Does Vyvanse Work?

Vyvanse is the newest medicine for ADD and ADHD. It uses an innovative approach so that it is an ADHD ADD medication that cannot be abused.
As a Canadian doctor, I am not able to prescribe Vyvanse, because it is not yet available outside of the US.
So, my biggest question is: Does Vyvanse work?
I have read the research, I have heard the presentations, but I don’t have real life experience with this medicine.
This is where you can help me out.
I want to hear from anyone who has tried Vyvanse, or even considered trying Vyvanse.
Just go ahead and enter a comment below.
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I found this video – where someone shares his or her experience with Vyvanse – and you can watch it here:

Now, it’s your turn. Please type in any of your own personal experiences with Vyvanse so that the readers of this blog can benefit from your knowledge and experience. I know that the readers of this blog span the whole globe – so if you have experience with Vyvanse, all of the readers of this blog (American, Canadian and International) will appreciate your contribution very much!

Thank you for your help,

Dr. Kenny

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  1. Hello Doctor, I am a 37Y/O/F who always knew that I had some form of ADD. When I was growing up there wasn’t a term for it, just either hyper or a misbehaved student. I was neither, I loved to learn and was an A student. However, I would remember my teachers saying you needed to dedicate 2 hours a night to study and do homework. I would laugh because it obviously would take 6-8 hours to study. Then as an adult I struggled at work. Couldn’t focus on topics in meetings. I needed information given to me in big picture format because I didn’t have the attention span for anymore detail. I thought this was how all people were. Then as time moved on I struggled with things that didn’t have a definitive deadline. I couldn’t stay on task to accomplish the goal. I would get distracted, and when they didn’t pan out, I would attribute it to “it wasn’t meant to be”, or “I’m really not interested in that anymore”. The only way I would stay on task and complete something was if I had a definitive time line, the time line was in short order, and was under an immense amount of pressure to complete the task in the short time frame. There, I was able to shine.
    I’m in the middle of a career change and was in paramedic school when the kids all talked about a drug that would help them focus and study for hours at a time (firefighters/paramedics probably have the highest incident of employees with ADD). Adderall was the drug most were talking about but an instructor mentioned that he tried Vyvannse and he was able to focus without the harsh side effects of Adderall (heart racing, crashing, depression).
    I was curious to see if my suspicions were correct that I might have ADD and went to see a neurologist. He said I was textbook. He prescribed 30mg of Vyvansse to see if it might help. After taking it, I was sad, not because the medication made me sad, but because I realized I could have done something about what was hindering me from accomplishing my goals sooner. I now realize how someone with out ADD functions in this world. I was able to stay focused in a conversation. I was able to study material ONCE and not read the same chapter 4 times.. I am able to organize my thoughts and FINISH tasks. The anxiety of wondering if I can meet a deadline because i couldn’t concentrate is gone. Before taking the medication, I would often find myself lost, especially when i was forced to do tasks, or work problems out that weren’t in my comfort zone. When I take Vyvanse I don’t experience that.
    I started taking vyvanse 1 month ago. At first, I experienced severe dry mouth and a little what kind of felt like mild hypoxia in my head (I’m a pilot and it felt similar to how I feel after 30 minutes at 11,500 feet with no O2). Never had the heart racing, my pulse stayed in the 60′s. No elevated blood pressure, no syncope, no dizziness. With each pill I took the symptoms kept getting milder and milder. Now, the only side effect I feel is mild dry mouth, and something I’m happy about, some appetite suppression. I’m actually eating the appropriate amount of calories a day.
    For me, Vyvanse is almost a miracle drug. It has helped me immensely. I accomplished more in my personal life the first week I was on this drug than I had the entire year. I’m not exaggerating. I feel compelled to complete tasks and study. I was able to “cram” for my Paramedic state exam in 1 week studying 10-12 hours at a time with only bathroom and meal breaks. I was able to retain the information, and didn’t have to read the material more than once. I passed the exam with 95%. I highly recommend this drug for anyone like me who find themselves struggling in their personal and professional lives, not due to intelligence, or lack of regard, but because they struggle to reach the finish line.

    • I just read your comment and I felt like you were telling my story. I was an A student as well, all through university. It wasn’t until I started my first job that I really started to struggle. Have had many different jobs, getting bored very easily. Have a hard time staying on one track in conversations, hopping from topic to topic. Just started Vyvanse yesterday…waiting for the same great results you report!

    • wow jasmine thank you for sharing. your story is exactly my story. Especially feeling sad because we wish we knew of this solution earlier. Thanks and thanks to the doctors that came up with vyvance.

      • Thanks for your comments I have had the same symptoms over the years with my professional and personal life. I have decided to take control after resigning from a position that was extremely demanding that I refused to fight and succeed as I’d done in the past. I started Vyvance on Thursday and am hoping for success. I was given the 25mg and cleaned my refrigerator an hour after taking it on the first day!! The dry mouth and lightheadedness are the only issues I have had so far. I’m waiting for the focus piece to really kick in since I’m currently in school as well as preparing for a PMP examination.

    • Jasmine, I gotta just say reading your story on one scared the hell out of me on how eerily similar to my life. From procrastination when not given a firm deadline and anxiety when knowing you’re asked to work on something notin your comfort zone. It’s funny hearing you say you were sad because I’ve always felt that for years I’ve excused my lack of focus on just being interested in a wide variety of different things. But it’s really just sidetracked me and hurt me career wise and personally.

      I just picked up my first prescription today and I can’t sleep from excitement waiting to take it for the first time tomorrow morning. I’ve heard similar stories like yours. But i put off getting filling the prescription due to fear of the side effects and possible addictive nature of amphetamines. But from what I’ve read, it’s not addictive like other ADD might be for some.

      Anyway, thank you for your story. I’m hoping the results are similar for me.

    • OMG! Me too! I thought I was lazy and a procrastinator but then when the deadline arrives I zoom into frenzy mode and whip up something great. I seriously thought I was just unmotivated. I had no idea why I felt this way when i have an awesome family I always excelled in school- my kids are all over achievers, etc, I just didn’t understand why I felt so awful all the time about myself. Now I know. I have been taking vyvanse for a week and its like a fog is lifted literally like my eyelids are being pulled open and I can see. Its awesome.

    • Wow!

      After I read your blog, I had felt a sense of relief that there are more people out there like myself.

      I am 38 yr. old Female. I am currently changing my career. I have enrolled in a challenging college program. And I have been struggling with ADD.

      Prior to being prescribed Adderall and now my doctor had switched me to Vyvanse, I had always had felt ashamed and discouraged by my disability.

      I would always be the person giving up on my professional goals due to the lack of completing tasks. I would read the same material over and over again, and end up feeling defeated because I was not retaining the information.

      With this medication, I have a new outlook on my college studies.

      I wish you luck and anyone else that has challenges like ours.

      Take Care.

    • I too have just finished your story, I could cry, this has been me my entire life. I have 4 sons and my oldest (who is just like me) just started the vyvanse on Monday and I actually made and appointment for myself. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I started 30 mg of Vyvanse and now have stomach bloating and it’s hard to get a full breath of air. My shoulders/neck are really tight. I have searched and searched on the net for anyone who has had similar reaction and can’t find a thing. Anyone have this??

    27 mg of Concerta didn’t work well enough to keep me going and 36 mg was too much (the crashes were devistating).

    I really want to like Vyvanse and for it to work well for me. :(

    • Yes, yes and YES. I have all 3 of those issues. i take 50 mgs a day and my stomach has been nonstop bloated. I changed my diet, drink more water, drink teas and NOTHING. My shoulders are so tense ( i sit at a desk all day). I have for years and never experienced it this bad. I’m starting to think i should stop the vyvanse. I feel like its a manufactured marketing scheme for the gvnt to control us and make money. i wish i could stop tomorrow but i have to be at work at 7am. FML.

      • Omgosh…YES! I’m a 44 year old very active female who has also been soooo ADD all my life. I never knew what was wrong with me until 9 months ago when my most amazing doctor recognized my symptoms as I finally opened up to him completely after YEARS and “told all”. I just thought I was crazy…Okay, maybe I am “that” as well
        :(). I was just always so embarrassed to tell anyone about my horrible symptoms not knowing it was a actual condition. Anyway, he prescribed me Vyvance. 20mg at first and now I’m at 40 mg once a day. I’ve always been naturally skinny/under weight as all the women are in my family, but a month or so after taking Vyvanse the insane stomach bloating (to say the least) began.(OMG) The pain…upper & lower is just to much. As it is this very moment as I’m writing this. It’s causing weight gain simply because of the severe bloating, constipation and gas. So~ needless to say I look (I’m not trying to be funny here) like a malnurished Ethiopian. Skinny-skinny legs, arms, etc. with a huge protruding belly. It’s not worth it. I now have gastritis, colitis & ulcers. I was diagnosed after a recent upper & lower GI.
        I didn’t want to believe the cause was from Vyvance so I didn’t & haven’t pushed the matter “yet”. I wanted to research first. When I say noting works…I do mean nothing. Not prescribed or over the counter. I now overdose on all things anti-gas/bloating/constipation. However…I do understand that everyone is different & just because I’m personally having these forms of “CrAzY painful” side affects~ does not & (may not ever) apply to others. Now, “get this”.. The only time my stomach hasn’t hurt or been hugely bloated was the night after doing my GI “prep”. Now how sad is that?!? ;( I’m currently trying Probotics (good for your GI system anyway) along with Fennel seeds for the gas. I began these 2 yesterday & if it doesn’t work after giving it a fair try then the Vyvance is history, and the ADD/spastic/craziness/all over the place/lack of focus is back with a “huge welcome sign”. The awesome concentration, and “task finishing” I’ve had since day one of Vyvance simply isn’t worth the constant severe pain that has “over time” lead this naturally 105 pound woman with no choice but to wear only stretch pants “that are at many times (like now) to tight as well around my usual tiny waist.” Both my husband & 24 year old son has said; “I look 3 months pregnant.” No, NOT said in an ugly or hatful way. They are just very concerned as well. So there ya go~ My personal experience with Vyvance. I use to dance (a lot) as excersise…plus ’cause it’s just fun, and I’ve enjoyed doing it all my life right? No more of that in months! Stomach hurts WAY to bad, (so bloated & tight) and I’m very stiff jointed now it seems. Dancing kept me very limber & in shape. I would love the weight gain… Really ‘really’ would, (Always did wanna J-Lo butt:) BUT this extra weight needs to be spread out evenly & not just in my gut. Gotta stong feeling I’m coming off this stuff. <–Ha! I'm a poet & didn't know it! ;) Kidding! ;) Told ya I was crazy also…!
        Look~ Bottom-line is this… I'm just really tired of hurting like this all day/every day & so tired of researching. So sick of doing/buying/trying everything I can do, read & find to help me, because "this" just isn't me. Sure it gives me energy also which is so great, but the pain is way too bad to use it up! ;( Hope this helps someone out there… Sorry for all the poor grammar & bad spelling that I know is all in my "book of Vyvance" experience, but I'm doing this from my iPhone & without my glasses. Oops.
        Good luck to all~ & be blessed.

