Biphentin: The Newest ADD/ADHD Medication in Canada

Despite there being many medications available to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD) in the US, there are relatively few medicines in Canada. We had one new medicine added to our arsenal in Canada around September 2006 – Biphentin. This article will summarize what role Biphentin can play in treating ADD/ADHD.

What is Biphentin?

Biphentin is a new formulation of methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is the same medication that is found in Ritalin. Methylphenidate has been around for over 50 years. Despite many concerns and warnings discussed in the media, it is a safe medicine, when taken as prescribed and monitored by a physician. It also can work very well. Approximately 70-80% of people with ADD/ADHD will have significant improvement when they take this medicine.

In Canada, methylphenidate also comes as: Ritalin, Ritalin SR, and Concerta.

In the US, methylphenidate also comes as: Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Concerta, Metadate CD, Focalin XR, Daytrana, Methylin and others.

Biphentin is being marketed in Canada, and is made by Purdue Pharma. It is not being marketed in the US. I was told (in a personal communication – certainly not official!) that Biphentin may eventually be marketed in Europe, but likely not in the US. Why not the US? I was told that it is very competitive in the US to market another form of Methylphenidate.

What are the characteristics of Biphentin?

Biphentin is a long acting form of methylphenidate. It lasts 8-10 hours with once daily dosing.

Biphentin is a capsule – with little beads inside. This allows the medicine to be ‘sprinkled’ onto soft foods like: apple sauce, yogurt or ice cream. This can help with children who cannot swallow the pills. In Canada, this is the only medication option for methylphenidate that can be taken by children who cannot swallow pills. (As a side note, Adderall XR and Vyvanse – which are amphetamine medications, can also be opened and sprinkled.)

Biphentin comes in multiple strengths. This flexibility of dosing may make it easier for your doctor to find the right strength for you.

The strengths are: 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 50 mg, 60 mg and 80 mg.

Who is Biphentin approved for?

Health Canada has approved Biphentin for the treatment of ADD/ADHD across the lifespan. Specifically, Biphentin is approved to treat ADD/ADHD in children, adolescents and adults (i.e. 6 years old to 65 years old).

What are the side effects of Biphentin?

Biphentin’s side effects are the same as the side effects of the other methylphenidate products. The common side effects include: decreased appetite, insomnia, worsening of tics, approx. 2% risk of slowing growth. There are rare concerns of agitation, mood symptoms, etc. [N.B. This post is for educational purposes only - speak to your Doctor about side effects in detail]

How much does Biphentin cost?

Biphentin will most likely be covered under private insurance plans through your work. If it isn’t, I am happy to report that in general, it is cheaper than the newer forms of ADD/ADHD medication. The price does depend on the strength of the pill.

The cost of Biphentin for 30 days of treatment is estimated as follows:

  • Biphentin 10 mg once daily for 30 days: $29.40
  • Biphentin 15 mg once daily for 30 days: $38.40
  • Biphentin 20 mg once daily for 30 days: $46.80
  • Biphentin 30 mg once daily for 30 days: $60.90
  • Biphentin 40 mg once daily for 30 days: $75.00
  • Biphentin 50 mg once daily for 30 days: $89.10
  • Biphentin 60 mg once daily for 30 days: $103.50

These prices are listed in Canadian dollars. These are estimates, and the prices may vary at your pharmacy.

As a brief comparison of cost – here are estimated costs of some of the other ADD/ADHD medications in Canada:

  • Concerta 18 mg once daily for 30 days: $71.70
  • Concerta 36 mg once daily for 30 days: $90.90
  • Concerta 54 mg once daily for 30 days: $110.40
  • Adderall XR 5 mg once daily for 30 days: $96.00
  • Adderall XR 30 mg once daily for 30 days: $96.00
  • Strattera 10 mg once daily for 30 days: $134.97
  • Strattera 60 mg once daily for 30 days: $134.97
  • Ritalin SR 20 mg once daily for 30 days: $25.20
  • Ritalin 10 mg once daily for 30 days: $18.30

When can Biphentin be used?

Biphentin can be used to treat ADD/ADHD at any age – it is approved for the treatment of kids, teens and adults.

Biphentin can be used as a ‘first line’ treatment – i.e. the first medicine given for someone with ADD/ADHD.

Because Biphentin is a once a day treatment – the patient doesn’t have to worry about taking a pill in the middle of the day. This is particularly helpful for children who can take their pill in the morning, and then not have to go to the office at school to get their noon medicine. This makes it easier for a child at school.

If someone has been on a different form of methylphenidate and had problems, it may be reasonable to try Biphentin to see if this long acting formulation may work better.

If your child has trouble swallowing pills, but your doctor thinks that methylphenidate is the right choice of medication, then Biphentin is the best choice.

Can Biphentin Be Abused?

One of the concerns with any stimulant medicine is the risk that it may be abused. If someone takes too much of the medicine, and tries to take it as a drug – i.e. snort it – then it can produce a ‘high’.

I am happy to report, that similar to the other long acting preparations of stimulant medicines (like Concerta and Adderall XR), Biphentin is not abusable. That means that someone couldn’t use it to get a ‘high’.

It is important for you to also know that Biphentin is not addictive.

How does Biphentin compare to Ritalin, Ritalin SR and Concerta?

All of Biphentin, Ritalin, Ritalin SR and Concerta are the same medication – i.e. methylphenidate. The difference is the preparation and how it acts in the body.

Ritalin is a short acting medicine, and is required to be taken two or three times daily for symptom control. The advantage is that it is cheap. It doesn’t work as well as the long acting forms.

