Generic Adderall XR – New Formulations

Adderall XR went generic in the US in April 2009. I wrote an initial blog post about it here: Generic Adderall XR. You can also review the nature of generic medicines in an article here: Are Generics The Same?.

While my initial thoughts were that the generic Adderall XR was very similar to the trade brand (made by Shire), the comments on my blog post made it clear that many people are finding that the generic version of Adderall XR just doesn’t work as well as it is supposed to.

As DS writes:

“After the first week, I really felt a difference, but tried to put it out of my mind. My shoulder and rib cage is sore, I don’t sleep and I am snapping at people all day, all night. This is not the same drug mixture/compound. It cannot possibly be. I feel tired from the lack of sleep, moody/agressive/weepy (not me!), sore (for no apparent reason) and just plain out of sorts.

Has anyone had any luck figuring out why some of us are feeling this hell-ish effect from the generic version?

- Sleepless (and crabby) in Seattle

The original generic Adderall XR was produced by the pharmaceutical company Teva.

Now, two more pharmaceutical companies will be joining the production of Adderall XR:

  1. Impax Pharmaceuticals will begin to ship its own version of Adderall XR at the end of 2009/early 2010. You can read more about this here.
  2. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals just settled a law suit with Shire (the original makers of Adderall XR) to allow them to make a generic version of Adderall XR as well. It is not clear when their production and distribution will begin. You can read about this here.

Why Are These Generics Coming?

When a pharmaceutical company creates a new medicine, they get a patent for a certain number of years. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get their drug to market, and then they have a number of years to profit from their medicine, before it goes ‘generic’ and other pharmaceutical companies start to manufacture the medicine (and they sell it for less).

Even when a medicine is within its patent, the generic pharmaceutical companies start law suits to challenge the patents – i.e. to see if they can start to market the drug earlier, and increase their profits. It seems that the companies that are now manufacturing and selling generic Adderall XR have pursued the legal process to challenge Shire’s patent, and they are now in the position to start to manufacture and profit from this medicine.

What does this mean to you?

Well, although I initially thought that the generic Adderall XR wouldn’t cause problems for people – there are 94 comments on my original blog post which essentially prove me wrong – i.e. many people are struggling with the generic form of the medicine.

Here is where it gets complicated.

If you used to be on the Shire Adderall XR, and then the Teva generic comes out – your pharmacy or insurance gives you the ‘cheaper’ version. Let’s say it doesn’t work as well for you, but because of the finances, or your insurance’s policy, you work with your doctor, adjust the dose and make it work.

Now, your pharmacy, or insurance company may make a deal with Impax – to get their new version of generic Adderall XR. Now, the formulation is slightly different again. Translation – you may have a different response or reaction to the new version of the generic than you did to the first one. You’ll need to go to your doctor, advocate at your insurance, and see if you can get on the medicine which works best for you.

Of course, if you can afford it – you can always ask your doctor for a prescription for Adderall XR – No Substitution (this means that your doctor is insisting that you get the original adderall xr only). The thing is that your insurance can refuse to pay for it, even if your doctor is that specific.

This can be complicated for you, or your child if you take Adderall XR. Best to monitor your symptoms, and work with your doctor to find the best solution for you.

Please share your thoughts and comments below. Your input is tremendously helpful to thousands of other people who come to this blog and learn from your experience.

All the best,

Dr. Kenny

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  1. WoW! For once it sounds as if Bc/BS is looking out for the consumer. XR name brand is much better than the generics. Don’t even consider using the Teva version of the generic. (just look at some of the horror stories earlier in this conversion thread.

    When I was off of insurance, and had to pay full price for XR, it was much better that getting cheap generic. Unemployment only goes so far, but it is better for me -not- to take Adderoll at all if the only choice is generic.
    The primary problem these days is consistency in the quanitity/quality of the name brand.

    I have not heard on anyone having a good reaction with any of the generics. Some one might have had good experiences with a generic Adderoll, but I have not heard about it.

    The usual issue with insurance companies is that they would only pay for the generic and not for the name brand.

  2. I got the generic thanks to a screw-up at rite-aid.

    Figured- eh, I’ll take them back in a couple days if it doesn’t work the same.

    A month later, after taking 30mg/day for a couple years without incident, I can state unequivocally that this is not the same medicine.

    I’m ANGRY. As in FURIOUS. Not about the mix-up, but rather as a side-effect of the medicine. Plus, it does nothing for the ADD. Might as well be an angry pill.

    The adderall is so-so to begin with but I’ve tried everything else. This generic crap is a blue capsule with little writing on it [very tricky] but it is not the same medicine. I recommend that you avoid it if possible.

    The only thing that ever really helped was provigil. Blue cross wouldn’t cover and $23/day was brutal on top of my insurance premium.

    FU Rite aid for stealing a month of my life.

  3. The other big difference that I have noticed is that I have had food & sugar cravings. Very big appetite change. This is not at all like me; other than this generic switch, I am pretty consistent.

    I actually got out of bed in search of candy/chocolate a couple nights ago [I'm easting a hershey bar thinking "why the hell am i eating this hershey bar?"]. It was like having the munchies.

    I talked about it with my wife the couple times it has happened, and attributed it to stress or whatever, but it is the generic xr.

    Basically, I have been out of sorts all month and am too dense to have figured out why. Presently making the connection that this medicine switch really mixed me up. If equivalent = identical, this generic adderall xr is not equivalent. The nonsense about it all being made by Shire must be just that – Shire has to be leaving something out of the mix to the generics.

    Two nights this month I woke up with charlie horse type calf cramps. This month also. This has not happened to me before.

    Very hard getting to sleep [good job on that at the generic factory].

    This was my first and last experience with this fake medicine.

    It should be assayed for purity – it is not right to tinker with peoples’ neurochemistry. Insurance, big pharma, they are all in cahoots.

    • I have been on adderall xr for 10 years and still got sugar cravings until I got some whole foods based vitamin supplements through my chiropracter (Standard Process brand). Within a week of taking chromium, magnesium and zinc (always tested low with regular supplements in each and chromium did the trick) my cravings disappeared. No one told me this would happen, I just observed that I no longer had cravings.
      I will never stop these supplements!
      The ADD I had all my life, that was overcome with self-discipline and no medicine, was severely exacerbated by a hemmorhagic stroke. The adderall just helps me maintain focus on my tasks. Of course it does have some hunger abating properties but nothing ever worked on the sugar craving until the supplements were begun.
      I despair the thought of having to give up the original formulation when we lose our corporate BCBS covereage at retirement. Just one day off my adderall and I lose all ability to focus on any subject or task.
      What can we do about companies getting to change the original formula by substituting lesser ingredients?

    • It’s 2019, and the generics have only gotten worse. Patients have been complaining of how bad these are since 2011?? Not okay.

