Does Vyvanse Work?

Vyvanse is the newest medicine for ADD and ADHD. It uses an innovative approach so that it is an ADHD ADD medication that cannot be abused.
As a Canadian doctor, I am not able to prescribe Vyvanse, because it is not yet available outside of the US.
So, my biggest question is: Does Vyvanse work?
I have read the research, I have heard the presentations, but I don’t have real life experience with this medicine.
This is where you can help me out.
I want to hear from anyone who has tried Vyvanse, or even considered trying Vyvanse.
Just go ahead and enter a comment below.
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I found this video – where someone shares his or her experience with Vyvanse – and you can watch it here:

Now, it’s your turn. Please type in any of your own personal experiences with Vyvanse so that the readers of this blog can benefit from your knowledge and experience. I know that the readers of this blog span the whole globe – so if you have experience with Vyvanse, all of the readers of this blog (American, Canadian and International) will appreciate your contribution very much!

Thank you for your help,

Dr. Kenny

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  1. I am 54 year old female, I have just started 50 mg of Vyvanse, the doctor is keeping me on my wellbution and my ambien for sleep, so I am hoping, after reading this blog that I finally get some relief for my add! The only one problem, is that within the last two years, I was prescribed meds for my lupus. S0 I am really hoping this works. I will keep posting.

    • Jackie,
      Hello. Are you still taking these 3 drugs? Vyvanse, wellbutrin, & ambien? I take vyvanse now and used to take wellbutrin & sonata(same as ambien). I am going to a new psychiatrist in a month and am hoping to get the well & sonata again too. I did not think and dr would give these 3 together but I saw your post and had hope! How are you doing? I hope good. Please update me on your meds and how they are working for you. I am 42 and sounds like respond to the same meds as you.
      Thanks and take care!

  2. My daughter is 7 yr old n we have been convinced that she has ADHD for the last couple of years. I just got the courage last month to have her tested. Of course she was diagnosed with moderate to severe ADHD. She has been on 30mg of Vyvanse for a week now and we have already recieved a phone call from her teacher who stated ” I don’t know what you guys did but Nya is a totally different child”. So with that being said THANK YOU FOR VYVANSE!!!!!!!!

    • My daughter is 8 and we started Vyvanse in Nov 2011. Worked great for about 2 months and then we needed to keep increasing the dose, but she did not have the same affects as the first. Now in April we are slowly taking her off. Her focus is back down, and she just seems to be moody and sullen. She calls the medication “cardiac medication” because she feels her heart rate increases and she can feel it.
      Is is really disappointing for her, but I like getting my happy go lucky little girl back.

  3. I have read that dyes like blue #1 and yellow #5 may exacerbate ADHD symptoms. I read the vyvanse ingredients. Ironically, the pill contains many of those dyes.

    I wonder if that is why the instructions suggest to dump the powder in the water (to avoid the dyes). Or maybe the reason is some people cant swallow pills.
    I also wonder do those dyes contribute to the drug’s effectiveness? Otherwise, why do we need a pretty orange colored pill?

    • Dyes have no effect at all. It is blue because people have been shown to respond to colored sugar pills based solely on colir

    • you can take it out of the cpsule a mix in a cup of water if you’re afraid of the dyes. the time release on vyvanse is unbreakable. rather you snort it or try to stick it up your rear or any other type crazy crap it will do the exact same thing as swallowed

      • Actually, Vyvanse is not time-release. It’s a prodrug, so it needs to be absorbed in the GI tract. This is why other forms of ingestion are not effective.

  4. I have been taking Vyvanse for a month now. The first two days at 30mg I felt like I could do anything, I wasn’t lazy, my grades and homework was getting done. after those first two days it started wearing off. so after day 7 I went up to 50mg. I haven’t felt anything besides more confident, a chattter box and I get annoyed easier. I also wake up faster after an hour of taking it, But i don’t feel the focus as I did the first two days, I am even going back to sleeping all day on this. I feel more awake and refreshed but I though a stimulant would also keep you awake.
    I think 70mg would make my heart exsplode or blood pressure. Because my blood pressure rises to 168/90/ pulse 111, but goes down eithe rin the morning or after noon to 120/89 something. so is this medication wrong for me? need the does upped to 70mg? I’m just worried of my blood pressure if I go up

    • The way Vyvanse is engineered can be a big upside here. 70mg will not hit you harder than the 50mg. Vyvanse is time released. Basically, those extra 20mg’s will work after the 50 have worn off. The only difference in the 70mg and 50mg is that the 70mg will last longer. More Vyvanse=longer to get into the bloodstream. This= longer coverage.

      Believe me, I had the same concern going from 40mg to 70mg.

    • i know the ld50 is like 30mg/kg of body weight but amphetamines are pretty unpredictable. some people drink a few energy drinks and they’re in deep trouble

  5. I am a 36 year old male and like Jasmine posted, I was an A student all through high school and college. It wasn’t until later in life when things started becoming tough. Right now, my memory is horrible. I have a hard time staying focused and reading any training material is next to impossible.

    I started taking Vyvanse a few weeks ago, but my doctor started me out on the 20 mg dosage. The first day was amazing. I could not have asked for anything better. I was remembering things I would have never remembered before. I was able to focus and actually stay on task. The next few days, nothing. All the symptoms I had been battling for years came back. My next doctor’s appointment, my dosage was increased to 30 mg. For the entire week, I was in a terrible mood with no improvement to my ADHD symptoms. This week I’m on 40 mg dosage and after taking it for a few days, I can say this isn’t working either.

    Maybe the 50 mg dosage will be the magic number, I guess we’ll see. The doctor told me that Vyvanse might not help at all and if that’s the case, we can move to the Ritalin family and go from there. I would absolutely love to have that feeling back I had on the first day of Vyvanse. Hopefully I’ll find it soon.

    • Jonathan,

      I am 34 and experiencing the same thing. Good grades in high school, better grades in college, and currently holding a 4.0 in my masters courses (which I haven’t taken for a year now). My memory is horrible and I too could not focus enough to read anything I HAVE to remember. However, I am confused because through my research of ADD that I have currently started, I read that you don’t get ADD as an adult. The article stated that there would have been underlying signs as a child. I also read that ADD children often times show behavioral signs in school (I am a teacher and definitely agree with that!) but I NEVER had behavioral problems in school so I do not understand this theory.

