Methylin: Liquid and Chewable ADHD Medicine

Your doctor has just handed you a prescription for the attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) medication methylin. You’ve just received a different form of methylphenidate. In other words, you’ve just received a prescription that has the same chemical compound as Ritalin with one major difference. The medicine you’re about to take to your pharmacy comes in two forms: liquid or chewable.

Parents of children who can’t swallow pills are tremendously thankful for these forms of the stimulant. Ironically, this same medication that you use to treat your child’s ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the very same one used in adults to treat narcolepsy. This is the disease where people fall asleep for seemingly no reason.

Methylin, in most cases, should be taken two to three times daily. For the most part, your child will probably be administered a dosage of anywhere from 10 mg to potentially 60 mg per day. This will be divided into two and possibly three dosages. Your last dose, by the way, shouldn’t be taken after 6 p.m., because it can interfere with sleep.

If your child is taking the chewable variety of the medicine encourage her to drink an entire, full glass of water after chewing the medication. Ensuring that the medication is downed with at least eight ounces of water helps to prevent any possible choking.

Many parents, when giving their children liquid medications — especially over-the-counter — depend on the household “teaspoon” as a measurement. Try not to do this. As tempting as this may be, if you’re administering the liquid form of Methylin, use a regular “dosing spoon” for a more accurate delivery.

You may want to instead even use a regular measuring cup or even an oral syringe for measurement.

It doesn’t matter whether you take the medication with your meal or not. However, it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions — and the directions on the label — when using methylin. Otherwise, you may not get the best results from it.

Of course the exact doses of Methylin will vary depending on a number of factors, not the least of which of them is the age of the person the medication is prescribed for. Your child’s dose may also vary depending upon if she’s already tried several other alternatives for treating her ADD/ADHD. And of course, the last variable in dosing amounts will hinge on any other prescription medications she may be currently receiving.

Yes, every prescription medication (and over-the-counter ones too!) come with some type of side effects. Those of Methylin include nervousness, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, stomach pain and weight loss.

Has methylin been helpful for you? Please share your comments and experiences below.

Dr. Kenny

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  1. Dr. Kenny – This is probably the ONLY information I have found on the internet regarding liquid Methylin. Thank you so much! We have just begun medication with our 4 year old son. When should we start to see results, typically? He has been on the medical for almost two weeks now. Started at 2.5ml and now takes 5ml. Thank you so much for your information!!

    • Brandi – you should see results about 60 minutes after taking the dose. Seriously.
      If it isn’t working, it could be a dosage issue, and the doctor may be starting low and gradually increasing to avoid side effects. Good luck.

  2. how long does one dosage of the chewable tab last? i just started my daughter on this – she was on adderall but wont take the pill and opening it with food etc. was just a nightmare! she is now taking the 5mg of the chewable Methylin but it seems to only last about 3 hours – is that about right?

  3. My 11yr old nephew has ADHD is supposed to take 1 capsule per day, he managed to take them for nearly a month opened on a spoon sandwiched between various things ie chocolate spread and ice-cream as he cannot swallow the capsules but finds the taste so bad he gags and is nearly sick. My sister has tried everything but he just point blank refuses to take them now and it’s such a shame as his school and behaviour improved massively. He did have a heart operation when he was 6 weeks old and has a grafted artery from under his arm onto his heart and need to visit the hospital yearly for checks just to make sure the graft is stretching but apart from that he lives a perfectly normal life. Is there any other medication he could take maybe in a liquid form. Thanks.

    • Nicola,
      You would of course have to talk to his doctor about the heart side of things. Regarding medication which can be swallowed easily – there are medicines which can be opened and sprinkled – i.e. Vyvanse, and there are other beaded Methylphenidate medicines as well. There is also the daytrana skin patch (in the US) which has methylphenidate in it and attaches to the skin.

  4. We are struggling with swallowing a pill at my house. Currently trying swallowing candy decors and small m and ms’…..we’ll see….. My child’s dr. prescribed Concerta tabs–how is Methylin similar/different than Concerta? I’m very tempted to ask the pediatrician to consider switching from Concerta tabs to a Methylin liquid or chewable. We dont’ have time to “hee-haw” in the mornings! Thank you,

    • My son is 8 and cant chew pills so he was put on methylin 5ml 2 times a day and has been on it for a little over a year.. He is doing great in school and doing much better. The med really works great

      • Thank you for the good news! We have been trying to get my 8 yr old to take his Concerts for almost 2 weeks now so I finally just called the doctor today requesting a liquid. Glad to know it’s working for your son!

  5. My nine year old(54 lbs) daughter takes two 5mg Methylin in the a.m. along with a 15mg Daytrana patch. However, we are having a hard time getting through homework as the medicine has worn off by 3pm. Could I give her two more 5mg. Methylin tablets when she gets home from school?

    Thank you!

  6. I am sitting here right now with prescription for my kindergartener for Mathylin 5 mg chewable tablet. I am worried about the side effects, especially lack or appetite and difficulty getting to sleep.

    Have many of the children suffered with the side effects to the point they had to stop the medication?

    • We started the Daytrana patch when our son was in Kindergarten. The sleeping issue is something that is fine tuned. We actaully allow him to have a tv in his room and set the sleep timer every night. Before this bedtime was a nightmare. Now he lays down and watched tv and within 15 minutes he is fast asleep.

  7. My sister who is seven was recently diagnosed with adhd and she cannot swallow a pill. Without it i find it very hard to communicate with her and get her to do simple tasks and i find my self getting frustrated with her. Her doctor prescribed her methylphenidate but i think she needs either a chewable or liquid form. Any suggestions?

