It’s My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?

birthday 150x150 Its My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?It’s February 3rd, 2012 and that means I’m one year older today.

41 years old, to be specific.

It may be weird to ask for a birthday present… but I’m going to do it anyway (heck, it’s my birthday – there’s no harm in asking…)

Will you share one thing that I’ve been able to help you with in the past year with ADD/ADHD?
It could be that I helped you change your perspective and inspired you. Or maybe you learned about a new strategy, medication or alternative treatment that could help. Whatever it is – however small or big, I’d love to hear it.

This blog, my emails and all of the information that I share is meant to help you (and our society at large) to understand ADD/ADHD better, and to get the right perspective on ADD/ADHD. I focus on differences rather than deficits, encourage a strength based approach and I believe that knowledge is power – i.e. when you have the right information, you can make the best health choices.

Nothing could be better than hearing how my material has helped you.

Just leave a comment on this post.

It would make my day.

Thanks in advance icon smile Its My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?

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  1. You have pushed my knowledge of all things ADHD so far from where it was a year ago. I see myself as better able to put some distance between my reactionary emotions at the frustrations of living with 2 ADHDers. Yes, sometimes I still get angry but I am able to put the anger aside and look at the underlying issues and try to find ways to help rather than hurt.


  2. Dr. Kenny ~
    I’ve purchased a number of your CDs and watched your video presentations on the Internet…all wonderful. What has helped me the MOST was a suggestion you gave me a couple of years ago on an Internet call-in program. I read a lot, but have a lot of difficulty remembering the plots, events, etc. of novels…very embarrassing since I belong to a book club. I had asked you how I could remember the plots of books I’ve read. You suggested that I write a summary of the book after reading it. I’ve done that–and I keep a running list of book summaries on a folder on my computer. Your suggestion has been SO helpful, and I appreciate your help very much.

    I hope your birthday is as wonderful as YOU are! Susan

  3. Dear dr kenny,
    first happy birthday! Well last night to me felt like a new day, a new year. I had filled my house with lotts of spring flowers and i light up candles and I had my very own happiness.
    You gave me “HOPE” dear Dr. kenny.
    This is the most beautiful thing I can say. I became an educator. Being a mom of two little boys, being an inactive dentist who fell in love with her kids more than her job, dealing with my relationship issues with my husband of 15.5 years, being at age 42, all challenged me to go back to years back in myself.
    Dr. kenny, you suggested the word ‘difference’ instead of disorder. I`ll suggest: “attiontion! there is a Dis-harmony outside of a multi-talented being`s brain that is traumatized and stressed. It`s a syndrom with the symptoms comming from exactly what i mentioned above: stress and trauma in a multitalented brain who is ready to react to defence and survive under these attacks.
    It`s just a theory that is working for myself. I had to confess to myself to all the wrong choices I made under my own stress. I couldn`t dealwell or solve my issues and transfered them to my kids. They are so sensitive and smart and pure. they feel your sadness, they feel your frustration, their dad`s grumpiness, nobody spends that “quality of attention” that they strive to get. so they feel unsafe, they reach us with anything possible. they have to test the limits to feel that lost safety zone. do we give them? mostly we don`t see the problem from this angle. We “are told” to put consequences very firm and clearly. I say: Go on your knees, move slowly towards them, look at them as gentle as you can, make them comfortable with your eyes , voice and your touch, then whisper first with a smile! They are just a kid! you can`t teach them respect if you scream back at them. As the parent, i believe we have to change ourselves first, if we want to change our kids. they are like a mirror, they reflect their parents, their friends, school, TV and video games. they slowly absorb, too.
    What is it that we really wish for them to absorb? Are we ready as an honest role model for them? are we happy in our relatonships? I began my path by confessing my own flaws and confess to myself in a daily basis. with no blame or shame, I wanted to become my own “friend” first. What I don`t like for myself, i`ll not do to my kids. I still do a lot of mistakes every day! It`s a long long way. But I`m overcomming my shakes and stresses so beautifuly from inside, out.
    I use a lot of sense of humor to make them laugh! I love laughing myself a lot!!
    Kids all like it, how about grown ups? read the book “The Little Prince”? It`s all there, too. I gathered whatever I “felt” might work for me and made my own recipe of healing. I still have to work on it a lot. But I have seen great changes inside and outside in myself and my kids.
    I bought beautiful beta fish for each of us. last week we bought “happy” and then “hope” our cute little hamsters which keeps us so happy. specially when their chicks are full of yummy nuts. they are really funny!
    I hope these little pets will help my kids feel better and deeper about their responsiblities towards each other and experience the developement of a system for feeling safety and how to give safety in reality. They are just kids, they have a life to learn. If learning is fun, they benefit much better and faster.
    “How do I feel….? I ask myself”. “How do you feel when…..?” I ask them. “How do I like to feel….?” I ask myself. “how do you like to feel……?” I ask them this question.”
    What I`m doing as a game is instead of ordering the comments, I ask them how and when and what… and I let them feel their own feelings more that following my orders.
    I am firm and serious, but I`m a loving mother and I feel it in my heart. so i add that zest to my eyes, words, touches.
    we have to educate ourdelves if we want to live an honest relationship in our family. so harmony within and inside with our own self is my first step.
    My next step would be the harmony with my husband/wife. be honest, how many of us “feel” that harmony? when was the last time we went on date with our spouse? Do we feel “happy” in our relationship?
    So in search of that harmony, we all have to take one step with more and more responsiblity for our family.
    I have a dream Dr kenny, that one day we write a book with the help of all the parents, together and be honest to each other.
    I hope you like your birthday present! To me it was “Norouz”, new day,new year, So happy new year to you to my dear friend!



