelligent and many assumed that meant I “could not” have ADHD. That is including some of my physicians over the years. I started with Concerta I was on it for almost 6 months with great improvement . I found it jaring however. I was switched to vyvanse eventually having a dose of 100mg to get close to the effects of Concerta. The onset was slower but I adjusted. After 3 or 4 months I had horrible nausea and on occasion vomiting. Split dose ,lowering dose taking before , after or with food did not resolve the nausea. I have never had this reaction to any medication (but then I rarely take any).
    Eventually I switched to Dexidrine. Other than having to take medication several times a day I find it is the smoothest with almost no side effects.
    Is the reaction to Vyvanse that I had unusual and do you have any explanation.

  22. Sam, what was the dosage of Concerta in relation to Vyvanse that you were on ? I’m 5’8″ and weigh 175 lbs and taking 50mg of Vyvanse once a day. I tried 60mg but started getting nausea. I can’t imagine 100mg. Did the dr try a lower dose?

  23. Hello, I just found this wonderful website with tons of information ADHD. I have had this condition forever, and was in denial with it, always trying to medicate myself with coffee, and exercise. Finally I had a breaking point in my life which forced me to seek help. Well, thank Goodness I did, because being on medication has saved me, and my quality of life is so much better. Now I can say, No Problem, I can do this. Everyday tasks are so much smoother. I can go on, and on, BUT, I think you get my point…..
    I have been on Vyvanse since January 2011, before this was Concerta for two months, which upset my stomach, so my doctor switched me to Vyvanse 30mg. Went for two months, then started getting lows, he upped to 40mg, which he told me that he is alway’s VERY conservative, so that’s fine, and I like to be conservative as well, 40gm has worked well, BUT now I am getting the lows again, and the Vyvanse is working less in my system. Mornings are wicked, until I have my coffee, and medication. It doesn’t work the 14 hours for me at all, maybe 9 hour if I am lucky. I have read the posts on not taking it with mildly acidic foods or drinks, so I can get the full benefit. I mentioned this problem to my doctor last visit, I told him the way I felt, which was not as bad as it is now, he seems to think I shouldn’t up it yet, LIKE I said he is very conservative. I am an adult female, no health issues, active, 125 lb………OK, my point is, and questions I have: If my doctor doesn’t want to raise my dosage, I would like to ask him for a mid afternoon fast acting drug with the Vyvanse 40 in the morning? I have read this, and seems to work for some. Also, will my body always loss the effect & have to increase dosage? It’s scary to think that 70mg is in the near future, I want to try & avoid this. Also, one more question, Isn’t Coffee an acidic drink? I haven’t read anything about not drinking it when taking ADHD medication. Sorry, for the long post, just wanted you to hear my story. Thank you for your time,…. Ann

  24. I just started taking Vyvanse this week. I saw the comment about acid foods and wondered about coffee as well. I have not noticed much effect yet from 50 mg. A little more energy for a few hours, but I’m still as scatterbrained as ever, and have a big energy dip in the afternoon. Maybe the morning coffee is neutralizing the pill??

    I’m 54, and I’m excited about this new diagnosis and the possibility that I may have a solution to so many issues I’ve dealt with most of my life. My diagnosis is kind of tentative now until we see how these meds work for me. But ADD would explain a LOT.

    I’m going to try postponing my coffee tomorrow for a couple of hours and see how that goes.

  25. Hi Dr. Handleman,
    I was diagnosed when I was 20, now 26. I began on adderall non xr until I graduated from college and my doctor suggest adderall xr as a better solution for the work enviroment verse college. Since this isn’t a question about adderall, I won’t speak to my pro’s and con’s while on XR for 3 years. But, to answer your question, about 3 months ago I switched to Vvyanse. I started to feel like my 30mg dose of adderall xr wasn’t working anymore for the full work day, so that’s when my doctor suggested switching. I’m on 70mg of Vvyanse (broken out into a 40mg and 30mg dose), My doctor had to call my insurance to explain that 70mg was too strong of a dose for my high blood pressure at one time, so it needed to be taken in two doses. They approved it and now it’s covered in both doses for 30 days. I LOVE Vvyanse! All of the things that I hated about adderall — excessive underarm sweating, increased anxiety, problems staying awake on my days off of the medication, etc…. seemed to pretty much go away or at least decrease on vvyanse. I feel like my normal self just able to think faster on my feet and work to my best ability instead of putting things off until the next day and the next day. It’s funny too – on adderall I always got the sensation to clean – but on Vvyanse – it gives me more of a sensation to work and get things done that need to be handled, but not clean my entire apartment in one night like a maniac! So to answer your questions, 3 months into the medication, I’m a believer!

  26. It works for me a solid 12 hours – maybe 14. of all the meds out there for A.D.D. – for me, this has worked the best.