  4. After reading a number of posts, I thought I should check what I’m taking. I am 6 days from the end of my current Rx and have one ready to fill this week. So, in looking at the physical capsules of Adderall XR 30 (brand), I noticed something odd. On some of the caps, the text “Adderall XR” is printed on the clear end and “30mg” is printed on the opaque, orange end. On other caps, this is reversed. I also happen to take Lilly’s Cymbalta, which has green and blue ends on the capsules and both ends are consistently labeled. I expect this on-capsule print variation on Adderall XR points to a clear deficiency in process consistency…typically a no-no in the eyes of the FDA. I know…I used to work for Lilly.

  5. I checked my remaining capsules — out of 20, 70% or 14 have Adderal XR printed on the opaque, 6 have it printed on the clear end of the caps. Very odd indeed. I have never checked before, but I will on all future refills to determine whether it’s the exception or the rule. Oddly enough, up until a month ago I too was taking Cymbalta and mine are labeled consistently on the dark blue end of the capsule. Will post results of next refill. thanks!

  6. Generic Adderall does not work for me. I noticed with the first pill that something was wrong. It has absolutely no effect on me. I wish the FDA and insurance companies would get their act together. Because this drug literally keeps me alive.

  7. Thank you to everyone who posted here, because I now do not feel like I’m crazy or that something is wrong with me. Not only is the generic not the same mixture, it’s also very inconsistent. I was taking the brand name Adderall XR because my insurance would not accept generic… I wondered why they would refuse the generic brand, but now I completely understand. They must know it is a ripoff as well. I was recently laid off and my insurance is no longer. Even though it is going to be very expensive for me, it is more expensive than monetary cost when you look at the positive aspects that the actual Adderall has had on my life. It’s not worth losing that by any means.

  8. My daughter had been on brand name Adderall for a year, then we switched her to a generic brand, because of insurance reasons. She did well on that generic brand for 6 months, then out of no where they quit working. For two months my daughter complained that her pills did absolutely nothing but make her nervous. So when I went in to get a refill at Walgreens they made a comment about the generic brand they carried had switched to Teva brand. So I went home and checked our old refill receipts/printout and sure enough right when they switched brands is when her meds quit working. We have gotten only brand name since then and she has had no complaints. We lost our insurance over the summer and are now looking into generic again, maybe global brand. I don’t know if I want to mess with the generic or not. I might just bite the bullet and fork out the $300 for the brand name.

    My son was doing great first semester last year on Adderrall XR 20mg, then everything went down hill second semester. We ended up DOUBLING his dosage which of course concerned me greatly. During a med check with the doctor, he asked of we were on the generic and the lightbulb went on! The change had occured right at that crossover point. We do not medicate on weekends, unless homework dictates, or long breaks and summer. This summer there were a few time he needed the focus for college apps, etc. and we did medicate. I had since gotten the name brand Adderrall xr in hand. I gave him that but DID not mention anything to my son. When I questioned him about his focus that day, he said it was great! Just like first semester! A week or so later he was working on a project and I gave him the generic and did not mention it. When asked about his focus that day, he had a very non-committal, “ehh” and he had accomlished a lot less!

    I’ve asked a couple of pharmacists about the generic and none think that should be an issue especially since it is made by Shire. With a growing teen it is hard to tell whether it’s med or growth related but after my own “blind test” I really think there is a difference.

    It is bad enough to have to medicate your child for anything on a a daily basis but to keep pumping meds into him with barely an effect other than the nasty side effects of appetite and sleep loss then have him struggle the way he had to second semester… I’m beyond furious! What can we do to being this to the attention of the FDA or someone who can correct the problem???

  10. @kh, you can live without adderall, you just need to gradually stop taking it or come to the realization that if you take this for the rest of your life, you will be facing some pretty nasty long term side effects down the road… at one point or another, everyone stops taking it cus they dont wanna die of a heart attack by age 30. just giving you a heads up cus your life wont last long on speed

  11. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the generic adderall xr to “not work” It is manufactured by Shire, the same company who makes the brand and not a single ingredient is different. In fact, when it first came out, some of the generic capsules still said adderall on them!!! I am sorry, but when something is the same, it is the same. By the way, the same holds true for the Barr/Teva brand of the generic IR tablets, as they are manufactured by the same company, Teva as the brand. I find it interesting that people who take the brand name of this formulation had no problems when Teva bought the product from Shire. Teva, by the way is primarily a generic drug manufacturer.

    • The name brand Adderall XR is manufactured by Shire. They no longer manufacture the IR formulation nor do they pass them off to be made generic. Teva, and apparently one other company are the producers of the XR versions that are stamped with M.AMPHET and the corresponding mg. I have heard nothing but bad stories about these pills and never anything but good about the original, name-brand, Shire produced Adderall XR’s

  12. @ Dan
    Are you speaking as someone who works for one of these companies? I’m curious because after further research, I have learned that the “delivery” component within the medication can be different than the active ingredient. This can cause people to absorb the medicine at different rates. The FDA regulates the active ingredients and only requires the generic to be within 10% (over or under) of the amount in the name brand. They also DO NOT require testing as that has been done on the name brand and why the name brand is so expensive. So I was wondering if you knew if Barr or Teva was using another delivery method. Obviously each person handles each drug differently so if Shire is different than Barr and Teva, that possibility exists. I could be wrong but I thought I read that Teva and Barr bought the active ingredient from Shire not the entire product. Also, in checking with the Vons pharmacist, there is a Shire branded generic which my son was not on. I have to but mine from the CVS mail order and they use Teva. If I could buy from Vons, I would be wiling to try the Shire generic.

    Since my post, my son has been back in school. I have switched my son between the generic and name brand and there is a dramatic difference in results. He has no idea this was happening but would cpme home complaining about his focus level. I have since thrown out the generic. I also noticed the bottle noted Teva as the manufacturer. In doing more research and talking to

  13. It would seem logical that a generic from the same company would work almost as well as the name brand. The generic TEVA formulation is a disaster. In almost all cases, the current counter indication for the TEVA version requires that it _not_ be used in patients under 21. As far as I know, the other generics do not have this listed as an issue. That the others have different issues, is well understood.

    I think we all would want the generic Adderall to work as well as the name brand. It would be so much less expensive. In practice, most of the people that I’ve met that use prescribed Adderall have had major issues with each of the generics.
    The frustration level because the shire generics are so much trouble is incredibly high. We all wish it were otherwise.

    Three sets of pharmacies (local in texas, kroger, Walmart and CVS) have not been able to get the generics because of the current recall. (The recall was given as the reason for the back order) No problems if you want the brand name version..

    just a side note: Working with the doctor, I reduced the dosage of the Adderall (in conjunction with blood pressure issues) and added the use of Deplin. The theory is that it reduces the threshold of XR related transfer.

    I don’t know enough to say that it increases serotonin uptake or that reduces loss via membrane transfer.

    summary: Moving from Adderall XR to a generic should be watched carefully. In many cases, the changes are dramatic but because of situation, the patient doesn’t detect that the changes are due to the change of formulation. Many people have an increase in bad symptoms. Most teens and many adults have increases in suicidal thoughts.