  4. Dr. Kenny:

    Happy Birthday to start. You have been my port in a storm on many occasions. You have provided me with a wealth of knowledge about ADHD that I have used to advocate for my children. I have a much clearer understanding of the issues and am able to better understand why my children behave the way they do. From medication to acknowledging to them their differences has made a world of difference. I still get angry sometimes when their behavior is out of control, but I then look for the underlying reason they are behaving that way and try to help them to see what is at play and to become aware of it so they can correct it.
    Some days I wander about my house saying I love ADHD I Love ADHD just to keep my sanity. It helps to know that it is the ADHD and not my kid that is at play at the moment.

    Thanks so much for being here for us. I don’t know what I would have done with out you.

    Happy Birthday

    Karen B

  5. Happy Birthday! You make me realize that there are many people in the world who are dealing with the same issues as I am. That is something big that makes us all feel like we are not alone, but that others are dealing with some difficulties. You make us realize that there is hope for us to live our best lives and that we can overcome anything.

    Enjoy your birthday, and thanks for all you do!

  6. Happy Birthday Dr. Kenny,

    I am so gratefull to you. First of all, you gave me the name of a Dr. in my area so I could be properly diagnosed.

    You have provided me with endless facts and information about ADD.

    You gave me an avenue to receive and give support with many other adults with this condition. Its nice to know that I’m not the only one struggling with things that seem to come natural to most.

    It feels good knowing I have the Insiders, the coaches, and you to answer my questions and keep me informed.

    Thank you for all of your time and effort that you put into helping people like me.

  7. Hau`oli L? H?nau!!! Happy birthday!
    Many ways…. only have time to jot down two. As stated above I appreciated the information on generic Concerta and shared it. You have also really helped MANY people with your phrase attention differences rather than deficits. One young man is now a better violinist because of that!
    Aloha, Dr. Nancy

  8. Happy Birthday Dr. Kenny. Just one thing? You should have asked for at least ten things that you have helped me with in regards to understanding ADD/ADHD! First and foremost was your insistence that the responsibility for my personal improvement was mine alone. You motivated me to put the much needed effort into addressing my own differences instead of going from one crisis to the next, with the resolve to change, but without the required commitment to move forward. Again, all the best in your 41st year.

  9. I found out from your site that there is a generic brand of Strattera now in Canada. Now I can go back on my medicine again, and that is super awesome!