  6. Reading the posts have made me cry…it’s like going over my experiences/struggles in writing. As long as I can remember I have been going through what you have described…lack of concentration, not getting things done like I’ve wanted to. I’m currently a graduate student and has been extremely hard for me…I feel that I have to work so much harder then anyone else in my class. I’ve always been put down by my siblings and it has affected my self esteem like crazy. I haven’t been clinically diagnosed yet, but am sure I have it. I will be making an appointment with a psychiatrist soon. I have hope.

  7. Lots of posts here. It’s good to describe as many psychological and physical pros and cons concerning Vyvanse. And as always, there’s a wide margin of dosages, symptoms, and side effects talked about here…I’m not quite sure were to start. So, onward and forward….I’ll be 49 years old in June. To start with, I began seeing a psychiatrist in late ’97. That year is key to actually knowing just how severe I was getting in many categories. My 1st medicated malady was for anxiety. Since starting Ativan (i’m prescribed generic-Lorazepam-for those who are not familiar with the benzodiazepine tranquillizer family). I started with 1mg 3x daily. Currently, I’m at the maximum dosage (2mg 4x daily). About 3 years later depression came knocking. It became pretty severe, and treatment for me as far as meds goes was brutal. My doctor started with SSRI’s (Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, etc.). SSRI’s are like poison to me. Not that I never had any medications before. It’s just I never had much discomfort as far as meds goes. After well over 1/2 dozen meds in this family, I nearly begged the doctor to try me on Wellbutrin. It took me a few visits till he would prescribe it for me. His concern was that Wellbutrin was known for aggravating anxiety as well as many other nervous problems. He relented, but at a very low dosage. He was actually scheduling monthly visits (unlike my then and current quarterly visits). He wanted to make sure it would not make my anxiety go awry. Humurously, it did quite the opposite. And he ended up putting me on the maximum dosage allowed for it (450mg’s daily). I noticed then (this is around 2000) that not only did the mood improve. But, my attention and focus levels seemed to improve a little bit. Ironically, Wellbutrin is a distant cousin to amphetamines. The Wellbutrin (now generically available) was a miracle drug for me. But, around ’05, my overall psychiatric conditions took a turn for the worse. And around this time, my memory and focus deteriorated, slowly but surely. The doctor tried additional meds over and above the Wellbutrin to get things back in control, but to no avail. Meanwhile, I had been regularly complaining about attention, focus, and especially memory problems to my doctor. And I told him that the memory problems were actually beginning to grind me down to becoming as depressed as I was from the get-go. Late in ’06 the doctor came to the conclusion I had ADD. I was floored. But, being vague about ADD, I associated it only with kids and teenagers. After a battery of past history (going back to childhood) questions. It was very obvious I had it all along. Although, not severely enough to warrant any action. And ADD was just coming to light in those years (the 70′s). One symptom stuck out like a sore thumb. I would have to read and reread almost anything in writing. Comprehension was a constant struggle. Based on my efforts as a kid in school. The way, or should I say the content of studying and reading I did. I should’ve been an “A” student. It was a perilous journey of learning. Getting “C” average grades was pure hard work. And if I dared to commit myself to anything less. I would end up failing in school. And even though it’s embarassing, I had to repeat 1st grade and I spent 2 of my school years’ summers in summer school. However, I did end up graduating, but barely. Back to late ’06, the doc started me on Ritalin. That went like a rollercoaster ride. Ritalin had a mecurial effect on me. It did start to help with the ADD and brought down my depression severity a bit too….Due to the wild ride in moods, and on occasion my increased anger incidents at work, and at home. The doctor finally introduced me to the world of Vyvanse (around early ’08, if my memory serves me right). It was like the world had completely changed for the better. But, by that time, I had butchered my record with my employer. Absence, tardiness, verbal altercations with supervision and fellow employees had put me near the termination point. Before that happened, the doctor interceded, and pulled me out of work effectively on 2/28/2008 . A date I shall never forget. Before I go on, my company had pretty good sick and accident leave time. Up to 1 year. The only things was, as of 1 year I had to return. Or submit my resignation, or be terminated. The biggest shock of my life was in July of ’08. I asked the doctor when he was finally going to send me back to work. His reply was “you’re not going back”. Since a physician is not allowed to utter the word…I said in a whisper, “Disability?!”. I’ll never know, but I strongly believe he had dialogue with the HR Dept. where I worked. You see, my job was to set up and operate machinery that did fine gauge wire grinding. Sounds menial, but it’s the same wire that gives rigidity to the medical component we know all know as a “catheter”. The very same catheters that are used in cardiac intravenous procedures. Any subpar wires that I made could prove fatal. And if I were in my company’s shoes. I would not allow this to become even a possibility of disaster. To jump ahead a bit in time.. I was placed on “full” disability via a federal judge on 6/22/2011. Although Vyvanse came too late to save my job. It came soon enough to improve my day to day life. There’s no doubt that Vyvanse not only helps correct the ADD symptoms, but heightens the moods I experience. Vyvanse is a smoother functioning amphetamine than Ritalin and Adderall. Vyvanse for me is a smoother “gradual” drug. Versus the jolt up, and the lead ball drop of your mood with the others. I started at 40mg a day. My dosage was raised to 50mg about 6 months later. I’ve been at the dose ever since. However, although Vyvanse is touted as being long acting (12 hours). I personally get about 5-6 hours a day relief to accomplish day to day tasks. I actually time out when I take it, as to get the most focus where focus is imperative. Currently, I’m in due process of painting the house. That’s a big project for anybody. But, I can tell you that it will take multiples of the time to complete. Then it would take someone without ADD to complete. The 2 most annoying side effects for me are 1) Any kind of frustration, which then turns to anger. Will cause me to stop doing what i’m doing, and this is during the 5-6 hour peak performance of the Vyvanse for me. And sometimes I go back to what I’m doing in 15 minutes and go on working. But, sometimes it’s “days” till I go back. Needless to say, the house is in a disarray (i’m being mild). Looks more like a victim of Hurricane Katrina. You can’t tidy up, till you’re finished. ADD is truly evil. But, I keep pushing along…2)Insomnia-for the meager 5-6 hours of effectiveness. I take 4mg of Lorazepam. And 10mg of Ambien to sleep. Vyvanse has a horrific 1/2 life. In other words, the net worth of focus versus the active life of 12 hours or more to keep me from sleeping somehow is not a fair trade off…..But, none the less I keep on pushing forward. In the world of psychiatric meds, most are for maintenance. They do no cure. Stoppage or building a resistance to these meds will set you back to square one. My heart goes out to all with any maladies concerning the brain. We’re in an era of discovery in the world of medicine. Hopefully, someday, they will find not maintenance. Instead, they’ll find a cure.