  27. Dr. Handelman,

    Not sure if I have ADHD or not. But I am a 54 year old educated male with a very demanding job. I also was married (still married?) to a wonderful woman with schizoaffective disorder and have custody of an active 12 year old son. My son (not biological) has ADD and takes Strattera. But I mentioned to our family therapist that I was “wiped out” and maybe some Adderall would be good for me. With what I deal with, I have been on Prozac and Zoloft for 14 years. We added Adderall 20 mg XR twice a day. Concentration was great but too jittery. Synergy with the SSRI I suspect. I switched to Vyvanse 60 mg about 18 months ago. Much, much smoother. My MD told me psychiatrists have always prescribed stimulants as an adjunct to the antidepressants. I stopped taking Zoloft this past summer completely and tapered the Vyvanse dose to 30 mg a day. Open the capsule in 24 ml water and accurately measure 12 ml. I retain the balance for the next day. The first 5-6 hours of each day are delightful, but then the jitters arrive and sometimes I supplement the morning dose with another 10 mg. I need to read through all your posts here, because after 18 months, I am still trying to find the right dosage and dosing interval. I work in big pharma (US) – 31 years so I understand a lot of this, but each of us is biochemically unique. I saw a coffee comment. Yeah, I am a caffeine junkie also. Coffee pH shouldn’t be a problem, but I wonder if there is synergy with caffeine? They could interact on the same receptors. Need to research this. Keep up your blog. I have visited several times before – good job!

  28. I started 20 mg of Vyvanse about four months ago after an unsuccessful trial of Lexapro about a year before after my psychiatrist mis-diagnosed me with generalized anxiety. To be fair, I think that I did not have the language to really describe what I was experiencing back then, nor was I ready to admit certain things about my behavior (even to myself).

    But my relationship with my long-time girlfriend (who has been really supportive to this very day) was suffering, so while sitting down with the DSM-IV TR (I’m a therapist myself) one afternoon in frustration over not knowing “what the hell was wrong with me,” I found myself described so well in the criteria for cyclothymia. Called up my psychiatrist and made an appointment. Described everything to her + brought a list of symptoms that my girlfriend had provided. I agreed to a trial of Lamotrigine. That was about eight months ago, and it has worked really well for my cycling moods.

    But fast forward about two months from then, and my girlfriend asked me to sit down and watch a recent documentary on ADD–the Canadian one with the comedian and his wife. As we sat there and watched it together, I cried at least three times before it was over. I was described so well in that film–going back maybe thirty years (I’m 41). So, at my next appointment, I told my psychiatrist about my experience with the film, and agreed to try Vyvanse. Saw immediate improvement on 20mg. Had energy, focus, and it seemed to work well with the Lamotrigine. Irritability further reduced. Was no longer trying to do too many things in too little time. Moved up to 30mg within two months really just to see if more would = better. Yes, some boost.

    In the mornings? All I know is that from the time that I take it when I first get up to the time that I get out the door two hours later, something happens and I’m “ready to face the world” with confidence. I’m sure that the one to two cups of coffee that I am drinking during that time probably help some, but then I really just drink coffee for the taste, and at 230 lbs and 6′ 1″, I don’t think that such a small dose of coffee makes much difference.

    How long does it last? It seems to generally last around ten to twelve hours. As a therapist, it seems to have increased my ability to be more direct with clients, and while I do notice that I feel tired around 2:00 pm, I attribute this more to late lunch catching up with me, as this has happened as a pattern for years–as well as the energy boost I get after finishing my final client session of the day.

  29. Dr. Kenny,

    I had a love/hate relationship when it came to Vyvanse. I was the first patient to try it from my neurologist and stayed on it for over a year. At first I felt it was a wonderful medication compared with Adderall XR. Finally I asked to switch back to Adderall XR. I will address the good and bad with Vyvanse.

    The good:
    100% consistent. Worked each and every time. Taking with food delays it for an hour or so. Not so with Adderall. Some days Adderall works, some days it doesn’t.
    Works fast. On empty stomach it starts to work in less than a hour .

    The bad:
    Short-acting. Vyvanse was so consistent that it basically was done after 4-5 hours. I was puzzled by this and my doctor never believed me. Here we have tons of marketing material about it lasting 13+ hours and everyone thinks Vyvanse is an extended release medication. The truth is that Vyvanse is NOT an extended release medication. As a matter of fact, Shire really doesn’t say it is. Clever marketing!

    Reading the prescribing information explains everything. Vyvanse reaches peak level in the 3-5 hour range. After that it isn’t actively working and starts dropping. So how can Shire say Vyvanse works for 13+ hours? Science. The half-life of amphetamine is in the 11-12 hour range. It takes the body that long to reduce the amount of amphetamine by half. So Vyvanse is long lasting because of half-life (but so is regular Adderall and Dexedrine).

    Perhaps it is better to think of Vyvanse as an IR (immediate release) medication with a superior release mechanism. So for someone taking 70mg of Vyvanse would be the same as taking a 30mg tablet of Adderall (not XR). Both reach peak levels around the same time (Vyvanse may have slight edge here) and both are governed by the rules of science with the half-life.

    Another thing that has been kept from patients (and maybe doctors) is how much amphetamine is actually in each Vyvanse capsule. You have to dig through the initial filing application with the US FDA to find out. The answer comes out to being approximately 30%. The other 70% is Lysine. So that 70mg Vyvanse actually contains just 21mg of amphetamine. Wait….how can we say 21mg of amphetamine is equal to 30mg of regular Adderall or Dexedrine? Well with Vyvanse you can do more with less. You get much better absorption since everything happens after it passes through the stomach. No reduced absorption from acidic beverages or high-fat meals. No wasted amphetamine like what happens with regular Adderall or Dexedrine.