  3. Just started 30mg of Vyvanse.
    Literally… like today.
    Have had problems with attention and focus and task completion for years.
    Will update as things progress… though if it helps me pull my C’s into B’s or A’s, I’ll be ecstatic!

  4. Seriously sickening how many are in here that are plain drug addictes. My son was diagnosed with adhd and odd its been a long, we have been though the adderal we have started on vyvanse 30mg and the Dr also gave him an adderal at lunch and takes clonodine at night… Still and up hill battle but it has been a great effect on him in school and behaviors

    • Maybe they are drug addicts because the medication they have previously been on were addictive? They died not chose to become addicted.

    • I do not understand who you are calling drug addicts on here. Personally I cannot manage to take a daily vitamin. And, from what I can tell with medications, the side effects are often very rough. Children are NOT the only ones who have ADD issues. Many adults do. I personally managed a lot of years and an undergraduate degree and an MBA untreated – but can no longer manage it.
      I can assure you “I” am in no way a drug addict.
      It is my understanding, however, that a lot of children are incorrectly diagnosed with ADD and treated because their parents do not want to deal with behavior issues.

      Sweeping generalizations such as that sting don’t they?

    • ADD meds actually help with addictions. And help prevent children with ADD from getting addicted. The only reason people are addicts are because somethings not right in their brain/body and they never feel good enough as is and are looking for ways to self medicate. Whether its cocaine or ADD meds- basically it helps people. Bad drugs and such may not be good but its temporarily giving some type of fix. The medicines help by holding onto or raising certain nuerotransmitters needed to feel and function normally. That goes for all psych meds. Degrading people for being an addict really isnt nice. It could deter uneducated people away from getting help. I have tried Ritalin. I loved it yet my Adrenals wore down after taking it awhile because it seemed to work too good. I could accomplish anything and it was amazing. My new psychiatrist has let me try Adderall and Vyvanse. They arent as strong yet im on a lower dosage. I wasnt sure I liked them as much because they werent as strong but once I raised the dosage a little bit, things got better. Also I was trying Lamictal out and it was not good for me and caused so much sleepyness that I could barely stay awake. Im still sleepy even after being off of it for two weeks. And the Vyvanse seems to be working better in its absense. I didnt feel a crash off of Ritalin so much. I didnt mind it not being as long acting. I rather liked being able to control when I needed more in the afternoon. My doctor told me to be very careful as it lasts 13 hours or so andto never take it unless I have slept the night before. Im still going to keep taking it and play around with it for awhile to see how it goes. It sounds like a winner though. And I think I just need to figure out the correct dosage I need. Everyones bodys metabolize drugs differently. And you dont exactly know which part of the liver it goes through so its all trial and error. I just wish I had these meds as a child. My mother is a teacher and never suspected me having ADD. I was quiet, well-behaved and started out getting good grades and scoring higher than anyone. After the years went by my grades dropped and so did my confidence. I think about all I couldve accomplished is only I could have focused!

    • I understand what you’re saying. it bothers me that I am very much DEPENDANT on my meds. I’m not addicted to amphetaines, I didnt get on these meds to get high. for a while, actually, adderall made me feel sad and a bit tired. and I hate that now, after a five years on my meds, the 2 or 3 times I accidently took two 30mg Adderall ER’s (before i got smart and got a daily pill thingy) that I was high. As a recovering drug addict (pain killers, i tried to slow myself down with percocet….didnt work). anyway, I try to avoid that kind of feeling. I have done all i can to titrate my dose so that I never felt like i was on speed. Also, as a college student, I think its not the addicts that are ”sickening” (if they ARE truley addicted, that is. Addiction is a disease, like epilepsy, and its just as horrifying. prevention is the best course of action, not ridicule).
      What I think is sickening are the college kids that take massive doses of ritilan, adderall, vyvanse, concerta, focalin, whatever they can get to help them study. I take vyvanse to raise my ability to focus up to an AVERAGE level. The college kids that dont have ADHD have nothing but euphoria and energy, yet they act like its just, say, a really good cup of coffee. They are cheating I see addicts in the making here on campus.

  5. I posted on this question awhile back. I am 43, male and just retired from the military. Went back to school to pursue a new career and on the advice of a doctor friend I sought help. I tried everything (well, almost in the stimulant category) with mixed results and did not get the feeling that my doctor was believing me. I told her I wanted to try Straterra as it is a non-stimulant and then asked for some Adderall IR to help while it took the requisite 4-6 weeks. She wanted to drug test me at this point… Wow.

    So, after 6 weeks of nothing but side effects from Straterra, I have decided to drop out of school and find a job instead. I was not completely convinced I was ADD and was leaning toward anxiety but after getting the last response I will just keep it to my self.

    As for the nice woman here that commented on us all sounding like drug addicts-thanks lady, means a lot. You are so helping.

    • Former Army here. Thank you for your service Dean. I only did 3 years active and 5 reserve myself.

      Don’t let uneducated/cynical people derail your life/treatment. I have no problem telling people I have this issue. I went without treatement until TODAY. And I am hoping the best because I cannot keep going thinking I am lazy, yet unable to focus on a darn thing at home or at work 90% of the time.

      I did my undergrad and MBA untreated and now wish I had not because I would have learned much more had I been able to concentrate and read without rereading over and over.

    • I agree that psychostimulants are addictive, but this is just the nature of the beast. When we are prescribed dangerously addictive substances to counteract the unmanageable symptoms of ADD/ADHD, we are faced with the painful choice of sacrifice with, or without the pill. If we just tough it out, those if us that actually have the symptoms suffer the consequence of being mediocre at school, work and home. On the other hand, we can take the pills as prescribed, risk the harmful side effects (as with all prescriptions) and scrutiny of the uneducated and quick-to-judge.

      We, at times, simply CANNOT meet the demands of normal, everyday life, whether it’s an inability to focus and complete tasks or if you’re like me, who cannot control disruptive behavior or find the starting point of even the most mundane tasks, because the big picture of the task seems too big.

      Since I began taking Adderall at age 17 and now taking Vyvanse at age 25, I successfully complete tasks I once thought were out of my capability on a daily basis thanks to these Devil Drugs. I AM DEPENDENT on psychostimulants, but this is what HELPS ME LIVE A HIGHER FUNCTIONING LIFE with a bit more ease that I otherwise, never would have had!! Call me a drug addict and I’ll call you ignorant. I know the difference.

      P.S. I chose to wait until age 17 to use stimulants. Kids shouldn’t be on these medications unless their symptoms are so severe that they present a risk of harming themselves or others. Most children will respond well enough to make it through with proper parenting.

    • My son who is 15 was diagnosed a year ago with ADD he never had the hyper activity just lack of focus in school. In the start I refused stimulant medications they quiet frankly scared the heck out of me! We started on straterra the first couple dosings went well (this is a stair step medication where you increase mg weekly) by the final dose of 40 mg he was horribly sick vomiting and horrible nausea he missed a total of 2 weeks of school we stopped this medication and switched to Intuniv over Christmas break at school this too was a step medication gradually increasing when we got to the final dosing of 4 mg his bloodpressure was so low that upon standing he would become lightheaded and have tunnel vision for a few moments he is a athlete and the low BP was a huge concern. This brings us to today when we are stopping the intuniv and switching over the weekend to vyvanse the prescriber had us take a EKG to assure his heart was healthy which it was. I also need to add that the non-stimulants caused about 15 pounds of weight gain. So we are hoping that this medication works for him. We return in 3 weeks to check back in with the dr on our progress. The ADD medicating road has been long trying to find a correct medication. Crossing fingers this is the right one!

  6. Just something to consider when you feel like your add medication is wearing off too soon.. What do you eat/drink? Alot of foods can interfere with the meds and make them wear off sooner than it should. For example… citrus & caffeine both make it wear off sooner, and not be as effective. I don’t do either one and it helps alot. I actually eat mostly all natural and organic foods, I try to stay away from artificial ingredients, preservatives, food dyes.. Etc.. Food dyes and caffeine are the worst for ADHD in my opinion, it interferes with ur meds and makes you irritable cranky & moody. I find that eating natural foods helps my family’s mood drastically, we get along so much better and anxiety level is much much lower. My husband and I actually take less meds than we used to before the diet change. Hope this helps.

    • OH MY GOODNESS! Thanks for sharing that! I was put on vyvanse about 3 months ago and I am sometimes afraid to eat because I go right to sleep. But I do a lot of caffeine some days, like today for instance…and my step son and I sat down to snuggle for a minute and he kept telling me to wake up. LOL So I went and grabbed more caffeine. ha! to no surprise, it didnt help any.

    • Your comment may just save my side effects from strattera. I am 1@ with ADD, strong depression, and anxiety. I take strattera and gabapentin. I’m looking into vyvanse and these comments are a great help. But the foods facts have seriously made me question my medication. It works, but the ups and downs seriously overpower the drugs. I can’t deny my mood stablizar is working but Strattera is seeming to slack and I take 100mg. But I wantto thank you again for that information on food. It is a big help.

      • Protein, and especially in the morning, is very important when taking any ADD meds. Somehow it helps the neurotransmitters in our brain. And stay away from sugar and caffeine, too stimulating but in a bad way.