Ritalin SR is a long acting preparation of methylphenidate which has been around for a long time. It doesn’t work very well for many people. Sometimes it lasts 6 hours, but often it doesn’t work well at all. The advantage is that it’s cheap.

Concerta is an excellent preparation of methylphenidate. It is a once daily, long acting medicine. It works for up to 12 hours. It is well tolerated and has been a great medicine in the treatment of ADHD for the past 3 years or so in Canada, and longer in the US.

Biphentin is a once daily, long acting medicine. One major advantage over Concerta is that the capsule can be opened and sprinkled in apple sauce, yogurt or ice cream. This will help children with trouble swallowing. It is also approved for the treatment of adult ADHD, and Concerta is as well.

One final difference between Biphentin and Concerta is that Biphentin releases approximately 40% of its medicine in the early part of the day, whereas Concerta only releases 22%. This may mean that Biphentin may work better for ADD/ADHD in the morning, whereas Concerta may last a little longer into the day.

The Bottom Line About Biphentin:

Treatment of ADD/ADHD requires many components – including psychotherapy, behavioral management, academic supports, and medication. This article has been focusing on medication for the purpose of describing a new treatment for ADHD in Canada. For more information on the other treatments of ADD/ADHD: 1) sign up for my ADD/ADHD newsletter at, and 2) peruse this blog for more articles about ADD/ADHD.

Biphentin is a new great option for the treatment of ADD/ADHD in Canada. It has its unique features, as described above. It is welcomed, as in Canada, we have fewer medicines available than in the US. Biphentin may help in the treatment of your ADD/ADHD (or that of your loved one).

If you are considering the use of Biphentin, ask your doctor. You may want to print this article, and take a copy with you to your next doctor’s appointment.


  1. My daughter started taking Biphentin for her ADhd in February 2015. Now she is having side effects in the form of a tic, blinking eyes really fast. She also suffered a siezure. She never had a seizure before. She is 5 years old. Also of late notice agitation and outburst of swear words in any setting. Noyone swears in my house.Also red spots on her legs. All side effects from meds. I actually stop giving her medication , as I am very concerned. I am awaiting appointment on June 12, 2015 to speak with psychiatrist. This medication really over stimulate the brains.

    • Hi. My son who is 5 years old was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor mentioned medication but nothing prescribed so far. She gave me a pamper for Biphentin. Did you take your daughter off the medication? Was it the cause of the behaviour change?

      Thank you

        • What dosage is she on? We are trying to figure out if she should go up to 30mg as the Dr. Said 20mg would have no effect but we feel that 20mg is helping and may be enough. How did you or your doctor determine the right dosage for her?

          • Hi
            I hope everything is better now.
            Did you guys increased the dosage for your daughter? I noticed that a year passed by already….How is your daughter now, how are you guys doing? did the medicine worked.
            Thank you

          • Hi I was reading your comment my son who is nine years old was started on 20 mg we determined that he needed to go up to 30 mg just by what his teacher was telling us the teacher had mentioned that the effects were wearing off around noon so we put him up to 30 mg and we have had no issues he is focussed and doing so much better

          • Hi my son take this medication and the only side effect I found was his lack of appetite when he was on the medication he didn’t eat as much as he usually would however the effects usually wear off by the time school is done and he would eat like a little monster at dinner time so I just packed small lunches for him while he was at school in over the weekend I don’t give him the medication so he eats very well over the weekend

      • You might need to lower the dose. We went from 20 mg to 10 mg for my son and that worked out very well. Mild side effests only.

      • Your kids are 5 years old!!! They don’t need medication! They need to run around and play! They need fresh air and grass. I’m no doctor, but I highly suggest you pay very close attention to what your 5 year old does for the whole day. No pill in the world introduces swear words into a childs vocabulary!!! Take them to a park! Not a psychiatrist for God’s sake!

        • Running around and playing does not solve the problem! Reality is these kids wont learn as well because it’s hard for them to focus or to stay still.This puts them at an extreme disadvantage in life. I love my children. I want them to have every chance other children have. A responsible parent ensures ALL the child’s needs are met.

          • Do not worry about people who have not been touched by ADD/ADHD. It’s one of those things you have to experience to actually know that it’s real. One of mine is affected, and the other 2 are not. I am also. I didn’t medicate until my late 20’s. I wish it had been more known when I was younger. I can feel/notice a huge difference if I run out, or miss as little as 3 days of my meds. For the first time in my life, I am in control of my mood, what/who I give my attention to, and I don’t have any noticeable side effects. My dose is 30mg, I am 5’6 and 190lbs. Small kids likely wouldn’t need much. I also started on 10mg for a month, then was upped to 20mg for another month before getting my final dose, which hasn’t changed for over 5 years now. Anyone who boasts they are not a doctor, and then gives their opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. Everyone has an opinion. Not everyone is educated, or even an expert within a field. Do not feel guilty. Your doing the right thing by seeking help from an expert.

    • Was the seizure caused by the Biphentin medication ? I only ask because my 2 sons are on this medication as well an wanted to know if that is a common side affect it causes?

      • Attention deficit may be caused by an over-active or under-active frontal portion of the brain. These ADHD medications hyper stimulate the frontal brain. If the attention problem is from already too much frontal activity, then, yes, seizures can be triggered, with headache and depression that usually follow. My son’s neurologist says that insomnia and attention deficit drugs are major seizure triggers.