    If Shire marketed Vyvanse for what it really is, there would be nothing that could match it. As a 2-3 times a day medication it would be the best thing ever. As a 1 per day medication, not so much. Of course every person is different so some people out there could get by on 1 capsule per day and be fine over the long run. I have a feeling that most people will probably start asking for additional boosters because they notice Vyvanse isn’t lasting long enough.

    - JR

    • JR, thank you for your thorough and well researched comment. I’d like to add some comments to this, based on my knowledge and experience.
      1) Yes, the amphetamine component of Vyvanse is 30% of the dose. The rest is Lysine and also dimesylate (the generic term for Vyvanse is lisdexamfetamine dimesylate). As you point out – because of the superior delivery system, the amount of amphetamine in Vyvanse seems to work better than a similar amount in other preparations.
      2) When it comes to the duration of action – the science is very strong that it lasts up to 13 hours in kids/teens and 14 or more hours in adults. This is based on studies that have kids in simulated classrooms, and adults in simulated work environments, and the researchers observe how long the medicine is actively controlling symptoms. So, research shows that Vyvanse lasts that long.
      In addition to that, the pharmacokinetics (i.e. the rate of absorption, and blood levels of the medicine) are reported to be very stable and consistent from one person to another.
      Shire has done a very good job of teaching doctors that this medicine is so stable in its absorption that it won’t change from person to person. (that is probably why your doctor didn’t believe you when you said it didn’t last long enough…)
      In my office – working with lots of patients – I have had a small number who find that Vyvanse doesn’t last long enough (i.e. about 8 hours is the shortest I have heard). I’ve also had some patienst that couldn’t tell when it wore off, and they were up until 3 am (i.e. it lasted longer in these people!).
      Bottom line – it is a good medicine, the pro-drug technology is a great new innovation, and for some individuals, it may not last long enough!
      Hopefully, your doctor is willing to work with you to adjust treatment to suit your needs, rather than suiting treatment to the scientific studies that the Shire rep shared with him/her!
      Good luck.
      Dr. Kenny

      • I was recently prescribed 15 capsules of the 30mg Vyvanse and then a 6 month supply of 40mg Vyvanse. Originally I was taking 15mg Adderall XR but it became ineffective after 6 months so I had to go up to 20mg. The 20mg Adderall gave me side effects I wouldn’t wish on an enemy! When I tried the 30mg Vyvanse I noticed little to no effect and the 40mg only worked for 4-6 hours but the medication felt as if it went on an off the “whole” time it did work.

  30. Dr. Kenny,

    My daughter at 6 yrs was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and just recently at age
    11 with ODD, and depression. She is currently taking 100mg of Vyvanse along with many other medications for these conditions between 7:30 and 8:00am. But it seems as though the Vyvanse is out of her system by 3 to 4 pm.
    Can her metabolism be so fast that it is burning the medication at a faster rate
    that what you have normally seen?

  31. 20yo ca, Male, 6’3″ 150lbs very fast metabolism and naturally high tolerance to almost everything Ive tried that is a digestible for this sole reason. Well, I just started vyvanse a week and a half ago. I received 30 30 mg to take over 2 weeks time to find the dosage that works for me. First off, Doc said 2 30s= 1 50 mg and 3 30s=1 70 mg capsule. Anyway, at 30, I feel nothing at all. At 60, I felt maybe something but really nothing to note. At 90, I felt something at 25-30mins and it working very nicely at 1:20 or so. Sadly about 7 hours after taking it, so 5:40 of active full effects, I started to fizzle out and crash becoming very tired. Maybe because I am much more active than usual? I just want to sleep but if I can force myself to stay awake after 2 hours or so I feel its effects are totally gone and I can stay awake a bit without feeling like a zombie. I may ask to get bumped to 140mg a day or something because at 150mg I got the full 12 hours of effect. Since Vyvanse is metabolized in the blood, children will not have a vastly different matabolizing rate from adults. Over time (2-3 years) I’ve read that a good tolerance can be built up. However I wouldn’t be worried at all about 100mg being metabolized too quickly as it is not uncommon and I’ve read of a good few adults on upwards of 210 mg/daily.

  32. I do not agree that Vyvanse lasts 14 hrs, well not for me that is. The fact that many people, my doctor, my psychiatrist and alot of people on the web think this has cause me much malaise. My doctor has agreed to give me 30mg in the morning and then a second dose of 30mg in the afternoon.

    My first dose only works till about noon and then I have to stretch my second dose to 2pm. This is very difficult for me because the effect the drug has on me is absolutely life changing and idealy I would be taking my second dose around 1pm and then a third dose of 30mg at 5pm.

    Let me be clear that I am not trying to get high from these meds, I just want to be productive like everyone else but when my Vyvanse wears off i’m back at square one, extremely distracted and unable to focus or get things completed. I jump from one task to another and rarely have the motivation to get things done without it.