    • Oh thats great to know. I just ate pineapple for breakfast. My psych told me to never drink caffiene with stimulants. I had done it before on the Ritalin but I weaned myself off of horrible Diet Coke months ago. It was my crack. But I am trying to eat way better. I found out through research and trial and error that I can not eat gluten or wheat. I cut out dairy also. And sugar and all junk. It really helps alot. Sugar is an addictive drug and primes your brain for more addictive stuff. Gluten is addictive majorly too. Its not good for anyone really. Especially those with auto-immune diseases in the family. And thyroid problems. It seems like a lot of people with our chemistry that have ADD are really sensitive to foods. If you crave it and cant stop eating it or wanting it- its probably not good for you. I think its best to try to work with our bodies and eat clean and excersize and the meds work way better. Oh I forgot- I took Straterra for the first ADD med. It was given to me by my primary doc. I didnt see or feel anything from it whatsoever.

  7. Thank you Clara, my own personal devil will always be diet. I just don’t know how to fix it-I know it sounds easy. How did you and your husband do it?

    On a side note, I did get diagnosed with sleep apnea so now the only thing I am on is a CPAP and fish oil =) Not even sleeping pills. Sleeping better has helped enormously but as I said, diet is my own personal devil that I shall work on next.

  8. Dean:
    Its actually alot easier than it sounds. The key is to not call it a diet, because really it isn’t. It’s a healthy lifestyle. We changed our overall eating habits 3 years ago. We started with portion control then added one or 2 things at a time, low calorie, low fat, low sodium, etc.. Cut out caffeine and cut way down on sugar.. The past 3 months we started with all natural/organic products and cut out the food dyes, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. Alot of it tastes better, idk why they need to put all that artificial crap in it. And when you see and feel the difference in your mood etc and find yourself taking less prescription medications its worth it. Most people think organic = tastes like cardboard and super expensive. But like I said most of it tastes better esp the meats. Now the meats are a lil pricey unless you find it on sale but the rest you can get at reasonable prices if you shop around and price compare. WalMart has alot of all natural/organic products. When my husband switched from ginger ale to all natural sierra mist along with cutting out the high fructose corn syrup he lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. High fructose corn syrup specifically makes you gain weight. Which is probly why most people have trouble with their weight. We had each lost 70 lbs in the past 3 years. If we knew a long time ago what we do how about the artificial sugars and all that we wouldn’t have had such a big problem with weight. All that and the fact that it interferes so much with the prescription medications so much its totally worth it. I know I can tell a difference in my mood and anxiety/irritably level whenever I deviate from the healthier foods, and I don’t like feeling like that. I want the vyvanse and other meds im on to last road ling as they can in the day, which most of the time is all day. I love the vyvanse.. My husband daughter and I are all on it and its been a life saver. It saved our marriage, drasticly improved our relationship with our daughter and her school performance. She’s had the same teacher 2 yrs now and she says the meds help my daughters focus, and since the switch to vyvanse she sees 200% difference. Ok this is turning into a book, but I wanted to share about things that help improve daily life.

  9. Thanks again-Very much =) I am off of all prescription meds and the CPAP is helping me actually get restful sleep. I like the idea of changing eating habits little by little and will do so. As for “organic” I usually stay away from that stuff because of the people who push it (i.e. nanny-state Prius drivers) as a personal protest against anything green =) Besides, my little diesel gets way better mileage and is much more fun to drive…

  10. HOW ON EARTH DO I GET MYSELF OUT OF THIS FREAKING COMMENT RAGE OF YALLS????? Every 5 minutes I have a new email about how vyvanse is either working or not. Please please please take me out of this blog so I stop getting emails ASAP. I already unsuscribed and IT WON’T STOP!!!!!

    • To Garrison (and others) – this blog itself has a subscription to forward comments to people who had the box checked under their comment when they submitted it. The idea of this is for people to participate in ongoing discussion on a post they have commented on.
      When you receive an email from the blog about a new comment – you can click a link on it to unsubscribe yourself from future updates. If you have any problems with this – please reply here – and we can see if we can change it on our end. Sorry about that!

  11. I have been on vyvanse for almost a month now 40 mg a day. For the most part it has helped me focus on my school work and sit through class without having my mind somewhere else. Up until today I hadn’t had any really extreme side effects, only one of the days I had an empty feeling in my stomach with pains and coming down off the med I sometimes had either a slight panic feeling or depression for a short time. Today I actually had a pretty scary experience. I took my dose at about 1:30 and started a bio exam at 2:30. Half way through the exam I suddenly got a loud ringing in my ears, so loud I thought it might have been a noice going off in the school somewhere. I then got scared when I realized it was coming from my ears. I felt relaxed even though I was scared, I checked my pulse and it was slightly elevated. The ringing lasted for about 10 minutes at a high level and then slowly lowered. I still hear it but at this level it is normal for me because I just about always here a ringing in my ears especially when I am in a quiet room. I am also on Welbutrin 150 mg 2x’s a day. Does anyone know of these side effects from vyvanse or maybe it has to do with the combo of meds? Please reply if you have had this happen or know of these effects. Thanks so much. I called and left a message with my doc today after this happened so when I hear back from him I will post what he tells me it might be from. till then…

    • On it says there are severe reactions when taking these two medicines together. My gf is on the same medicine except at the the highest dose 70mg and it does nothing for her but cause her uneasy feelings. I hope you get the help you need from your doctors and i wouldnt take it until i had confirmation from your doctor

      Best Wishes

      • Oh thank you Richard for that info. Im on 300mg. of Welbutrin and 120mg of Cymbalta for years. I never thought about researching about how they could react together. Ive been good on these doses and two meds although my doctor wants me to taper down and really didnt want me starting on the ADD meds yet. I was also adding Lamictical for mood swings but I told her its more important for me to focus and function. Hmmm…guess Im going to hafta go read all about it now!

        • Remember to discuss all your current medications with your prescribing doctor. They really should have known that these drugs don’t work together. My doctor asked me right away what I was on and researched it before giving me vyvanse. Scary things can happen when some drugs mix.

  12. I take 70 mg of Vyvanse. I’m the only patient for whom my psychiatrist prescribes Vyvanse — adderall xr is his default — but I requested Vyvanse three years ago and have been on it ever since. I don’t feel like 70 mg is sufficient, but it is the highest he is willing to prescribe, so I end up skipping days here and there, and then taking extra on the days I take it. It is really easy to measure out partial doses b/c you can dissolve the powder in water and then drink a measured portion of that water. Typically, I do best with about 105 mg.. 70 mg wears off too soon, and with 140 mg I’m focused but not really productive b/c I zoom in on some trivial detail and misallocate my time.

    In my experience, Vyvanse works longer than adderall xr, though no where near as long as the 12 hours that Shire claims — after 6 or so, I start to fade, and after 9, I’m worse than if I had not taken the Vyvanse to begin with. It lasted noticeably longer the first year I was on it — but I couldn’t adjust my dose after a year b/c I was already at the 70 mg maximum. I can mitigate this a bit by taking part of my dose in the morning and then taking the second part 3 hours later, which again is really easy to do with the water method. Unlike more quickly releasing forms of amphetamine, there is much less of an up and down, and when it is working, I don’t really feel like I’ve taken any drug (unless I’ve taken about 140 mg, which as I said above can be counter-productive). I’ve also found that taking 4 grams of tyrosine in the morning extends its duration an hour or so.

    For about 6 months, I took it along with 100 mg of desipramine. It worked noticeably better during this period, but there were sexual side effects (erectile difficulties) and I didn’t sleep as well, so I stopped the desipramine. I’m about to start taking bupropion with it. I don’t fault my doctor for being unwilling to prescribe an off-label dosage, but I do think it is sort of funny that he has no problem with these sorts of off-label combinations, about which there is not very much research (at least as far as I can tell via pubmed)…

    • I have found the same problem with the 70 mg.. I have been on this dose for about 2.5 months and I’m finding it wears off after approx. 4 hours. My Dr. had mentioned another drug he may try me on that for chronic fatique. I like the fact the Vyvanse doesn’t give me the drug feeling like you’d mentioned but it just isn’t effective for me after 4 hours. I’m so tired and no concentration level.

    • Open the capsule to see if is indeed the white powder that has always been there in the past. I have been taking Vyvanse for the past 3 years with excellent results for ADD and depression associated with Bipolar Type II. I recently refilled my prescription for Vyvanse and noticed it was not working. i opened some of the capsules, and instead of the usual white powder, is a solid pellet, that does not readily dissolve in water. It is totally ineffective and have been going through withdrawal symptoms, i.e., depression, confusion, tired, …

      Notified Shire (the manufacturer) and of course they say the fact that the contents of the capsule are a pellet in no way affects the efficacy or quality of the medication.

      If you experience this, submit a report on line to the FDA about an adverse effect of medication. Hold Shire accountable for taking shortcuts to save money at the expense of our health.

      • Thats interesting. The powder in mine was all clumped together. One time I ran out of Welbutrin, as I had to leave the state to help my elderly grandfather and I couldnt function without my meds. Luckily one of his friends had a bottle of Welbutrin in the same dosage I took at the time yet after I took it, it took a long time to start working and didnt seem as strong. I noticed I had been on a generic and those were the real deal. I read online how most prefer the real stuff over generic. Its funny how everyone reacts different. Ive heard that the different fillers may have something to do with it but I dont see how. And I feel like the Vyvanse wears off faster too. And thats it Paul! I dont feel that drug feeling that Ritalin gave me. Maybe its just that I am used to feeling that fast burst of energy? I suppose Im looking for the same effect I was used too? I have had a drug problem when Im off meds. But the Ritalin kind of made me want to do cocaine. And a co-worker of mine did lots of drugs, especially marijuana and meth and coke. I didnt always take the Ritalin everyday. So I let him try one because I can look at him and tell hes ADD because hes the male version of me. He loved it and didnt feel the need to do illegal drugs and was shocked at how normal he felt on the meds. So I told him to go see a Psychiatrist. Cuz I know you arent supposed to give anyone your prescription meds. And the Welbutrin- oh that will raise your libido a lot!

      • My 8 yr old has been on Vyvanse for 1 yr and the opposite happened to him…we normally filled our script at walgreens and always got the pellets, his dad recently fill out the script at walmart and we got the loose powder…since day 1 of the loose powders ones he had problems at school and at home…for 2 weeks we got complaints from his school like we did before he was prescribed Vyvanse…they werent working for him like before…we just got a refill and went back to walgreens and got the pellets ones and his teacher said it was like night and day…he hasnt had any behavior problems since the change back to the pellets.

