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ADHD Podcast

I’m please to let you know that I’ve launched an ADHD Podcast. It is available on iTunes, Zune and Blackberry. Of course, you can just go to the site and listen to the shows right there.

It is a weekly ADHD Podcast, and I aim to bring you tips, strategies and tools to help you to live better with ADHD.

You can find the show here:

1) ADHD Podcast

2) ADHD Podcast on iTunes

Please listen in – sign up to get new episodes delivered automatically, and please join the discussion by commenting on the episodes – we’d love your input!


Dr. Kenny

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ADHD in Families

When one member of a family has ADD or ADHD, it can have a big impact on ALL members of the family.
And, we know that ADHD is about 80% genetic, so often when one person has ADHD, one or more of the other family members actually have ADHD.

While ADD/ADHD can be a gift, it can also produce its fair share of challenges. It can lead to overwhelm – for the person with ADD/ADHD, as well as the whole family.

Unless you have the right tools and strategies.

Dr. Rory Stern is hosting an event to help to give you the strategies you need to help your family to thrive with ADHD. He is hosting many experts and doing teleseminars for you to learn from your home. The event starts on May 4th, and runs for 6 weeks. You can attend for free, and then you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase the recordings.

I interviewed Dr. Stern, when I was in Boston for an ADHD conference in March 2009. We were standing on the streets of Boston (actually, you can see Copley Square behind us…), talking about how ADHD can affect families, and we discussed this upcoming event. You can watch the video here: ADHD Family Summit Video.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the great opportunity in the ADHD Family Summit. I know that I will be sharing the best information that I can on the session I’ll be doing on Medications.


Dr. Kenny

p.s. you can register for your FREE spot on the ADHD family summit here.

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Social Network for ADHD: Free Speech

In a recent LA Times article, Ms. Ellison discusses the Facebook group for ADHD, which is sponsored by McNeil Pharma – the makers of Concerta.

She explains that this ‘ADHD Moms’ group is not interactive, and she’s concerned about whether some of the information shared in that group is actually biased.

You can read her article on this here.

That is one of the reasons that I started ADHD World – a social network for ADD and ADHD. It is set up for anyone who is interested in ADD and ADHD, and there are no external funding sources which could impact the content. I am an active participant, as are almost 900 members.

Will you join us?

You can sign up for free here.


Dr. Kenny

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Virtual ADHD Conference

I was fortunate enough this past summer to attend the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) Conference in Minneapolis. It was 3 days of great ADHD content, from experts who have top knowledge and experience. The sessions were helpful, and so were the discussions in the hall. I learned a lot, and benefited from the experience.

I wrote about the ADDA conference on this blog, and I was fortunate enough to meet three people who have been long time subscribers of my newsletters at the conference. It was really exciting to meet people with whom I felt connected via this blog and my newsletter.


There were many of you who emailed me and told me that you would have loved to come to a national ADHD conference, but it just wasn’t in your budget to do so, or you couldn’t find anyone to watch your kids, or other conflicts. While I understood what you’d written, I didn’t know what I could do, apart from continue to provide you with great information via this blog and my newsletter.

And now – there’s a way for everyone to access an international Virtual ADHD Conference. So, if you are interested in learning from the top experts in the field of ADD and ADHD, but you can’t afford to fly to a conference, travel to a new city, and spend a fortune on hotels (and long distance calls), there’s an opportunity for you to take note of:

Introducing the Virtual ADHD Conference.

This is a conference which will take place via a phone conference line. In other words, you can stay home, and listen & learn from top ADHD experts. And if you have to miss one of the calls, you can listen to a recording of the event.

The top experts and leaders in the AD/HD community are gathering for the Virtual AD/HD Conference this September 22-24, including:

  • Ned Hallowell, MD on “Finding the Buried Treasure in ADHD”
  • Daniel Amen, MD on “Healing the 6 Types of ADD”
  • Sari Solden, MS, LMFT on “Successfully Navigating the Journey of Adult ADD”
  • Patricia Quinn, MD on “Eating Disorders in Girls and Women with AD/HD”
  • Along with presentations by Linda Anderson, MA, MCC; Terry Dickson, MD; Wilma Fellman, M.Ed; David Giwerc, MCC; Kate Kelly, RN, MSN; Sandy Maynard, MS; Tara McGillicuddy, SCAC; Hal Meyer, MBA; Thomas Phelan, PhD; John Ratey, MD; Nancy Ratey, Ed.M, MCC, SCAC; Wendy Richardson, MA, MFT, CAS; Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC; Sarah Wright, MS, ACT

…And also, including: myself – Dr. Kenny Handelman.

I will be presenting on: Evidence Based Alternative Treatments for ADD and ADHD
I will review the following topics:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Diet for ADD/ADHD
  • …And much more

A full conference agenda can be found on the conference website at

This event is for everyone effected by AD/HD, including adults, parents, spouses, and professionals. Participants can choose to attend sessions live via teleconference or webcast, or listen to presentation recordings. There will also be opportunities to interact with your peers in dedicated forums and chat rooms.

Please join me for this unique event that promises to be both informative and fun. Register today at!

I’ll look forward to connecting with you there!

Dr. Kenny

p.s. there is only a short time until this event takes place – take action now, while it’s still fresh in your mind…

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Hyperactive and Aggressive Girls Have Long Term Risks

A new study was just published which documents that girls who have hyperactivity and aggression in childhood are much more likely to have significant problems in adult life. These problems include: getting into abusive relationships, teenage pregnancies, lack of job prospects and underperforming at school.

This is a particularly powerful study – as it was ‘longitudinal’. This means that the researchers started to observe these girls when they were 6 years old, and then followed up with them until they were 21 years old. This gives great, long term data.

The researchers conclude that girls with hyperactivity and physical aggression (fighting, bullying, kicking, biting or hitting) should be targeted by more intensive treatment programs in childhood – in an attempt to prevent the longer term risks.

To read more, visit here.

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Women With ADD Are More Impaired

Although it is accepted that fewer girls are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD than boys (in childhood) – the number is almost equal in adults. New research has demonstrated that women are in fact more impaired with their ADD than the men.

This study documented that women were more likely to have combined ADHD (i.e. inattention and hyperactivity), they were more likely to have emotional symptoms (depression and anxiety) with their ADD, and more sleep problems.

This research is very important – as women may need more support for their ADD than previously recognized.

An expert in this field is Sari Solden. She has written the respected book Women With Attention Deficit Disorder Women With ADD Are More Impaired. I suggest you read this book if you want specific help for ADD in women.

Dr. Kenny

p.s. If you have particular issues which are specific to women with ADD, please share them below.