    When I asked my doctor to get a second dose to prolongue the positive effects of the drug she was not happy but eventually agreed to give me the second dose. Now I’m at a loss because I know she will not provide me with a prescription for a 3rd dose of 30mg so I can remain productive throughout the day not matter what I say. Because research shows the drug has not proven to be effective past 70mg.

    This problem and the stuggle I have everyday, to figure out a way to get a third dose consumes me. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, BPD and GAD, for the first time in my life I am productive and are getting things done. I am a better mother and more organized. I risk running out of pills every month, I take some from my son to top up my third dose. The thing that I am most embarassed about is I have even considered taking street amphetamines to deal with this issue.

    What does a person do when they finally find a solution to a problem they have struggled through all their life and their doctor won’t even consider supporting this option? I don’t expect that anyone will think a simple pill will fix all your problems but in my case it makes my quality of life and self confidence change significantly. I have no sleep issues when I take a 3rd does in case you are wondering because my seroquel knocks me out and I sleep like a baby…

    I’m at a loss…

  33. I am a 22 year old female college student and began taking Vyvanse about 2 in a half years ago. The first year or so worked great and my ADD seemed to corrected. I started on 20mg the first month, did 30mg the next 2 months, then 40mg the next 2 months. I have an incredibly difficult case of ADD. Despite being 5’9″ 135lbs and in good shape, I ended up having to raise my dose up to 60mg after almost a year because it began fading after about 5-6 hours.

    I have incredibly bad attention span and cannot get anything done without medication. I cannot retain anything, I cannot hold conversation and think of words (constantly saying, “what’s the word I’m thinking of?” I would take the medication around 8/9:00 AM and by 2/3:00PM I would experience a horrible crash, dizziness, lethargy, my body would get hot/my face and ears would get red – and the worst of it, no matter how tired I was I could not sleep.

    Even taking the medicine at 8:00, come 10/11:00PM I’d try sleeping and would be up u til 2:00AM. Even though the Vyvanse had faded, I stil had a tingly sensation in my head. I’d be beyond exhausted mentally yet my mind was buzzing. It got to the point that I became an insomniac and after a year in a half I went off of vyvanse. The next year was the worst. I tried adderall and had an allergic reaction with hives and a swollen bottom right side of my lip. It took 4 hospital visits to get the adderall completely removed from my body. My doctor had me try to continue school without stimulants. I went one month and had to drop 2 classes. Keep in mind, I am attending my States college and have a 3.6 GPA. I have never gotten any worse than a C in college since beginning ADD meds so this was a solute lot horrible. I tried Wellbutrin for a month (no luck) Ritalin (extreme lethargy/anxiety), Metadate CD (no mental stimulation or any improvement whatsoever) and now after a desperate year and being a senior who just wants to graduate already, I began vyvanse again. I’m on my second month and I’ve been having the bad physical and mental effects that I left off on (dizziness, lethargy/early crash, insomnia, face/ears get red, my body gets hot, etc. it helps me concentrate better, but I have a difficult time being productive still and I am on 30mg (I was afraid to go back up to 50/60mg after all the difficulties with previous meds and the high mg vyvanse). Today I took my Vyvanse around 1:30 and it is 5:30 and I am starting to get a little tired and out of it. My ears and face are very warm and I feel a little dizzy and out of it.

    I should also note that the medicine does not start very gradually either. I get a rush after about 30 minutes and immediately have to use he restroom. It almost seems as if I am not digesting or absorbing the medicine properly. I have hypothesized in the past that it may be due to my fast metabolism, as I have always been very skinny and sensitive to things. My doctor suggested I pour the vyvanse in a cup of water and mix it up and that does make a slightly better difference, but not enough. My doctor raised my doses before when I told him that it was fading and I feel that he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Ive been seein him for 3 years now and every time I come in I feel like I’m that “one mystery patient” that he just cannot figure out. It’s unfortunate because I’ve tried the pick me up doses of adderral and Ritalin like I said and they did not work for me. Doctors suspected I may be allergic to Dextroamphetamine (from the adderall reaction) and my brother had the same reaction to his adderall one week after beginning it just like I did, so there may be an underlying genetic cause there.

    For now, I’m stuck on Vyvanse with these effects until I graduate. The next medication I would like to try is Focalin or Concertta. I cannot figure out why I have these problems and it’s impossible for me to really explain my situation. I feel as if I am cognitively deteriorating and when I am not on any medicine I feel as though I am the most nonfunctional human being. It’s very difficult. Since about 6 months ago I began taking Klonopines and then was prescribed Xanax for my insomnia. It has definitely helped but my tolerance has been raising and I really don’t want to have to keep throwing new chemicals into my body just to control some other ones. If you have any insight as to why I may react this way I’d greatly appreciate any input!