        • My son is 12 and also gets squint eyes we call it and it is because it makes your eyes and throat dry. Try eye drops and drink lots of water or juice.
          I have ADHD as an adult and I am taking Epi-Val with Adderal xd which is an anti seizure medication and a stimulant.
          It works for my Borderline Personality Disorder and my ADHD and then at night I take seroquel.
          Perhaps the negative side affects are because she doesn’t have ADHD

          • You can be misdiagnosed and then the medications could be attributing to her side affects. Ask about their anti seizure medication because it plateaus your heart rythym palpitations anxiety the jitters tics etc. My son is on ,30 mg of BiPhentin where as I take 90 mg of Adderall xd daily

  2. Biphentin can be addictive. It can be crushed and then snorted. Please ensure that your child/teenager is not giving his medication to adminstor himself. Parents need to be informed what teenagers are out their doing this.

    • You can’t snort biphentin. The individual granules of methylphenidate in a biphentin capsule are coated with a gelatin/cellulose/polymer mixture designed to slowly break down in the stomach (stomach acid) for timed release. It will do nothing up the nose but get caught in the mucus membrane and maybe make you sneeze. This is true for all sustained release formulations of methylphenidate.

      • I am a primary teacher with 25 years experience. I also take Biphentin for ADD (3 years now). I cannot stress this point enough…5 year old minders are WAY too young to be on ADD MEDS PERIOD!!!!!
        Revisit optioms mid Nov. Grade 1 at earliest!
        Avoid any opinion from educators…they are not qualified, psychiatrists for consultations only for now. COGNITIVE AND BEHAVIORAL THERAPY to start. Girls usually have very different symptoms from boys. U need an ADHD SPECIALISTS FOR POSSIBLE DIAGNOSIS after at least 1 year. Take control of your kid”s health now. How long has this been going on? SCARY

        • The school board and any outside agencies won’t help my son because they say he’s to young for therapy and then the school board doesn’t recognize children with adhd until they are in grade 3. I’ve had no choice but to go the medication route because of this. My son has been diagnosed with adhd, odd, anxiety. The school just sees it as a bad child not a child who needs assistance to succeed.

          • I am sorry this happened to you. What school board are you with?

            I ask because our school in Ontario has been nothing but helpful and SUGGESTING that my daughter may have learning disabilites as early as SK-Grade 1. In Grade 2 they formed an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for her to help figure out what works to help her learn even without a diagnosis. We officially got her tested and diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive by a psychologist when she was in grade 2 and the school has been nothing but complient and helpful.

            I would go back to your school. Speak with the principal, the superintendant, the actual school board, ANYONE who will listen. It is totally unacceptable to not provide a child with the assistance he needs to learn! Even if they just created an IEP and got him into therapy with a psychiatrist (thats what my doctor recommended), that is a START.

            They have so many things that they could do for him.
            Good luck mom. I hope he gets what he needs and DESERVES!

          • My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in grade 2. His school put him on an IEP. They did everything they could. When he reached Grade 7, we were able to get him into a learning disability school for two years than into a high school for disability students. We also live in Ontario. Go to your school, demand the help that your child needs because it’s out there. We had the school board, our government and doctors involved. Don’t give up.

          • We had the same situation but without the ODD.

            We started with a naturopath (around 4 yrs old) and used Fish Oil, Gaba, Probiotic in pill a in liquid form to help with his Anxiety and ADHD symptoms and outbursts. We also did our best to limit his intake of foods that have been identified to disrupts children’s moods….etc.

            Even Vitamin D (depending on where you live) will help with his mood regularities. These natural supplements are not the silver bullet and will not allow you to see immediate results. It takes time for these natural supplements to build up in his system to help kids.

            Only now that he is 11 years old (Grade 6) have we decided that it is time to try the medication.

            Good Luck!! We know the difficulties that are expereinced when you have kids challenged with ADHD and/or LD’s.

        • My son was 5 yrs ld and given 6yrld medication called 20ml Vyvance a amphetamine followed be an anti psychotic calls Rispedone o.5ml. This medication is for schizophrenics and bipolar disorder they are using my son as a guinea pig. These Doctors are Messing with our children’s future/personality and who they are culturally and genetically. Last day in trial January 30th 2017 I was told my son at 8 yrs ld has just been told he is on Byzantine now. I am taking the Dr. Zinkiew in Cobble Hill Vancouver Island to court March 14, 2017 I am self-represented and taking this pediatrician to court for answers. Please fight for your children’s minds and lets stop our kids in care from being BC governments test subjects. MCFD isn’t going to always tell you what other drugs they’re combining with this one? Thank you for your time and curiosity and God Bless. Sincerely Emmy from Duncan BC.

          • Are you Serious? Your a very ignorant woman especially for being someone with a kid to take care of …(a kid with special needs at that) , learn some more about mental health and mental health treatment options before you go to the Drs office again or a court room again for that matter….

          • I was given same mix. 3 Ritalin 10mg a day, things whent good long time 5 to 6 years. I then found that I was abusing it. to the poiont I didn’t sleep, or insomnia, when interduced with resparidon .5 things have never felt same. only took for 13 days res. this micture and along with other things my mind has raced. posiblly toxic micture

        • Hi Kelly,

          I understand your point of view….It was mine as well.
          Until years of trying every single option out there to help my son, cognitive and behavioural therapy, counsellors, psychologists, even spiritual gurus….name it, I done it. Nothing worked…he couldn’t focus or control his feelings. Now that I found a group of people that actually come to your house and work hand by hand with you and your child, we decided to see a psychiatrist because in order for my son to actually talk about his feelings and control his anger is for his brain to focus so the therapies, counsellors and other activities can work. It is not easy for a parent to medicate their kids, It is not the first solution parents look at because they want their kids to be domesticated. Most of the times is the only way to help our kids to have a normal life and enjoy their lives and achieve their dreams.

