Vyvanse for Adult ADD or ADHD

Vyvanse is the newest medicine to come to the US for the treatment of ADHD and ADD. I have asked you (the readers of this blog) about your experiences with it, and there has been a lot of discussion (see the comments section on ‘Does Vyvanse Work?‘).

There have also been a lot of questions. One question which has come up again and again is: ‘Can Vyvanse be used for Adult ADD?’

Read on for the answer…

At the time this article is written, Vyvanse has been approved by the FDA for use in ADHD in children aged 6-12 years old. Shire (the company that manufactures and sells Vyvanse) has applied for approval for Vyvanse to be used to treat adults with ADHD.

Even though the FDA has not yet approved Vyvanse for the treatment of Adult ADD/ADHD, doctors can still prescribe it, if they think that it is the right medicine for you.

How can that be?

There is something called ‘off label usage’. What that means is that even though Vyvanse is not officially approved for anyone with ADD or ADHD over 12 years old, doctors can still prescribe it if they feel that it is the right treatment. Technically, a doctor could prescribe it for any situation in which he/she thought that it would be the best treatment, however the doctor would have to be sure that it was medically relevant, and wouldn’t be malpractice. Examples: Vyvanse for ADHD at the ages of 13, or 23, or 33 is logical and will most likely help, however Vyvanse for a face rash is illogical and would likely be malpractice.

I suspect that Vyvanse will be used extensively in teens and adults with ADD or ADHD, because one of its main advantages is that it cannot be abused, and these are the ages when this can be a concern. Soon, the FDA will most likely approve Vyvanse for teen and adult ADHD, and then it will be official. (How long will that take? One can never know until it is approved. I would expect anywhere from 1 year to 2 years maximum. Hopefully less…).

In the mean time, if you are an adult with ADD or ADHD, and think that vyvanse may be the best medicine for you, go ahead and talk to your doctor about it. He or she may agree.

Dr. Kenny

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  1. what if i only take half the vyvnase out of the capsul..will it last less time. i want to be able to sleep tonight. i forgot it today and i want to take it for this event that im a part of tonight.

  2. Help, where can I go to get diagnosed. I know something is wrong, I’m 39 and I stayed in trouble when I was in school as a kid. I have two boys who have already been diagnosed and one daughter who the school suspects is ADD also. I have a hard time concentrated and staying on task. If it was up to me I would just sit and daydream all day. I catch my self getting off task at work which is making my work suffer. I need help, where do I look?

  3. SHONAH, You have a few options. You can talk to your primary doctor about your symptoms or look for a psychiatrist in your area. The way I got diagnosed is by talking to the psychiatrist that my son sees every month for his ADHD. More than likely, if you have a child with ADHD then one of the parents will have it also. I actually printed out a checklist of adult ADHD symptoms, filled it out and brought it to my appointment. Keep in mind that you will not have all the characteristics, and that there are actually 4 types of ADHD. Visit http://newideas.net/add_types.htm for an overview of the four types. There’s probably a checklist or screening tool there too they will be helpful.

  4. I am a 27 yr old female. I was diagnosed with ADD in highschool and was givin dexadrine, this was ten years ago, but I remember being very irritable and moody so I went off of the pill and haven’t been on anything else since. I was just prescribed Vyvanse yesterday and took the first pill this morning at 6:00 AM. In the first half hour I could feel the affects, very talkative(was on the phone calling people at 6:30. Felt good for the first few hours aside from a racing heart and clenched jaw. By about 12:00 at work, I felt kind of blah and spacey, and didn’t want to talk to anybody. I also felt like I was having hot flashes. I am a dog groomer and felt like I was concentrating too hard and taking too long on each hair cut. I just didn’t want to be at work, but then when I got home I finished all of my house chores, things I had put off for weeks, even months, and was much more tollerant of my fiance(we normally argue alot) I feel great knowing that I can get things accomplished on this medicine, (my life was a completly unorganized mess before) but I’m affraid side affects aren’t worth it. I will give it a go for a while and see if things change. Anybody have similar issues? Do these things get better or worse?

