Rubifen vs. Ritalin: Parents in New Zealand Want Ritalin Back

I just came across a news story about the funding of medication for ADD and ADHD in New Zealand. I was already aware of this story, because a reader of this blog commented here about the fact that this issue was going on.

What happened is that government of New Zealand stopped funding Ritalin for ADHD, and started to fund a cheaper generic medicine for ADHD, called Rubifen. Many children who take this medicine are not having the same benefits that they did with Ritalin, and parents have been frustrated and upset that they cannot get the funding they need for the medicine that works for their child.

Parents are demanding the funding be reinstated for Ritalin, however the director of Pharmac (the funding agency) says that Rubifen passed the tests and they don’t plan on funding Ritalin anymore. They are saving a lot of money by funding Rubifen.

To read more, visit here.

I know we have readers of this blog in New Zealand. Please take a moment and update us on this issue. We’d love to hear what is really going on!

Dr. Kenny


  1. i am a 13 year old child living and born in New Zealand with add
    i have not heard of the reasons i had switched from Ritalin to Rubifen
    but the only changes i had was lessing of the side affect of eating less
    weather this was from switching piss or from grow up i do not know

  2. my 13 year old son has been taking Rubifen now for about 4 weeks during that time he has lost 1 half kgs in weight, he has got to the stage that he wants to stop his meds, can anything be done.

  3. Yes. Stop his medication over two weeks, gradually lessening the dose every other day.

    Methylphenidate is a poison and furthermore, ADHD is a sham. It used to be called “Childhood Hyperactivity Disorder” and was changed when the new version of the DSM came out in 1988.

    Adderall is d,l-amphetamine sulfate mixed salts and methylphenidate is a synthetic analogue of cocaine HCl in its effects, length of action. A majority of cocaine addicts given crushed Ritalin tablets with novacaine added to simulate the numbing effect produced in the sinuses were fooled into thinking it was their drug of choice.

  4. As an long term addict, shooting this stuff, i gotta say,,; thay went backwards on this one,, this is more poison more drug,,!# good for us bad for you.. thats my prospective,” living in the abuse of medicene world…*×× hope thay find something else so you all get better and i can’t abuse it.. Good Luck….

  5. I’m an adult and I’ve taken Ritalin and Rubifen and I find them identical, no difference at all when it comes to effect. The packages are different. Ritalin can easily be transported in individual containers just by tearing them off the card, whereas with Rubifen scissors have to be used. I’m absolutely certain the reported medical differences are purely psychological.

    • There is most definitely a difference between Ritalin and Rubifen. They both may have Methylphenidate as an active ingredient, but it is not only the composition that differs, but the other unknown ingredients that differ. I have had excellent results on Rubifen SR 20mg, I switched to Ritalin LA 20mg and I immediately experienced severe crashes. Headaches, anxiety, irritability, severe tiredness. I have also lost a helluva lot of weight on Rubifen, when I started with Ritalin, I started gaining weight overnight. So, I honestly think that Ritalin is weaker than Rubifen, and definitely not as long acting as Rubifen. What I do think is that these medications may have different effects on adults than what they have on children. As for everyone attacking the 13 year old boy. What are you doing on this site? For Pete’s sake be kind toward each other!

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