      • biphentin can be done as rails due to the methylphenidate as a lot of people don’t know is stuff like Adderall, biphentin and Dextrogen are all synthetic methamphetamines which will react with the pineal glands and will get you very high haha but still saying that kinda like buddy said above some pre-teens and teens will crush them up for stronger effects and it does hit stronger aha honestly know from personal experience haha

    • Fortunately biphentin, the only one of this kind of medicine, that is not addictive, nor will one get any kind of high of any kind, no matter how it’s ingested. Ritalin, is a different story, falls under same class of medicines, and is very addictive, and can and unfortunately is abused.

      • AHAHAHAHAHA I’m sorry but your funny biphentin does get you very high aha but do remember it is a synthetic methamphetamine so its not much on how you consume it more how you react to it through your own mind set haha if you know how to get high of an amphetamine you can get high off any amphetamine ahaha

    • Yes, as with all stimulants/amphetamines, addiction and withdrawls can occur if administered or discontinued improperly.


      • You have no idea what you are talking about! So please stop lying. It is extremely addictive when crushed and snorted or injected. Wow you are so ignorant to the facts !!!

    • hi, my son was dx ADHD in Gr3, it took us about 6 months to decide to try medication. He has been on Biphentin since then, he is not in Gr 8 and doing well. I am not aware of withdrawals for biphentin, at least not the type that we think for other drugs. Our pediatrician does encourage that we take HOLIDAYS from the medication if possible, that is to take a break for weekends or during school holidays. We do this but we do notice that the first couple of days being off the medication, he tends to be more emotional or easily frustrated. after the first couple of days, these symptoms settle down and he is better, just hyper and dis-tractable. There is a difference who everyone manages the drugs and it depends on the persons initial symptoms. Good luck.

  3. While I do agree with most of the information here, there are some striking errors! Namely, “it is important…. Biphentin is not addictive” and “Biphentin is not abusable”.

    These are glaringly inaccurate! All stimulant medications are addictive. Biphentin is simply another “tweak” on good old Ritalin that many a person has become addicted to. Granted, the “addiction” is not physical in nature like opiates or alcohol. That said, take this away and “drug seek behaviour” will result.

    Further, this drug (in this formulation) is more than abusable. Just because the medication has “time released beads” does not mean it can’t be snorted. Dexedrine Spansules are time release! Plenty of “long action” agents are in “beads”. Simply go out and purchase a pestle and mortar and crush away. You can crush anything into a fine powder that is easily snorted: including our new friend Biphentin!

    You want an “unsnortable” ADD medication? Concerta is your only option. It is, by far, the most tamper proof and least prone to abuse formulation this writer can think of.

    • Concerta can be crushed and then mixed in water as well as snorting. I would peel the plastic off and then crush it and drink it with water so that I would get a stronger effect. The Vyvanse has to go through the small intestines and picks up a protein to activate the medication.

      This by far is the best for people with substance abuse problems, however I found that I did not like that medication, took up to two hours to start working and then quit working too early. Also inconsistency about release.

      I would like a medication that lasts all day but has same quick effects as plain Ritalin. If anyone has sugestions post them.:)


      • concerta is a slow release drug, crushing it is absolutely pointless, it must be taken as its original capsule. If you regulate your prescription it’s by far the best ADHD meds. Not sure how it is for ADD though.

  4. I am perscribed 20mg capsules to be taken twice per day…how far apart between doses? If I take it to late I am unable to sleep.

    • hi, I would talk to your Dr. Usually you take the medication in the morning so that it has worn off by the bed. I never heard of taking 2 pills unless the dose your Dr wants you to have is 40mg and the maker does not make a 40mg pill… I know that with my son, if he takes his medication after 9 am, he can be up laying in bed trying to sleep until 11:30 pm.

  5. I find it typical but horrific that medication is considered first line treatment. The overwhelming majority of people we see diagnosed with attention problems have difficulty with visual processing, eye control, auditory processing, and sensory processing. Prescription and street meds can mask some of the distractability symptoms but usually the underlying causes of attention problems remain as impediments. I think it very irresponsible to diagnose an attention syndrome without ruling out the more likely symptoms, particularly with the addiction and suicide risks accompanying the ‘first line’ meds. I understand why the pharmaceutical companies have a large interest in keeping the population medicated but cannot get why insurance companies offer coverage.

    • There are other treatments but they all take time and effort. Medication shows quick results and other treatments do also work as part of the process but take time. I’d like to think that most people would seek out medication after first discussing what all of the treatment options are, putting together a plan and activating all other parts of managing ones health first and then using medication as an adjunct therapy when needed as a last resort. This way, lower doses of medication will be needed to be effective. All medications have unwanted side effects as well and the desire is to keep meds to a minimum while gaining the most benefits. My own family went on a strict autoimmune diet to support my youngest daughter who was diagnosed with an autoimmune inflammatory disease. It consisted of omitting ALL dairy, sugar, gluten, processed food, nightshade vegetables and eating organic meats veggies and fruit. As well as making sure our diet was still balanced nutritionally. My partner (who has ADHD and is not on medication yet) gained drastic benefits with his organization, restlessness, mood, anxiety. We are still looking at medication but I can guarantee that this diet has become a way of life for all of us now and he definitely will not need as much as he would have previously.

  6. My 6 year old son just started taking Biphentin 10mg this morning and he got very upset and started to cry, this was unusual for him. He also said he had a headache. Its been about 7 hrs and he seems to be doing a lot better. Another thing i noticed is that he keeps moving his tongue and lips a lot. Is this a side effect anyone else has noticed?

    • My 5 1/2 year old son also had an emotional outburst the first night he took this medication. I also noticed that he moved his tongue. But it only happened the first day. Has your son done it since?