  8. I’m on 60 mg of Vyvanse for two days and it works amazingly for the first three hours or so, but then it’s vomiting followed by migraine headache. The only foods/drinks I’ve been able to keep down are applesauce, toast, saltines, and Sprite.
    Next plan: 1/2 capsule mixed with applesauce. (mixed w/ water made vomiting worse….probably too strong a dose for me. Seriously considering asking for a new med.
    I’e tried Nuvigil and Ritalin. Nuvigil worked great, but inhibited sleep. 10 mg of Ritalin three x/day was too weak (plus, I couldn’t remember to take it at the correct times. 20 mg was better.
    Any similar nausea problems, and if so, if you found a
    remedy, please share! (47 old woman)

  9. I’m a 16-year old male, and I have noticed that Vyvanse does indeed work. It does not last for the 14 hours they boast about, more likely around 5 hours in duration before you crash, but it’s still effective. I personally take 60mg every 2 or 3 days and it’s been my first week so far. I always make sure to take 1 heaping teaspoon of baking soda mixed in water and 4 Tums an hour before dosing on an empty stomach. For me, this makes me tweak like I’m on methamphetamine, and the euphoria is intense, but the crash can be bad at times. Be safe kids!

    • I believe he was requesting experience using the medication for treatment of ADHD, not abusing it to “tweak out”. The medication is designed to work 14 hours when its not being abused. I was on Adderall for a long time before switching to Vyvanse and did not believe Vyvanse would last as long as it does. I’ve been on Concerta as well. Neither Adderall XR or Concerta lasted long enough to get me though a work day. Vyvanse lasts 8-12 hours for me. The side-effects are no where near as bad. I started at 50mg (switched from 30mg Adderall XR + 15mg Adderall IR (evening). Adjusted to 60mg after that and can say this is the best medication I have been on (have been on Concerta, Adderall and Straterra.)

      • Andrew,
        At least little Jacob did not claim to be a 16 year old man! :)
        And he only “tweaks” every few days… What is that?
        I take Vyvanse for ADD. Have been since early December 2011. I started at 40 MG and am now at 60mg.
        It was working – but now seems to be not so much….
        Not sure what to do.

        • Debra,

          If you can, give yourself a beak from the Vyvanse on a regular basis. My daughter is on 70mg and we’ve learned from experience that the body builds a ‘tolerance’ over time. Giving her a 5-7 day break every few months breaks the tolerance and puts her back on track. The effectiveness and dosage needed differs depending on how a person’s body metabolizes the medication and that metabolization changes over time while you’re on the med. Ask your doctor, he/she can assist you with a scheduled break. Everything I’ve read indicates that it takes a mimimum of five days for Vyvanse to completely leave your system. We’ve been very happy with Vyvanse and don’t want to start a roller coaster ride of changing meds, so we stick with the scheduled breaks and have been able to avoid dosage increases for well over a year. Good luck!

          • Definitely true. I’ve found quite a bit contributes to the speed of tolerance building as well. I increased my water intake and it helped tremendously. Not juice… not soda… milk, or any of that. I just drink a lot more water. Helps it last longer too. Another thing is the psychological factor. You have to remember that if you find a dose that works – that is your dose. Increasing will only make the issue worse. You’ll build an even bigger tolerance and the cycle will just keep repeating itself until you find out why its effectiveness decreased to begin with.

            Chelsea is absolutely right about the medication breaks. I call them “medication holidays”. If I notice its not working too well, or I’m not sleeping well, etc, I won’t take the medication for a weekend. A couple day’s break is enough for me to reset everything – but there were times when it took longer, especially with Adderall. I think if 40mg worked for you, you should try to get back to that dose. I was on too high of a dose in college and it wasn’t until my new Doctor immediately cut my dose down 20mg did I realize that some issues I had that year (sleeping, mood, etc.) were attributed to the higher dose. Moral of the story is – you can increase the dose until you hit the maximum, but this is still going to happen unless you find what’s causing it to begin with. Nine times out of ten, it’s a very simple lifestyle change.

            And always remember, your ADD mind will slowly adjust to the medication. Things are very different now then they were 5 years ago when I was diagnosed and began medication. It’s a good thing though – it’s gone up and down but rest assured, while your mind will find ways to push the ADHD out even through medication (which isn’t a bad thing – finding treatment balance must include making ADHD manageable, not stomping it out completely), your mind will also become conditioned to doing some things on its own. That’s why the med breaks are a good idea – it’s a good chance to reset the tolerance issue and take a step back to see where you are.

            Oh – also, some things I’ve also found helpful – make sure your diet is sound. Not only nutrition, but also make sure you’re eating enough. Fish oil supplements help as well.

            Just try hitting it from a different angle. Drink more water… take a med break… try taking the medication earlier/later in the day… simple lifestyle adjustments will make the medication work again, not dosage increases.

            Another note – there are days I have to be on the road all day, but don’t have to work that day (if I’m going to visit family on the weekends), I’ll only take half of the Vyvanse capsule so I can take an edge off the tolerance, but still avoid distraction behind the wheel. :)

            You’ll definitely find out what it is that makes your treatment balance – we’ve all been through this with every medication we’ve been on and all of my fellow ADD friends will say the same thing.