    Thank you for helping others and being compassionate!

    Happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Dr Kenny – what you’ve given me (as such a great champion of the cause) is the motivation to keep taking a fresh look at things and thereby keep my sanity when ‘those days’ hit my ADHD teen

  11. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for normalizing ADD and giving me the strength to withstand the criticism for how I am choosing to raise my son!

  12. Happy Birthday.

    Your book was terrific, particularly the chapter on medications and the information described therein.
    It answered many of the questions I had in my had as a mom of a 16 year old male with ADD.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!
    We should as a society take the time to give our thanks all of e time! What you have done for my family (husband & 3 teenagers) is; I will research any topic I need information on from every angle a lot of times overwhelming myself. You are my go to for information on ADHD. You have an incredible gift in being able to get to the heart of any matter. You make your information clear and concise, and make sure that no one takes their quirks too seriously. Whether we like it or not society still clearly attaches a stigma to ADHD ( I am 45 and was diagnosed “hyperactive” at 6). Knowledge is power, you equip us with the power to overcome! Thank you for being such a blessing to so many!

  14. Happy Birthday !
    You have made my life as a parent of an ADDer better by providing some helpful , relevant , advice. I’ve read the work of many others but I trust you the most for sincere and insightful , current information.
    In challenging times, I often think of your work and serves as my rock and helps me to keep it all in perspective.
    My only regret is that I do not live close enough to your office to have my son meet with you personally.

    Enjoy your day!

  15. Happy Birthday !!
    Thank you for the wonderful cd’s that you have produced. I have found them to be very useful and reassuring. It is great to have a Candian Gem like yourself full of knowlege and compassion. Thank you for going above and beyound with your career and helping so many families.
    Enjoy your birthday ????????????

  16. Dear Dr.Kenny
    Happy Birthday! As a professional working with AD(H)D clients,and having written a book on how to deal with AD(H)D, I have enjoyed the many suggestions and important bits of information that I can pass onto my clients here in South Africa.The world needs your kind of website to keep afloat with the wealth of information available. Thank you for finding the time to keep this website current.

    Enjoy your special day!
    Rita Edwards

  17. Happy Birthday Dr. Kenny!

    Thank you for helping me to better understand myself and who I am……a teen who happens to be blessed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome and for treating me and my family with compassion, dignity and respect.
    And from my Mom…..She says Happy Birthday too and wants to thank you for giving her hope and encouragement that we are doing great and are on the right road of this journey! She thinks that you’ve truly been a breath of fresh air and provided positive support along a journey that has been filled with stigma, negative attitudes, comments and criticisms from those who just don’t understand. All the best in 2012 Dr. Kenny!

    • Hi Transformer Teen – great to hear from you, and thank you so much for the great message on my birthday. I really appreciate it. I hope you are enjoying SK. My transformers miss you – there’s a new one no one can figure out LOL

  18. You educated me about some of the challenges I faced both as the parent of an ADD child, and an adult-diagnosed ADDer. Particularly, the continuing ADHD/ADD stimulant shortage in the US.

  19. Happy Birthday Dr. Handelman!!
    I love your live seminars and talks. I have gain some much knowledge from you and the other speakers. I am so glad for all your help. I just love your website. I wish you lived in my town so i could meet in person. Thanks for all you do. We appreciate it.

  20. Happy Birthday to my dear friend Dr.Kenny
    The Very best help I got is a non stop mails with posts and views n added suggestion And all But the most Important of all was the very face that we are not alone ,A: Fighting for n Against ADD
    But their are millions like us out in the world over. AND B: We are the ones with The Most Strongest Team of the era to handle the difference of Gods Best Creations called any names, labeled any thoughts along but I see only the positive side to of the story so call it a condition or what every/ADD.My vision can see what the so called add`s have the whole world does not and that is my friend your kind help n support now and will always be My God bless you with endless love and great days always.
    Kiran Sharma
    Major IN Psychology
    Special Educator

