Apps to Help You Sleep Better

AppsforAdultADHDMany people with ADHD struggle with sleep.

I’ve just released a podcast episode called: 5 Steps to a Good Night Sleep with ADHD. In this podcast, I go through 5 steps to help you to figure out what’s going on with your sleep problems, and I also give you steps and strategies to work on to help out.

One of the things I found which was quite interesting, while I was researching this episode, was the fact that there are some apps which can help you to sleep better.

Firstly, you may benefit from using sleep headphones – these can allow you to listen to your mp3 player, or music which can help you to fall asleep and stay asleep. These sleep headphones are flatter than normal headphones, so you won’t roll over onto your headphones and have them pressing into your head or cheek.

And then these apps may help you as well:

Sleep Hypnosis audios: Here is a sample sleep hypnosis CD from Amazon for $10. You may benefit from listening to a hypnosis CD to help you fall asleep. It’s pretty inexpensive, and it may help you out.

Here are a couple of iPhone Apps that may help you to sleep better:

Sleep – Red Hammer Software – This app has numerous ambient sounds to help you to sleep better. It is like a white noise machine, but it has many different settings which could help your sleep.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock – Maciek Drejak Labs This app helps to awaken you when you are in your lightest sleep, so that you awaken feeling more refreshed and alert. To use it effectively, you need to put the iPhone under your pillow (and I suggest you put it on ‘airplane’ mode. (and although I haven’t tried it, I have friends who swear by it, and there are 2268 Five star reviews in the app store).

Do you have any sleep strategies to help you or your kids with ADHD? Please share them in the comments below.


Dr. Kenny


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  2. As an ADD adult who struggles with sleep, I learned to cope using a variety of methods. When I was a child, I was told to wear ear plugs, breath deeply, and try not to fantasize. Times have changed, and I use the same sleep headphones mentioned above to listen to books on tape.

    I already have the head phones, so I feel like I might as well check out these apps.


  3. Why is it that most ADD apps that ADD experts recommend,( on various ADD/ADHD sites rarely have android apps recommended
    Apple in general drives me crazy .Too controlling
    would love to hear about some android apps

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