          • just throw her into withdrawl why don’t you. you’re supose to consult you md before increasin decreasing dose or discontinuing a medication. even for a couple day

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  11. iv tried Vyvanse to catch up on my school work and it takes about 2 hours to kick in .so dont doubt it ahead of time like i did ..after it kicks u get a rush like something is waiting for you after you finish your work ,your not hungry so no distractions for food ..all you wanna do is finish…maybe for me 40mg is high since i dont have adhd or add but the rush feels amazing,like your on top of the world amazing…pumped up and determined a lot of work i dont know the risks on your liver on breaking down the pill but ..but this pill is not feeling any type of addiction so far.took 3 pills so far..and the rush is a bit overwhelming and nice. if u never taking it before youll doubt it and be really surprised when it mouth get dry after a couple hours like cotton mouth and at the end of the day a little brain tingle sort of like a head ach pulsing.over all the pills nice but my question is are there long term effects weather its liver problems or addiction ?

    • Jake,
      It you do not have ADD/ ADHD, maybe you should plan your days better instead of taking any type of medication. None of these medications are for casual use. I have ADD and wish I did not need to take any medication, but for now it’s necessary for me.
      One more thought for you to ponder… These medications bring someone with ADD into something close to “normal” thought patterns and/or focus. If you are in what is considered a “normal” range and take vyvanse or anything else that sends you into an abnormal range and your body tries to reset itself back into a normal range with you taking the drug, what happens if you take it for an extended period and then stop? Will you go back to what you were before, or actually end up ADD? I do not know the answer to that question, but it is something to think about.

    • Jake – taking ADHD medication without ADHD is a felony for a reason. Vyvanse is amphetamine. Taking 3 pills without even having ADHD is doing speed, you’re just not buying it on the street.

      If you want to take it from someone who DID go down this road (with ADHD), I can only tell you that addiction takes tighter grip every day you abuse the drug. The pill is not fantastic, you just think it is because you’re high. You absolutely cannot continue taking that much of this medication like this, and I’d recommend you have an echocardiogram as soon as possible. Let this be a lesson to fully research the effects of what you put in your body – ask yourself is this really worth stopping your heart? It’s not. Brain tingling is a grave sign as well. This medication (at its normal dose in an ADHD individual) is designed to “stimulate” bloodflow in the frontal lobe of the brain. With taking three and not being ADD (although three with ADD is no better), you’re pushing so much blood into the front of your brain that the “tingling” feeling is happening – you’re asking for a brain aneurism.

      Long term effects? Yes. Liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels. C’mon man, you’re speedballing on this. “Kicks in”, “rush”… it’s ADHD medication – do you really think that this is how its supposed to work? I believe you already are addicted. Addiction to amphetamine is fast and happens before you realize it. If you really do not know whether or not triple-dosing stimulant ADHD medication whilst not even ADD will cause long term effects, I must urge you to seek help with this problem immediately before you put yourself in the ground.

      It’s Amphetamine, my friend. Long term effects don’t even begin to describe what you’re doing to your health abusing this medication. Forget long term. Attend to this problem immediately or I fear you may not see the long term dude, and that sucks to even think about

    • U r very brave putting all ths on here. Takng adhd/add medicine when u dont need it is a crime. It is a drug charge and also the person u r getting the plls from wll get a charge of drug distrabution. My sons father likes taking his med for the high, thats y when he is visiting his father his plls stay at home wth me instead if sendng them.

  12. thank you andrew and DW for your help.i didt look to much into it just that had a couple of health issues thats y i decided to write on this blog to find out more answers .but im still wondering myself if i have add.when i was in middle school and teachers would say i was constantly distracted and hyper parents didt find this as anything..but alot of times i do find myself distracted .but i guss there is no magical pill ……but i didt know it was this dangerous ?!.regardless of my wondering of wheather or not i have add im never takeing any add or adhd pill .

  13. I am on 70 mg now of Vyvanse 2nd day. It always seems that the first 2 days I just want to talk, and cant shut up, then 3rd day, I plane out and I am in complete focus. anyway I was wondering if 70mg is to much? my seconday around 10 hours. I fet a compete miind confussion and tiredness. Never felt that before. I checked by blood pressure and it went from 157/90 down to 120/89. I also dont think I had anything to eat in over 24 hours. but I feel find now, wiht a little mind shock, like it shifted and its straight now. but worried if I was not eating enough or dose is to high? 60 mg was good but it seems my body get tollerable after 3 weeks, I started out at 30 mg 2 months ago.

  14. Does vyvanse work? I believe it has a shelf life of about 1 yr. it worked great for a year, and now I don’t think it does anything. Now, my concentration is just as bad as when I was untreated. However, if I decide not to take the drug, I will sleep for 12 hours. I hate this drug.

    • If it isn’t possible for me to see my psychiatrist in time to get another script before I run out, I’m the same way. I just lay in bed and sleep, and my parents think I’m on some type of downers or hungover or something. It takes me about a week to get used to not having, and about the same time for me to get out of a funk of sleeping all day long.

    • I read that if it seems like it isn’t working, that’s when it really is. I’ve been taking it for quite awhile and I am more clear headed than I have been in my life. I have been up for better jobs at work and have been much more productive. In fact, when I don’t take it is when I know that it actually is working. I take 40 mg a day. The only side affect that I can’t stand is the irritability. Wish that didn’t happen, but now I am nervous that if I stop taking it, or try something else, I will go back to my foggy old self.

  15. I am a 36 yr. old female who started taking Vyvanse 3 days ago. I must say that so far I really like this stuff. I haven’t taken anything for my aadd for about 4 yrs (?) or so. And then I took Ritalin, from what I remember from the side effects of that, I was really shaky, and so far the only side effects of this stuff is that it takes a long time (LONG) time to fall asleep. Do you think that taking some kind of sleeping med or natural supplement would fix that?
    Anyways the reason that I started taking this after 4 yrs. of nothing is because I was wanting to figure out my depression meds. first and I figured that the more meds that I was on the harder to get the right stuff was going to be. Now seeing that it took me so long to figure the right stuff and doses was, I guess it was the right choose. Now I am on Cymbalta (which has tons of side effects but none I can’t deal with). I am now ready to get the aadd back in control.
    I find that I have tons more energy and am determined to get things done. Not that my house is seeing any difference yet. :) I find that things are not so overwhelming, which is so nice since that was the main reason of getting nothing done. For instance its now 10 in the morning on Sun. and both my kids and I have been ready for over an hour and we don’t even have to leave for church for another 20 mins. Which gave me time to read a bit and type this up. So Nice. Normally we still wouldn’t be ready until time to go and still things would be done. Liking this stuff so far. Curious to see the long term effects. Hoping to get life back in order and to hopefully lose the 60 lbs. of weight I gained from all the anti-depressants.