    On two occasions (once because I didn’t understand the difference, and once because the pharmacy disregared the notice of brand-only) when I change to generic, my attitudes and impulsive reaction lead to situations where I got fired.
    Twice. Finding good work is really hard these days. Brand Name adderall is much cheaper than being unemployed.

    Not using any form of Adderall is safer than using the generic form (currently)

  14. generic or not, how about the suppliers get some product on the shelves so we can get our scripts filled … it’s a bit frustrating running all around town trying to find a pharm that has product in stock.

  15. Can a company claim patent for compounding two generics into a fixed dose combination?Also can a company get patent protection for reformulating a generic eg an injectable-(original) to a patch?

  16. I have been taking Adderall XR for more than 10 years. My doctor always prescribes the name brand only…. no substitutions allowed. When I inquired, he explained that as a doctor in the army, the pharmacist who was in charge of ordering all the drugs, medical supplies etc, told him that he never ordered generic drugs. He further explained that generics have a 17% window… meaning the active ingredient can be 17% higher or lower than the name brand, without any way of knowing, as well as varying binders from varying generic companies. The FDA allows this 17% variance…. Remember that the next time your doc writes you a prescription.

  17. Also…. Shire has since sold their patent for Adderall XR to Barr pharmaceuticals, so don’t be alarmed if you see the name Barr instead of Shire on your name brand Adderall XR labels. Hope this helps.

  18. @ Teresa
    It is true that for some sustained released products the release or delivery system may be different (generic Wellbutrin for depression and procardia for hypertension come to mind) but this is not the case for Adderall. Adderall XR is not a true generic. It is what is called an authorized generic where the originator contracts with a generic company to supply a “generic” but continues to manufacturer it and the two split profits. It is a ploy when drugs are going off patent that pharma uses to hold on to some money. This is why some insurance companies still price it as brand. The products, however are identical. I do not work for Teva or Shire, just a community pharmacist and if your son feels the brand is better, by all means ask for it. I have learned that that is a battle not worth fighting. I offer the generic as required by law, but if the doc or patient wants brand than so be it. In this case, there really should be no difference as they are identical down the the last excipient, but to each their own.

    • @Dan
      Thank you, as I appreicate you taking the time to write an explanation. He’s definitely taking a differrent dose with name brand at 20mg and the generic at 40mg. So for now while he’s in school, we cannot afford to experiment. But I’m willing try it again over a break as the generic is certainly cheaper. I have been told that an oral generic capsule content may be 7% over or 7% under the stated content, e.g. a 100 mg. capsule may be as low as 93 mg. or as high as 107 mg. Wouldnt’ that have an effect?

    • @ Dan….It continues to amaze me that people continue to run to the defense of Shire and their fraudulent practices. I started my investigation of Shire and the generic issue a couple of years ago. I was switched from the brand name Adderall XR to Shire’s generic version of the same to try to conserve money, under the assumption that because Shire was producing the generic that it would be the same. Boy, was I wrong. After the switch, I began having major side effects-headaches, chest pains, racing heartbeat, pain in my legs, and EXTREME anxiety and panic attacks. I contacted Shire to inform them of what I was experiencing. The spokesman for Shire said, “They both come off the same line. There is no difference.” I told him that what he was saying made absolutely no sense at all. The generic cannot be the same exactly, otherwise there would be no difference in price, not to mention that they would not stop the imprint machine and then switch to the generic marked capsules. I also informed him that the blogs were full of such complaints. That is when they switched me to another department and I got the same run-around!
      I also called the FDA and filed a report with them about my experience with the generics. My wife and son both take Adderall XR, as well and they report the same problems. I mention it to my neuro-psychiatrist, who opened a drawer full of generic prescriptions that were turned over to him which he regularly sends back to Shire with formal complaint letters.
      It still makes no sense that the FDA approved Shire to stamp the name brand with both Adderall XR and mixed amphet. salts. The generic can only be stamped Mixed Amphet. Salts. I think this is complete fraud and unethical. Interesting that suddenly, there was/is a shortage in the generics as well as the brand name. It is my opinion that Shire will have to answer for this. I hope sooner than later!
      Unless you have actually taken both the name brand and the generic, then I would suggest you refrain from saying, “there is no difference.”. So my question to you is, have you taken them both? If not, then it would be advisible not to take sides in the issue!

        • I have. It is a bit different. I took brand for yeArs and then i lost my insurance so i tried the generic for about 6 monthsIf i had a reason to get upset, I FLIPPED OUT instead of getting mad. I lost 5 lbs and im already thin enough. I was falling asleep in the morning at work but then when i took my second dose in the afternoon inwas wide awake. When i got my insurance back my phRmacy gave me brand and the first day i took it, i remember waiting online at a store regster and my second dose hit me and i was like WOW THIS IS REALLY STRONG. And ive been more productive ever since

      • I have taken both the teva brand amphet… And new sandoz amphet… labeled e 404 the sandoz made me tired and I cant focus I took 90mg n still nothing. I was on the teva brand of amphet… 30mg and it worked great focused in class and my motivation was great. I was on teva brand for 3+ yrs and now I dont kno what to do this month with finals around the corner! Also the sandoz brand is no wheres near as bulky as the teva brand. My pharmacy was running immensly low on all amphets…. now all of a sudden they have plentyyyy of this new crap brand ,sandoz, n its the same prices I payed before! I feel like a zombie I was more alert this mornimg before I took this new shitt

      • I have taken Adderall XR and Vyvanse, I stayed with Vyvanse for a bit of time until I lost my insurance, I payed out of pocket until I could ask my doctor to switch me to Adderall XR because my insurance covers it and I pay the remainder… absolutely no problem in comparison to the other price. I drop off the script, come back two days later when I could legally pick it up and see a red bottle full of solid blue pills… I was really hesitant, because my doctor really made a random comment as she walked in just to say, they cover adderall. Your insurance covers actual Adderall. I was not seeing what I was perscribed… or even a generic. That began the worst week of mental and physical hell I couldn’t describe… cause I had no Idea that the Adderall the pharmacist took upon herself, ta save a few bucks, to give me was what could only be described as the bad trip some asshole brought in to my life. something went terribly wrong. I first felt very little effect, but very tired, then as heavy and glazed over I was, there were no signs of focus or motivation in sight; couldn’t rest and regroup, read my lessons; or laugh for that matter. I was getting dumber by the day. Through blind blurry words was what I tried to read and process the information, a big awkward cloudy fog… I was exhausted but couldn’t rest… emotional, sad and disappointed in myself, I had a group assignment at school and made a fool of myself… a paper due on Monday but my thoughts are so short, disjointed and disconnected and eventually pointless. I have nothing to do but wait this drug out of my system. I don’t know what it is… but I’m in pain, I’m tired but can’t rest, toss and turn and can’t believe… the script that read Adderall XR was what helped me get my thoughts out in a comprehensive way… not struggle to start and finish… now this generic blue abomination at this point is gonna have a lot of people in a very bad situation.