  34. Hello (Female/30/110lbs/Virginia, U.S.),

    I am on 40 mg of Vyvanse for about 4 months now. For me, it takes about 1 hour to fully kick in and then about 4 – 5 hours later my focus and energy are gone. (I take it at about 7am and about 12pm its pretty much done working) I will still have some side effects left over such as dry mouth and irritability but the energy and focus are not there. I have thought about splitting the dose but I am not even sure how to do that with a capsule. (???) I will say, while it is working, it really does what it is meant to do for ADHD. I wish it did last longer throughout the day or that it could be prescribed for use twice a day. For me, 30 mg 2x a day would probably be exactly what works for me. I think taking a full dose in one shot gives too much too quickly. I know it is supposed to be an extended release but it seems like, for myself and others, it’s really not. I would be interested to see how they came up with it lasting more than 5 hours (extended release) for most of their testing. We may be prescribed this medication but we also pay for it which makes us consumers of the product. I think our real world results should be considered and the drug should be looked at for better ways to be administered. Just my thoughts. Even with the shorter lasting effects I would still rather have the stimulant than go back to my previous ADD self. I am glad that stimulants are being produced and constantly evolving. It is a drug that helps significantly and changes lives for the greater! (I do wish that people would not abuse them which is why I am a fan of Vyvanse having to mix in the body before it has effect. This is why I know the medication will evolve into something more effective and “less” abusive.) Oh, speaking of that, I did wonder if taking over-the-counter l-lysine would improve the distribution of the medication in the system?

    Stay happy folks! :)

  35. As as a follow up, I too also have an extremely high metabolism. I have often thought (as Julia pointed out above) that it may play a big part in how the medicine gets processed in my body as opposed to someone with a slow metabolism. I would love to see the results from a focused testing group on Vyvanse; focused on reported time of effectiveness and individual metabolic levels. ;)

  36. Your writers raise some interesting points, and your responses are excellent. In my experience the dose must be started (I start at 10mg/day) and work up with weekly increases of 10 mg. Often I get feedback that the med starts to work and then drops them. I believe this is because the patient isn’t yet taking the amount their body needs – it’s an individual response each time.Continuing to increase the amount usually will make it last the 14-16 hours. Washout studies shows it to be present for 34-36 hours, which is why it is important to take every day. The previous days med is a foundation for todays med.
    I often get questions of concerns about sleeping. Again in my patients experience most (not all!) find that it is easier to stay focused and fall asleep more quickly when the med is still present and working. This doesn’t work about 10% of the time and I have to resort to other approaches.
    The “take home” is that each patients response is their own and needs to be balanced to response, duration, and side effects. (Most of the latter disappear after a couple of weeks when the dose is consistent.

  37. Well Josh here again. It has been a few months since I started vyvanse and after 2 weeks on the 30s I have been consistantly on 1 70 mg vyvanse a day as well as 1 30 ir mg of adderall and it works swimmingly! Around 5pm when it would start to wear off just take that addy and I am good until around 10pm-12am and go to sleep without problems. It is possible to stay up for a couple days no problem if I force myself to stay awake but that is not something I would recommend. Anyway, after thourough study by myself my conclusion is if you fizzle out to early take a higher dose at once. You cannot top off with vyvanse. You cannot really metabolize too mch at once. To have longer effects take a larger one time dose. If the largest 70mg pill is not enough ask to get perscribed an ir adderall daily. Those kick in in around 10 minutes.(Not 1 and a half hours), so it in my opinion is ideal for those of us whose metabolisms are too fast. I lost quite a bit of weight at first getting used to it but now there is absolutely no appetite problem. Your intelligence is vastly increased as well. It is amazing really. I just think I am hungry and poof, I feel the urge to eat. Having such a severe natural dopamine deficit anyway this has helped me sexually beyond measure. Honestly, I do not get any “high” on my current dose although I feel a little something and know it is working. However, when aroused with my girlfriend or even when alone, I get a crazy high from the natural output of more dopamine. I am not complaning. It is an amazing side effect but again I would never abuse my script but I can see how others might. All in all, I am very pleased with my decision to get medicated which even at age 6 my teachers wanted me to be. On one hand wish I had, on the other, glad I did not as only The big R was available in my childhood which is not very good at all. Hope my post helps someone. Remember to live life to the fullest and do what is best for YOU.

  38. I am a 21 year old student, female, and about 115 lbs. I started taking a once daily 30mg Vyvanse about 6 1/2 months ago. At the time, I was only working full time, and when I first started the medication it worked great and lasted my entire 8 hour day, and then I would have little ups and down after I got home from work. After the first 3 months it started to wear off more quickly, and I could barely get through the work day. I started going to school full time again after a couple semesters off, and having class in the morning then work in the afternoon, the Vyvanse stopped working all together. My doctor prescribed my medicine in 3 month dosages, so I had to suffer through another two months before I asked her to up the dosage. She is very leery of prescribing college students amphetamines, which I understand, so she only upped it to 40mg and made it seem like that was the highest dosage. However, I know from doing research that it isn’t. The first day I took the 40mg it worked just like my 30mg did at first, but now after a month and a half of taking it, it isn’t working at all. I have to take it after my classes just so I can get through work and focus in the afternoon, and even then I need to drink a lot of caffeine to hep keep it going. I’m frustrated because I still have another month and a half before I can get a new prescription, and I don’t know if my doctor will listen to me about upping the dosage. I don’t take it on the weekends unless I have a full day of studying, so I have left over pills at the end of the month – would it hurt or help to take a pill and 1/3 or 1/2 in the morning instead of just one? Or take half a pill later in the day so it won’t wear off? It takes about an hour and half to just kick in, which is also very frustrating. Just looking for some answers to my specific situation.