  16. i take it uhm…. its ok not really that strong and for obvious reason i do believe you dr. would know why but yeah i guess the best advise i have is when trying to figure out the right dose prescribe 20′s and 30′ at once this makes the dowse easyer to play with but of course the recommended top dowse is 70 so do not exceed. it dose work but the question is how long?? im pretty much immune to it and ive only been on it for 2 months about.

  17. Hello,

    Vyvanse works for some and not others; duration varies quite widely for adults, and for some it becomes nearly completely ineffective after a period from 4months to a year or maybe two years. I got up to 70mg 2x/day until I did enough research on how the dextroamphetamine if “cleaved” from its lysine bond via the liver’s introduction of trypsin AFTER the drug passes through the stomache and arrives in the small intestine. Which is why it takes sooooo long to get to the brain. And, it is likely the reason for the wide variety of Vyvanse’s effectiveness.

    In fact, because the human body naturally produces only a certain amount of the enzyme Trypsin (which I am now certain varies by individual), one arrives at a dosage threshold where no more metabolization of the drug can occur and it is eliminated from the body via the urinary tract completely in tact. I know I hit this threshold at 140mg/day as my therapist and I gradually titrated the dosage amount about every other month for nine to ten months. For me, Vyvanse worked wonderfully right off the bat at 50mg/day, after abanoning Adderal IR and ER as they made me way too edgy. Then two months later, I plateaud, so we increased the Vyvanse dose. This occured repeatedly until the 70/70 Rx ceased to work. Finally, after switching to a counselor/clinicain combinataion where addiction was fully understood, I was allowed to switch to stait dextroamphetamine (IR and ER). This experience was necessary because I am also a recovering alcoholic, which made my initial clinician completely incontrovertable about the possibility of prescribing strait destroamphetamine.

    My aforementioned adult ADD diagnosis/treatment experience and my recovery journey have both converged, and provided me with what I have needed to stay sane and sober. Things happen for a reason, as they say in AA.

    This thread has brought to my mind a number of issues that surround the diagnosis of ADD/HD. I just finished reading Dr. Handelman’s brief commentary on the multifoliate mathematical symptom combinations based on the APA DSM-IV. Both topics and threads, in addition to most others, reflect that despite the multitude of individual issues we ADDers all struggle with a consistent issue when it comes to our treatment plans and medication management: Be patient.

    LOL!!! Quite the conundrum for us all! Hands up for those of us who wouldn’t place “patience” toward the very top of a list of DAILY goals. Patience has been, and will likely always be an aspect of my ADD, including when it comes to effective med management. Ironically, patience is ALSO a major issue for most recovering alcoholics (addicts). So, in spite of the frustrations with Vyvanse and “knowledgable professionals”, I have found that if I remind myself on a DAILY basis to be patient with others as well as MYSELF, I can manage both my ADD and my alcoholism. But, I can’t do any of it on my own, or by making prescription changes on my own personal judgement.

    I hope anyone reading this may gain some insight into what may help their life’s journey.


    • Im also in the program and just started VYVANSE 60mg today. Ive struggled w ADD my entire life. Ive relapsed twice because im not taking care of my mental health and knowing taking pills are frowned upon in AA. I cant live w or manage my ADD anymore. How do I tell my sposor or tell people in the program I am on a substance they wont approve of. Also any suggestions or information about your ADD and managing it


      • First, you should explain to your sponsor that you have been diagnosed with a legitimate cognitive disorder and are under the supervision and care of a qualified and licensed professional. Then, explain that untreated ADHD is strongly associated with substance abuse and that prescription stimulant medication has actually been shown to REDUCE substance abuse in those diagnosed with ADHD. Using Vyvanse, or another stimulant medication, in addition to the things you’re already doing (e.g., therapy, counseling, support-groups, and/or healthy lifestyle changes) will only increase your chances of success in remaining sober–not the other way around. Here’s one good link for you with some info to share with your sponsor. Good luck!

  18. My 6 yr old son was recently diagnosed with adhd. He is hyperactive and has 0 impulse control. The first meds his pediatrician started him on was Strattera and it seemed to have no affect whatsoever. So when we went in for his 1 month check up the Dr. switched him to Vyvanse 30mgs. It was the worst experience ever he started off calm and it seemed to be working but within 2hrs he started having stomach cramps. By noon the same day he was having almost bi-polar mood swings which is completely unlike him. His appetite was nonexistent and by 4pm he was throwing up. He also didn’t go to sleep until almost 3am. We took him off it immediately and the Dr. Has put him on Concerta. He starts it tomorrow and we are hoping it helps. Has anybody had any severe negative effects on this that I need to keep a watch for?

  19. My 8 year old son has been on Vyvanse for almost a year. I can’t describe the huge positive impact this has had on his life. It’s brought his grades up from Bs, Cs & Ds to As & Bs. I can tell by his behavior especially when he doesn’t listen to me whether or not he’s taken his tablet. He (and we) forgot his tablet three times this year and his teacher called each time to talk to me as he had gotten into trouble at school – those were the only three days he got into trouble – its that effective on him. He’s happier, less angry (and less frustrated) and more fun for everyone to be around. His dose is needing to be increased from 40mg as we’ve noticed recently that the effects have lessened recently.

    His main side effects are almost no appetite during the day (we feed him a big breakfast, fruit and crackers during the day, then a decent dinner later at night. He’s still growing normally. He initially had problems sleeping but it didn’t last long.

  20. My son(age 11 right now) was diagnosed with ADHD in 2007. Since then he has been on Ritalin, Concerta & Adderrall XR. Back n Feb. he started Vyvanse 30mg along with Clonidine 0.1mg. I feel the Vyvanse is the same as Adderall except for vyvanse helped with his depression. The clonidine is being used for sleep. I am happy with Vyvanse myself. Ritalin was the worse one. Most people end up with beng on Adderrall or the Vyvanse

    Everyone will have different reactions with every pill. It all depends on how severe or mld it is, or if he has another medical problem. I was told that if you take an adhd medicine and makes ur heart race or have loads if energy, u dont need the medication. ADHD medicine will make u feel lke ur on coke or crack if u do not need the medicine or ur on too high of a dose.