  19. @ solo

    Change in dosage form would be a new drug and require full approval not an ANDA. I would also like to talk about the so called 20% variance the FDA allows. There are virtually no drugs that vary by more than a very tiny fraction (maybe 1%) If they did, they would be fair game for other drug companies to say, look our product is 20% better than theirs. There is only one major drug that I am aware that the generic varied by this much (Dilantin, phenytoin) and the newest generic actually did a study showing that it truly has the same pharmacokinetic profile as the Dilantin. Now again, for Adderall XR this would not be the case as they are identical.

    • Again, Dan, my question to you is, have you taken either the generic or name brand Adderall XR or IR for that matter? If you have not, then again I say, You have nothing relevant to add to this discussion except quoting your Rx manuals…I understand what they are “supposed to do,” That is not the issue here! We are all aware of what the regs are that pharma’s are expected to follow. In the case of Shire, they are not following them! You can say they are the same til you are blue in the face, but until you have tried them both in a blind test, then you do not have complete information. Quit telling us they are the same! They are not! Too many have complained and continue to complain about their differences. I spoke with my neuro-pysch this week about this issue once again. He is still having multiple patients bringing him the “trash” generic Adderall XR which he is sending in droves back to Shire. We are not all crazy. Shire will answer for this whether with the FDA or in court. One way or the other this will get exposed as FRAUD!

  20. The bottom line on authorized generics is unless you have actually taken them you really are not able to add anything relevant to the conversation. If we were able to resolve the medication issues we encounter by reading pharmaceutical literature, we wouldn’t need Dr. Handelman’s blog. We come here to discuss issues with others who have similar experiences, and to gain insights into the problems we face. I have taken the authorized generic (Teva) for Adderall XR 30 mg and the fact is, they Don’t Work. Period. Unless you have taken the medication, telling us they do work is ludicrous and truthfully, insulting.

    • Exactly, lakemcdougall…I am sick and tired of hearing from pharmacists that they are the same! I always ask the pharmacists, “Have you taken either or both name brand and generic Adderall?” I always get the same reply. “No, I haven’t.” Well, then you obviously don’t know about the side-effects or the fact that the generic doesn’t work! Until someone has taken them both, they will never know. (Unless you start listening to the multitudes who have had issues with the generics)

      My neuro-psychiatrist has taken them both and has reported extensive side-effects, as well. You know, he knows this medication considering he has been in practice for over 35 years treating ADD/HD. (By the way, I started having the side-effects long before talking with him about it, so it isn’t just my imagining that there are differences.) Once I changed to the name brand, miraculously the ill-effects went away and I was back to normal.

      Bottom Line:
      I could care less what ANY pharmacist says until they have actually taken both drugs and endured what we the unsuspecting public have dealt with!

  21. I do not have ADHD, so fortunately do not need to take Adderall. If you read my posts I said if you feel the brand is better, by all means ask for it. I really am an advocate for patients and like to give them what they want. I do not work for Shire, never have, and personally feel that pharma does do many conniving and borderline unethical things. However, unless they are utterly lying about their manufacturing processes (which I have no way of knowing), I stand by my statement that they are the same. They can price them differently because it costs them next to nothing to produce them. You are paying for R&D costs when you purchase drugs which can be billions of dollars. You guys are getting hostile for no reason. If you ever came to my pharmacy and asked for brand name anything, I will give it to you and not think twice about it. But, anectdotal evidence is not true science, and psychiatric conditions do not have measurable metrics, so it is very diffIcult to say that this drug can lower this or raise that when talking about diseases of the mind. Any doctor or pharmacist knows this but wants to see their patients improve, so if they feel the brand works better, no medical professional in their right mind would tell them they have to take the generic. But, people are putting false info here. There is no difference in indication for age as someone said. Shire did not sell the patent to XR as someone said. There is no difference in release mechinism as another said. I am just trying to be helpful, but would NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, tell a patient to take the generic if they do not want it.

    • Dan,
      I’m not sure where you went to school, and frankly, I find your claim to have done so rather questionable. I’ve never heard a medical professional use the term “diseases of the mind,” except in medical schools outside of the US and in Ancient Greek texts.

  22. Dr. Handelman,

    With so many complaints over the generics, even the authorized ones are you aware of any legitamate clinical studies testing this? I remember reading ones in school about non-psych drugs but never have seen one for ADHD drugs.

    • @Dan, I’m not surprised you are a pharmacist, because every pharmacist that I’ve tried discussing this issue with has made comments similar in ignorance to those you have posted here. I do not mean to be rude, and I respect the fact that your position required a great deal of education, but this matter is not within the scope of a pharmacist’s education. The lack of empirical scientific data proving the claims of numerous patients does not negate an overwhelming amount of “anecdotal” or experiential evidence, nor should it amplify arrogant doubt.

      I’m sure that you follow all regulations and give your patients what they request, but when you disregard the experiences of countless people as you have done here, you contribute to the problem. Have you researched this yourself, beyond the education you originally received? Clearly you have not.

  23. I have been taking ADD meds for at least 15 years. I started when my son was diagnosed. I have been through ritalin, (awful) dexadrine and adderall, both IR or XR form. Clearly all the XR forms work best for me. I switched from the dexadrine to Adderall because I felt like the generic form of it was not working. And I know people will say it’s all in your head. But when Adderall went to generic the same thing happened. I went from taking one 30mg XR tablet once a day to taking two. One in the morning and one around 3:00 to get me through the day. I have gained so much weight in the last few years due to the amount of sugar I consume. My doctor advised me to cut back on the eating. And he clearly did not understand how anyone could gain weight taking a stimulant. I am not a big eater so the extra calories consumed are in the form of sugar. Before I took any ADD meds I would consume a lot of coffee in a day, maybe 12 plus cups. Then once on the meds, just a few cups. But these sugar cravings are crazy. I never used to get up in the middle of the night and feel like I needed candy of some sort. I am going in for a med check next week and make sure the doc writes for brand name only. He did last time, but the second and third refill were both generic from Walgreens. I should have gone back but just settled. It’s a hassle. I don’t think anyone should comment on the effectiveness of any meds until they take it themselves. Can we all be crazy or is it all in our minds.

  24. I have been researching this issue for months. I have taken adderall made by every manufacturer I believe has made adderall, both IR and XR versions. In order: 2007-2009, Shire’s (brand name) IR tablets. 2009-2010, Shire’s XR, 2010-2011, Global XR (generic), 2011-current, Barr/Teva IR, Sandoz/Eon Labs IR, and CorePharma IR.

    There is an ENORMOUS difference between them, and it is not merely psychological. I didn’t consider a pharmacological difference between the manufacturers as a possibility until last year. Like Dan, I couldn’t fathom there could be anything more than a negligible difference between manufacturers, but when I quit my job to become a full-time student a few months ago and lost insurance, I switched from the generic Global XR to the generic IR tablets. I had already experienced a negative reaction when switching from the brandname XR to the Global XR, but it was somewhat manageable for a time. The change to IR was even more dramatic, and there are multiple obvious factors that could induce such a change, but that’s when I started looking into what others had experienced.