    • My doctor started me on 20mg during the summer and I thought it was helping because I didn’t really have anything to concentrate on… He said we would up it when I went back to school but my appointment isn’t until the middle of October… So (and not saying I recommend this ) I upped my dose myself to 40mg ( I didn’t take them everyday in the summer had some left over) until I can make it in to have him up it. With upping it to 40 I noticed a huge increase in effectiveness ( I am female 21 135 pounds). So honestly I think taking an extra 1/2 pill will not hurt you… Tr He highest dose recommend with Vyvanse is 70mg … I believe you will be just fine.

  39. I would love some replies or input back, if anyone has a situation similar, or just knows someone….. At age 57 (yes…) I was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed a starting dose of Vyvanse 20mg. I ascribed my lifestyle symptoms and the results of behavior to having gone thru menopause, and not having the female hormones that drive a woman to protect and nuture. Our finances are precarious and marriage at the brink as a result. I would drift thru the day knowing I needed to accomplish tasks, but while the little voice inside me was screaming to take care of my responsibilities, I’d read for hours, find other things that ‘needed’ to get done instead of paying bills, making calls to straighten out credit issues, etc.

    Looking back at the patterns of behavior, I’ve been coping with ADHD symptoms all my life but a string of major events in my timeline acted as masks: death of parent at 13, other parent remarried, college stress, marriage and divorce, single parenting stress, remarriage, blended family issues, unexpected pregnancy mid-40s, etc etc. Only the past 3-4 years have things levelled off with little interruptions of crisis proportions. Financial mismanagement was a common theme though.

    Starting with 20mg dose, I noticed a slight difference, enough to give me a flavor of what the meds was supposed to do, but not enough. 30mg was an improvement, 40mg even better. I’ve decided to stay at 40 for a few weeks to see if this is accurate. the first few days I had serious headaches, but that ceased within the first week of taking the vyvanse. I’m ‘doing stuff’ like I’ve not done in years – making calls to deal with tax and billing issues, opening mail that I know might be unpleasant but has to be dealt with; balancing my bank statements (you have no idea what a huge deal that is). For a few years I felt disconnected to life, as if I was in the audience, watching it scroll past me. I got very good at putting on a public face, but inside felt no motivation to do anything. This is a big change.

    My only side effect so far is my mouth: after about 4 hours, I notice I’m clenching my jaw or pressing my tongue up against the back of my teeth and the roof of my mouth. I have to make a conscious effort to relax my face. Sometimes it doesn’t work, so I’ve been chewing gum a lot. I’ve never been much of a gum-chewer before my entire life.

    I’m interested to get any clinical feedback or experiences from other people in their older years who are taking this medication.

    • I also clench my jaw… (I have all my life but sl much more/worse on Vyvanse) and now I’ve started putting my tongue behind my teeth and pushing as well… These things started giving me headcahes especially the clenching of my jaw… I tried chewing gum only sometimes helps… You’re not alone in this. Hope someone has any advice in regards to how they deal with it !

  40. Vyvanse 50mg, works nice for people with ADD-Inattentive Type I bought it 1 week ago which is has been sale in Spain for 2 monts, but the problem is that the effect is 15 hours long! Even if I take half of the pill which makes the effect weaker, it still works for 15 hours.

  41. I’m 49. Been on Vyvanse about a year. Titrated up to 70 mg. Really concerned lately about afternoon tiredness and lack of motivation. Take it around 8am and go back to sleep. Wake up about an hour later. Start my day with small breakfast and need a soda to get going. Feel chatty and normal for about 5-6 hours then need a nap or just sit on the iPad for 3-4 more hours. Definitely not happy with it not lasting 12 hours. House is a mess, nothing is getting done, and I’m wanting to fall asleep on the days I keep my grandkids.

    If I have nowhere to go and it’s not a day with the grands, I’ll sleep later and waste time on the iPad until I look at the clock at 3:00 and realize I need to get moving. Not the Vyvanse I knew in the earlier days.

  42. I am a college student and I am 21 and about 105 pounds. Vyvanse like many people said works good for me but in large doses I was prescribed 30 mg a day And taking 30 would do absolute nothing so I began taking 60 in the mornings and splitting my pills through out the day after the sixty dose which helped me a lot for about four hours then I feel like Ive never taken it at all I only use vyvanse for school and mainly only during final weeks so for about two weeks straight and it helps but only when I continue to take one or half after the first dose for my size I thought it was strange that I can reach up to 150 mg to 180 mg throughout the day and still sleep eat and feel hardly anything from other comments I feel less strange about this weird situation is there a reason why this medication is highly ineffective with me? I’m not trying to take them all at once to get a high or something ridiculous but I simply spread out my doses throughout the day to simply achieve a small amount of focus and maintain It through my usual eight hours of study in regards to mood I rarely ever feel crashes or irritability I feel the drop in medication is almost easier then coffee or sugar crashes and I think is a good balanced medication however that is only in high doses for me and some others as i can see

    • In addition it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to start working and about an hour or two after to reach it’s full potential

  43. I started 50mg of Vyvance after Adderall had not only stopped working, but also made me feel super tired even with 7-8hrs of rest; near-daily exercise; a healthy diet; etc. Vyvanse seems to help for about 7-8hrs for me – I’m able to start, focus on, and change tasks more readily. After that, as with the Adderall, I suddenly feel extreme fatigue. I seem to have an easier time with my ADHD in the morning, so I’ll try upping my caffeine 8-12 and then taking the Vyvanse at 12; hopefully it last till 9pm, then. (The firdt day, I took it at 6pm and was ready for bed by 1am, so insomnia is a non-issue for me!)