  21. Hi, I was just wondering if 70mg of Vyvanse is too high of a dosage for a child to take? My step son is 11 now, and started out taking 30mg when he was 6, then was increased to 40, shortly later and then 70! He never eats and is super skinny and constantly whines.

  22. I am a 30 yr. old female and have suffered through school, work, and commitments in general since middle school. Shame, guilt, anxiety, scatter brained, near death experiences, wetting my pants almost daily, burning meals on the stove, always being late, trying to cram that last chore in before I get out the door. My husband and children have no or late dinner on the table most nights. On caffeine I do well, though a bit of the heart racing and jitteriness. I actually zoom through tasks and stay motivated and focused with out fear, guilt or anger as my motivator. I had a little Rock Star today and man, I actually have a clean house! I go to a psychiatrist on the 4th and I am just praying that Vyvanse is for me and that it has the same great results, (and the appetite decrease isn’t bad either since my sertraline heightens my appetite) that many of you have had! I take 100mg sertraline because of the severe post partum panic attacks I got in November 2011 after my baby boy was born in Oct 2011. That is pretty well taken care of now. Wish me luck.

  23. Vyvanse saved my life. I am bipolar and ADHD. Before I took vyvanse I tried to kill myself twice. It works very well as an anti-depressant. I live in Istanbul now and I can’t find it. I could not function due to my adhd. I was losing my mind completely. I can’t deal with other drugs due ( adderral etc. ) because they make me feel like im on meth and that is gross. I just feel normal and functional and happy on vyvanse and I need it. HELP?????

  24. I am a 43 yrold male taking vyvanse for 14 months. I have had some benefits with focusing and understanding. But becasue my insurance did not pay for the meds I was introduced to the discount card offered by vyvanse. My biggest issue was if they would honor the 50% off long enough to make sure of the product and they confirmed there is no end date. After five months they cancelled the 50% and only take 30.00 off the 210.00 that created a little problem financially . My one big concern that I hope others do not experience are the side effects that start after day one stopping the meds. The dizziness,headaches and most importantly my body was having trouble sleeping due to head pain . If anyone is plaining on stopping this med taper off as long as you can afford it.

  25. I am a 21 year old college student…i do not have add/adhd but all through high school to this day i have trouble focusing on tasks that need to be done or having any motivation through out the day..i have a few friends who are diagnosed with it & i personally dont believe that i do have it unless there is an extremely mild version of it. Besides never being able to focuse or stay motivated im generally not a hyper person..i have taken adderral 30mg & accomplished everything i had on my to-do list that day,so much energy & once a blue moon will take one if i know my day will require my all…i dont like taking any medications & avoid pill pushing doctors…i recently gotten a vyvanse 60mg for a day later this month ill need the energy..i was just curious if it will have the same effect on me as the aware its not wise to take either without having add & to me its the prescribed version of speed so its nothing i would ever want to make a habbit of. just wondering the difference.

    • There is a difference between ADHD and ADD. I am what is called “inattentive ADD”, it means I can’t focus or concentrate but I am not hyper. In fact, prior to Vyvanse, I was downright lethargic. All day. Nothing ever got done. SO you could, in fact, have ADD the way I do. It’s always worth it to see someone for a solution.

      I’ve never been on Adderral but I know people who have. They are jittery. So I liken Adderral to something like coffee, where you get a rush but it can be uncontrolled. And Vyvanse is like green tea, you get energy from the caffeine, but it’s level and stable and longer lasting.

      Hope that makes sense!

  26. I have a 5 year old that has adhd and spd. He was on ritalin for 2 years and then concerta. He was having problems at school having behavior problems and was just having a rough time. We switched to Vyvanse and the first day I saw a huge difference. he was a whole new kid. He has been getting great reviews from the teacher awards in class and handles change and follows directions better than he ever has. His thoughts are more clear and complete. He is the child he was meant to be. THANK YOU VYVANSE YOU GAVE ME MY SON BACK! I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend it!

  27. I started Vyvanse 2 years ago in my sales job.
    I found myself more energetic, more willing to reach out to new customers, more friendly and sometimes more clear of thought and able to remember phone numbers better. Sometimes I feel a bit too racy and can’t get the rush of ideas out of my head. I buy 40mg pills and break them in half and take them with my morning coffee. I find that if I am going out in the evening I will take it a bit later (around 11am) so I can have energy and be more energetic in the evening. In social and group situations, I find I get lost in the conversation and can’t focus when there is a group discussion. The vyvanse helps a bit and keeps me more interactive and quicker to respond.
    I am not sure that I am more attentive in classroom or training sessions with the vyvanse. I have a friend who was a meth addict (I didn’t know this until after I gave him a couple) and when he took half of one, he got into a fight. I had to tell him I wouldn’t give him anymore and he was upset with me.
    I don’t take vyvanse on weekends unless I am going out to meet people as I have learned that my brain adjusts to it and I don’t get the same effect from the same dosage.
    As for cleaning and staying organised (my two big weaknesses), it helps me when I want it too. In otherwords, it just keeps me more energetic, although not more focussed, on getting the boring tasks done.

  28. Andrew …I love your comments …. U really hit the nail on the head…. My son stole my vyvance from me to use as a recreational tool…. It hurt me and cost me… I have. Add and depression and only use the med a few times a week. I have been using it since 2008. I thank God for this but careful moderation is the key. Thanks everyone for all the helpful insight.

  29. I was wondering if others were struggling at night sleeping? My 17 year old daughter does great on 20mg of Vyvannse,but she can’t go to sleep until 3 in the morning. I have to go give her, her medicine at 7am in order for her to get up by 9am because she can’t sleep at night. Then when night rolls around she can’t get up until I give her the medicine at 7 again. I’m concerned she is burning a candle at both ends. She is taking Trazodone 50 mg that helps with sleep and melotonin.