    I became much more irritable when switching from the brandname (Shire) XR to the generic Global XR, but I originally believed it was because my body was adapting to the medication in some way, or because of neuroplasticity-related changes in my brain chemistry. I was still functional with the Global XR at work, but my new demeanor at home nearly destroyed my relationship with my wife.

    When I switched to IR, it was even worse. The 3 IR brands are Barr/Teva (who acquired Shire in 2008), Sandoz/Eon Labs, and CorePharma, and almost everyone I’ve known reacts at least somewhat differently to each one of those as well (out of the IR manufacturers, Sandoz/Eon lab’s IR formulation is best for me personally, but now I need an anti-anxiety medication to not get irritable).

    I know this post is long, but I’m stating all this because of the credentials of this website’s creator (and because I finished my homework with a bit of focus left in me). I deeply empathize with everyone who has lost a little hope in their ADHD treatment progress because of the glaring differences in reactions to different manufacturers and formulations. If you haven’t yet, do a simple google search; A LOT of people are having these issues. Now that I’m in school and have access to peer-reviewed science journals, I’ll research this further there.

    I wonder how many people there are that believe it’s “all in their head”, like I did, because of a pharmacist, doctor, or psychiatrist telling them things similar to what Dan has said. (and it’s not Dan’s or any Doctor’s fault for saying such things, because doubtful responses to this issue are for the most part based on backgrounds of extensive education). This is a real problem for a lot of people. And still, some people may truly not notice any difference in how a different manufacturer’s formulation will affect them.

    I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, about 5 years ago, at the age of 24. Unfortunately, psychiatry and psychiatric medications were considered taboo by my parents (for both legitimate and fear-based reasons), and it took me being kicked out of high school as a teenager, and going through numerous jobs as an adult for me to finally seek help and be diagnosed. I personally believe medication is not the sole answer for most ADHD patients (therapy, exercise, meditation, etc, can also help), but for many people (myself included) it may be the only viable option to begin a path to really managing ADHD symptoms. Without it, I would likely not be where I am today (though I’ve learned some other important coping skills for my disorder and I take less ADHD medication than before). It’s important people voice these concerns, and it is therapeutic to know there are NUMEROUS people having the same issues. Thanks Dr. Handelman for taking our experiences seriously.

    Here are some ADD/ADHD forum discussion links on this topic:

  25. And lastly, you may wonder, like me, what standards do generic drugs need to meet before they go on the market? (Patent issues aside, of course).

    The generic must be shown to be “bioequivalent” to the original brand name, which means it is considered by the FDA to be “therapeutically equivalent”. The FDA has two ratings they give for a generic like Adderall XR to be considered so; either AA, or AB.

    Most generics (including generic adderall XR) receive the AB rating, and there are differences between the two ratings.

    AA rating means “there are no known or suspected bioequivalence problems” (FDA’s website)

    AB rating means “actual or potential bioequivalence problems have been resolved with adequate in vivo and/or in vitro evidence supporting bioequivalence.”

    So, in other words, Teva and/or Global had to show “in vivo” or “in vitro” evidence to resolve possible disparities in therapeutic equivalence. The reliability of the evidence between an “in vivo” study vs an “in vitro” study can vary, depending on many factors.

    Did OJ Simpson kill Nicole Brown? Whatever your opinion about it, OJ Simpson’s lawyer showed enough “evidence” for him to be acquitted of criminal charges.

    Clearly there was “enough evidence” to show generic Adderall XR is therapeutically equivalent to the original, and perhaps many receive the same therapeutic benefit, but personally, I don’t, nor do many others. Notwithstanding the “evidence”.

  26. I have had a problem with the generics for the last year. I lost my insurance and had to switch to Generic to afford my Rx ..WOW, what I got from month to month was a complete mystery. None of the generics worked as well as the Brand. (not even close) When I addressed the problems I was having, the pharmacist simply said “there was NOT a difference between the generic and brand”! This is complete BS!!!!.
    For a year, I had to struggle, not knowing what I would get from month to month as the price continued to go up. How can these drug companies produce such crap and nothave the FDA get involved, as we, the patient suffer. I’ve been onthe same dose for 5 years and never had problems with the brand. If you truly suffer from ADD, not having a good consistant compound is life changing. As a consumer, our hands are tied until the FDA cracks down on the drug compaines.
    Even with the generic IR, ER, there’s a notable difference in efficacy, delivery, side effects etc…
    If you haven’t taken the drug, don’t bother participating in this blog, because you don’t have a clue what your talking about.. you’re simply quoting what you’ve been told by the drug company or you are in bed with them. PERIOD!

  27. i am a 60 yr old male who was diag. w/add 5-6 yr ago. I was in a psych. ward and had a great shrink. He got me the adderall ir 5mg. and told me it would only take about 45 min. to know if it was what i needed. I sat there and after awhile I felt completely diff. after some time I went to 10mg.. It was like a miracle drug for years. It changed my life. That was then and this is now. I have bounced around for diff. reasons with the meds IR XR-20 MG 30 MG. Generics. I never knew about the buy out and formula change. But I have been a mess for months and I feel like my wife is paying the price for my irritation and anger. My family dr. hates generics and was a pharmacist before he was a dr. He says,”THEY ARE NOT THE SAME-PERIOD”!!! How can this happen. It should be exact!! I hate that they can screw with my health(esp. mental). It is torture. So after sev. calls yest. I found a pharmacy who had shire add. xr 30 mg. Of course instead of $15. It was $168.00 w/ insurance. I am very grateful for all of the replies you have put on this site. thanks and the FDA can kiss my butt!!!

  28. You people are morons who say the generic does not work. Teva makes both the brand and generic of Adderall. Shire makes both the brand and generic of Adderall XR. You people are simply stupid.

    • And the reason that so many people are so frustrated is that we have the basic expectation that the generic meds operates the same as the name brand me. “it Should behave the same if it has the same maker and is labeled the same”.

      I for one, would be much happier if (two things) Shire and/or Teva made a quality/dependable product that would produce the results that were advertised. Second, that all of us “morons” would not get harassed by hit-run trolls who have no idea what is being discussed.

      we’re “really stupid” because the observed results doesn’t match the expected results?

    • Clearly you are the moron. Do some research instead of running your mouth.

      Teva DOES NOT MAKE BRAND-NAME ADDERALL XR, ONLY THE IR FORMULA. Teva makes GENERIC Adderall XR (which is labeled ER for the record). Shire still holds the rights to the name brand XR formula until 2018 when it will stop producing it as it did with the IR.

      IN ADDITION, all generic drugs have a 40% equivalence spectrum, meaning that generic IS NOT ALWAYS THE SAME. Only quality manufacturers put the time in to come as close to 99% as possible and Teva is notorious for overlooking quality control.

      So yeah, get off the internet and go back to school, you have quite a bit to learn before you can call people morons you moron.