  13. I agree with you, I don’t even see her point in commenting, especially in that fashion since her son is as she would call us “a drug addict”…WOW. Some people are so cruel this is supposed to be a support system..

    Any who, I just started a couple of days ago and not quite sure yet, although I have had some really good moments, which I haven’t had in a long time. I pray that it helps. For us all…

  14. My son is 10 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD a few years ago. He was first put on Aderal but he would get sick to his stomach and too tired to work in the afternoons. He has been on vyvanse for the past year and a half and he is doing Great. Before taking this medication he could not write a paragraph in school. a few weeks after he was put on vyvanse his teacher called to tell me that he had written TWO WHOLE PAGES for his research and I will admit that I just started crying. It was a HUGE accomplishment and he continues to do much better in school. He is not a straight A student but he has had a few A’s which is much better than his previous reports when he got mostly C’s and some B’s.

  15. We have just started my 6 year old son on Vyvanse. We had been through almost all stimulants now and this is our last one before we try non stimulants. He has been on it for three days now at 20mg. The past three days have been crazy. At school I got a phone call the first day he was on it. He has major focus issues but was not considered ADHD. He can not write more than one sentence when other children write a page. He drifts off looking around the room all the time. He is well liked child and has many friends but recently he has been concerned about not being very smart compared to the other children and not being able to write or read well. We have him in special programs for reading and trying to focus but how long can this go on before he really starts to feel different than the other children. What we have seen on on this new medicine is:
    His reading and writing helper called me at home to say whatever we have done keep doing it. His handwriting in one day has improved dramatically, he read a whole book fluently and without difficulty. (We have not told his teacher that he is taking this medicine so we could get a true test on the medicine). I assume his teacher thinks that all the extra work we have been doing with him at home has paid off. I wish that were the case but we can read, read and read and he struggles so badly. So back to the first night he took the Vyvanse. He seemed driven by something. It was like everything he had been learning exploded out of him at once and he was thrilled it was making sense. He couldn’t read enough books to us (which was so different). His handwriting was so clear and accurate I thought we had gotten the wrong paper sent home in his backpack and it was some other childs but it was my sons. He drew a picture that I could actually tell what it was. Then the evening came. His usual 8:00 bedtime didn’t work. He was still wired and driven. At 10:00 pm we find him in our bed reading books to himself while his parents are reading there own books as well. Felt like we were on Mars this was so strange. He did not sleep more than a couple hours that night. I found him sitting on his little brothers bed at 2am reading to his brother who was hiding from him under the covers. Day 2 and very tired parents was the same. He was driven all day long. He was building things out of boxes all day long. Only stopped long enough to eat a bit of lunch. Not much appetite. No sleep that we could see that night either. Same with the following day. Today I am putting the capsule in water, mixing it up for a min. and giving him half the drink. Trying to cut down the dose. I don’t want to give up because the good concentration I think will way out the no sleep and hopefully he will adjust but I don’t know if we/he can keep up this pace. Crossing our fingers.

  16. I am a college senior at a large public state university and I have taken Adderall and Vyvanse to help with my studies. However, and probably to the dismay of some of you, I do not have a prescription although I have an appointment with my physician to discuss a diagnosis. Therefore, the availability is subject to the willingness of my friends to part with their medication for monetary compensation. I have tried many different doses of Adderall and Vyvanse and I have done much research on the chemical composition of both. My observation is that Vyvanse is the best medication for treating ADHD available. In my experience 70mg is the perfect dose for all day treatment. I have not experienced any negative side effects while taking it as recommended. However, on some days I will open the capsule and pour half into a cup of water I would crash hard in a few hours.

  17. Vyvance has worked amazing for me for 8th grade, 9th, and 10th! I’ve gotten such great grades and everything was wonderful! I take 30 mgs, im now 17 years old (I started when i was 14). Over the period of taking the drug i was fat, but i lost all the weight and diden’t eat much. Once the weight was lost i became very tired almost all the time. I figured out i needed to eat and once i did that things were great again! But it’s now my juniour year and i fear my body is building a resistance or tolerance to it. I almost failed history but got it up to a C. I just got out of math class and i coulden’t comprehend any of what was being said today! Not to say i diden’t study, two days ago i was hitting the books harder then i ever had to before! So thats really why I’m here, i need help. The medication definatly isen’t working as well as it used to and i think i might need to up my dosage. The only thing is, if i have to up it now then maybe another year or two from now I’ll have to up it again! What happens when i reach my limit? I’m scared, i don’t want to go back to my old life. It’s not a life worth living.

    • I would recommend that you take the weekends off of taking the meds or take a week or two at a time without taking it. This helps me a lot and I have been doing that for more than 7 years. If I always take the medication I have no reference point of how it is when I don’t take it.

  18. I am a 45 y/o male and have a history of major depressive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. I don’t believe that I have all the indicators for a diagnosis of an attention deficit disorder, but a new psychiatrist I recently saw started me on 20mg Vyvanse and wanted me to continue on my low dose SSRI (Paxil 5mg). My therapist of 2 years, who thinks highly of this psychiatrist, referred me to him for an initial evaluation since I have had not had a positive response to many of the SSRI drugs, mood stabilizers, and atypical anti-psychotics. By the way, I have been off all benzodiazepines for the past 2 years following a history of “tolerance” dependence on them and have no intention of taking them again for management of anxiety (I took this drug as prescribed by my treating psychiatrist for a period of 15 years).

    Based upon what I read on the Internet (mostly anecdotal), psycho-stimulants are not recommended for people with pre-existing anxiety disorders. However, other evidence and reports from patients seem to indicate that it can help reduce anxiety symptoms. My psychiatrist has assured me that Vyvanse will reduce anxiety symptoms but it may take a couple of weeks. So, as you can see I’m a bit confused from all these mixed messages.

    When I first began taking Vyvanse about 10 days ago, I was able to notice the benefits of the drug – increased attention span, concentration, and memory, and, paradoxically, a pretty significant reduction in anxiety. However, after about day 4 the benefits were not as pronounced and the side effects seemed to take center stage – increase in anxiety symptoms and nervousness, nausea, diminished appetite, dizziness, headaches, facial flushing, and sweating. Most of the side effects have reduced in intensity, but the ones still bothering me the most are anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and facial flushing. I make sure that I stay hydrated throughout the day, exercise every morning before work, stay off caffeinated products, and eat throughout the day.

    Since I have an anxiety disorder, I am a bit concerned about taking a psycho-stimulant. Logic would seem to dictate that this type of drug would be contraindicated for a person such as myself. Have any of you have had a positive response with Vyvanse in terms of reduction in anxiety symptoms? And, since I have never been on a drug like this before I would appreciate any tips and advice.

    • Hello:

      I suffer from the same disorders (treatment resistant major depression. severe anxiety, panic attacks, social pho ias, blah, blah).

      Anyway, I have tried every SSI/SNRI, trici, etc. along with antipsychotics. Nothing worked. I was getting worse, lost my job, my home, etc.

      Anyway, a few years ago I went to a new doc who prescribed AdderlXR. The next day I took my first dose and was shocked! I actually felt contentment. I was more calm, no anxiety, and could plan and complete tasks.

      Now I take Vyvance one month, adderal the next. I also take cymbalta and Wellbutrin as well. as booster meds.

      So for me, the stimulants are miracle drugs that help me live a somewhat normal life.


  19. I was on Aderal for about a year. I didnt like it when it was wearing off because I would get a tense back and neck and I was coming down about the time I needed to be caring for my family at night. So my doctor tried me on Vyvanse about 3 months ago, and I dont get the soreness effect from them, which is very nice. However, I feel like the Aderal helped me focus more. I am more edgy on Vyvanse at times compared to Aderal, and I agree with Paul about it supposedly lasting for 12 hours, so I too split it into twice a day. And it is not possible to get a qty of 60 in a smaller dose because my insurance will only cover a qty of 31 each month.

  20. I’m 54 years old, with a dx of bipolar disorder and adult ADD. The bipolar is under excellent control using Abilify, Lamictal, Wellbutrin. The ADD is treated with Vyvanse (140 mg./once a day) and Adderall (30 mg. once in afternoon).

    I first tried Vyvanse several years ago after responding poorly to Ritalin. I do like extended release formulations, as they avoid the severe ups and downs of immediate release stimulants. Vyvanse seemed like a good bet at the time.

    Vyvanse has worked extremely well for years. I take two 70 mg. capsules in the AM, which lasts most of the day. It tends to wear off in the mid-afternoon, and I take an immediate-release Adderall at that point to cover me into the evening.

    Though Vyvanse does not work for me as long as advertised, I find it does have significant therapeutic value for about nine to ten hours. During that time there are virtually no “ups and downs” or coverage gaps. Drug release is always smooth and consistent.

    In my experience I’ve found Vyvanse to be as helpful with my ADD as other ADD drugs, such as: Adderall, dexedrine, concerta, and others. Unlike like other ADD meds, though, Vyvanse tends to be subjectively milder or “smoother” in effect and thus tolerated much better. Ritalin, for example, leaves me feeling very wired and I can’t tolerate it for long.

    I need to mention a very important consideration with Vyvanse that some psych patients should be aware of: I’m bipolar, but my mania is rarely affected by stimulants. I should add that my mania IS affected by certain stimulating antidepressants such as Prozac, so there must be a critical difference between a “stimulant” and a drug which is said to be stimulating. This is very important to understand if you are bipolar but have ADD-like issues that may respond to stimulant meds.

    I went for decades with my ADD component undiagnosed. This was, basically, a nightmare situation, and I was labeled as “treatment refractory.” It was not until I urged a psychiatrist to experiment with a stimulant (Cylert, at the time) that I experienced relief and doctors began to see what was going on. Things only improved as the doctors and I found the proper stimulant meds and the correct dosages. Discovering and taking Vyvanse was an important step in optimizing my bipolar and ADD treatment.

    I would urge patients who aren’t responding well to stimulant meds–and haven’t tried Vyvanse yet–to give it a try.