  5. Oh, and I quit smoking about a year ago, but recently started again with only about 3 cigs a day. Today, I smoked half a pack on vyvanse

  6. I am a 33 year old man with ADHD. Currentlty not taking any medications for it, and I have stumbled across this newer drug. I was reading one of the posts and read that someone recieved a free 30 day trial from their doctor. Is this available through all doctors or only a select few? Anyone know more about that? I would love to try Vyvanse, but I don’t have insurance and long term would be costly I think, but if it worked, I would pay just about anything these days. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

    • Nick I have had the same probems, once you have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD the best advice I would give anyone is to stay on your medication. Some days you may have very high energy days and other days very low. This is normal and I am a very spiritual person and have studied my birth sign and rising sign and horoscope since I was 13. The planets eclipses and retrogrades and when the planets are direct moving forward. All have a lot to do with how you feel and how your day goes. Once you have been on medication you will know how bad your ADD or ADHD effected you when you run out of medication. I can’t function with out it. It takes me 3x longer to get out of the house. I can’t find my keys or do any paper work. Im clumsy, forgetfull, Moody Mean I don’t want to be around anyone and it is best that noone is around me either. My husband said I hurt his feelings one morning when Id been off my medication for 3 days. He does everything he can to make sure I don’t run out of medication and if my insurance wont pay he gets me the money to pay for my VyVanse.. You have to give the medication time to work it can take up to a full year before you are able to find the right dosage and drug. If one does’nt work try Adderall XR. Sometimes the dosage isnt strong enough or it may be to high of a dosage. Everyone on ADD medication is going to react different. The side effects are nothing compared to the hell I went through before getting on medication. The fog lifted and I was able to start living my life. Stay on your medication and do what ever you have to too find the money for your prescription every month. You will definitely see results. In your career, home life, education, romantic issues. Most likely everything will improve. Read every book out here on ADHD And ADD and how to cope. It’s a good idea to seek therapy. I call my medication my brain pill and I take it every day.

  7. I am a 49 y/o male with ADD. I have lived my life with a great deal of disorganization and forgetfulness. Organizing my office and even doing simple things like loads of laundry were nearly impossible. When my son was diagnosed with ADD and we had run out of options, we went the psychiatric route and he had really miraculous benefits from Metadate.

    When we were in the psychiatrist’s office, I found myself checking off all of the inattention items on the list when my son was given the verbal diagnostic for ADHD.

    To make a long story shorter, I’m on my third day of Vyanse (chosen for the longer lasting benefits) and the results have been nothing short of incredible. My office is clean. My to-do list is much shorter. I’m actually getting things done and looking forward to the work of getting things done. I’ll post again to let you know how things are working out and whether or not my dose of 35mg will need to be increased to realize the benefit for the entire day.

  8. While on vyvanse 30mg i have realized if i forget one day and take it the next day i get depressed and emotional. I will go through the day thinking i dont want to be under this trap and stuck in this rutine i think the medicine has made me so much worse because i depend on it i do not like this medicine i took concerta 54mg for 10 years and i was fine until it stopped working

  9. I am 37 years old and was OVERDOSED on Ritalin when I was first diagnosed at the age of 5 or 6. I was like a zombie. Unfortunately having this side effect when I was a child scarred me away from ADHD medications.
    It wasn’t till about 8 years ago I visited a doctor for weight loss and they prescribed me phenormene as a suppressant. This helped me focus, lose weight and gave me the energy that I needed to make it through the day. About 7 months ago these diet pills no longer worked for me. My daughter is ADHD and when I took her to the doctor he prescribed her vyvanse 50mg. I heard how well it worked and so I tried it.

    I can relate to you Bill, I get so much accomplished, I look forward to work the next day, I am extremely motivated and smarter. It’s amazing, but I tend to take it a few days during the work week just enough to get me through. If I take more, I feel like I am crawling out of my skin, short with people, and just don’t have the patients to deal with different personalities.

    Furthermore, I can’t sleep, the vyvanse will last all day and half the night. I’ll get hungry between 8pm-1am if I am still up.
    My question for the doctor is the same as what everyone else must worry about, is it safe to take meds such as these for so long, and is taking a sleeping pill dangerous. I’ve never heard of taking pain pills, and many other pills; mixing must be extremely dangerous. (up & downers??) And absolutely vyvanse will cause me to smoke more than my usual plus I am thirsty all day and if I didn’t eat during the day I am running to the restroom every 5 minutes.

    However, in the end, vyvanse has helped me in my professional career as well as my home duties. The steadiness tends to be constant if that makes any sense. Like non-stop and once in a while I might stay up for two days just from taking 1 vyvanse 50mg the day before.

