Medication Mastery 7 Day Sale

I was recently contacted by one of my subscribers and they said that they would love to get a copy of my Medication Mastery Training course – however, with caring for their child it was just too expensive.
I’ve been thinking over this comment, and even though I know my course is great value with some of the best information on ADD/ADHD medication available, I wanted to try and help them out.

So, I had a dilemma -Is it fair to offer a discount to them without also offering it to all my other subscribers, who may also be in the same situation?
I came to the conclusion it wasn’t -So, I have decided to lower the price for everyone, but only for the next 7 days.

So, you can also get a copy of ‘The ADHD Medication Mastery Course’ for just $139, which is a 30% discount. In fact it’s a full $60.00 off the usual price of $199. But this offer is only going to be open for a week. After which time the price will revert back to the already discounted price.

Here is a quick reminder of just some of the information you’ll gain from the ADHD Medication Mastery Course:

- When to consider ADD/ADHD Medications (module 1)
- 21 steps that you need to cover to ensure starting, monitoring and tracking ADD/ADHD medications safely (module 1)
- How the ADD/ADHD medications work in the brain (module 2)
- How there are really just 3 medicines available for ADD/ADHD – and when you understand this – all of the medicines available will make a lot more sense (module 2)
- The unique aspects of the stimulant medicines (module 3)
- The non-stimulants for ADD/ADHD – and do they work? (module 4)
- How medicines for ADD/ADHD can change if you have a special situation – like ADD + Anxiety, ADD + depression, ADHD + a behavior disorder, ADD + insomnia, etc.(module 5)
- Combining ADD/ADHD medications with alternative treatments (module 5)
- FDA safety warnings (module 6)
- and much more…

Here’s what one participant had to say about ‘The ADHD Medication Mastery Course’:
“Medication Mastery was very helpful to me. I was a person who was very biased – even though I knew I had ADD, I did not want to take medication. I got over that hill, and learned the particular benefits of the medication that I take and what it’s doing for me… Thanks, Dr. Kenny”
- Tedd Rieke, Iowa.

So, if you want to learn more about ADD/ADHD Medication, now is your chance to get your copy of my Medication Mastery Course – at a discount that I’ve never offered before.

In addition to my comprehensive course, I’ve decided to add 3 bonuses (valued at $121) – if you order in the next 7 days:

Bonus 1: Alternatives for ADD/ADHD: Access to a 2 hour mp3 recording of the most up to date research on alternative treatments for ADD and ADHD (because many people who take medication for ADD/ADHD also want to learn about alternatives as well) – Value $47
Bonus 2: Access to the mp3 download of a 2 hour Medication Question and Answer call – I was grilled by ADD coach Bonnie Mincu – Value $47
Bonus 3: Access to the ADD/ADHD Checklists that doctor’s use – now you can print these off, and keep track of your child’s, or your own ADD/ADHD with the right tools – Value $27

All you need to do is click here to take you to the 30% off webpage.

This is link is active now for the discount, but the discount will be gone in 7 days time when
the sale ends, so don’t wait too long (and if you are reading this too late, I apologize – the course is still a great value at it’s regular price!).

Once you’ve completed the purchase information you’ll be on your way to full access to this course – in our exclusive member’s area.
Don’t worry if you’re not sure about how to use the member’s area – there’s a simple video there that teaches you how to use it, and our support team will answer any questions you may have.

I do hope that you take advantage of my ’30% Sale’, and grab your copy of The ADHD Medication Mastery Course at the lowest price that I’ve ever offered it for – within the next 7 days.

The offer will stay up for the next 7 days only -After which the price will go back to normal.

I will be touch again soon with more of the latest ADHD news, resources, information and recommendations.

All best wishes,

Dr. Kenny Handelman

p.s. remember, you only have until Monday October 13th at 11:59 pm eastern time to take advantage of this sale

Medication Mastery 30% off 7 day sale
<== click here to learn more

p.p.s. you are also covered by our 90 day ‘no-hassles’ guarantee – try the course – and if you aren’t happy, just let us know and you’ll get a refund without any hassles

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