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It’s My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?

birthday 150x150 Its My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?It’s February 3rd, 2012 and that means I’m one year older today.

41 years old, to be specific.

It may be weird to ask for a birthday present… but I’m going to do it anyway (heck, it’s my birthday – there’s no harm in asking…)

Will you share one thing that I’ve been able to help you with in the past year with ADD/ADHD?
It could be that I helped you change your perspective and inspired you. Or maybe you learned about a new strategy, medication or alternative treatment that could help. Whatever it is – however small or big, I’d love to hear it.

This blog, my emails and all of the information that I share is meant to help you (and our society at large) to understand ADD/ADHD better, and to get the right perspective on ADD/ADHD. I focus on differences rather than deficits, encourage a strength based approach and I believe that knowledge is power – i.e. when you have the right information, you can make the best health choices.

Nothing could be better than hearing how my material has helped you.

Just leave a comment on this post.

It would make my day.

Thanks in advance icon smile Its My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?

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