  10. Dear doctor,
    I have just begun therapy with vyvanse. If there was a spectrum of A.D.D. from mild to severe, I would say mine is severe.
    The problem with all A.D.D. medicaitions is I can’t take them. They make me too sleepy, sort of in a daze, my brain is in a fog..i feel as if I’m sleepwalking and I just want to go to sleep. The problem of not taking them is the exact opposite. I can’t concentrate, I see everthing at once, i can’t differentiate stimuli, every sound or movement has equal importance in my brain and it’s chaos in there.
    I want to cry. Is there any medication that will help me focus and not make me a zombie?

  11. Im 31 years old and about 4 months ago i was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Prior to that, about 8 years ago i was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. So for approx. 8 years i have felt horrible. Always tired, no motivation, cant concentrate, i felt like my life was out of conrol and i just had to learn to adjust. And of course i blamed it all on the sarcoidosis. Once diagnosed with Lyme, i told the Dr. of my symptoms, and he prescribed me with an antibotic for the Lyme and also Vyvanse 50mg to help with concentration and to give me energy. The first month was like a miracle!!! I had not felt that good in over 8 years. I had forgot what normal felt like and i loved it!!! For once i felt in control! It did take me some time to realize that if i didnt take the vyvanse by 4 or 5 am (thats what time i had to be up for work) then i couldnt take it that day because i would be up until 2 or 3 am. When i got to month 2 i noticed a BIG differance, the effects that i claimed to be a miracle had faded. So i talked to the Dr. and he raised my dosage to 70mg… again i felt good but not for long.. It has now been 4 months and i see my doctor this week. I dont know if he will raise the dosage again. I do recall him saying when i was on the 50mg that i was not even at a adult dosage. How high can i go with the dosage as an adult? I must say, before the Vyvanse i weighed 198lbs and now 4 months later i am at 158lbs. I went from a size 16 to a 8-10. As a woman that IS my miracle lol. My confidence has skyrocketed, but my energy level is back to basically gone. My job is suffering from this, and i dont have the energy to be the single mother of 2 that i know im capable of. That makes me depressed to think i dont have energy to keep up with my 7 & 4 yr old. Will i ever feel normal again? HELP!

  12. I was just today diagnosed with moderate – severe ADD and was given a script of Vyvance to start. However, when I took it to my pharmacy, I was informed that my insurance requires contact from the prescribing doctor for “pre-approval or authorization that I need this medication.” Which seems silly, isn’t the script itself approval and/or authorization that I need this medication? Anyway, my insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield and I was wondering if anyone else was having this kind of problem. They said it may take a few days to have it approved and that just seems ridiculous to me. On another note, I appreciate all the input you’ve all given regarding this medication, I’m actually excited to start it,which makes this insurance thing even more frustrating.

    • I also have blue cross/blue shield. Our plan will not accept any ADHD meds for people over the age of 18, and I am not even able to do a pre auth on it. I started taking 30 mg Vyvanse around a week ago. I had to pay out of pocket. But it was worth the money. You can go on their website and get a print out coupon which will save you a lot on the prescription. at my pharmacy it was 185 or something and I ended up only paying 112.

  13. I recently started on the Vyvanse 30 mg about 2 weeks, I feel much more energy and alive, however I really do feel that in the afternoon that it levels off. I suffer from depression and ADD and it really seemed to help me with both of those. Except for the wearing off in the afternoon, I see that the drug is supposed to last longer…

    I am in recovery for alcohol and drugs (4 years sober) and really do not want to abuse my program… I have tried taking a second dose in the afternoon and I have to admit that I believe that it was too much and that the addict in me kind of liked the speedy feeling…I will be seeing the doctor in a week or two and I really want to get the dosages right. I do not think that he will let me take the second dosage in the afternoon…I think maybe 20 mg and then another 20 mg later, but the doctor will probably say take the 40 mg. Is there a way to take just a portion of the pill…?

    Thanks, Suzy

  14. I also am having trouble with Blue Cross Blue Shield – my 12 year old son’s Vyvanse, 30 mg./day is covered; I think our co pay is $55 out of the $186/ – when I switched to Vyvnase 30 mg./day (from generic Ritalin, for which I paid a monthly co pay of $15) I was required to pay full price; I did not take it up with BCBS at the time because I did not know if I would be refilling it. I am now about to fill a 60 mg./day Rx for myself, and will have to take it up with BCBS. My pharmacist says the only thing he can think of is that it was originally marketed for children, but it is now officially “approved” for adults, so they have no reason to deny coverage to adult insureds. I will update here as I have more results/information.