  21. Hello Kenny, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Timing is everything and you’re timing coming into this world, was perfict!!!
    I’m not just saying that becease we now have computers with Spell Check now, BUT it sure does help, I’m ADHD and Dyslexic! Unfourtunily the other side of that coin is that with the convinces and help aids, came the communication age, and it is getting harder harder to keep up!
    I am studying for the National Loan Originator Mortgage test. And it really looks like they are trying to weed us out.
    Has anyone else noticd this?
    Sharing our experiences can make all the difference in the world!
    Has anyone else noticed this or experienced this crazy test,
    The number of acyranems ,acts, and amendments and sections is beyand belife!
    I’m trying to get the testing time limit extended, is their any other accomadations I should be asking for? Or should I even be asking for anything at all? I am a bit worried, I will be putting a big flag on my head.
    Thank you, Kenny for being born in time, to lead us through the inns and outs of the comunication age and for preparing a this great place for us .

  22. Happy Birthday. You have helped to broaden my perspective and raise my consciousness about ADHD. It has not always left me with a clear picture as to what information is relevant and helpful, but being aware of its broad scope helps with discerning and discriminating the information. It is both bigger and smaller than I ever realized

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You’ve inspiring and strengthened me so much. It is really relieving to know that there are people (outside the circle of problem-means ADD person and their fam)who really care about this issue, and walking with us through the same path. You are really understand the root of my problems, struggles, confuseness, and even frustration feelings as the mother of a 11y.o ADHD boy. I’ve learned a lot of things from ur regular email to mine. I’ve became more understand and a lot wiser when I have to deal with difficulties in raising my boy. Thank you so much! I wish you a good health, a long and prosperous life, a happy family living and children that respect you… (hehehe..I am chinese; so I really like to make a longgg wishes in a good day, e.g. a birthday..)

  24. Dear Dr. Kenny
    Belated happy Birthday. Sorry I did not open my email yesterday. Better late than never :) Just want to say thanks for all your posting. It gave me knowledge to know more about this topics. You help me to have this knowledge. God Bless.

  25. Happy Birthday Dr. Kenny,

    You have helped me many ways first in recognizing my “difference” and being able to determine what they are. Also you’ve helped me as friend with your honesty, and reminders of things I know I should be doing but wasn’t because of focus.

    Thanks for all you do for so many, and again Happy Birthday!

  26. Yes you have help me. I am taking an Omega-3 supplement daily at a regular dose. I don’t know what a safe extra dose is and I don’t like taking changes on guessing.
    I think it is helping the condition but Omega-3 good for your health anyway.
    It’s also nice to see a doctor who has a true concern to help people with not an easy condition like Add.

  27. Happy Birthday Dr. Handelman

    Yes, I would like to take a moment because since I was diagnosed with ADHD almost a year ago, I have been to your website many times. I also signed up to receive your newsletter because I can relate to a lot of the information and find it to be very helpful and comforting.

    I really didn’t think that the medicine for ADHD did anything to help me at first. I thought about giving it up all together before I thought about telling my doctor this. I read some of the posts on your website & some of your replies and I decided to discuss it with him at my next visit. He had originally started me out on 30mgs a day of Vyvanse. I now take 60mgs a day and today I feel as close to normal as I ever have. I used to think I would never be able to manage anything but I have been sticking to my meds and a routine that help a great deal and for the most part, I’m staying on track. Had your information not been available, I’m sure I wouldn’t have continued with the doctor visits or the medication. Thanks again Dr. Kenny!!

  28. Dr. Dr. Kenny: Happy Birthday!! I have written on occasions first to thank you and let you know that you saved my son. I am a very vocal advocate of ADHD. I blead for the children and adults who have not been diagnosed. My son still struggles as a young adult professional but you have given him the tools he needs to overcome some of his problems. I will not give up on trying to help him and thanks to you , you make that possible. Again, happy birthday.

  29. Your constant e-mails remind me of what a common disorder ADHD is and make me wonder why there is such a lack of knowledge among those that should know so much more (i.e. teachers, etc.) as they must be encountering this daily in their work.