  21. I recently accepted a new job in a new state, so upon my move I had to find new doctors. I have heard headaches of new patients trying to convince doctors of their ADD, but thankfully my doctor talked with me for a half hour and saw how apparent my ADD was. My old doctor had me on Adderall 20 mg 2x a day. My new doctor did not like the idea of me taking two instant when I could take a long lasting pill. Instead of putting me on Adderall XR, he decided Vyvanse (thankfully insurance covered it. I heard A LOT don’t). He didn’t tell me why, but I’ve been on it for 3 months now, with only a change from 30mg to 50mg after the first month. I like it a lot better than Adderall…It’s SO much smoother. Every time I took Adderall, it were as if a bucket of ice cold water was splashed in my face, and I would be like “HYPER-FOCUSED” for a time, than a steep decline. Vyvanse is more gradual. I cannot pinpoint the time it starts working or when it fades, it just sort of happens and I usually say to myself, “Oh I can feel it,” or “It must have worn off.” The company I work for is revamping their healthcare plan, so I’m hoping it will still be available because I really like it.

  22. My grandson, 6yr. old starts VyVanse this week. I am really worried after looking at all the negative side effects. He is little for his age, less than 50 lbs. Anyone have a small child on VyVanse? Thanks!!

    • Hi, My 8 year old son started Vyvanse this week. I too am concerned about potential side effects of this med. However, upon some research it seems that it has the least chance of bad side effects than some of the other ADHD meds. I live in Ontario, Canada. My question is, whose extended drug plan pays for this? I am with Green Shield and they will not pay for it and it is mighty expensive! Let me know any tips.

    • Hey my son is 7 he want on vyvance today he weighs 40lbs he today has done okay on eating wanted to know how its going with your grandson has he done well on it? Thanks

      • Honestly I don’t think there is any reason to put a child on stimulants like that. You are likely messing up their growth and rewiring their brain. They will probably be on stimulants forever now. I think parents often have kids who are not well behaved and that is a symptom more of poor parenting. I would only suggest stimulant medication for children with narcolepsy. There’s really no excuse to be hopping kids up on speed. It’s different when they are teenagers and can make the choice themselves with you, but do you really think all 5-6 year olds are great at focusing? You might as well be giving your children morphine or heroin or something. Why not just give them some crystal meth to help them focus? Vyvanse is a Schedule II narcotic in the same class as morphine, oxycontin, dilaudid, fentanyl, codeine, methamphetamine, ritalin, adderall etc. Think about that very hard.

        • Tom, You obviously have not had to have a child with ADHD. I was totally against putting my son on medication until he said to me when I asked him why he cannot sit still and pay attention in class and he said mommy I try as hard as I can and I just cannot help it. This made me really sad and we talked to a doctor and he put him on Vyvanse. He is 8 years old and today was his first day and I hope it works for him. He seems more hyper today but he can focus much better. He sat and worked on something for his friends for 2 hours he has never done anything for 2 hours before.
          Like one of my sons teachers said to me you have tried everthing and if a doctor told you he needed glasses you would not keep him from wearing them so he could see would you? I think that is something you should thank about before judging people about medicating their children.

  23. Listen I have had Add my who life but all the regular drugs (Ritalin, aderall and a few other) cause me to get so hyper and the non-stimulant alternative have horrible side-effects, so who wants those. I have been using Vyvanse for a week now (30mgs) and it’s a different world. I feel focused, excited and extremely positive with a touch highness. Side effects seems to be extreme loss of appetite and a touch of IBS sometimes after eating, both of which I can deal with because they cause weight loss. All in all a positive experience. I would recommend switching to decaf with this drug too. I hope that helps.

  24. My youngest child was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. We were aprehensive about meds for a number of reasons. However, after some continually problems in preschool, we were prescribe 20 mg of Vyvanse. It made an immediate difference.

    I decided to try one. To my surprise, I had not had that focused a morning in years. I had to confess to the family doctor, but after a screening, I’m now on the team.

    The best way I can describe the feeling without Vyvanse is this way:

    The front of my head feels like a huge egg shaped chamber. 3/4 of it filled with water under a grey overcast sky. I’m underwater watching tugboats float back and forth above delivering messages to the shorelines… From 8ish am till nearly 1:30 pm, I could probably just lay down anywhere and sleep… Coffee, energy drinks, etc, no effect. I could drink a MONSTER and take a nap…

    I take 40mg and it makes all the difference to me. I cannot explain how much I love being able to focus and get things done now.

    I do take a break from time to time, especially if I don’t have anything hugely pressing to accomplish. I come from a family of addicts, and I want to make sure I’m always in control.

  25. Hi,
    I’m a 31y/o/f, I’ve been on vyvanse for a little over 3yrs. I’ve never been on any other ADD medicine because I was afraid of developing a dependency or liver damage. So before going on it I did a ton of research and had several conversations with my doctor, and eventually together we decided it was the best option for me.
    After a week of taking it, my husband noticed how much more calm, less fidgety, not easily overwhelmed I’d become. And I felt like the bunny ears were finally pointed in the right direction and my brain was able to tune in to the right channel.
    At the time I was going to school for my masters and it was amazing how much more easily I was able to absorb the content; I’ve always got As and Be but I knew my good grades came with double and some times triple the effort that others put in.
    Ever since I started taking the medicine my relationships are better (I don’t interrupt as much, I guess – and I’m less likely to put my foot in my mouth), I’ve gotten a better job and I feel much more at peace wit myself because I’m able to deal with everyday life.
    I’d agree with the person who posted about diet impacting ADD, I’ve removed gluten and I feel even better. Also, sleep is very important, although it’s sometimes difficult to get to bed on time specially if I take the med after 7am. Running or some time of physical activity helps clear the mind too.

    I know this medicine isn’t for everyone but I’ve had an excellent experience.with it

    • How much are you taking each day? I will be starting this in a few days. I was prescribed 20mg. You said that if you take it after 7 am it is hard to get to sleep. How long are they supposed to last?

      Also, when do you exercise? At the end, when it has almost worn off?

  26. My son started taking 30mg of Vyvanse about 8 months ago just before he turned 7. He had taking a baseline test at the beginning of kindergarten and scored in 70% range and according to his teacher was having poor impulse control and difficulty concentrating and focusing. The first day we started him on the medication I had not told his teacher but she approached me at the end of the schools day and told me how focused he had been and that for the first time he was able to sit still. Subsequently, a few months later when he took that baseline test again he scored 97%. Ever since we started him on the medication he has performed well at school, has had better impulse control and has overall been a more pleasant child to be around. He does get some insomnia so I make sure to give it to him first thing in the morning. Also, since he started taking it I’ve noticed he’s only grown and 3/4 inch and he is one of the tallest in the class. My only concern with the medication is its effect on his overall growth,

    • Christine, one of the listed effects of Vyvanse on their site is that it can stunt the growth of younger children. I would recommend talking to your doctor right away, though I know I’m commenting a few months after your response to this. If he still isn’t showing typical growth patterns for his age, they may need to switch him to something else or figure out how to combat this negative effect.

  27. I have been taking Vyvanse since I was 26 and I just turned 30 a couple of weeks ago. This drug is amazing I am totally a different person when Im on it. I just feel that it makes me concentrate on work better and my focus on other things are a hell of a lot better. The only question or concern I have is is that is Vyvanse a drug that can cause heart problems because I dont want to come off the drug because I have never done well in school and have had problems with jobs in the past due to my ADHD but I dont want to harm myself as well. Im just wondering if I am ever going to have to come off this drug sometime down the road or is it safe for me to take for another 20 or 40 or how many years I have left on this earth

  28. I am 19 years old, and have been on vyvanse for 3 months now.

    I was on Concerta before for about 6 years, and It was not very “smooth” . I would feel really awkward with people, quiet, my eating habits were horrible, had trouble sleeping, and I just didn’t feel very “me”. Although i did notice it helped me focus in class, i felt more like a zombie that just couldn’t do anything else but focus.

    My doctor reccomended me Vyvanse. I’m taking 30 mg right now, and I have to say. Its really something ! If I didn’t have this pill, I don’t know if i could be in university. Im so proud of myself and thankful for this drug. I can concentrate during a 3 hour lecture with ease (I’m actually really into it) . I used to gaze over at the prof, trying to concentrate but it would be foggy, and i couldn’t absorb any of the information. I feel so in control of what I’m doing, and it feels great. I’m happier forsure, and in terms of my “hyperactivity”, it really helps me stay leveled. I’m still the fun, outgoing me, but just a bit more in control :)

    If i have an argument with someone, I’m very in control, and can feel confident that i’m not being inappropriate, and am not a loose cannon) . Everyone else notices the changes as well. It helps in all areas of my life, and I’m so happy to have decided to make the change. If ANYONE has add or adhd and is struggling in school, at home, or anything like that then i really reccomend making the change to Vyvanse because it really does wonders and I’m a much better me.

    If i don’t take my medication, then i cant focus on my work. I remember trying to do a reading for a class, and i was saying out loud “i cant focus” and it was really frustrating cause i just could not pick up the information and i would read the sentence 10 times. Now i read it, and i stay focused on the task at hand and i gey my work done. I’m not “thinking about what im going to watch on tv later, and I’m not getting distracted on the computer” . If i had this during elementary school or high school i would have been a much better me. Parents , i’ve had adhd all my life, and i was really skeptical about medication, as my parents were. Trust me. This could very well be the solution for you.

    • I also wanted to add, that because it can sometimes give you trouble sleeping, I take melatonin. My doctor let me know it was ok for me to do this and it helps me feel naturally tired. Also it’s good because i have altered sleep schedules because of university classes. Talk to your doctor about what would be good for you for sleeping .