  15. I was just diagnosed with ADHD, I have been an extremely successful person up to this point. My doctor told me that I have to try harder to compensate for the ADHD, and this is why at this point, it has never bothered me. I noticed although, that during times of very high stress, that I have no motivation, no focus, I ramble on… so I went to see my psychiatrist (I am being treated for mild anxiety and post traumatic stress syndrome). She diagnosed me and prescribed me vyvanse, so far so good!!! The only problem I noticed was trouble falling asleep at night. Any recommendations?

    • Krissy,
      Glad to hear things are going well.
      Regarding sleep – ask your doctor about these options:
      Natural – melatonin,
      Rx: trazodone, zopiclone, or even clonidine.
      Some doctors will also add Strattera which can help with sleep.
      Of course -good sleep hygiene – i.e. exercise, no caffeine later in the day, etc.
      Dr. Kenny

  16. I was diagnosed with ADD at a young age, but was unable to take a medication because of epilepsy. I am now 25 and in graduate school. When nothing else would work, I pleaded with the docs to put me on something. This is what I was given as a trial. So far, no problems with seizure and the focus is great. I take it at about 6 am, go back to sleep for 2 hrs and then function throughout the day. I have no problems with sleep at night. My eating habits have decreased a little, but that is probably a pro instead of a con. I think I’m probably going to have to be bumped up on the dosage.

  17. Tammy,
    If you’ve been finally diagnosed with Lyme, congratulations. You may find that this has been the issue and may be the issue for others here too. If you do some research on Lyme, you will find that you may not be cured and the disease is coming back. If your doc found Lyme, treated it for the four weeks and said, “There, no more Lyme”, you probably got ripped off. Seek out a true Lyme doctor. I’ve been trying to get an appt with a real Lyme educated doc for a while and will end up paying for it in two ways. The standard tests are a joke for Lyme and most labs are not set up for it either. Don’t poo poo this….do some research for yourself. Go to your library and find “Under Our Skin” C2008. Although I’ve found Vyvanse to be a total lifesaver and have shouted that from the rooftops…the underlying problem for me has yet to be taken care of. I’m still glad that one of the specialists or my pcp didn’t treat it and fill me with a false sense of security.

  18. This is incredibly informative. Thanks! I’m 41 a y/o F and got dx’d about a year and half ago after starting nursing school. The diagnosis made my entire life make sense and wonder how we could have missed it all these years. I started on an adderall, adderall X combination, then switched to Concerta (didn’t work at all!) then to Vyvanse. I require a pretty significant dosage, my medication tends to stop working after a pretty short duration and my internist doesn’t know much about ADHD and is resistant to trying drugs not approved for adults. I’m trying to get an appointment with a specialist. Now I’m trying one month on one, the next on the other until I can get in.

  19. I was prescribed a starting dose of 30mg of Vyvanse each morning for my adult ADHD. I have been taking this drug for almost 2 months…off and on. While it does help me to focus, the side effects are driving me crazy. I usually take it first thing in the morning. My doctor said that it should begin to wear off 12 hours after taking it. This is not the case for me. I am up for 2-3 days after taking only one pill. I cannot sleep at all. During those 2-3 days, I do not dare take another one because my body is so physically exhausted and I want to sleep so bad. I just cant shut my brain off long enough to sleep. Another side effect for me is that I begin to have nervous “tics” when taking it. I twitch my nose constantly and I become very fidgety. I also have no desire for sex, and when I try, I get no satisfaction from it. I also have extreme cotton-mouth and excessive thrist. It has made a postive difference in my life though. I am sailing through my school work with really good grades. My house is also very clean because of this medication. I usually stay up all night cleaning when I take it. I keep telling my doctor about the problems I’m having, but she acts like I’m making it up. Now, I only take it when absolutely necessary for things such as finals at school. I enjoy sleeping far too much to be awake for 3 days straight. I’m curious if others are having these same problems.

    • Sounds like Adderal is giving you manic side effect. See a psychiatrist that specializes in psychotropic meds. Your general practitioner may not recognize the side effect.

