Does Vyvanse Work?

Vyvanse is the newest medicine for ADD and ADHD. It uses an innovative approach so that it is an ADHD ADD medication that cannot be abused.
As a Canadian doctor, I am not able to prescribe Vyvanse, because it is not yet available outside of the US.
So, my biggest question is: Does Vyvanse work?
I have read the research, I have heard the presentations, but I don’t have real life experience with this medicine.
This is where you can help me out.
I want to hear from anyone who has tried Vyvanse, or even considered trying Vyvanse.
Just go ahead and enter a comment below.
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I found this video – where someone shares his or her experience with Vyvanse – and you can watch it here:

Now, it’s your turn. Please type in any of your own personal experiences with Vyvanse so that the readers of this blog can benefit from your knowledge and experience. I know that the readers of this blog span the whole globe – so if you have experience with Vyvanse, all of the readers of this blog (American, Canadian and International) will appreciate your contribution very much!

Thank you for your help,

Dr. Kenny

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  1. My main point is that Vyvanse has stopped my stuttering, my strong random muscle twitching problems, physical depression,compulsive eating, nail biting, and mild depression. It has increased my attention span, memory, and dedication. It makes me productive at home, with my children, and at work. My ADHD has ruined my finances, relationships, education, and my confidence. In 2012 I began having major stuttering issues, and random strong muscle twitches which I believe may have resulted from a combination of substance abuse, anxiety, and diabetic nerve damage. This encouraged me to avoid social situations. I no longer have any of the issues I mentioned since I started Vyvanse. I started at 50mg and I am about to increase to the maximum 70mg. I am on the road to accomplish more in the next few months than I have in the past 10 years.

  2. I’m an adult with add who had only ever marginally abused stimulant medications in the past as a means of dealing with my issue. I wasn’t ever prescribed anything. I was a mess for years. In a year on vyvanse, I found a wife, have a baby, and am sorting through things I couldn’t comprehend before. I’m grateful for this drug. Although I hate being medicated, I never feel that way. I take a light 30mg dose and have for about two years, unchanged. It made a difference in my life. I’m glad I stopped being stubborn.

  3. My 9 yr old has had symptoms of ADHD for yrs, but as I did not wish to hamper her creativity or dull her love of learning, I chose not to medicate her with the oversight of her doctor. She was very impulsive and still can be, but not to the point that it was harmful to her. We did say our family motto was, “If it ain’t broke, it ain’t ours.” She just loved to test limits and see how things worked.
    That said, this year, her school invited her to be one of the 8 kids in her grade to participate in the Gifted and Talented Program, we moved in with my boyfriend to a suburban area, and her dad has become a deadbeat, only seeing and talking to them 4 days a week.
    She began acting out more and becoming very frustrated when she felt she wasn’t being heard or understood. We decided to medicate with Vyvanse (20mg/50 lb child). Although it’s only been a month, we have noticed a real difference. She completes the projects she comes up with. For Christmas, as requested, she received several LEGO sets. I thought she would follow the directions for each set. NO. She poured them all together and is making a remote control flyer complete with camera.
    She tells me that is why she requested those particular sets. She even used the green and growing parts of the jungle set to build her tree frog habitat for GT.
    I have several chronic medical conditions myself and so far I give her a big thumbs up with the help of this medication, The doctor warned me that it would change my child, but I have noticed more of an accentuation of her positive behaviors and more control of the negative behaviors. She is NOT a zombie. She is not lethargic. She is bright and even more creative. And sooo loving, We are still dealing with some fits, but I believe that is behavorial and will soon be better controlled. We send her to another room with no contact during a meltdown, give her time to calm herself and then sit to talk. Only once has it gotten so bad that we used a little physical punishment to get her attention. We are having quite a positive experience with her on this medication. If anyone has any helpful ideas on the meltdowns, please feel free to message me at

    • I am so happy for your child. I did not find medication til I was an adult. I wish it was around sooner. Please let parents know that this a help not a hinderance. Hope things are still going well.

  4. My daughter is on 27 and 36 mg. a total of 63 mg. 70 is the max. My mother who sees my daughter two times a year says she’s a zombie. I’ve noticed no appetite and only attentive to video games. Yes, she’s doing better in school. Is it worth a 7 year old to go through a mom’s recommendations to have her medicated? I think not. I’ve recently been diagnosed as bi-polar and don’t see a reason to medicate a child at such an early age. Especially when schooling, constant relocation and a recent divorce are the true factors. Therapy over drugs is what i believe. An innocent life is at stake here. Im going to the board of medicine to get answers. A pill should not be the end all be all. Positive enforcement and stability are a must.

  5. I came to Vyvanse after trying Ritalin, Ritalin SR and Concerta to treat my ADD.
    the main problem is that as someone with bi-polar disorder(medicated) and anxiety disorder(medicated), too high a dose of any stimulant (including caffeine…) exacerbates manic or depressive symptoms such as anxiety, irrational thought…
    moreover, “too high a dose” for me is a really low dose for a grown man of average height and weight. 36mg concerta once a day (or its ritalin equivalent) is more or less my cap which isn’t enough for me to concentrate properly.
    Vyvanse really changed things for me and allowed me to take a higher dose(50mg Vyvanse, which is still not considered a high dose but enough for me). While it still causes a mild high/low, its nothing I can’t handle. Moreover, Vyvanse helps me focus better than a comparable dose of Concerta (or ritalin, ritalin SR…).

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