  29. Growing up I have always had trouble focusing…my mind would never just shut off…which cause sleeping problems….I would call it a merry go round on full speed shooting in different directions…I would go til I crash…bc even if I tried to lay down and go to sleep it wasn’t going to happen…When it came to reading it wouldn’t click I had to read things over 20 times to at least get half of it…my grades suck….I would study long hours stay after school and anything that involved reading my best grade was a C and I busted my butt for that….but I really didn’t have any problems in math…it was like a puzzle waiting to be solve for me….but over the yrs I learned things by listening or hands on stuff…I learned more watching the history channel then reading it… mom passed away when I was 14 and everyone thought I was just acting out and that’s why I got bad grades and getting into trouble at school skipping classes….yes it was hard after she passed but what made it harder was other kids making fun of me calling me stupid..I was never stupid…it was bc no one knew and understood the problems I was having….I quit going to school bc it was embarrassing…I was ashamed of myself…over the yrs things got harder I developed more problems bc I didn’t get help….or the right help….2 yrs ago I had a melt down…I just snapped…My boyfriend made me go to the doc….I didn’t want to bc as I said I was ashamed of myself and what I became….they diagnosed me as Manic Bi-Polar,ODC,and serve ADHD….I developed OCD to mange my anxiety over the yrs….I’ve been on Vyvanse for over a year….that’s all I take…..70mg… pill….everyday I wake up in the morning…and to believe just that one pill fixes a lot of my issue…I can read and only read it once and understand…I can sleep normal for once…I sleep every night at least 6 to 7 hrs without waking up…before it was either no sleep or nick naps….and I believe it helps with my OCD bc some of the things I used to flip out on that I was funny about how things where supposed to be… I’m not doing that much anymore…and I also believe it helped stabilize my moods as well…no more roller coaster ride with my emotions I still have mood swings but it wasn’t like before I would be happy to snap in sec angry at the world to I love you 5 mins later….I’m claim most of the time now..I’m not jumping off of walls like I was on speed or something anymore…people actually thought I was on drugs when I wasn’t taking anything at all ….I’m 28 yrs old and for the first time it my life I’m satisfied with myself,happy,and at peace …I feel like my mind has been opened up and there’s so much I can do now that I never thought was possible before…my family has notice it has made a big difference for me and told me “whatever the doctor put you on keep taking it bc your doing so much better” so to answer “Does Vyvanse work?”….”YES” it has helped me in many ways!!!

  30. Oh, joy today. Been taking Vyvanse for over 4 years. Had a doctor who actually was a doctor. Was the only man in the office and was finally ran off. Healthsource of Ohio. Beware….. I called for prescription renewal, “He’s not here, you need to talk to the new doctor.” New doc? Nurse Prac BS. Anyhow, right out of the gate….. Drug test!!! So okay, whatever. Then I flunked. No drugs found. IRONIC! Thing is, It was monday, 2:30. I took a drug holiday all weekend and now it was monday. Those of you who take it understad, the nurse practiotioner and the office manager………… I must be selling it!


    Now looking for a new doc

  31. My 5 year old son started Vyvanse in December and it has seemed to help him concentrate. We went to the dr Monday and she increased it from 20mg to 30 mg due to it wearing off so early in the day. When he was on the 20 mg he complained of his stomach hurting and now that he is on the 30 mg he has complained all evening about his stomach. I have tried to make him eat because since his last appt in decemember he lost 3 pounds and he cannot afford to lose weight because he is so skinny. The dr did mention putting him on an additional med if he continues to complain of stomach aches and continues to lose weight. Can someone tell me how his stomach may be feeling? Is it nausea or a sharp pain? What are some things we can do to help with his stomach?

    • Christie,
      My son was 7 when he started Vyvanse 20mg. He complained of stomach
      Aches in the beginning and he lost a great deal of
      Weight. The Ped tool him off and switched to another med that didn’t work at all. He is has been back on Vyvanse for about 4 days and has no stomach
      Issues and is also eating like a champ! Hopefully it will continue. I think the stomach issue is common and you might ask your dr about Mylanta which is what we used for a while until the stomach problems passes. Good luck!

    • Christie, it’s only my first day taking Vyvanse and I had brief stomach pains as well. I switched from Adderall XR, and I did occasionally experience the same thing, though. I think it may be partially due to the stimulant causing a decreased appetite.

      I noticed I only had the symptoms on Adderall when I didn’t actively make sure I was snacking on little things throughout the day; I would go all day without eating because the meds caused a dampening of those natural hunger urges, and then when I did eat, there was such a buildup of stomach acid that it caused me a lot of pain. I’d also have worse pains at night and the next day because my body was deprived of nutrition.

      Mylanta might be a good option, or if you don’t want to try that, maybe try getting him to snack on something basic like pretzels or crackers intermittently. That usually works for me when I have those symptoms. Hope this response helps!

  32. A lot of posts on these websites seem to either say that the drug is amazing or it’s awful. My account is mixed. I’m 27 years old, male, been on Vyvanse since the end of September (about 4 months at the time I write this).

    Short version: the drug works for me with very few side effects, but I’ve built a tolerance, and I’m refusing my doctor’s suggestion to up the dose yet again.

    Side effects: dry mouth and decreased appetite. I’ve been a horrible overeater before, so this drug puts me back to a normal appetite.

    Started on 40 mg/day. First dose felt happier than any time in my life. I also had no choice but to focus. It was awesome. I was definitely a bit jittery. I am a runner, normally with a resting heart rate of 55, and the pulse rose to 90 the first few weeks I was on 40 mg. It’s since dropped back down.

    I had NO trouble sleeping, although I should note that I virtually gave up caffeine as soon as I started Vyvanse, so that change probably eclipsed any side effects of the Vyvanse.

    My fidgeting WAY better than it ever was before.

    Unfortunately my body started to build a tolerance. The drug didn’t last nearly as well as it has before. I started fidgeting again, had trouble concentrating. The doctor upped the dose to 50 mg. I reached a point where I was building a tolerance to that. The doctor wanted to up the dose again, but I refused. I just didn’t buy the argument that the body builds a tolerance at a lower dose but doesn’t build a tolerance at a higher dose.

    Back in December I took a full week off of stimulants entirely. First two days I was sleeping all the time, and I didn’t have the energy to focus my eyes to read text on a computer screen. By the end of the week I had cleared up. For instance I was able to function on 4 hours sleep with no caffeine.

    By the end of that week I felt my old self returning, at least emotionally. Objectively I probably accomplished very little at work that week.

    When I went back onto the drug (50 mg) it was quite powerful, but nowhere near as strong as the first time I took it. Got a lot done that day, had trouble sleeping that night.

    I sometimes misuse the drug on the weekends. Fridays and Saturdays I may take one 50 mg dose in the morning and one 50 mg dose in the evening. I’m a guy in my 20’s, and the dating scene requires some late nights to meet women. I’m not asking for a sympathy card, just giving an honest anonymous account of a patient’s behavior on the drug. Vyvanse works better for me than 5 hour energy or Red Bull, and allows me to sleep better once the night is over.

    Other things to mention – some of my lifestyle behaviors could be better to improve the effectiveness of the drug.

    I used to self-medicate by exercising vigorously. For instance, I would go into the supply closet once every hour or so and do 50 push-ups just to get the blood flowing back to my brain. I had to run every day or I got depressed.

    This is where a third party would play devil’s advocate with my account.

    It’s hard for me to say objectively how much I’m actually getting done on the drug. The only way I can measure it is to say how I feel on the drug. When I feel like I’m building a tolerance, the thing that I notice most is that I don’t have the buzz that I had the first time I tried it. Maybe I’m not “high” from the drug, but I’m still getting my work done.

    The other thing to note – I cut back on my exercising once I was on the drug. Other people drag themselves to the gym, my body had a primal urge that forced me to exercise. On the Vyvanse I didn’t feel the desire to exercise anymore. The amphetamine high replaced the need for the runner’s high. It’s not a stretch to assume that the lack of exercise has caught up with me. The other thing to mention is that I have not been seeking ADHD therapy, which I need to be doing.

    • Im sorry im sure you’ve heard this before but it is crazy how much i can relate to you! i am active young and have a night life… i loved this medication for the first three weeks then built a tolerance had it upped by the doctor then built a tolerance again from (30mg to 40mg)… i hate having a feeling that i will need to keep upping the dose (also double dosed a couple times on test days)… my doctor said that i would find my dose that would “fit” me and i wouldnt ever need to up again but i didnt give it a chance… i guess i am interested to see how your doing now and what you have done… i would love to get back on the medication again but am scared that i will get caught up being dependent on the medication… I had confidence and could actually focus to the point that i was remembering things i normally wouldn’t have! i was making large steps forward in my life! if you could please reply id like to hear how and what you have done with the medication. thank you for sharing your story!

    • Hi Steve I was reading all through this post and also others to try to find answers to my problems! My doctor started me on Vyvanse 20mg/day in Feb of this year. They were not working to the potential that I needed them to help with my schooling and my entire home life and children. I was just put on 30mg/day (the orange/white capsule) today (March 13) and I just dont feel that its doing its job either, im always squirming around, not have full attention that I should have, my schooling is gradually going down into the dumps, Im not feeling that get up and go that I feel that I need to do everyday things and be that not so tired n fatigue mommy that I need and want to be. I seen in your post that you often missuse your doctors pres. dosage on the weekends for your dating sceens and late nites lol, So I was wondering what would I need to get the focus, not squirming, etc that I need? I have always been afraid of medications and what they can do if you dont take as prescribed by your doctor, My doctor told me today that if this months new 30mg didnt work that she would up my dose next month if I stayed at my same weight or gained weight because she doesnt want me loosing any weight with taking this medication. I am turning 28 and 125lbs 5’2, I just dont know enough about any of it no matter how much ive tried to research I always get to posts, blogs and websites that have good posts, amazing posts, and scary terrible posts so I not sure what I need to do to get myself where I need to be with my medication. If there is anything that you can recommend to me or advise anything please let me know.

  33. My grandson started vyvanse in 2nd grade and before taking it he was struggling in school–he was not hyper–just couldn’t pay attention. He is an A/B student, never has to do homework with him any more. Only issue is that every once in a while he wakes up with night terrors–feels bad and thinks he is going to die. However, no other major side effects–it does interfere with his appetite, however, before taking it he was chunky. So far has not interfered withi his growth. Anyone has any real negative side effects?

  34. First day but it is obvious that Vyvanse works – amazing. I tried to tell doctors for years that I had adhd. They just wouldn’t listen. At least I finally know what I have and there is Vyvanse so I can do something about it.

