Ty Pennington talks about ADHD

Ty Pennington, the host of Extreme Home Makeover, shares his personal experience with ADHD.

He shares that he was diagnosed with ADHD at 17 years old, and that effective treatment of his ADHD has transformed his life.

I am including Ty’s video in my blog, because I want you to be able to show this video to your kids, your teens, or anyone with ADHD who is having trouble accepting it, dealing with it, or feeling that they can succeed with it. Ty Pennington is creating a great example for everyone with ADHD out there.

Please note – the original video of Ty talking about ADHD has been taking down from Youtube and Google Video. I’ve found a different one which still has Ty explaining himself very well.

Enough of my talking, let’s let Ty tell you himself:

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  2. If someone has this video about Ty talking about his ADHD I would really appreciate it if I could get a copy, its for a school project and the website isnt allowing me to download the video or even play it. thanks!

  3. It seems anyone with celebrity clout has disassociated from the Adult ADD cause….Ty’s video is no longer available , Eli Lilly is no longer offering the scholarships, and the information and articles are old. It’s more chic to have an addiction and earn the REHAB “badge of honor” than having a mental disorder that is considered child’s play, is overdiagnosed, misunderstood, and so debilitating. After 47 years of impulsive, inconsistent, ADD behaviors, I have devastated our finances to the point of bankruptcy, turned our lives upside down by thrawting amazing opportunities and relationships. I’ve traded anything I knew was important in the long run for what i wanted at the moment. I can’t run a sustainable business on my own, can’t thrive in a corporate environment, and don’t have the human or financial resources to bring my out-of the box ideas to life. I’ve read every book on the subject, every other self-help book, had 3 life coaches, went thru Landmark Education, New Earth Webcasts with Oprah, been on meds, tried neurofeedback and therapy……and intellectually I get it all!!! But I’m still an inconsistent, creative soul who yearns for peace of mind and a normal existence. With even the basics as a burden, I feel like a useless, self-destructive force on the universe–a bad influence on my children who would probably be better off without me. The music videos, half screenplay, website outlines, sit on my desktop with the rest of my great ideas that will only see the light through another’s more highly functioning efforts. Sometimes I go to sleep hoping I won’t wake up so I don’t have to go through the torture of another day trying to make it all work. I feel like a cat whose on it’s NInth Live. Any one up for taking me on as a challenge? A test case? I’ll try anything….

  4. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for letting me know that the video isn’t there anymore… I’ll have to see if I can replace it.
    Regarding Eli Lilly – they do still have the scholarship – I have blogged about it here:
    Regarding yourself – you have been through a lot!
    You didn’t mention if you ever tried medication. That may be worth a discussion with your doctor.
    Also, it would be worth screening for other co-existing conditions – like depression, anxiety or even learning disabilities.
    I’m not trying to treat you online via a blog – just trying to make some general (and hopefully helpful) suggestions for you to follow up with your doctor.
    All the best,
    Dr. Kenny

  5. You wouldn’t believe how awful I’ve been treated by the Moorestown High School administration in New Jersey. I started a scholarship for kids named Coloring Your World – Proud to be AD/HD. They ignore, refuse to let my scholarship be presented as a school scholarship, I can’t be on any litertaure for the annual scholarship awards dinner, they put me (after nagging and nagging and nagging them) on the website under ‘other scholarships’ from outside. They ignore my emails until they get tired of hearing from me. The tried to get me to change the name. Awful! Horrible. I am extremely disappointed.

  6. Christina,

    You did an amazing thing by starting a scholarship for AD/HD kids.
    If changing the name will help get it out there thru these channels, and help the marketing of it, it’s a small price. While I do understand the message you are trying to get across with the name and subtitle, I can see it being misconstrued.
    As an ADDer my world is colorful and I bring color to others, but it is often through unintentional drama and negative actions that I am not proud of.
    Some suggestions:
    The ADDed Dimension Scholarship
    AD/HD Attributes Scholarship