    I really miss how well Adderall worked for me the first two months, even at a low dose (22.5mg total XR+IR per day, and raising it to 27.5mg total XR+IR did nothing). :/

  44. First time taking vyvanse, 30mg, immediately loved the effects. More energy, happier, focused. Then I got very, very ill. Teeth grinding so bad my jaw felt like it had been wrenched off.

    Doc took me off. Worst day. Ever.

    Doc put me back on 30mg, but broken up into water, 15 morning, 15 afternoon. It worked! Teeth grinding, head aches, nausea gone.

    On 40mg now. Think I need 50mg tho. Have trouble focusing on one task at a time.

    Very dry mouth. Insomnia.

  45. I’m a 60 year old man. I’ve been prescribed Vyvanse 70 mg two times daily for the last 6 years. It is a wonderful drug that gave me new life. However, the drug began to lose its effectiveness about a year ago. And, I was feeling very flatlined.
    After working with my Psych, and after trying different Long acting strengths and instant release strengths of Focalin the drug just was not for me. Too, I tried the Daytrana patch, but it seemed to mellow me and make me tired.
    I try to avoid the roller coaster, and Vyvanse never caused a euphoric up, or a crashing down, for me. The solution was two changes in my daily needs. I backed down my Lexapro from 20 to 10 mgs. But now, I use a 20 mg Ritalin booster twice a day with my 70 mg dosage twice a day.
    This may sound like a too high of a dosage to some. Especially since only 70 mg is suppose to be the max dose, But, everyone is different, and, I do not abuse the meds.
    The key is to find a good Psych who will work with you where you can try different meds, at different strengths. And, pay attention to your feelings.
    Mostly, that 20 mg if Ritalin does what it’s suppose to – boost the effect of the Vyvanse, and it’s pretty amazing how it improved my ADHD and moderate depression that I have.

  46. This thread appears to be relatively old, but due to my recent start on vyvance (prior to this I was on Strattera, with the results/benefits being marginal at best) I will put in my two cents. My doctor started me on 20mg once a day, he was worried because of my fast metabolism and lean frame (5’9 128) that it would hit me harder than some. This was all well and good, till I asked my cousin (she is a paediatrician, she went to Yale med school, so she will do in a pinch lol) she said
    Pay kids take a 30mg starter dose. Well 20mg didn’t touch my symptoms and started to wear off early afternoon, followed by a pms-like irritability I had yet to experience any other time of the month (I was rude to my husband, demanding and snappy, and although, yes I am demanding, I choose to phrase things nicely and use a warm tone, then I am apt to get a desired response). Anyways, I digress, so to sum it up, played around with the dose myself, then presented my findings to my GP (he was as thrilled as u can imagine in my self diagnostic and treatment techniques, I mean I have 3 doctors in my fam, does that make me one by proxy? Lol, I jest, I am a social science not hard science aficionado). So the conclusion I arrived at because I was only getting 6 hours, maybe 7 out of my meds was double dose (scholarly articles? Pffff I told him ‘I just googled it, practically an expert, and yes it’s done) so I convinced him to go over max dose in Canada (it’s 60 here not 70) 40 @6am, 40@1pm. Also I am very athletic and on the go constantly so the crash does not fit my lifestyle. I theorize because I am young, have a good metabolism and am active it craps out quicker on me than some people. I also have very little body fat, probably 12% (and noooo menses has not ceased lol) it’s how I have always been. But why the single dose was a huge issue is, after the crash period, my symptoms would rebound twofold, and I couldn’t sleep. With the second dose I sleep much better, I mean it helps me focus but it doesn’t rev me up. Quite happy at the current doseage level.

  47. I’ve been on Vyvanse 20mg for about a week now. I have plenty of experiences with with other stimulants and non stimulants alike to treat my ADHD, and like every one of them, Vyvanse has its own side effects for me.

    The first couple days, I found that I’d have a pressure headache I’m the front of my head and behind my eyes, and for me..if my eyes are bothered by anything, it makes me feel tired. So..there was that. That has significantly decreased and I usually don’t experience this anymore.

    One thing I am still consistently experiencing is the following:

    I take my medication, the time often varies.

    Within about 1-2 hours, I feel the effects of the medication and the scatter-brainedness and fatigue I usually wake up with goes away and I feel myself become more articulate in the way I speak, relaxed and in a “smooth” mood. I feel the way I wish was normal for me all the time. I’m focused.