  30. I have been taking vyvanse for a year and a half now. I started on 30mg and I saw an immediate improvement in my ability to focus. Since then it has decreased and at times I feel like I’m goin to jump out of my skin, and my focus is has decreased dramatically. I recently asked to go from 60 back to 50. And am seeing no improvement but worse. Am I not taking enough, am I taking way too much. I need help fast!!!

  31. I am a 55 yr. old male who was diagnosed with ADD about 7 yrs. ago while being treated for clinical depression. After 10 or 12 different psych meds tried in a myriad of combinations I have been on Wellbutrin, Pristique, 60 mg of Vyvanse and Ambien for sleep, daily for the last 4 years. I have found this set of meds to be the most stabilizing so far. I think the reason for this is that it’s helped to offset the ADD that I believe was at the root of depression that has plagued me all of my life. I at least can complete projects now and I have been able to discover that I am actually quite good at what ever I set my mind to. The problem has always been that I could never set my mind on anything long enough to discover this before.
    There is no miracle drug that I have found to completely free me from this horrible and sometimes crippling malady as it takes me a good deal of concentration to complete the most menial of tasks as I have also discovered that I can not finish anything until it fits into the box my mind has created for it. I know it sounds weird but thats the best way I know how to explain it.

  32. Hi, I am a 17 year old girl taking the 30mg vyvance daily. The drug has many perks to it such as keeping me focused on my school work (which is what I take it for because of my mild ADD), keeping me motivated, and putting me in a better overall mood. However, things I do not like about the drug is that I only get about a 4-5 hour time window where I can feel it working. Outside that window I feel unmotivated, sluggish, and a little irritable. I don’t know if I should increase my dosage or switch medication if I want a longer lasting action time, any thoughts?

  33. i have been on first one thing then my doc put me on vyvanse. in the past 3 months i have gone from 132lbs, to 107lbs. i have hit a brick wall with my concerta so today she prescribed the vyvanse. i am very concerned with my weight. i feel sickly and drained..i feel like all this medication has stripped me. i am on lamictal, wellbutrin, and now vyvanse. i am bipolar. i am worried about how bad this new med is going to affect my eating. is there any advice on some thing i can eat or drink that will help with my weight issue. and for you med takers, you know that with these meds its almost immpossible to swallow food sometimes.

  34. I was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago at age 58. I was having problems with focusing at work and alcohol abuser (self medicating). From the first day of taking Vyvanse, I improved dramatically. My life has totally changed. I no longer feel the need to drink, feel focused and no longer experience depression (also diagnosed). I did have a problem with Vyvanse wearing off in late afternoon so my doctor (psychiatrist) prescribed Adderall to take in the afternoons if I start getting hyper. I don’t take it every day, only when needed. These drugs saved my life!

  35. My 6 year old son is on 20mg which may not be enough for him but when he was tried on a higher dose of Adderall the “crash” for him was quite severe. He generally has 2 crashes each day which are manageable now. My son also has some ODD and minor OCD. My son goes through days where he is good and then he just seems to turn and have about 3 days in a row where he is just hell on wheels.

    I have heard that many boys with ADHD outgrow it at puberty. I am so hoping that is the case with my son.

    I was wondering if there are any possitive activities that have had success with young kids with ADHD? We have tried soccer for the past 2 years but my son would rather goof around or give up when the ball isn’t being kicked to him that it just seems a waste of time.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Hi Liz,
      In my opinion, soccer and ADHD are not the best combination for really young kids like yours. We switched to swimming, and that was a better fit — physically strenuous, but no big deal if he gets distracted for a moment. Others really love martial arts, but we haven’t tried that yet.

  36. Hi I’ve been taking Vyvanse for a year now and I don’t really like it. It does help my ADHD but, at the same time it gives me an almost hostile mood and a very sickly lazy feeling all day. I’m 14 so this really affects my day to day life. The real reason is that i believe this medicine is hurting my health. Very suddenly i will start to feel my heart beat go up and my chest will start to hurt. This scares me because it’s hard to try to help my heart with excercise when I’m always tired. My parents think it’s a miracle medicine so there’s no way they will take me off it. Please talk with people before prescribing this medicine i really feel its not helping me and it me even be hurting me. One more thing I’ve noticed is I’m never hungry on it. Never. I have l

  37. I had to go to 60 mg.(maximum strength) some time ago as I too, thought the active time to be too short.(Even though they are supposed to be time released) However even these will wear off in 3 to five hrs. I now wait until the afternoon to take the meds as I have chosen the latter part of the day to be more effective as that is the time I am with my family most, because I start work very early and don’t get home until the late afternoon. The trade off is my work has been suffering because I am less effective there. I am thinking of asking the Dr. to double my dosage so I can take one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but I think he believes me to “like” the drug too much. I have found some Dr.s to be a little un-informed about ADD. Only those who suffer from it know that our brains do not react to drugs the same as “normal” people.
    I think if someone who doesn’t have ADD took what I take daily they would probably have a heart attack or blast off into space where as I am merely staying functional.

  38. I can relate to what u said about being hyper focused. Just sat for hrs and read every comment.

    I have always struggled in school. It a
    always seemed that I had to study 3 times as hard as everyone else to get the same grades.

    I struggled in college and had to drop out because my school performance was good enough. People would say that I look so down all the time. I thought that’s normal. My counsellor suggested I see a psychiatrist, and that’s when I was diagnosed with depression and attention deficits.

    I tried a variety of stimulants and antidepressants and so far Wellbutrin and vyvanse worked the best. The vyvanse gave me back and neck tightness when it wore off, but I thought the increases focus was worth it. I’m currently on Wellbutrin 300mg and vyvanse 20mg 3 times a day. Vyvanse only seems to last max 2.5 hrs for me. I’ve been trying different dosages and number of pills a day for months now but I can’t get it to last the whoa day. I’m gona try a protein shake with my vyvmanse and take fewer pills but higher dosage per pill.

    I know some r quick to judge me and think I’m stupid for experimenting, but note that my psychiatrist suggested I use trial and error to figure wats best for me.

    I feel relieved after writing this. I thought I should contribute because I read all these comments and it makes me feel like I’m not the only one.