    • My 6 year old son became very emotional when he first started 10mg of biphenton. It’s gotten better. He’s up to 30mg, which I think seems like a lot, and he’s been on it 6 months. He seems much more in control of his emotions. I think the medication helps him slow down enough to actually feel his emotions and have a chance to understand them and learn to practice more self control rather than expressing them through wild behaviour. I’m really so happy to have my son back. He was so lost for some time. Also, he too has had some headaches. Not too many that I recall at the start but recently he has complained of a few. Which is how I ended up reading this post ???? I will be speaking with his doctor about concerta, but a longer acting preparation might make it more difficult to sleep. He already struggles quite a bit.

      • Ask your doctor about using Melatonin at night about 1/2 hour before bedtime. It is a natural product sold over the counter and consider stating with 1.5 mg dose. The lowest we could find her was 3 mg (comes in a strip that melts on the tongue and we just cut the strip in half). It is not a sleeping pill and will not keep you asleep – it just is a natural product produced by the brain that tells the body it is time for sleep. Travelers can use it to regulate sleep when jet-lagged.

      • I would like to share a story I was prescribed Ritalin at I believe it was the end of Elementary I became very very depended on it and it led me down a very horrible Road of addiction now on that note if you are to start your child on any medication you need to do your research personally I am on by Fenton now it works very very well for me as far as abusing it if somebody wants to do something they’re going to find a way to do it that is one of the downfalls of having add so to parents I would recommend this drug out of any drug out there and to closely monitor your children while on this drug I am a firm firm believer that if your child is having severe hyperactive Tendencies I would wait to put them on medication after elementary school because you are taking a child’s right to go through that phase because all children go through that phase I am not saying that a child should not be prescribed this medication but you should look at other ways to deal with it long story short you guys need to do your research talk to your doctors and have a very huge support system for your child like I said I just don’t want to see any of your children go through what I went through and I do not want to see a child go through any kind of withdraw when I’ve got taken off of adderal it was a very rough time I was seeing stuff hallucinating didn’t sleep for a week just a horrible horrible horrible stuff but like I said ever since I recently decided to give this another shot and take it properly and I must say it is a very very good drug I don’t feel the high I fell from adderal it doesn’t change my social aspects of life like I’m not shy in front of people long story short folks just do your research if you do end up giving your child this medication make sure you guys have a very well put together support system because there is a very high-risk speaking out of experience for ADHD children to have a long road of addiction but if taken properly it can definitely be beneficial if you have a child I would not recommend giving them adderal Ritalin I would stick to biphentin because it to me I feel this the less than you and feeling drugged and it helps very well I am now 30 years old with 3 children and yeah this drug really works for me if you guys have any questions about addiction what any concerns really feel free to message me anytime I just hope all the best for the children out there because it’s a very fine line between ADD and being a kid so I hope you guys took something from this and everybody have a wonderful day

        • Hi there,

          I am sorry to hear about your experience after stopping Adderral. I was prescribed Biphentin a year ago and at first, I found it very effective for concentrating and staying motivated and even more relaxed. I did feel a mild ‘high’ at its peak for maybe an hour or two and have had a long history of substance abuse on and off since I was 10 and am now 49.
          After two months or so I found it wearing off around 5 pm and so my doctor increased my dosage and then found I was getting a lot more work done and really enjoying my work, staying up sometimes to midnight or even later.
          Shortly after I began pulling all-nighters, it started when I downloaded some free trials through googles business apps. To get the best test run before the 14 days were up I was determined to use all the features available, and… well made a huge mess of my computer system and in my efforts to undo the damage before the trial ended I began to double dose to keep me awake and alert all night, after night, after night. Then I would not have enough until my next refill which was every two weeks. That became a pattern, on one week off another for months and months. I switched to a pharmacy that had the policy to distribute one week at a time. And I researched its potential for abuse and read the abuse rate is high, that people were shooting up really large amounts, others crushed and snorted it. Even though I had patterns of drug abuse, it was usually prescription drugs, I tried coke a few times yet never chased it down or even desired it I only did it a few times with friends. I would binge on alcohol at times as well, never shot up just have had this stupid never-ending cycle of taking more pills than prescribed, and even abused over the counter stuff. I was shocked at the risks, comparing the high to cocaine and ya would think that would cause me to make the effort to stop double dosing, but instead, it made me curious and I began crushing it and snorting it. So, here I am researching again because I don’t like myself for doing this. And when I run out before the end of the week I am anxious and basically useless. So thank you for your post, you are able to safely take your Biphentin which is great after all you went through. I’m trying to find information on the withdrawal effects and process, so far haven’t found anything but I will keep looking. Do you have any advice for me?

  7. I have not been diagnosed with add/adhd and for at least 20 years or longer I have suffered from depresssion and extreme lack of interest in everything I used to love , 15 years ago my doctor prescribed Ritalin, mildest dose and increased to 20 mg. I was astonished to discover how a normal person feels, I had energy, felt I was motivated to do things, never in my life did I feel so good BUT the medication began to wear off after 6 months and the doctor said it happens and he did not want to prescribe any other medication. I was around 45 years old. I have gone for several sleep studies as I always had trouble falling to sleep. This past summer I went for another sleep study and was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. After trying 2 different machines and 4 different masks, I gave on on it. The doctor prescribed biphentin, 10 mg twice a day for two weeks, did nothing so he prescribed 20mg twice a day. After 3 or 4 days I began to feel the fog was lifting and started to feel really good again. BUT after only 10 days or so it all wore off and I am back to my old self, fighting sleep ever day, no interest in anything whatsoever. Please can anyone give me more options.