  7. Hola , tengo un hijo de 10 años, su nombre es Emiliano y a él le diagnosticaron déficit de atención e hiperactividad a los 5 años , probó muchos medicaments, pues segun el neurologo teníamos que hayar algo que le sirviera, su hiperactividad era muy fuerte, fue expulsado de dos colegios sin oportunidad de regreso, hac cerca de 4años esta tomando concerta de 27mg y la verdad le ha ayudado mucho, lleva ya 3 años en el mismo colegio y lo alterna con sus terapias sicológicas, yo he visto mucha mejoría en el comportamiento de mi hijo, pero siempre que leo un artículo de la medicación termino preocupada, no se si estoy haciendo bien en medicarlo, claro que yo ya quisiera que dejara de tomarlas. Admiro muchísimo a Ty Pennington y es una luz de esperanza que me muestra que mi hijo puede llegar a ser exitoso. Por supuesto que eso tambien depende de mi compañía y la educación que yo le de.
    Felicidades a Ty por ser la persona que es, que Dios te bendiga, y a todas las mamás con esta situación, no dejen de apoyar y ayudar a sus hijos. Saludos desde México.

  8. Linda,

    I am a graduate of Landmark as well and it does make a difference. It makes an even bigger difference when I am on my medication and meeting with Dr.\Coach. I am currently the CIO of a company and had my own business that went the same way yours seems to be going. I would look at getting a business partner that is good at what you are not. Look forward to hearing from you!

  9. Can you suggest where I can find another copy of Ty’s talk about his ADHD? Being that my son has ADHD, my mom told me that she saw it on TV and how amazing it was. My son, who’s 9, is on medication for ADHD but doesn’t quite understand it and gives me a hard time taking his meds everyday. I thought that showing him the clip from an adult who’s been through similar experiences, he might get a clearer picture and appreciate the help that he’s receiving as opposed to fighting it on a daily basis.

    I look forward to you reply. Thank you.

  10. Linda,
    You certainly have been through a lot. I hope you are still read Dr. Handelman’s site and will read this. ADHD does not have to be a disability or a sentence to a mediocre life. We just have to realize that we can do anything everyone else can. In fact, in many ways we can do it better. We just do it differently. I found that when I realized that “normal” is not something to aspire to, then it really began to open doors for me.

    Just a little about my background. I work for a security contract, am a firefighter, have taught Emergency Management classes for two universities, and run several online sites. I do not say thing to brag. I only write these things to say that it is possible to be successful with ADHD.

  11. I am 58 yrs. I have just found out that I have ADD/ADHD I only looked into it after seeing Ty Pennington’s Bio interview.

    Thank you so much Ty, for helping me take back my life….

  12. Ty
    I tried to open the video from Ty. I have a dear friend who has a son we are very worried about. He locks himself in his room all day. He is 20 years old and we cannot seem to get him to get help. ADHD has struck 3 other family members in the past and none received help in the past. He is extremely depressed and talks about violence all the time. We are frightened of him as it is right now and his parents have taken him to one place and they said he needs help right away but he will not make a move on his behalf. They have to remove him from their home because they are affraid of him and have given him 30 days to get some help for himself. It is killing his mom (breaking her heart). We just thought if he could hear Ty’s story he may hear some hope for himself because of right now he see’s no help for himself. Can you send the video to my in my email. We don’t know where to go and he cannot stay at home because we consider him dangerous to his parents and himself because of this present talks with us. HELP if possible.

  13. For those of you have commented on this Ty Pennington blog post with a video of him – I wanted to inform you that the video has been updated, and you can watch Ty talking about his experience on this blog post now.
    Dr. Kenny

  14. It’s a HUGE relief to know that someone like ty has the same thing my oldest has. I felt like i was “alone” in this battle. My oldest just last yr was diagnosed with adhd. She’s now on meds cause of it and i see a BIG change in her. Now that i KNOW ty has adhd he’s my role model. seeing where he is NOW i know that my oldest can be like him and being “successful!”

  15. I’m Canadian. Does anyone know of a high school in Victoria B.C. that would be good for my son who is ADD and dyslexic but very artistic. Tx

  16. They it diagnosed me with 22 years. One of the things that I thought during a lot of time was that I was not serving for anything and that it would never come to anything, less evil that in the end went out what it had and I could put remedy. Now I have gone out of the University and I am the happiest person of the ground, I have studied Audio-visual Communication and can be employed at the cinema behind the cameras….. But there does not forget me the Calvary that I have spent and the useless thing that was feeling!.

  17. Bonjour, mon nom est Trinity. J’ai treize ans et je suis diagnostiqué de trouble hyper activité déficitaire de l’attention et la dépression bipolaire. Je suis sous médication pour les contrôler, mais je veux savoir comment les contrôler sur mon propre. Pourrait vous veuillez m’aider ?

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