  35. I take vyvanse for my adhd. 70 mg. And when I say this to someone in my school they beg me to sell them some. Vyvanse are greatly abused. Now I’m no angel. I smoke pot and drink, and I’m a teen, and I know that all adhd/add medications are abused by teenagers and such. Vyvanse used to work for me, but I built a very high tolerance and have to deal with what 70 mg and 20mg of adderall do for me. In my opinion, adderall is the best because all though it is a more common add/adhd medication sold on the street, it doesn’t produce the effect vyvanse does. Taking ove 210 mg of vyvanse can reallly f*** you up. While 100 mg of adderall just gives you a buzz. I know this because I’ve done it firsthand. Its stupid. And if you ever think about abusing it, don’t. I’m permanently messed up by it. And pot a mixed with vyvanse is probably better than doing pot alone. It helps me concentrate better while high and doesn’t take away from my high. Plus I don’t eat my whole refrigerator. Sorry if this doesn’t help you.

  36. My last comment was that I was on my first day of Vyvanse and I was happy with it at 30 mg. I sat at my computer and concentrated on one project for 3 hours. But I am having trouble regulating the dosage. After taking 30 mg on day 2, I realized that it wasn’t working well so I took about 20 mg more (it’s very hard to tell when you are dumping powder in to water from a capsule). I thought that even with the additional 20 mg, it still wasn’t working well enough. I tried 60 mg on days 3 and 4 and that seems good. I am getting a terrible upper torso ache which is not alleviated by ibuprofen. Is there any pain relief meds which work for this?

    • Seriously, are you for real?? You’re breaking apart capsules, dumping them in water and doubling your dose?? What are you going to do when you run out?? Does your doctor write a new script whenever you demand it? I know I have to go to my doc every month just to get my daughters script refilled.

      Some of these meds have to build up in your system. You haven’t even given it a fair chance to see what it might do for you over a period of time. Instead, you double your dose on days 3 and 4.

      Talk about instant gratification.

      • In the Vyvanse pamplet it says you can do that…open the capsule and mix it with water. But increasing the dose is not condonable!

        I have read that dyes like blue #1 and yellow #5 may exacerbate ADHD symptoms. I read the vyvanse ingredients. Ironically, the pill contains many of those dyes.

        I wonder if that is why the instructions suggest to dump the powder in the water (to avoid the dyes). Or maybe the reason is some people cant swallow pills.
        I also wonder do those dyes contribute to the drug’s effectiveness? Otherwise, why do we need a pretty orange colored pill?

  37. This is in response to Kelly. If you bothered to read the package insert for Vyvanse, you would know that “dumping in water” is exactly how you are supposed to determine your initial dosage. You start with 30 mg and then if you think you need a higher dosage, you add a bit more (by opening capsules and dumping part of contents in water) until you are sure you’ve got it right. My doctor went over all of this with me. Yours obviously did not. After a week or so my doctor will write me another scrip for the dosage which I have determined works for me using the “dumping in water” method.

  38. The ability to take Vyvanse via dumping the powder into water is one of the great advantages of Vyvanse. That said, you are dumping random amounts trying to eyeball the dose? Don’t do that. Dump the entire thing into water. Then, if you can measure the water, you can measure the dose, because the Vyvanse is evenly distributed throughout the solution. So, if your pill is 30 mg, and you dissolve it into 1 cup of water, and you drink exactly 1/2 cup, you have taken exactly 15 mg. Though Shire says not to save any residual water (they don’t want some unsuspecting third party to accidentally drink it and consume vyvanse inadvertantly), I’ve found that the remaining solution can be consumed the following day with the same effect.

  39. How do I know when I’ve reached the best dosage of Vyvanse for me? I have no side effects at 90 mg. I’ve read that the average dosage for adults is 40 to 60 mg. Any thoughts or advice?

  40. My 5 y.o. started taking vyvanse 30mg about 2 months ago. It has been wonderful for us, and for school. However, the one thing I’m not quite sure about is excessive talking. He seems to talk NON STOP all the time while he is on it. But he can focus better AND it has GREATLY improved behavioural problems. He had been on Focolin for a couple of months prior to this and I did not see any real improvements.

  41. My daughter took Vyvanse for about 1 year. During that year, the dosage increased from the lowest dose possible to almost the highest dose possible. During that time, she still needed Adderall for the afternoon to help get through homework and evening activities. She also ended up needing to take Melatonin to help sleep. It took a long time to figure out that was having trouble sleeping which of course creating insane mornings. While on Vyvanse, my daughter’s attitude and mood swings were insane as if she had PMS all the time. There was a huge change in her behavior and attitude when she came off Vyvanse. She wasn’t so moody anymore.

  42. I am a 45 yr old female, and I’ve taken Vyvanse for the past 5 years, on and off….I was diagonsed with ADD as a child. I was prescribed ritalin. My parents took me off of ritalin after 2 weeks bc they felt it made me like a zombie. I struggled all the way through school. I am a teacher and I was having a hard time focusing, also as an adult. About 5 years ago I was retested and was prescribed vyvanse. I love it!! I try not to take it on the weekends bc I do not want to build up a tolerance to it. My daughter was having a very hard time focusing, and her grades were dropping. I had her tested and she too has started taking vyvanse. We were both prescribed 40 mg. I open the capsule and put half in a spoon of yogurt about 9:30, and give her the other half. Taking 20mg each will last us until about 4:30. I choose to do it this way bc I do not want to built up a tolerance and have to increase our dosage. I can’t imagine taking this every day for 7 days, and taking more than 30mg. I am so tired on the weekends and also very ill….I do not take it very often in the summer months. When I do not take the vyvanse, I’m very unmotavited for about 3-5 days and some irritably. Like a lot of medications, you have to control the meds and not let the meds control you :)

    • I didnt feel anything much on my first day of 30mg. I felt as if maybe it made me feel a bit better but not totally. After a few days I opened up another pill and took half of it. The powder was stuck together so i just swallowed it like a pill. It helped better but not quite enough. I tryed 60mg and thats good for me. I dont take it every day. And I think its good to skip a day or two. It prevents me from getting manic. But I also started on Trazadone for sleep. I usually dont like taking sleeping pills but I find its a huge help while on a stimulant. My doctor said sleep is the first most important thing to prevent mood swings. And think she is right. It has helped majorly. Although I seem to always get tolerant to meds really fast. I do worry about that but Im kinda an old pro by now. My doctor knows I know my body well and I can tell when i need to raise my serotonin or dopamine or bnorepinephrine or gaba. Sometimes i may add 5-htp a little instead of raising my Cymbalta. I dont like the idea of getting too tolerant on my sleeping pills. I might take a small dose of melatonin or excersize more to get sleepier. I would be really concerned if I had a teenager on a stimulant that doesnt sleep well. It might help for her to take a shorter lasting ADD med? When I first tried Ritalin, I wasnt sleeping well and I ended up working too much because I felt so good. When your young its way too easy to think your invensible! And I admit its very seductive to finally be able to accomplish so much. I can understand how some people abuse it.

    • Are you sure this med is right for you .. If you were like me it affects every part of my life even sleeping. I take 160 mg a day right now.. I have had my heart rate tested and it gose down when I take my meds.. Before I started taking this meds I got arrested every 6 months.

  43. I am 15 years old a freshman in High School I noticed things change when I moved into High School. My grades started to slip from A’s and B’s to C’s and D’s. I could tell something was wrong with my attention, so I talked to my mother and she took me to the doctor and my doctor decided to try vyvanse on me. She put me on 20mg for a week then after that week she told me to move up to 40mg. I just started 40mg today. I can honestly say I love the way I can focus in school now. I have a few minor side effects when I take it tho like: going from really hot to super cold, loss of hunger, sweating. The side effects it can have on people, it doesn’t bother me so I just put up with them. After my pills stop working at night I get really hungry and tired, minor headaches but it’s tolerable. I feel this medicine is very effective for ADHD. I have to go back to see my doctor on March 19th to talk to her about how it is doing for me, I can’t wait to tell her how much happier I am that I can actually live my life. Vyvanse helped me to take control of my life

  44. I am 56 yr old, healthy, female. 5’7″, 165lbs.
    I have been diagnosed with depression (2001), thyroid issues (2004) and fibromyalgia (2009). I sound like a whack-job!
    So, where is the ADHD? Who knows. Maybe I’ve had it my whole life and never had a doctor put a name to it. Here is what I do know.
    Vyvanse makes a TOTAL difference in my life. I don’t want to live another day without it. Vyvanse 20mg was prescribed to me in 11/2011 because I had HAD it! I bullied my doctor into prescribing something to me for energy, something for my mind fog (menopause I have been told). He knew my daughter has been diagnosed with ADD, so he said I could be too. The Holidays were wonderful!
    So, Vyvanse is better than the thyroid medicine (Synthroid) I was prescribed for the “thyroid symptoms” (which came with the onset of menopause). My thyroid numbers were normal, but I had the symptoms. (which happen to be the same symptoms of menopause). I gave those up in 2010.

    Vyvanse is better, and has less side effects, than the anti-depressant (Celexa) I was prescribed for the fibromyalgia. (I gave that up Jan, 2012) No depression symptoms returned.

    For two months I have been on Vyvanse exclusively. Nothing else. I have energy, vitality, I can play in the floor with my grandson, I think more clearly. It was not depression. It was not thyroid problems. Yes, to fibromyalgia and Vyvanse works for Fibromyalgia.

    Maybe I have some Adult onset ADD, also. Who knows? There is no real test for that.
    Vyvanse 20mg is a miracle medicine for me.

  45. I’m currently an 18 year female & was diagnosed with ADD when I was 13. Since then I’ve gone through several medications to find the one that ‘fit’. I don’t recall my first few medications, but they decreased my appetite (which I really didn’t need, coming from a family of small people) & left me really depressed. Before I took Vyvanse, I took Adderal & really liked it because I felt pretty happy & was able to focus, but I was too edgy so we switched meds again. That’s when I started taking Vyvanse. For a year now I’ve been taking it at 40 mg. I really enjoy it because it doesn’t tamper with my good mood but helps me focus. I’ve been doing awesome in school, thanks to being able to focus on subjects I would normally have no patience for. The side effects I’ve noticed are increased heart rate an hour or so after taking it, increased sweating (but it’s an odorless sweat), & as embarrassing as it is, makes me really need to poop after it kicks in. Luckily the last side effect only bothers me a bit after taking it. My hands & feet are also pretty cold, but it’s hard to tell if it’s the Vyvanse or not because I sometimes have cold hands & feet without it.
    Overall, I really like my Vyvanse. If I take it every morning like I’m supposed to (and I generally do unless I wake up too late & don’t want it keeping me up when I go to bed) the side effects aren’t as prominent.