    • We require melatonin for sleep. It is produced at night, when there is minimal or no natural sunlight. Production of melatonin is interrupted with any light, but especially light emitted from electronics ( iPad, computer). You can try relaxing at night for a few hours with dimmed light and no electronics. If you still have trouble you could ask your doctor about taking melatonin. It can be purchased without a prescription in a drugstore. I have used it periodically and found it quite helpful. I take concerta in the morning to help me focus during the day.

    • Carol, I also forgot to mention that I have found concerta helps to increase the impact of my low dose antidepressant, an NSRI. Also, to prevent the need to increase my concerta (because the body does eventually adapt and it becomes less effective and the a higher dose is required) my doctor recommended I not take my concerta on weekends. By taking this 2 day break the dosage has more impact again on Monday, when I return to work. I have found this works well.

    • Try medical cannabis combined with it or with out it or try 30-40 mg of it once a day with or without cannabis. Keep your cannabis strain as a pure sativa during the day. And switch to a pure heavy indica as soon as you’re done work or whatever you do during the day. This will both make you active and interested in things during the day and super sleepy at night. When you goto bed make sure you have no distractions like tv or the cannabis will help keep you up. I find a book with cannabis is good at night as you will just wake up holding your book. It’s great that way as when you get tired the cannabis will make your mind drift on the topic you’re focused on (only with a book not tv. Your brain has to be ACTIVE). So the book will almost consume your thoughts and drift you slowly into that world as you fall asleep. Read only pleasent or upbeat material though. As Stephan king or something like that may induce vivid horrorifing nightmares. Unless you read like the gunslinger or others in the dark tower series. That’s great when stoned. Actually I think to have to be stoned to enjoy some of his work as his mind will drift just as much as your may on cannabis.

      Enjoy let me know what you think. If you don’t ever use cannabis start slow but make sure you slowly increase your consumption as you will eventually not feel the effects. This needs to be done more so with your night strain. You can allow yourself to plateau a bit on the daytime stuff as your head will remain clearer during the day that way. Unless you want to be a bit foggy or stoney for a certain activity during the day. Like before a meal you really want to enjoy. But don’t smoke right before the meal as you may not be hungry for an hour or sometimes two after smoking.

      I find it sometimes takes my appetite away for a bit (sometimes good when you’re hungry but don’t have access to good right away. ) but watch out for that because of you’re not near food when the hunger strikes afterword you could be in trouble or smoke more: ) either way of you do that you will need to feed the best with a vengeance.

      I apologise for my long post. I’ve been programming all night and sometimes I use excess biphenton (snorted, don’t judge me it really helps me focus as you can )

      I’m sure I have a million typos and a few spots that won’t make any sense as I am not going to proof read this before I post it.

      Enjoy and let me know how it works if you so choose to try it.


    • Hi Carol – I’m on here looking out for my son who is on BiPhentin and has sleep apnea too.

      I would urge you to try to get the sleep apnea resolved as best you can – a poor sleep really ramps up the symptoms for my son and it’s as if his meds don’t work (he has sleep apnea and occasionally the mask might come off in his sleep – an awful day at school usually follows).

      Maybe try a different sleep lab? If you get a self titrating device at home to decide what your pressure should be, it’s a good idea to have it confirmed in a good sleep lab.

      As a sleep tech, I have sometimes had to go higher than what the autopap has prescribed, when some patients come to have their levels checked. Don’t give up! There are newer masks coming out all the time – some really cool ones just out are for nasal – DreamWear and Brevida (very minimalist headgear for both) and for naso-oral, Amara View – sits under and slightly on tip of nose rather than between the eyes – less leak.

      Failing that, you can try an oral appliance – it holds your jaw in a forward position and opens up the airway. If there is any weight to lose, that helps too. If you have chronic nasal congestion, get that taken care of, as that worsens sleep apnea as well.

      Good luck!

  8. I forgot to mention that the doctor does not want to increase my dosage and he said I am where he wants me to be with the 20 mg dosage twice a day. I did not talk to him personally, the conversation was over the phone. I am at a loss as to what to do next. With all the medications out there there must be something I can take. I feel like I can’t go on living like this especially after experiencing how good it felt to have energy. I am soooo discouraged.

    • Hi Carol,

      I’m so sorry to hear what you have been going through. You sound like you are in a lot of pain and have suffered for some time. I’m not a doctor and I have only a minimal knowledge of medication, but I do work within the mental health field. There is hope and still many avenues for you to explore. Have you tried counselling? Also, I’m surprised to hear that while medication has been tried, it has been meds typically used to treat ADHD rather than meds used to treat depression! Maybe this just wasn’t included in your post. Have anti-antidepressants ever been suggested by your doctor? Lastly, perhaps you could request a referral to a psychiatrist who would be better able to ensure the right type of meds were being utilized. Good luck Carol…don’t give up.

    • Hi Carol,
      I don’t know how you’re doing as you posted almost a year ago, but anyone with any type of mental or physical illness IMHO should eliminate (for at least 2 weeks) gluten, dairy, processed foods, caffeine, and sugar. I know it sounds extreme but I have seen this diet work miracles. The more addicted to any of these substances you are, the more you will feel like hell while you get them out of your system, but once they are out you will feel SO much better. Then you can slowly add things back in, wait a few days after each addition, and see what works and what doesn’t. I mostly stick to a whole-foods, plant-based diet and feel so much better than when I ate processed food, wheat & dairy!

      Hope this helps.