  29. @Mike, WHO makes the name and genetic of a drug does not implicitly indicate the strength or delivery method used in the two products is the same. In the U.S. strength of the active ingredient(s) for generics is allowed to be a percentage greater or less than the original. Aside from the high cost of developing and advertising a drug, the other area that the drug company can save is on the cost of ingredients. Even a small percentage (1-5%) leveraged over millions of pills can be a savings. To be considered equivalent, the FDA requires (with 90% confidence) that both the maximum concentration (Cmax) and area under the time versus concentration curve (AUC) of the generic product be within 80% to 125% of log-transformed data of the brand. Most generic drug products differ from the brand by less than 4% Generic drug concentrations that vary by more than 10% are unlikely to pass bioequivalence testing. Given our profit-motivated Pharm companies, if there’s a chance to save, they will take it.
    Aside from this, I can only say that my son was on name brand Adderral XR and then we were switched to genetic. Neither of us noticed or recalled that as we filled the prescription right before winter break and he does not take his meds over breaks. In January, he struggled with the schoolwork as if he wasn’t taking his meds. After a month, we tried upping the dosage until we had gone from 20mg to 40 mg in just a two week period. It was working but still not as well. Luckily we had a med check coming up. At the appointment, the doctor asked, are you on a generic and when was that switch made. We put him back on generics and he went back down to 20mg. I personally could not buy into the immense difference between name and genetic brands. Over spring break when he had projects to work on but did not have to contend with school, I gave him generics without telling him. He complained about it not working. Apparently, what SHOULD be and what IS are NOT equivalent!

    • It’s pronounced “generic” and the bio-equivalent drugs need to be between 80% – 120%. That’s a 40% window for error and is a HUGE factor on why some generics are unsuccessful or end up making the problem worse.

      I’ve been on the 20mg ER generic from Teva and have had only 2 good days out of this whole month. Every other day is rittled with roller-coaster effects, severe anxiety leading to panic attacks and annoying physical and psychological symptoms.

      Keep your children on name brand whenever possible or find a different generic not made by Teva. The company is corrupt and constantly has recalls and bad reviews in addition to factory problems. AND being that they make alot of rich people alot richer they have a strong tie in the government which is why the FDA (also notorious for corruption) turns a blind eye to these things and wipes the internet clear of negative PR.

  30. I was glad to find this feedback. Back in February I started taking adderall xr 15mg. The first few months my ins required brand only, which I thought odd costing both of us more $ but ok. In may the GA pharmacy alerted me to the change that generic was covered now, I agreed to try. I noted a significant difference, so the following month I requested the brand name again & was asked to sign a document stating I was opting for the brand name instead. Whether for ins, pharmacy, or other record I have no clue.
    I then moved to TX and upon my first refill here I found it odd that although the rx did not specify either, I was asked if I
    Wanted generic or brand. I was asked again the following refill too. I did opt both times for generic, cost & to give it a longer & fair shot. Awful results in effectiveness, as compared to my most recent back to brand refill just 3 days ago… And yes I was asked again generic or brand! I thought is this a test or trick question?
    I had also over the prior 2 months became curious as to whether the ever increasing numbers of people prescribed, if in fact the generic was being altered in some form? (partial placebo or reductions of actual contents etc…) Conspiracy theory… ok perhaps! But I can say without a doubt for me, the difference of the two: night & day! I truly have lost the last 2 months in my usual productivity.
    I wonder if data is being collected somewhere per patients requests of either, or opting to switch back in spite of absorbing higher costs. ($10 v $50 copay for myself!)
    I also over the years have been told by a few drs & pharmacist that generics can sometimes be as much as 25% less effective.
    And years ago having taken OxyContin when brand was only available… And amid the big court battles of generics & patents. One after another generic forms were being pulled from stores. And Being another time release med, there was a very noticeable difference in the medication’s effectiveness & duration.
    Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’m just glad to know it’s not just me noticing.

  31. I have ADHD and have been taking Adderall XR for almost 7 years. A few years ago my insurance company said I had to take the generic so against my best judgment I did. I was really sick on it. My doctor appealed the insurance company and I was back taking the brand Adderall XR.
    Last month Walgreens gave me the generic version of Adderall XR and immediately I noticed the difference I had headaches, nausea, sugar cravings, I felt high had a strange feeling I can not explain, I had numbness in my face and hands. It even effected my vision. I could not focus or pay attention or stay on task and became very moody.
    I talked with my doctor and they wrote my prescription for the brand name and no product selection was permitted.
    I am back on the brand name Adderall XR made by Shire and feel normal again and all of those strange symptoms are gone. I am able to focus and stay on task and my moods are level.
    This is not the first time I had to battle with pharmacy’s about giving me the generic version. I had one pharmacist make a scene in CVS telling me I did not know what I was talking about there was no difference he talked down to me like I was a child (I am an adult with grown children) and became hostile and rude about the issue.
    There is a difference in the generic version of Adderall XR and the brand Adderall XR what concerns me is how many children and adolescents are taking the generic version and having side effects and do not realize it. How would the parents know they are not taking it.
    If the doctor prescribes the brand then the pharmacists has no choice in the matter and should fill the prescription as it is written.
    I would like to know why the generic version is not better regulated and tested? I am sure there are a handful of people that do fine in the generic version and that is fine for them but after reading posts on many other sites including this one, there is a difference and it is making people sick.

  32. It is so nice to read others are in a similar situation. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago, and this medication gave me something that had previously eluded me: an attention span. No, I was wasn’t raised in front of a television, no, I wasn’t lazy, and no, I dont think this is a made-up disease. (sorry, that’s a bunch of pent up frustration there). I had been taking name brand in the beginning when I had insurance, then, after a change, I had to switch to generic. I noticed a difference right away, but not enough to really shell out the BIG difference in price. However, it the last couple of months, I am starting to reconsider after researching my issues. I thought it was just in my head how negative the most recent generics were. I’m talking heart palpitations, sore joints, and constant confusion! I truly believed I was just not able to process the medication in the same way, and perhaps going back to the dark days would be the only option. I always believed I must have been going bonkers because everyone knows generics have to be the same as name brand. Hmm. I think not. It’s great seeing I’m not alone….

  33. I’ve reported the serious side effects my daughter was having to the people at Barr Pharmaceuticals via email to their web site in August 2009, and I never heard back from them! I didn’t realize at that time that for the past 3 months, I was no longer getting the name brand Adderall. During those months, my daughter and my family went through HELL! We were frightened of her when she suddenly became extremely violent. She started severely scratching/pinching/hitting everyone, threatening to kill us with knives, screaming, throwing chairs across the room and breaking items. She was agitated, restless and also had insomnia. We were frighten to go to sleep at night at we all had to lock our bedroom doors. We have scars on our arms from her scratching us and I also have them on my face. I thought that my daughter had suddenly become severely mentally ill and I was looking at putting my daughter in an institution when I discovered that the pharmacy filled her prescription with the new Barr generic 20mg XR. She NEVER HAD ANY of these side effects with the name brand Adderall. I immediately made an appointment with her doctor and applied to have the name brand approved for the insurance. When we stopped the generic Barr Adderall, the side effects immediately stopped!!! My poor child and family suffered because of this horrible drug. Of course, they never let me know that there was a recall. If there is a class action lawsuit, I will happily join in!!!!!!