    • My daughter has severe ADHD she was diagnosed at age 6 and is now 8. We have gone through the pills and the breaking capsules open and fighting her to swallow the stuff….i was ready to pull my hair out. Then there is the liquid form…eeehhh it works but for maybe 4 hrs…then I switched doctors last year (1st grade) and he said theres this wonderful Patch called Daytrana….its a little patch that goes on the childs hip 1-2 hrs before school and stays on for 9 hrs it has worked wonders for her. She is in 2nd grade now and is getting an award for most improved! I swear by this little patch. Hope this helps. :-)

      • Maria – I am so happy that you found the right drug. Once you find it, you know!! Congratulations to your daughter on her award – that is outstanding!! Just a heads up for you to watch for as a Mom – my son was on Daytrana and we got great results, until he started getting overdoses. He also has Sensory Processing Disorder or Delay – and we had to put his patch in the middle of his back where he could not reach it. After a couple of months, his skin was so irritated that he was actually absorbing more of the drug and we started seeing the side effects of overdose. You could not really see any “broken” skin, but his back would be red or pink – irritated looking. Just be aware – something to keep your eye on. Good luck and again, so happy for you and your daughter!!

        • Hi, my daughter has autism in every way. I see lots of sensory issues to light, reflections. She is currently on apo-risperidone tartrate (1mg) and apo-fluoxetine (20mg/5ml). Both are liquid as she too will only take liquid or chewables. She is 13 yrs old and we live in Canada. I am thinking of suggesting to her doctor to put her on liquid (methylin) & scrapping the risperidone? is this methylin available in Canada? Can anyone suggest with experience that has been positive for my daughter to try from what I described above? Our main goal is to try and maintain her attention, anxiety, sensory issues so she can remain somewhat calm. She has communication & speech delays but with the help of the app called proloquo2go on her iPod we have made some huge gains in that department. Can you help us? Much appreciated as to any feedback anyone can give us in regards to ur daughters challenges and any liquid/chewable meds that can help her as to what I mentioned above :-)

  8. My doctor just gave us a prescription for 10mg methylin for my 6 year. He’s to take one pill in the morning before school and thats it. Do you think it will last the 6 hours hes in school or should we talk to our doctor about something different?

  9. Hi Dr. Handelman
    Thank you for your response.
    You suggested Vyvanse and Biphentin can be sprinkled? Are these meds compatible with what she is on now?
    Thank you

  10. hi dr.Handleman
    my son is 10 and has adhd/asd and he won’t take tablets so we can’t get ANY tablets for he adhd we have tried concerta,ritalin,equasym,saterra at 60mg so can you tell me is methylin available in the uk please

      • thankyou for the reply .but my son won’t eat anything if he can taste anything different in his food.he does not like tablets or capsules.we have tried eveything poss to hide his meds in.we need to find something soon in oral thats is the only way at the moment to get him to take medicine.

  11. My daughter, who also has sensory issues, was on Vyvanse at its lowest dosage. While it worked quite well for the attention and impulsivity, it put her sensory issues on overload. She started making constant throat clearing noises, she wouldn’t keep socks or shoes on, just to name a few of the difficulties. We switched her to Strattera thinking the stimulant was the problem. This has definitely reduced the oversensitivity issues, but it seems to do little to improve the attention and impulse control. Is there any difference between the stimulants in terms of their effects on sensory processing?

  12. My son is 4 and was diagnosed with ADHD. We tried adderall but he was having some side effects. He just prescribed Methylin 5 mg to be taken twice a day. I have been researching it and some of the side effects are scaring me pretty bad. Is it for the most part okay for him to take this?

  13. My son just got a prescription for methylin 10mg twice a day one for breakfasta nd another by lunch time. He started on Vyvance 20mg and that made him very very emotional. Then he was on adderall 5mg twice a day then 10mg twice a day. The 10mg made him very very aggresive it was scary. But now im going to try the methylin. Im glad not to have such bad side effects but wondering how this will work. He is 4 1/2 yrs old 40lbs

  14. My grandson that I have POA over has started on this medication for ADHd He is three years old and also has speech impairment, he is on the chewable table 5 mg 2 in the AM and 1 in the afternoon. He was doing really well at home and school. (he is in a school program for special needs children) then after about 6 weeks and it was time to refill his RX; the pharmacey are not able to fill the RX; states that they do not know when they can get this in from the manufactor and that is is done at certain times o fthe year. My grandson has not had his medication in a month because no one has this in stock nor can they get it until about Jan. I do not understand. Dont where to turn to get his RX for him and he really needs this. Do I need to drive to a place that is 100 miles away to see if there is a pharmacey that has this in stock? What do we do?

  15. My 6 year son has sensory issues and has recently been diagnosed with ADHD as well. The pediatrician has prescribed liquid methylin. Is there any research that shows the effects it can have on the sensory aspect? I know each child is different, but does it tend to have a positive effect/ negative effect on the majority of children taking this medication with sensory issues?
    I am very nervous about my son beginning this medication because I have seen some children with ADHD that take medicine and they have the”Deer in the headlight” look. I am afraid my son will lose his personality or even become angry and aggressive on this medine…
    I am looking for some statistics for methylin…

  16. Hello,

    I am a mother of a 13 year old… Since 1st grade we have to give her pills & None of them is working (concerta, biphentin, ritalin, vyvance, ect….) we need help. Can you tell me other m├ędication or maybe 2 association that could help my daughter. Thank you
    R├ęsident of Canada

  17. Hi,
    I have a question I brought my daughter to the dr.yesterday and he prescribed the methelin solution. She is only 4 yrs old. And it states that children under 6 should not take this because there have been no studies on what it does to these young children. Also that it can cause sudden death! !! Now I’m scared to even give it to her. ….HELP

  18. Hello Dr. Handelman,

    Are you aware of a liquid or chewable form of Methylphenidate available in Canada at this time?

    Thank you!


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