  9. Hello everyone, I was recently diagnosed this week with adult ADD. I was put on 20mg of biphentin, my daughter was on the same meds but her counsellor got me to take her off. Anyways, I start it yesterday and didn’t really feel a whole lot different then around 12 am I was so focus I was staring at my Christmas lights on my tree (yes my tree is still up I love putting the lights on at night don’t judge lol) I wasn’t high I just couldn’t believe how focus I was in that moment lol I have always had a very active brain causing me to have panic attacks, to not have thoughts racing and be able to focus like that was AMAZING!!! But I couldn’t sleep! I already have sleep issues as is, I went to bed at 5 am! But when I woke up I felt so good, no fog or thoughts racing I actually feel normal and I can’t tell you how amazing it is, I struggled for 20 years with it not being treated. Wasn’t until my daughter was diagnosed that I had flash backs of myself growing up. Now trying it myself I’m putting my daughter back on it but bringing the dose down because she became violent and vile, I get her counsellor wants a holistic approach, BUT I have had ADD my whole life and IT IS TORTURE!!! So I’m calling her pediatrician Monday.

  10. that is bull carp you know coming from someone who has suffered from this drug and somone who used to have dreams and used to enough things in life now sits on his cough like a potato and is brain dead cause of the side effects how do you live with that knowing your doing that to a person?

  11. I find it ironic that this medication is in a capsule which contains FD&C Blue #1, known to cause ADD. Tells you how much the company cares about its customers.

  12. dont give your kids this stuff methylphenidate or dextroamphetamine or amphetamine or lisdexamfetamine! It’s just speed and they’ll grow up to be speed freaks or meth heads! Biphentin is just speed packaged in a fancy box with ribbons! Very dangerous. Try all other things first before giving this to children

    • Your ignorant to mental health conditions(like ADHD) and the possible benefits from medication treatments such as amphetamines(like adderall or Dexedrine, or other stimulants like methylphenidate or dexmethylphenidate; which are non-amphetamine-based stimulant medications used to treat ADHD symptoms)

  13. Since my daughter was 3, we was different , we could, initially told by friends and babysitter that she has aspergers and not bring her to fanilly fucntions, hurtfull i know, so we did 4 years of spych assesements dr OC & speac. therapy assessment interventions, ect… we re happy with her and changed thing at the house to make it easier for her, we love how her and how she it, but her brain is always in overdrive!! She ll ask or start 2 sentence in once phrase and confuses herselfs . Easily emotionally upset.
    So we wanna start her on 10mg for a week. And note the progress and side effects.
    I was wondering if anyone had any side effect to look for in the first week or 2? Sincerely !

  14. Well my son will be trying this for the first time tomorrow. He has autism and ADHD. I have really dragged my heels about putting him on medication but unfortunately this is last resort. We have been doing therapy for about 2 years now but he is struggling so hard at school. Fingers crossed this helps give him a better quality of life!! I’ll post in a few weeks to let you guys know how its going!

  15. My son was on concerta, but felt it affected him emotionally and he wasn’t improving so much at school. He is a stable, happy boy with flare ups here and there but had trouble concentrating and getting grades of D. Biphentin seems to even out his day. It did make him emotional the first day but evened out by the second day. 10mg that’s the most I feel comfortable with. I have seen a better improvement in his school work since he has been on Biphentin.

  16. My younger chid is diagnosed with ADHD and he is on Biphentin 30 mg almost for 3 months. Lots of improvement in behavior. Before medications, he was bouncing everywhere and had a hard time focusing on pretty much any thing. Now he is much better for at leat first 10 hrs of medicatations. These children are designed like this, unfortunately. I want him off themedications but then he is back to the same behavious again. so it looks like a life time commitment ot at least until 18. I wish there is a better way of treatment except for medicine.I hope there will be a better option in future.

  17. I notice a difference with people taking biphentin who sparkle in soft food and others that swallow. My son has been taking biphentin 15 mg since 1st grade with sparkling on peanut butter and is now in high school with the same dosage and it is still working very well with almost no side effect. His sister tried it too and was able to swallow so we didnt realize back than but the biphentin was not working for her and she took up to 40 mg and still didnt work. I am thinking it is possible that for some kids that swallow, the biphentin may not work as well and should be sparkle at lower dose. Also, i choose not to give him on weekend and school break and he is hyperactive and the med work perfectly. This is not a professionnal opinion even if i am a specialized educator but a subject to discuss with your peditrician. Good luck.