  34. Thank you all for sharing! I feel slightly less crazy! I am sitting in the waiting room at my Doctor’s office at this moment. I can say without a doubt that Adderall XR 20 and the generic version are NOT the same thing! I am here because I’ve been taking the brand drug for several years since Cigna doesn’t pay for the generic (SMART OF THEM!). This month my company picked a different insurance for our pharm benefits, and the new company prefers generic. I’ve been taking it for a month and I would rather suffer from the attention disorder than feel this way. One minute I’m jittery and the next I want to go to sleep. It’s a roller coaster all day! I feel dizzy and cranky. Normally, I’m very social and have lots of friends, and now I’m finding it difficult to even crack a smile or laugh at anything. It’s affecting my work and my relationships in the first month. I just want to be alone and it seems that I crave junk food all day. I’m not on any other medication and I’ve never had an issue with a prescribed generic. Usually I would prefer them since they are cheaper, but this isn’t worth my happiness. I wish everyone the best of luck!

  35. I have a daily dose of Adderal 40mg xr generic that I have taken for 2 years without any real complaint. But I must also count myself as one of the people that can react negativly to ‘minor’ changes in the meds I take. Beside the Adderal I take for the ADHD I also take Bupropion and Amitriptyline for insomnia and mild depression. A change in the binding agents of the Bupropion caused an incredible negative reaction which only went away when I switched to a different binding agent. I can do light yellow, light green, and light blue Bupropion but put me on the purple and the adverse effects outweigh the help. And a nasal spray turned of my sleep cycle for 48 + hours. I am talking to my Doctor about getting of the Adderal, not because it doesn’t help, but because it is such a pain in the azz to get filled.

  36. I’ve been on adderall xr 60mg for 2 years. I started out with the name brand and eventually switched to the generic. Since starting the generic I’ve had a huge decrease in energy and stay aggreivated constantly, not to mention i have found it harder to take deep cleansing breaths. I made a call to my doctor only to find out that 99% of his patients have had the same problem since switching to the generic. I’m switching back to the name brand on my next refill.

  37. It seems that many people are not aware that Shire has actually been providing (to Barr/Teva) all Adderall XR that is sold as “generic Adderall XR” by Barr/Teva. It’s actually the same exact medication as the “brand” version. Here’s verification from Shire’s web site in a December, 2009 news release:…irenews?id=314

    They do not make a true brand Adderall XR anymore. They have created a “Brand name generic”. Its all a great scam. Of course, the pharma companies are profiting like crazy and able to build such a legal defense that lawsuits will have no effect on this criminal madness. Remember the Barr recall? What happened with the many lives destroyed by the effects of their IR tablets? No compensation, no justice. I put forth a complaint at the FDA website back in March, but of course no response.

    What is obvious here is that Shire is sabotaging their own product (since their patent expired they have to share profit with other companies) in order to push Vyvanse! This is why health should NEVER be for profit! Corporate greed over our well-being is unacceptable!

    just as a fyi, Actavis is currently the only true generic manufacturer out there and it seems to be even WORSE than Shire’s post 2009 reformulated garbage we’re now given.

    I wonder if the reformulation had something to do with the FDA pushing for prodrugs to curb abuse from junkies. What is obvious is that Shire decided to actively sabotage its own Adderall XR product to boost sales of their fully-owned patent of Vyvanse. All for profit, patients be damned.

    Dont you just looove unrestrained capitalism?!

    Check this article for proof and new developments:…c-Adderall-XR®

  38. Your verification that the medications are the same is a news release from Shire? I think I’m more than slightly skeptical.

    at one point, it was claimed that Teva supplied the generic to Shire. It could be true.
    I’m not sure if the difference between true adderall XR and the generics was a planned difference or an accidental difference. If someone had paranoid leanings, it would be an easy jump to believe these observed differences were intended to drive people to use VyVanse instead of Adderall to generate profit for Shire.

    I’m not sure if the changes are due to a lack of quality control or a planned change in formulation. At some point in the past, there were issues relating to consistency in delivered batchs. I think we would be safer assuming that the causes are due to stupid things rather than malicious forethought.

    Given that ADHD is driven by brain chemistry and that there are a least 11 different identified forms of brain function interactions (different parts of the brain) (sero re-uptake relating to ADHD symptoms, it would be _nice_ if there were better meds that targeted specific sets of seratonen (sp) interactions.

    Someone suggested that stock Adderall XR managed 70% of the identified conditions for patients, where the generic attempted 45%. ( Some patients that might been in the 70% for one drug might not be ‘covered’ by the 45%.) (and some people might have equal coverage of their symptoms using the 45% group as the 70% group. I would imagine that these people would not notice any differences)

  39. I do concur that all Adderall XR formulations are made by the same people; every piece of evidence I’ve come across seems to suggest all XR formulations are made in the same plant.

    That doesn’t mean that complaints about Adderall XR generic sensitivity is all in people’s heads, but at this point, I’m thinking it may be that it was a slightly different formulation before there were “approved” generics (I don’t have a reference for this, it’s really just speculation and/or hearsay).

    For me, I know shire IR’s and XRs worked great, say pre-2009, and now I experience too much Peripheral Nervous System stimulation from it. And yes, the Barr IR’s are horrible. I am now on Adderall XR (generics). I have tried Dexedrine, Vyvanse, and not I will be trying Desoxyn, which should prevent some of the PNS stimulation problems.

  40. I’m -unsure- that most Adderall XR formulations are made in the same place. [ Don't actually know one way or the other.]


    would indicate shire is producing generic XR for Impax and being sold under Impax name.

    + Shire is trying to block Neos from producing it’s own generic version of XR [Neos arguing that Shire's patient-blocking is legally invalid]

    Shire’s corporate website indicates that sales and projected sales for XR is significantly lower that previous years. VyVanse is up :-)

    my exp with the “approved generics” has been all bad, where as use of the brand version was ‘conditional good’ [[ all identified extra symptoms that occurred with either the Teva version or the Barr version did not happen with the stock version. The set of meds supplied w/ the Teva name had a different set of side-effects from the 30 day supply with the Barr name. Neither set of side-effects occurred with the Shire named XR med set.]] See earlier comments for the extremes in identified side-effects

    based on my exp, the formulations used for generic XR in the Teva instance was significantly different from the set used by Barr. Both had different colors, forms and medication ids. Each set had been listed as Adderall XR 30MG equivalent. I strongly doubt that Shire had made either version. (i could be wrong)

    (if i were to have used the Teva med’s, I would have been very aggressively assertive that this could be the only possible correct answer. If it had been the Barr set, any other answer would have been correct, because I would always be worthless and wrong on everything. But that’s just the med’s talking :-)

  41. My step son takes the generic adderall and it sucks. He can not focus at all in school. Matter of fact he is failing 5th grade. He is a zombie and wants to lay around and do nothing all the time. My husband and I feel like repeating robots cause we tell him to do something and he can even focus for 2 seconds. So he has a doctors appt coming going too see if we can get the name brand and see if there is a difference. He is also gets really moody lately.