  20. My daughter has been taking Vyvanse for 3 months and has developed pinpoint red spots on her lower extremties. She also is saying that she is having a problem memorizing material. Are both of the symptoms caused by the Vyvanse.

  21. I would like to know if 100mg of Vyvanse will be to much i am on 50 right now but it does not seem to work as well as it did in the beginning.

  22. Hello,
    I’ve been taking concerta since i was 12 i am 20 now,and taking two 36mg=60.i feel like it is starting to wear off and i was thinking about swiching to vivance and wanted to know if i am making a good choice.i feel like i am getting more side tract and cannot finish my homework and im making bad grades in school on my test. please someone give me some advice on what to do. either make the swich or up the dose?

    • Christina, your doctor may suggest increasing the concerta to 90 mg – up from 72 mg. OR – you could switch over to Vyvanse. It is in a different medicine category, so that may be an option for a new approach.

  23. I must be misdiagnosed because it made it hard for me to breathe and I couldn’t focus at all; bouncing from one project to the next.

    • john – just because one medicine doesn’t work for you doesn’t necessarily mean that your diagnosis is wrong… no medicine works 100% of the time… Talk to your doctor about the diagnosis as well as other treatment options.

  24. I am a 52 year old woman who has been given vyvanse to help with my
    depression medicine. Dr. has me on 450mg of welbutrin and 120 mg of vyvanse. Compared to other people, this seems high to me. I still lose energy middle of the afternoon. Any suggestions?

  25. I am a 30 yr old male that was diagnosed with ADD as a teen. I have been on and off meds since then and about 6 months ago I felt a little depressed and my family doc prescribed me some Celexa. I had a terrible reaction to it with suicidal thoughts and all. After a few weeks I still wasn’t feeling back to normal so I started seeing a psychiatrist and he started me on Aplenzin for depression. I didn’t see much improvement after a couple of months so he added Abilify. I still didn’t feel like the meds were doing much and started reading about symptoms of bipolar and ADD and started thinking I should try something for ADD again. I mentioned that on Monday when I saw him and he suggested Vyvanse. I am waiting on the meds to delivered and plan to start taking them this weekend. Most of these posts seem positive so I’m hoping that this works for me and gets me out of my funk. I’ll report back in a week or so for an update.

  26. wow icant believe im not the only one out there, some of these stories i could have wrote myself. i got curious one day and looked up adhd sites on the net, they had adult adhd symptoms listed i was shocked, honestly, i have 2 kids with adhd that have been on meds for years, but it occurred to me that it is heretary and adults have it too! they are hyperactive, i just cant get out bed in the morning or care to. for years i have been treated for depression but have felt like a complete failure, cause none of the meds really did a whole lot for me!one day i tried my sons 50mg of vyvanse, i was shocked for the 1st time in years i was alive, people didnt scare me anymore, i worked all day without being completley tired and no daydreaming all day, like i have been given back my life! my son had an extra wks of his meds(samples)but now they are gone and i have no int4entions of taking his meds so i guess i will have to see my doctor about yet another med change & a new diagnosis!

  27. Well, so far so good. The first day is by far the most intense and then the days following tend to drop off a little. And, I’m not sure I’m getting more than 8 hours out of the 40mg pill. Maybe I just need a higher dose??? Or would Adderall twice a day help with the attention/focus in the afternoon? I have had no side effects really and sleeping fine, which I was worried about. Maybe a slight decrease in appetite. I really crave staying busy now which is how I like to be. I don’t handle boredom well. I would just sit around and mope and start to get depressed. Now, I don’t have enough to do. I finish one thing and I’m looking for something else to do right away. Which is good because we just built a house and there is plenty to do.

    So my overall take is good. I wish it would last a little longer but I love the focus my mind has now. It is harder for my mind to wonder which would cause the negative thoughts and bring me down. Like Claudia experienced, anti-depressants haven’t done anything for me but these ADD meds seem to help clear the mind.

  28. My 11 year old Son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 5 and we tried adderral, straterra, ritalin and concerta but none worked for very long. He has been taking Vyvanse for three years now and it has worked wonders for him. He is small for his age at 4ft 9 and 78 lbs and he currently takes 70 mg a day. He was on 50 mg for several years and just got his dosage increased about 6 months ago. To me Vyvanse has been a life saver and has truly helped my son find himself and love himself for who he is instead of focusing on his issues with his ADHD. I would recommend this medication to anyone who has ADD/ADHD or a family member suffering from it.

