Stop Your Child’s Negative Thoughts

Kids and teens with ADD/ADHD often have what we can call: “Gremlins”. These can also be called: ANTS = Automatic Negative Thoughts.

Everybody gets these, but automatic negative thoughts can be particularly difficult and damaging to kids and teens with ADHD.

And, most of the time, parents feel helpless (or helpless and frustrated) when they can’t seem to help their kids get past these negative thoughts.

ADD Coaching Diane O’Reilly (from Indigo Tree Coaching) is featured in this video which discusses this issue and will help parents to better understand the issue of ‘gremlins’ and also give you some strategies to help you to help your teens.

Step 1: Watch this video:

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We hope this information will help you to get your kids ‘unstuck’ from their gremlins.
Dr. Kenny
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  1. Kids and Teens with ‘gremlins’ – adults have this too.
    I seem to have this ’12 year old kid’ obviously with adhd inside me!
    ‘He’ seems to have most of the symptoms of adhd, especially these ‘gremlins’
    which have always affected me in huge ways.
    Can I treat this ‘kid’ as if he were really here?!

    • Colin – thanks for your comment.
      Yes, of course – adults get ‘gremlins’ too.
      For adults – there are many strategies to challenge and conquer these difficult thoughts. It’s a little trickier for parents to support their ADD kids through it. Everything Diane teaches could help an adult too…
      Dr. Kenny

  2. It can try your patience, but if we stop and think how hurt and thoroughly bothered they are about these “gremlins” it would give us infinite patience for these kids. And it also goes to those adults who always turn to negative thoughts, it’s best if we turn to the right people that can truly get us to a better place.

    • Some kids do not tell their parents about negative thoughts and they just keep it bottled up inside, like me. The ones who do tell their parents would probably get chastised by their parents, or sent to a mental doctor for depression. The parents who do try to help their kids on their own or with others are great.

  3. The strangest negative thought that I have had recently that I have not really been able to conquer is that “I won’t have a kid. It could have ADHD, and it could suffer. I don’t want my kid to suffer. I probably wouldn’t be able to have a kid anyways, because of my organ growth problems, and I was born early, and my lungs and everything are messed up.” I can’t really find any up sides to that. I am a 15 year old girl, I love school and hate it when people make out at my school, its disgusting, but my parents expect me to have a kid when I grow up. I have had major problems with my intestines ever since I was born, and most of the time, I go weeks without some things. Sorry if I grossed you out. I am just worried about my future. Any ideas?

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