    However, at about 2.5-3 hours after I take my medication, my mood and motivation dips. I just generally don’t feel good, im focused but I may be easily irritated or tired, nothing sounds good as far as things to improve my mood and I can’t put a lot of effort into thinking about why I feel this way. Its almost like a brief version of depression. In my mind, I feel like the absorption of the medication is being disturbed or interupted, like the flow of endorphins have been cut off briefly.

    This dip in mood lasts about an hour.

    I’m this time, I have nothing I’d like to say and I wish social interactions to be as brief as possible. In fact, it’s almost irritating that I have to show affect or interest in them at all. I know, rationally, it has to do with the medication and it’ll pass soon.

    When it passes, I feel focused again and in a good mood. As I type this now, I have just resurfaced from said low mood and I feel good. The positive effects of the medication will last the rest of the day generally. The effectiveness depends heavily on me and what is going on with me. If I have not rested well, if I’m hot, if I’m socially overwhelmed or nervous, my ADHD symptoms come back but if I can change my frame of mind, take a break to clear my mind.. Such as a cool breeze, nap or music, something generally relaxing, I can allow the medication to work and I’m focused again.

    My main concern is the dip in mood I experience, every..day..I haven’t read anyone else mention this? This side effect for me as been very consistent.

  48. I was prescribed vyvanse a couple month ago. Im a 25 yr male. At first i started with 30 mg, which lasted a good 8 hrs. I felt extremely energetic, highly concentrated, motivated, and very social. But like all other medication, it has a downside to it. Which for me was lack of appetice, dry mouth, teech clenching, and insomnia. I had lost almost 6 pounds in one week. And after 8 hours, I felt extremly tired and had no energy.

    However, after about two weeks, the negative effect I mentioned above were gone and I was able to sleep better and actually felt hungry. However, the side effect didn’t go away completly, but lets just say they subdued a bit to the point where it was controllable and did not interefere with my life. But at the same time, the same dosage of vyvanse didn’t last 8 hours, but more like 4 hours. And the energy and the concentration I felt before were watered down by a lot.

    Then about 2 weeks ago, I tried taking 30mg in the morning and 30 after lunch, which worked fine, but again, after about week, that was gone too.

    I then upped the dosage to 45mg in the morning and 30 after lunch. And when that was not helping anymore, I had to increase the dosage agian.

    Now I take 60mg in the morning and 30mg after lunch. I guess it does help me a little, but I can’t notice any big differences. I know I shouldn’t be comparing it to the first time I took vyvanse, but I can’t help it. It seemed like I was able to focus a lot better and lasted a lot longer with a much smaller dosage. BTW I’m not increasing the dosage to chase the euphoric feeling that many people desire. I just want the old concentration back.

    FYI, I tend to develop tolerance to alcohol, drugs, or any type of substance very quickly. There were some occasions when I was put to sleep with an anesthetic, purely for medical purposes, and I had woken up during the middle of an operation. And this happend more than once. Same with alcohol. I drink a lot more if I continue drinking. Not only that, but after drinking for a while, even after I get completely wasted, I don’t get hangovers, which is great!! LOL

    Anyways, to those who have black belts in Vyvanse, can you please suggest if Im doing something wrong? I did increase the dosage without telling the doctor, but do you think maybe I increased the dosage too fast, or too much? Or should I try increasing the dosage a little bit again.

  49. Dr Kenny, I’m not sure if your still interested in replies to your questions posted approximately 5 years ago but I’ve found myself in a unique situation in using Vyvanse. If you are still curious or want to know more please email me. It is a bit much to write if you are no longer concerned. I’ll give you a synopsis. I’m in recovery from opiate addiction. (heroin the last two years of using) Approximately 10 years ago, I decided to quit and used the help of Suboxone. While working with a psychiatrist within my addiction counseling group for 8 months, it was determined Vyvanse would be appropriate to help address my Post Concussion Syndrome. I don’t actually have ADD or ADHD. I started at a lower dose but within a year was taking 70mgs a day. I moved home to Louisiana and tried getting on Medicaid while working as I was able to on Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I was told to receive Medicaid in LA, I’d have to quit my job or get pregnant. Both Suboxone and Vyvanse are expensive but since suboxone have me my life back, I chose to pay out of pocket for that one and for a long time was without Vyvanse. After a year in LA, I got pregnant and even though in Pa, I had a healthy non-addicted girl, in LA, I was forced out of that program into methadone. 3 years later, I learned of the Shire Cares plan and pursued it. This is where it gets interesting and choose to only speak of it to someone in the medical field that may need the information. Taking Vyvanse with methadone is much different than taking it with suboxone and I’m working with two drs, my methadone clinic Dr who specializes in maintenance medication and my gp, to get the Vyvanse and methadone to both work in therapeutic levels. I’ve always had problems with adverse reactions. Also in the ten years I’ve been on maintenance medication, I’ve not failed a drug test as recovery is very important to me. I’m currently keeping a journal and struggling with correct dosages. I do keep a journal with daily entries and if you possibly have any expert opinions on the situation, I’d like to hear them as I’ll explain my situation in further detail if you wish. Thank you

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