    Another great addition that our pediatrician told us about is adding a cod liver oil supplement to the mix daily and it helped very much. That is what helped us not have to increase our sons dosage for a couple years. Plus the cod liver oil is very beneficial to your health.




  31. i started vyvanse 50mg just a week ago, after having been on adderall 40mg a.m. + 20mg roughly 5-6 hours after initial dosing. I also take lexapro, tegretol, abilify for bipolar I, levo and liothyroxine for hypothyroid, methscopolamine for ibs, and seroquel for sleep (the seroquel had been rx’d years before the ‘inattentive adhd’ was identified, and, oddly enough- to me, anyway- i slept better and required less seroquel while taking adderall than without it, or, more recently, since having started the vyvanse. my ibs had also resolved quite well with the adderall; it’s almost as bad as it was originally on the vyvanse.
    I am also a recovering drug addict/alcoholic; why my ANP switched me from the adderall to the vyvanse. While I have never abused the adderall, he was more comfortable with the lower abuse potential of the vyvanse, and i cannot fault him that.
    i have found the vyvanse to wear off much more quickly than either he or i anticipated. i can expect roughly nine hours of efficacy before i literally need to sleep. my solution to this has been to take it later in the day on the days i have to be functional for longer periods. on some days i take it as late as noon only to fall in bed at around 9 p.m. on the days i take it earlier, say 6-7 a.m., i have the overwhelming need to nap by about 4 p.m., and that negatively impacts my night’s sleep (requiring more seroquel).
    in short, i, personally, miss the adderall, already. I’d rather dip after 5 hours than crash after 9. perhaps a higher dose of the vyvanse is needed? Or will that simply wear off after 9 hours, as well? it’s a bit frustrating, and i plan on talking to my APN about this at my next visit. however, considering the a and d history, i’m lucky to receive this type of drug at all from a respectable practitioner.

  32. also, it occurs to me that these inattentive adhd symptoms may be caused my all the other meds, particularly the psychotropic ones? possible, or should i just accept the diagnosis?

  33. I am 20 years old and was just recently diagnosed with moderately severe adhd (inattentive type). When I went to the doctor to explore my options for medications she suggested adderall or vyvance. I confessed to her that I had taken adderall from my roommate once before my freshman year of college during finals time. I am not certain how many mg the pill was but I found it to have no effect on me and in fact, after attempting to study for about 45 minutes or so, I decided to go to bed and give up (that is extremely common for me when attempting to focus). I had no idea at the time that I may have actually needed the medicine. With that said I was obviously feeling more inclined to try something other than adderall and the doctor agreed so we went with Vyvance. After having been on it for a week I have noticed very few side effects, including any sign of it working. I am up to 60mg already and have been really disappointed. Perhaps I had my hopes set too high for some miracle drug that would suddenly make me feel more motivated and give me the ability to focus and stay on task. I have been told over and over “you’ll know when it’s working” but well, I still don’t know. On Vyvance I have found the only noticeable change to be the common dry mouth symptom and that I seem to have turned into quite the chatterbox. I have still found myself getting distracted by my own thoughts when I need to be focusing, but now my thoughts have been coming and going really fast. Before, I still had that same problem but at a much slower pace. I feel more social and talkative and perhaps even a bit wittier (I would consider myself to be a pretty witty person normally, but I’m never fast enough to get the joke out before the right moment has already passed.) All and all, I just feel like my normal self…only…quicker. Not really any loss of appetite (though I do seem to think about food less often), and certainly no problems sleeping (the most productive thing I did on my first day taking it was take a nap!)
    Starting to wonder if this is the right drug for me. Maybe I should try adderall again and play with the dosages? Maybe something else? I don’t know. Anyone having the same problem?

  34. I had the same issue when I took my new script for Vyvanse to the pharmacy, a required pre-authorization. I also have Anthem BCBS. I called my Doctor’s office and it took about 1 week but I got my authorization and got my prescription filled. I’m not seeming to have the wonderful results that others are having. I started on 40mg for about a week and a half and I now take 60mg. Still waiting for the “aha” moment!!