    • So interesting what you say about back and neck tightness. My right shoulder blade just aches…and if I run out or accidently skip a day(I’m afraid to take it too late) My anxiety just about does me in. I take 40 mg of vyvanse in the morning, and although I didn’t immediately become a super organized, neat, tidy person, I have experienced much needed clarity of thought. I am nervous to try a higher dose, but am thinking about maybe trying a different med all together. I def don’t feel high from it…just defogged.

  39. I am 25 years old and came across this blog becase I was in search of some answers.

    I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety issues a loooong time ago. I was also diagnosed with ADHD and tried Concerta and Foculin (this was about 6 years ago or so). Concerta gave me migraines and Foculin did nothing for me. My Dr (pediatrician) and I both kind of just gave up on it.

    This year I returned to college and felt I needed something for my ADHD. My current Dr gave me Vyvanse (30 mg first, now 50mg). I’ve been on it for almost 3 months. I call it my miracle drug. It took care of my depression like none of the antidepressants I’ve taken have (my Dr said I probably wasn’t depressed it was just my untreated ADHD). I am so focused and so productive. I also used to be tired all the time, I would schedule my day around naps. Vyvanse keeps me up and I feel great.

    The reason I was researching is because I am having some odd side affects and I wanted to see if there were more people out there experiencing the same things. I found other posting about the same symptoms which are:

    Short term memory trouble
    trouble retrieving words when speaking
    trouble articulating words and sentences

    Although these side effects make me feel like I’m losing my mind at times, the good definitely out weighs the bad in my case. If anything these issues are humorous and at the worst embarrassing, but I’ll take that if it means I get a 4.0 in college (which is what I got this semester being on Vyvanse).

    Lastly, I saw some posts talking about stomach problems with Vyvanse. I have IBS, which I am on medication for as well, but Vyvanse has caused no problems or flare ups with my IBS.

    I’m not usually one to post on forums or go to the internet with health concerns but I feel better knowing these are seemingly harmless (yet annoying) side effects.

    I have seen a lot of negative posts about Vyvanse, so I’m guessing like all meds, it is different for every person.

    Hope this is helpful!!

  40. My 10 yr old daughter was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with ADD we started the medication this past weekend. I didn’t like the effect it had on her. She was emotionally amplified- very Sad, and later in the day very disrespectful to me. It’s like ‘who is this child?’ I didn’t want to send her to school today on this medication however my husband insisted we give it time. I have called and left a message for the dr after speaking with his nurse and am waiting for a call back. She started on 20, everything I have read said the dosage needs to be adjusted depending on the child. Is this normal because I did not go to work today and have been researching To help me help her. I am a mother of three and she is the baby- other 2 are 23 and 18 boys and I have never felt so helpless as a mother. Please offer guidance .

  41. I have been taking Vyvanse for about 2.5 years now. I started at 40 mg, then 50 mg, and now at 70 mg. I was a bit nervous about raising the dosages, especially to the maximum. My physician tells me that strength in dosages doesn’t add more of the amphetamine effect. But, it’s longevity. The increases were in response to, what I call “quality of life hours”. In other words, at the highest dose. I get 4-6 hours of full focus and improvement of mood. Someone mentioned about taking Wellbutrin and Ambien in conjunction with the Vyvanse. Ambien had worked pretty well up until about 3-4 months ago. In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow (3/14/2013) with my psychiatrist. Going to ask for something more stringent for sleeping (sedative). I have sleep apnea as well. So, the importance of good sleep is Priority #1. My only complaint with Vyvanse is longevity of its positive effects. 6-8 hours would be a better length of time. I’m retired early due to ADD. Been on Disability SS since 2011. And off my job since 2008. If I’m going to have any kind of descent quality of life. I’ll need to get all my meds (other non related one not listed) in sync. As well as the sleep apnea, via BiPap machine treatment.

  42. Your patients will love you when you can finally prescribe Vyvance. It has changed my life! I cannot believe how many years I had to suffer until now. I am on 30 mg. and I am doing wonderful! Vyvance saved my life!

  43. I have been taking 40mg of Vyvanse daily for the past 3 weeks. I find that I have great focus and a desire to complete tasks for about 3-5 hours (once it finally kicks in), after which I just get really tired, and my focus is as bad as ever. I tried dividing the capsule into 2 doses, taking them about 6 hours apart, and did not get the crash, but did not notice any increase in focus then either. I do not take it with anything containing vitamin C, I drink plenty of water, and I eat a snack containing protein every 3 hours or so, so I do not know why I can’t get this medication to last longer. My doctor asked me if I wanted a higher dose, but I don’t know if that would make the focus last longer, or just make the crash bigger?

    • Update: My dose did get increased to 50mg, and I now find it lasts 6-8 hours, and I don’t seem to get much of a crash anymore, though I do notice a difference when it wears off! :)

      • @Violet
        Regarding crashes and wearing off:
        You might consider having your doctor prescribe 60 mg in doses of 20 mg 3xdaily. In that manner the medication is spread over the day longer with more strength, and by the time it begins to wear off bedtime isn’t that far away, so the “crash” is not as noticeable.

  44. I am a 32 year old mother of a 17 yr, 15 yr, 12, and a 2 yr old enough to make anyone loose their mind without having ADD. In the last three years my ADD symptoms have gotten progressively worse to the point I can not stand myself. So a two weeks ago I went to seek help. I was put on 30 mg of Vyvanse. Let me tell you the first four days I was taking this medicine I felt better than I have in years, longer than I can even remember! I was getting right up out of bed, with no hesitation. I was able to accomplish many tasks in one day that normally would have taken may days to even begin to complete! By day five I started to feel less and less of the “normal” by day eight I feel as bad as I did before I started the medicine. My doctor did warn me this was just a starter dose and chances were I would need an increase. Let me tell you remembering so well now how awesome I can feel it is going to be a very long three weeks until I see the doctor to get an increase!

  45. Can someone please explain the difference of Vyvanse and Adderal to me PLEASE! I know Vyvanse is a newer drug but other than that!

  46. I am a 19 year old white male with severe ADHD. I was prescribed ritalin and switched to vyvanse. This new drug is terrible. It lasts ways too long, kills my appetite and induces vomitting after I eat, it makes me sweat profusely, has made me a chronic insomniac when I had no previous history of sleep disorder, made me antisocial and it gives me a very dry mouth. This drug seems to work great for my friends without ADHD but I do not like it.

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