  18. Sorry guys I posted on somebody else’s comments I didn’t realize it wasn’t on the main page so I’m going to try this again if you are going to give your child medication before 13 I would like you guys to do a lot of research I’m going to tell you a story I am 30 years old now I have fought addiction my whole life at the age just the beginning of Junior High I was put on Ritalin that wore off so I went to the doctor tried something else Concerta same thing and then I came across at all adderal is not a good drug it is pretty much speed in a pill it is highly addictive it definitely definitely put me down a long dark Road as an add person I was already highly highly prone to addiction I got to the point where I took a week Supply in 2 days and got put into the hospital for OD and from that point on I struggled with stimulant addiction the withdrawal symptoms were unreal anyways to get to my point I’m not 30 years old with 3 children I am on by fattening and by far it is not like the other drugs I feel focused but not stimulant focused you can abuse this drug anybody use a has addictive personality can abused anything for parents up there thinking about putting their children on this pill I would try everything else first because if they don’t have ADD and they’re just being a child and very hyperactive it could send them on a very long bad road if your kid has no doubt has ADD I would definitely try this drug or satira satira is a non stimulant drug my buddies son is on it and it has done wonders from him takes a couple weeks to work in but if you’re going to put your child on ADD medication that is the one I would start with I am not a doctor by no means I’m just speaking out of personal experience of any drug on the market I’ve been on it just do your research and by far my two go to medications if you were to put a child on ADHD medication will be by Fenton or statira stay away from adderal at all costs that is a horrible drug and should not even be on the market is very addictive and it’s pretty much just like speed in the pill I struggled for years I came off the pills struggle for years I couldn’t focus trying to find my emotions it was just a very very long road parents please do not hesitate to email me I will happily share my experience in more detail just be safe do not let them over-prescribed your child because there is a certain window of medication trying to find the right dose that could be harmful if your kids 6 years old and Hyper that’s just a kid I was the same way try other things dieting exercise really helps just take this very very very seriously this is a huge commitment you have to have a very good support system for your child I know as an ADD child emotions run very high anger is going to happen violent things are going to happen that’s going to happen whether you’re on the drug or not if you’re on the drug yes sometimes it’s intensified drug holidays I completely agree with if your child is very hyper after taking the medication for so long just give him a break not enough of a break to give him withdraw but just to when they take the medication again to feel normal like I said I I fought with stimula diction all my life it’s something I’ve done a lot of research on passionate about I just don’t want to see children go through the same road I went through I do like by Fenton and like I said if you’re going to start your child on any drugs at a young age it would be satira or biphentin like I said they’re not zombies it’s just they feel normal and they can laser focus when it comes to it and still have a social aspect with their friends so like I said if any parents or anybody has any questions about putting their kids on any kind of medication for ADD I’ll try to help the best I can and just do your research don’t agree with the doctor because he’s a doctor do your research because this could make or break your child’s future I got lucky and I am entitled now and still struggle with addiction but this pill I feel like I can’t use it because it doesn’t add or take away if you abused this drug you will not sleep that’s pretty much the gist of it so I hope everybody understands what I’m trying to say I’m sorry for blabbing obviously and have a wonderful day

    • While I agree with you that adderall is addictive I dont even think a doctor would deny that it could become an addiction if not taken properly why are you telling everyone here ? This is a biphentin post? They’re saying biphentin isn’t addictive even though it most definitely is but adderall and biphentin are nothing alike. Adderall is an amphetamine its literally a weaker form of crystal meth. Biphentin isn’t an amphetamine which is probably why they claim its non-addictive

  19. It’s criminal that we can’t get what for many, seems to be the most effective form of Ritalin, in Canada. That is focalin, (of Focalin XR), the dexmethylphenidate isomer of Ritalin. Dexmethylphenidate appears to contain the therapeutic (NE and DA bolstering) effects of Ritalin, without the levo isomer, present in all Canadian formulations.

    The levo isomer appears to be responsible for many of Ritalin’s side effects,notably including anxiety; notably as this impairs concentration and often necessitates the concomitant use of a benzodiazepine, or similar drug, which impairs memory and cognition. Focalin is only required at half the dosage of the Ritalin formulations available up here, and many, many including myself swear that it enables them to focus more clearly than, and without the anxiety that comex with mixed dex/levo formulations.

    For such a debilitating condition as ADHD, when there is something on the market that can change someone’s life so dramatically, why can’t health Canada get a couple formulations of dexmethylphenidate approved here? It’s been available for 16 years in the US.

  20. My 5yr old twins have been taking biphentin for 2 months they started at 10 mg now up to 15 for two weeks and then 20 mg. So far I have seen positive change in them just not enough yet which is why the doctor is increasing their dose. No side effects thus far so only good stuff to report.

  21. My nine-year-old son takes 30 mg every morning I have noticed that it does lower his appetite however his focus in school has been a 360° turn around the teachers have all been so impressed with how well he is sitting down paying attention and listening we have decided not to give it to him over the weekend which is fine because he’s not having to sit down and focus in a classroom setting but this medication is a wonderful medication and I highly recommend my son has been taking it for the past couple years nowAnd we have no negative reviews on it only that when he is on the medication his appetite is nothing like it is when he is not taking it he eats much better when he is not taking the medication

  22. I see that my last post has to be checked by moderators and I cursed in there a bit so I’m going to post it again without the language incase the first gets denied.

    Once again another website with non truths. It can’t be abused? It’s not addictive? LOL I’m here to tell you that those 2 statements couldn’t be more wrong. The town I live in is being tore apart from drug abuse mainly from opiates and yup you guessed it ADD/ADHD medication like Ritalin, Concerta, Dexies, Vyvans, Biphentin and I’m sure I’m missing a few. I see it everyday and I also lived it being a drug addict myself ( I’m now sober 29 months) but I used to abuse biphentin every single day first by eating them and then emptying and crushing the white beads inside to snort them up my nose to eventually graduating to crushing them in a spoon with water, sucking the water out with a needle and injecting it in my arm. It can be abused and does get you high and is VERY VERY addictive. Not like opiate withdrawals where you’re shaking and puking and sore but without them you mentally are a mess. Feel really down and depressed and lazy with no energy and you go crazy trying to get more.

    Anyway I just wanted to write this not to look down on the help this medication gives people but to let everyone know to monitor your kids if they’re prescribed and just be careful because they are able to be abused and are super addictive. Me and hundreds of people in my town are living proof and not just my town it happens to every town and city in Canada.

    Take care folks

  23. My son had some issues with self control and staying still in class. (Mostly stemming from an igorant bitch of a teacher in first grade who treated him and other children like inmates).[she was removed] We fought for several years to keep him off of meds. Finally our pediatrician convinced us to try a very small dose of biphenton. It helped almost immediately. This small dose combined with an understanding and modern teacher has helped my child to be completely removed from the special needs list.
    A modern teaching method was definitely more important than the meds. Medication should be a last resort.
    The school recognized that my child had been traumatized by his first grade teacher and placed him with the best fit teacher in his grade level. The meds were secondary, but they helped.

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