  42. I have only been taking Adderall xr for 6 months. The first dose was 20mg and I did not notice too much difference, but there was some. Within the next couple of months my doctor increased my dose to 40mg and all the prescriptions after the first one are generic. The generic does not seem to do as well although I only have the one month of the actual drug to compare to the next month of the 20mg generic. Since I need a larger dose, it is hard to attribute anything to the medicine or to the need toincrease the dose. What I have noticed that I did not have the first month is excrutiating charley horses, I have never had them this bad even when pregnant and tonic water and Gatorade at bedtime do not always work. Incidentally, I am not dehydrated, I drink at least 64 oz water a day. I have noticed that I do not crave water (I actually have to make myself drink it and keep track…or I will go all day without it. I have had some pretty severe issues with anxiety and my heart racing and pulse rate up to the extent my doctor has prescribed Lexapro. I am not sure about beginning that. I am more fatigued. I go to sleep at 10:30 at night (always up until 12 or 1230 before…my entire life) and always up at 6 to fix my husband’s breakfast. No problems until this RX…now I am sleep deprived and cannot focus all day if I do not sleep until 7 and get to bed by 11 at the latest. The other odd thing is sugar cravings…I mean rich…sugary….calorie laden sweet treats. Brownies warmed up with ice cream and chocolate syrup…any kind of cookie or candy….something I have never eaten in my life. I do not like the effect sweets have on me….I get really hyper…and then crash….so even as a small child, I did not eat them. My parents could never understand that I did not like the feeling they caused. I do notice that the concentration I hoped for is not there. I have gone back to school and previously I was a fine arts, history major….something I have loved since childhood…and carry a 4.0….I recently switched majors to social work….and I am reading and rereading an assignment and still not grasping it. Things I am not interested in tend to be harder for me….and math is impossible. I really do not know what to do….is there another medication that is more effective and not generic? My forgetfulness is driving me crazy…especially in the morning…I go back inside at least 3 times for something even though I put everything together the night before….and there are times when I try to recall something and I feel like my mind is so heavy I need to push it around with a bull dozer. I will look for posts.

  43. I am currently on the generic dextroamp-amphet XR15mg, twice a day, I have always had trouble with school work and I had been asking my doctor for help for years, because of Anti-Virals that I take has left me with a cloud, which they totally deny it’s the medication, fine, I need the medication but I need to think clear headed, which I really couldn’t think clear, then they put me on chemotherapy for a co-infection, at first my doctor would prescribe 10mg IR which helped but doesn’t really work for me anymore and it’s not building tolerance because it’s a matter of 3 months, I use magnesium to help me with the jitters and rapid heart beat, I use Global Pharmaceuticals, I hear good things about them and I want to try the brand name, my doctor want’s me to take them every day non-stop and sometimes they work and sometimes they dont or I need more but I don’t want to over do it by doing another XR, my doctor is concerned with my past addiction by prescribing the IR’s, the only reason my doctor even agreed with putting me on anything is because I had told them, I was in dire need as I became homeless because of not being able to think of my next move and waited until eviction day to move and that it was in human to send me to the streets with my mental unclearity, as I was already taken for granted by unsavory people, I bought the book on ADHD and I realize that their is no cure, I just wanted clarity for a little time while I get some personal things taken care, like a place to live; Spider spray for living in my car; and meeting with officials for my complaint filed against my building that kicked me into the streets. My question is will a change help or a non-toxic, non-addictive medication work even better. Thanks for anything you can add.
    By the way 5mg used to be good enough then 10mg but nothing for 5mg IR, even waiting for several days, could it be my CH meds? Should I wait? Or should I just find an advocate and where?
    Thanks, Paco

  44. GENERIC 30 xr marked TEV fr Walmart either did NOT absorb at all , which I suspect, OR didn’t have active ingredient. DON”t get XR marked TEV = DUD!

  45. I am 30-years-old and was recently diagnosed with ADHD, mostly inattentive type. My doctor originally prescribed 5mg generic ritalin (methyphenidate) twice a day. This actually had positive results, but I felt like they could be better. At my next appointment, we were either going to increase the generic ritalin or switch to adderall ir to see if that was better.

    A friend of mine was/is on adderall and during my ritalin trial, I decided to see if hers worked. I took 15mg ir of a generic adderall ir (1/2 of a 30 mg peach/pink oval tablet (not sure which manufacturer yet – need to find out). That worked amazingly well!!!!

    So at my appointment, I told him I wanted to try the adderall ir. He gave me 10mg once a day (generic). This did absolutely nothing! I actually tried to take another one about an hour or two after the initial – to see if if the dose was just too small. Nothing – except maybe more distracted then I normally am. This brand of generic is TEVA. I didn’t even think of varying generics until tonight. I have heard of bad reports from them after scouring the internet for answers.

    I still don’t know for sure, but I have to assume for now, that my friends generic MUST be from a different manufacturer OR the 10mg tablet & 30mg tablet from the same mfr are entirely different, besides the obvious dose.

    All I know is I am literally going nuts trying to figure out what actual drug/dose will work for me – and now come to find out I need to ALSO know what version of generic works. Ugh!

  46. The generic 30mg adderall xr (orange capsule with white beads/powder) doesnt help me at ALL!! I actually use it as a sleeping pill. Definitely not the same effect as the brand name. They need to adjust ingredients or remarket this med as a sleep aide.

  47. To the pharmacist that states that the name brand Adderrall XR and ANY generic version are the same or even close, my apologies, but you are mistaken. I’ve taken Adderrall for 20 years now. I had to switch to extended release when the IR name brand became impossible to get. My insurance used to pay for name brand but during various periods in my career with the rising costs of healthcare, the companies I worked for would switch insurance carriers and I’d have to switch to either generic IR or generic XR because they wouldn’t cover name brand. For a few years I battled whether or not something had changed with me because all the pharmacists kept telling me that generics were the same. Finally I brought this up to my doctor and he told me the generics were not created the same. I’ve been through multiple insurance policies where my doctor had to state that name brand was required and I’ve battled paying the $300.00 a month for my script, but over the last year and a half, I have been in a financial situation that hasn’t allowed me to pay for them nor will my insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield pay for them. This baffles me that they will pay for Vyvanse which costs more than Adderrall XR, but won’t pay for the drug that works for me. I wish that Vyvanse worked for me but not only does it not work as effectively as the real Adderrall, it also made me have life threatening high blood pressure. Blue Cross Blue Shield “claims” that if you try two generics and they don’t work that they will pay for the name brand Adderrall but I’m told they never will. So the last year and a half has almost cost me my career because the difference between generic and name brand Adderrall IR and XR is MASSIVE…it’s life altering actually. I’ve asked for assistance from Shire with no luck. I can understand my co payment being higher but not covering it at all and having insurance should be illegal when they’ll pay for a competitor with a similar or lower price. Blue Cross Blue Shield…you should be concerned about your clients and they’re well being…this is ridiculous!!!

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