  46. I started taking Vyvanse at the beginning of my sophomore year in high school. Prior to starting the drug, I was a B/C student (freshman year) and had quite a bit of difficulty in school. However, my sophomore year, when I began taking Vyvanse, my grades shot up, I got straight A’s. Now I’m in my junior year and am still doing quite well in school, I have a 4.4 gpa and am looking at going to some ivies.

    I don’t want this to sound like an advertisement, so I’ll add in some of the negatives of Vyvanse:

    1. It’s impossible to sleep the first two weeks while taking it, and it’s still somewhat difficult after taking it for two years.

    2. I, personally, hate the way that it “makes me feel.” I can’t stand that “high” feeling, which, believe me, is better described as dysphoria.

    3. I doubt that the incredible results which I saw are expected for everyone and are solely due to Vyvanse (other drugs, such as Adderall, would probably have given similar results).

    4. I, quite honestly, feel more “lazy” when it comes to physical exercise. Over the summer, I was going to two swim practices a day (5 hours a day, 6 days a week) without complaining, but one day I took Vyvanse for a practice PSAT (yes a practice PSAT not a PSAT, for scholarships) and disdained the idea of going to swim practice for the rest of the day.

    Numbers 2 and 4 are probably just limited to me and a few others, as I find it difficult to believe that most people would find the effects of amphetamines undesirable. Additionally, from what I understand, some athletes use amphetamines to help them in training and competitions.

    I feel, personally, that the positives outweigh the negatives. I really hated it at first because I found it difficult to sleep when I started (3 hours a night), which is why it is probably good to start in low doses. I still have some difficulty sleeping, I only get about 7 to 7 and a half hours of sleep a night (never 8), even though I go to bed early enough to get 8.

    Honestly, from what I’ve read about some of the other add medications, Vyvanse seems like the best, despite the fact that they’ve been marketing it ridiculously hard. I would definitely think about prescribing it, but prescribe low doses if you can (like 20 mg), because more than that can really suck (I took 50 mg for a while, but recently moved down to 30 mg because I can’t stand that much).

  47. It can make some people very agitated, and anxious. If you have a pre-existing anxiety disorder then you have a chance of reacting poorly and getting very anxious, and “cracked out”. Or it might improve your mood and make you more likely to talk to people etc. I have a long history of using stimulants for concentration. I was on them from 12-20 and they helped alot but at that age i found them to be very addictive, especially Dextroamphetamine. I am 27 now and my health has declined steadily from 20 on, I ended up getting very ill, suffering multiple pulmonary embolisms, and now have an immune defficiency syndrome. I’ve been fighting pneumonia for more than a year now, and can’t get rid of it, and Iv’e tried 20 different antibiotics, both orally and intravenously. I basically live in the hospital half the time now. I am using Vyvanse for a few different reasons. a) I have ADD b) my ADD has been made worse by cognitive decline from my illness c) I am overweight and it doubles as an appetite supressant d) I’m always exhausted and can sleep for 24 hours at a time because of how much my body is fighting everything. I’ve had good results from it, it’s basically like Dexedrine but less harsh. I feel much less of a “kick”. For me Ritalin gives the largest stimulant effects, so much I can’t take it. I get very irritable and angry. Dexedrine keeps me in a better mood but i do notice a huge stimulant effect which is pleasant at first but horrible when it wears off. Vyvanse seems slower to kick in, and wear off, but definitely doesn’t last as long as they say. It lasts about 8 hours for me, and only 3-6 of them are really focused hours. I don’t take much, It could probably be doubled, or one pill taken in the morning and one 3 hours later to keep my attention on things for a bit longer.

    • Also I’ll add, as a teenager I was given a medication that was called Desoxyn, which I’m not sure if it’s even around anymore. The brand was Desoxyn and it was chemically Methamphetamine. Which is basically the same as Dextroamphetamine, just more potent of a drug. I honestly cannot tell the difference between the feelings of a Desoxyn and Vyvanse. I guess the only difference that would lead me to be able to tell is the time it takes for Vyvanse to start working, and the length of time it continues to keep me focused. I found Adderall to be very harsh and speedy, and not in a good way. I believe it is the Levo-amphetamine in it that makes it more agitating. It also makes my heart rate go out of control. Dextroamphetamine on its own in the Sulphate format does not cause me to feel terrible like Adderall did. Maybe they will come out with something that is a pro drug of Methamphetamine. Like a Lysine Methamphetamine pill. Would that even work? It would probably be very good and without the horrid effects of Methamphetamine on it’s own due to the abuse. I’ve heard Vyvanse is unabusable by injection or nose, which basically is a party pooper for many people who like to snort things or inject them. I think the idea of having an un-snortable uninjectable pill is a good idea. Actually scratch that. I don’t think it’s good to make pills that are hardened and turn to gel when they are prepared for illicit injection or snorting. But I think the way Lysine was added to Dextroamphetamine was a very smart way to curb this without people getting hurt badly. We all know addicts are going to shoot up something whether it has a hard exterior and turns to gel or even cement when heated up. They will find a way! And they dont care about getting hurt obviously, they just want their fix. Basically the pill is more deadly when you use abuse proofing methods like will be used in OXYNEO and in CONCERTA even. This way they abuse proofed Vyvanse was very smart in comparison to the others I mentioned.

  48. We suspected that our son has ADD. He is struggling at school, hard to stay focus, but very gentle and non violent. He is 8 Years and born in Dec. So we consulted a Doctor and he asked us to fill a questionnaire and without any further investigation or test Doctor prescribe Vyvanse. We were not convinced yet to start the medication. Dr. prescribed dosage was 20Mg.
    What should we do?

  49. I will be brief since there are so many long comments and, well, you know I don’t have the patience to read them all. :-)

    (Actually I do, thanks to this medication, but I’m too busy with other things at the moment.)

    I take 60mg of Vyvanse in the morning and 20mg of Adderall or Amphetamine Salt (generic form) in the afternoon and can only relate (not equate) it to a blind person receiving the gift of sight.

    A whole new world opened up. One in which I could think clearly and stay on point; or hop from one thing to the next. I did things I never did before because of fear, which I no longer have because I’m not overthinking or obsessing about things.

    In short, Vyvanse has been a game-changer with no adverse affects.

  50. Hi I am a 30y/o/Female just prescribed Vyvanse (20mg – the lowest dose to see how it effects me) about 4 days ago after being unmedicated since 2005. I consider my mind hyperactive but it exhausts me and then my body just wants to be lazy. I was diagnosed with depression at 15 and put on prozac. Saved my life by the way. Then anxiety later about 19 and Klonopin was added as needed. I rarely took it 30 pills usually lasted 5-6 months. But I knew it was there if I needed it. Diagnosed with ADD- Primarily Inattentive at age 22, I was immediately put on Adderall and within the first 15 minutes of taking it, it felt a switch turned on in my brain. I call it the logic swith. My brain slowed down so I could think of one thing at a time which was the greatest relief. Suddenly everything made sense and my plans for the day just magically spread out before me in logical and easy way. I realized that the depression and anxiety were just symptoms of the ADD all along. It was instant and I was shocked when I realized WOW this is how other people make it through life and minor things aren’t so hard for them. It was the greatest revelation in my life! But also got a little sad looking back and realizing all the things I could’ve done, the good friendships I didn’t foster, and all the things left unfinished. I couldv’e done so much better if only I’d known earlier. Years of wasted potential.
    I took it for about a year was doing better in school and actually was the longest amount of semesters I have ever attended college. I met my wonderful husband (and there were some pretty bad choices before him…believe me) and my social life improved as well. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and I couldn’t get a hold of my pdoc for a good while as well as my school’s roof was damaged and we couldn’t return for months. So I ran out and just stopped taking it. And didn’t return to school and started working more.
    Fast forward to now….my coping skills that I learned from taking Adderall are all gone and I’m struggling very much at home, work and socially again. I went back to my pdoc ( a different one) who has been treating me post katrina for years for anxiety and mild depression. He said he wouldn’t give me adderall because of my anxiety and it’s hard to get (adderall shortage going on). I first tried Strattera. Hated it! Did nothing for my ADD and it came with some pretty bad physical side effects that I couldn’t bear.
    The vyvanse for me has some advantages as well as disadvantages. It takes and hour and a half to kick in which isn’t necessarilly bad but I have to get up extra early to take it. Then the effectiveness last for me about 5 hours. I get bored with the tasks I am doing quicker than adderall but I can still push through to complete things. The delivery is smoother than Adderall. Not so much extreme peaks of energy which I never realized how much that irritated me about Adderall until now. My mood is great! I love this medicine! I get more done in 5 hours than I have in the last 6 months with little to no anxiety. Not joking.
    Then about 5 hours in I get really sleepy and calm feeling and don’t want to do anything anymore but just sit on the couch and watch T.V., which is how I am normally anyway except the meds have my brain slowed down and NO and I mean NO anxiety. My mood is still good and still love the medicine, now though not as much as adderall. Which still isn’t bad just not really effective anymore.
    Some hours later not exactly sure when but I’m guessing when it’s starting to stop working. I get really obsessively hyper focused on pointless stuff. I’m irritable and really anxious. My doctor told me I couldn’t take Klonopin with it so there was no escaping it. I tried breathing exercises but my mind is racing so much it was hard to stay on task without intrusive thoughts. At this point I’m mentally and physically exhausted but cannot sleep. Now I hate this medicine and I’m never taking it again! I can’t sleep til like 4:30 or 5am and that’s just not acceptable. I took 3 mg of melatonin but it did nothing.
    I’m currently frustrated! The only other option my pdoc gave me was Concerta so I don’t know if this is a dosage issue or I should try the Concerta. I’m going back in a month to see what he says. By the way I also take zoloft now. If the Concerta doesn’t work and I can’t get ADDerall I’m thinking I’m probably going to feel a little despair. It sucks that I have to spend all this money trying things that may or may not work when I know that something does. And vyvanse is really expensive and I don’t have insurance!!! Sorry so long

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