  30. I saw a video on Tara’s Expo that you did, and I remember saying to myself “I wish I had had someone like you in my corner when I was a kid.” I like the word difference as well. Happy Birthday!

  31. Happy Belated Birthday. I’m not quick at checking email. I’ve learned to recognize behaviors as either teen-related or ADHD–at least sometimes! Trying to be a more patient and understanding parent. And realizing that I’m married to someone with ADD/ADHD. Thank you. And Happy Birthday again!

  32. My Husband has ADD so I’m still reading and learning, but I just wanted to say that my birthday is the 3rd too :) Happy Birthday!

  33. I first heard you on the great parenting show at least two seasons ago. I think you recommended the book the explosive child. That really helped me and I started following your blog, emails and member site. I like all the audio available. I can listen while I work and find it helps me stay on task, guess my mind is too busy to wander!
    The thing I like most about you is that you are genuinely concerned about helping people! You encourage us to be educated advocates for our healthcare.
    Hope your birthday was awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  34. Dear Dr Kenny,

    Happy, happy birthday to you, and may your year to follow be as happy as it is today.

    As a nurse I read and care about every aspect of your expertise. Sadly, there is a very fine line (mostly for the average general public) between ADHD … and plain old fashioned spoiled-rotten brat syndrome. Your work has cleared so much “grey areas” in our community. With much thanks.

  35. Not only have you enriched my understanding and perspective of ADHD, you did so in such a way that I could share it with the parents and students at my Learning Center.Your positive view is a strong rope for many to grab. Mostly, you make me wish I could work with you for awhile so I could absorb more and help others in my area who need all the information they can obtain.
    Thanks so very much……many more years to you.

  36. Hi Dr. Kenny!
    I come from Quebec city and I ordered and bought your book just a couple of weeks ago. I am in the process of getting an evaluation for my pre-school boy for ADHD. He is adorable, loving, dynamic, creative and I wish that everyone would see him that way. I am really grateful for giving me true hope that I can help him to manage his negative symptoms without changing his personnality. And since he is so young, hopefully he will grow, learn and reach his full potential without having to re-build his self-esteem first (like so many ADD individuals had to).
    Thanks and happy birthday!

  37. Happy birthday, Doc! You gave my son and me hope and reliable information to act on his condition. You validated my own approach of working from the strengths of ADHD instead of the negatives of it. You gave me a place as a mom to find non-medicated info to help deal with our situation. For all that and more, thank you and God bless.

  38. You helped introduce me to the world of ADHD by making helpful information so accessible from in print, online, audio and video. (and next time you are in Ottawa – in person). It is comforting to know you and others together are helping concerned parent better understand and support children who behave and learn differently.

  39. Happy birthday, I just wanted to say that your article on alternative medications was very helpful,as it gave me a method to determine how to evaluate herbal remedies and perscription medications for Adhd. Thanks alot keep up the posts.

  40. One of our parents had recommended and spoken of your website and is thankful to have access to a professional who is accessable and an expert on ADD, ADHD. Our program can now recommend your site so I expect we will see other parents benefit as well.

  41. Sent in by Email by Michelle:

    Hi Dr. Kenny,
    I do not tweet, so could you post this for me.
    You have helped me understand more about ADHD and what the medications do for the child. I was very reluctant to start my son on medication as he has Tourrette’s and I was very, very worried that the symptoms that had just diminished would return. Several physicians had suggested starting him on other meds prior to starting one of the stimulants and I hated the thought of all those meds ( cocktail ) being given to him. I happened to come across a site that had your lecture series on ADHD and your in-depth explanations done in a very calm methodical manner helped my husband and myself to take the plunge. My son’s paediatrician did not want to start with the other meds and just went straight to concerta. We have not looked back. He has made great gains at school and socially.
    Thank you
    Michele Aitken

  42. Hi Dr.Kenny,
    Remember me your crisis dept. colleague at Sickkids?You were a Resident,remember??? Anyway,I learned a lot more about medications and related issues.I also found the alternatine treatment strategies info very interesting.Can you expand in this area more?
    Thanks a lot,Carmen

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