It’s My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?

birthday 150x150 Its My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?It’s February 3rd, 2012 and that means I’m one year older today.

41 years old, to be specific.

It may be weird to ask for a birthday present… but I’m going to do it anyway (heck, it’s my birthday – there’s no harm in asking…)

Will you share one thing that I’ve been able to help you with in the past year with ADD/ADHD?
It could be that I helped you change your perspective and inspired you. Or maybe you learned about a new strategy, medication or alternative treatment that could help. Whatever it is – however small or big, I’d love to hear it.

This blog, my emails and all of the information that I share is meant to help you (and our society at large) to understand ADD/ADHD better, and to get the right perspective on ADD/ADHD. I focus on differences rather than deficits, encourage a strength based approach and I believe that knowledge is power – i.e. when you have the right information, you can make the best health choices.

Nothing could be better than hearing how my material has helped you.

Just leave a comment on this post.

It would make my day.

Thanks in advance icon smile Its My Birthday. Will You Do Me a Favor?

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  1. Dr.Kenny,I’m not comfortable that this reply box,is left,empty and open,with all my info there.I would not at all, want somebody else sending you a comment,whereby,I was not the author!Can we somehow get around this?Thanks a lot,Carmen

  2. Dear Mr. Handelman;

    Thank you for your newsletter in general. I am watching videos and reading articles that you have presented to me. It is good to know that there are alternative options to those that I had when I was diagnosed. I am hoping that soon I will be able to avail myself of coaching as I think that might help me move forward. I attempted one of the medications that you had mentioned, however, it made me nauseous and I had to stop them. I will keep looking. thank you again.

    Best Regards,
    Deborah A. Lambert

  3. Hey Dr. K…
    I am a 47 y.o diagnosed with ADHD 2 yrs ago. This diagnosis followed my 35 day stint in rehab for an opiate addiction.
    What I have had difficulties with ALL my life is relationships. The difficulty….they NEVER last more than 5 years. In fact, my Mom asked about my “5 year plan” with my current love. Very discouraging. This relationship WILL last as I am working very hard at figuring out my “self”. So, in answer to your question…you are helping me in the relationship area.

    As a side note: I was being treated with Concerta, however the nursing regulatory body considers that a “relapse” and I am now off it. Even though my contract states that “medications prescribed by a physician aware of your addiction will be allowed…” My family doc diagnosed the ADHD, however he called my addiction doc to discuss treatment. Together they both decided the best treatment would be Concerta. The doctor the nursing body has appointed to monitor me is the doctor that prescribed it. My license was again suspended. So unfair….anyway…I can REALLY tell the difference. I am a mess. Any suggestions? I may just have to go back on it. I am not nursing right now anyway.

  4. Kenny

    I came to your site to get the title of your book for someone. Happy belated birthday.

    Did you know that Rex’s birthday is 2.4? But he is not 41.

    What I learned from Dr. Kenny is that he knows more about ADD than any doctor, that is why I recommend his book to anyone how asks.

    Hope to see you in Fl. in April.


  5. Hi Dr. Kenny! Very late b-day wish at this point but I just signed up! I hope you had a great birthday! My husband and I are watching your DVDs of Medication Mastery and it has helped increase our understanding of ADHD medications immensely! We have a child with ADHD, probable Aspergers, and anxiety. He has also had traumatic events in his young life, and has been seeing a therapist on and off for a few years. We felt so overwhelmed with what to treat first, how to treat, and the scary media coverage of treatments. But we’re completing module #6 right now, and I feel much more confident!
    Do you ever have online Q&A’s? We’d be interested in asking a few questions, but are not in your area, and can’t find a list for child psychiatrists. Maybe we’ll see you yet! All the best!

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