  35. I’m a 23 year old female. I took medication for ADD as a kid, but it made me depressed. When I was in 8th grade I asked to stop taking the medication. I finally decided it was time to try it again as I’m struggling very hard with working full-time as a Medical Assistant and going to college to eventually become a Physician’s Assistant. My main problem was starting 100 projects and finishing none, and zoning out during lectures. I was prescribed Vyvanse 40mg to start. The doctor had a hard time deciding what time for me to take it since I work 8am to 5pm and take college night courses until 7pm and 10pm. She suggested around 10am so I could get the effects while at work and would also last into the night for classes. I am on my third day of taking it…The side effects I’m experiencing are almost unbareable. The first day I was very happy with how productive I was. However, I could NOT stop talking to other people, or to myself. I felt jittery. My desk and my exam rooms just could not become clean or organized enough, the O.C.D of washing my hands became even more compulsive, and probably the worse is absolutely no appetite. I took my first dose with a yogurt at 10am on wednesday…the next time I ate was about a handful of tortilla chips around 8pm Thursday…now today I forced a couple bites of mashed potatoes. I’ve already lost 5lbs in 3 days, which I’m excited for, but I feel so weak and whenever I stand I feel like I’m going to collapse. Also, I do not know if it is secondary to a side effect of the medication, or a side effect to not eating or sleeping…but I just don’t feel like my body or mouth can move as fast as my mind is working, it’s a weird experience. Considering I’m a full-time Medical Assistant and a part-time college student, this isn’t really the help I was looking for. I’m going to give it a few more days and if it doesn’t improve, contact my PCP.

  36. I am a 22 year old female and have been taking vyvanse for the last year and it has turned my life around. I am diagnosed with ADHD, Manic Depression and Anxiety disorder, I have been put on hundreds of different medications up to taking 4 pills a day, none of them worked like this. Vyvanse not only deals with my ADHD but also levels out my moods I owe so much to it. I used to forget to take my pill some days and my family could IMMEDIATELY tell that i didnt take it and see the drastic change in my mood.

  37. Dr. Handelman,

    I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago at 28 years old. I tried Concerta, but recently switched to Vyvanse because Concerta gave me horrible mood swings. The Vyvanse has given me a lot more energy & focus, so I’m much more productive now, but it still seems like side-effects I do have are much greater than the benefit. I’m extremely twitchy most of the time, despite switching to decaf coffee months ago, regular exercise, and a mostly healthy diet. I’m also much more critical of others & have very little patience for anything. My husband is a very laid-back type of person who takes his time on everything. I find his patience infuriating lately and we often argue about it. Before starting stimulants I was much less critical, now because the energy & focus I have causes me to be so much higher-achieving, I feel like people who don’t do as much as me are lazy & useless and I’m unable to relate to them anymore. This impatience, anger, and irritability I’m experiencing is destroying my relationships with people. I don’t know what to do about it. My psychiatrist feels that I’m doing really well on the Vyvanse, but I’m not so sure. Is it possible that I’m taking too high a dosage? I currently take 60mg. at 6am & 30mg. at 2pm. I used to just take 60mg. at 6am, but I started getting very angry at 5pm every day, so we added the extra dose. Is it possible that I don’t even have ADHD and that’s why I’m having such a negative reaction on the medications?

    Any information you can give me would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance :)

  38. My son is on 3 -15 MG of Dextroamphetamine Sulfatecr Cap CR every morning. I give it to him Monday thru friday only. He is a Freshmen with straight A’s, I know this is helping him a lot as far as academics go. Now, as far as him getting sleep I have to give him two 5mg of Melatonin nightly. This was recommended by his DR. due to my son not being able to sleep all night. Melatonin seems to help but today I saw on the news that this can be very harmful!?? What else can I do besides sleeping pills or changing his RX since this one is helping? PLEASE HELP?!

  39. I am on 70mg Vyvanse and it does nothing for me. I got desperate and went to 100 Vyvanse as I had some leftovers from another time, and it works very well, but that will run out soon. However, no doctor that I know of will prescribe that dose. Does anyone have a doctor who will go over the 70 mg max dosage because they know that that is an artificial max and doesn’t work for everyone? There are doctors in the States who prescribe higher, but unfortunately, in Canada, I’m not aware of any. I am in Toronto. (Note that I am also on 450 Wellbutrin.)

    Have tried so many other meds over the years – this is what works.

    Thanks very much

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