ADHD or Gifted?

Sometimes children who are very intelligent (referred to as gifted) can be diagnosed incorrectly with ADD or ADHD.

How could this happen?

A gifted child may be under challenged and bored in the classroom. When not stimulated enough, they can feel that it’s not worth paying attention and applying themselves.

It is generally best for kids and teens with the ADD or ADHD diagnosis to get a full psychoeducational assessment. This is testing for intelligence (IQ) as well as academic achievement. This would show if in fact your child is gifted or not.

Sorting out this issue can be complicated, and a new book has come out which discusses this in detail. If you are concerned that this situation may apply to you or your child, consider this great resource.

Dr. Kenny

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  1. When I was a child and had problems at school they thought that it was because I have such a high IQ. My IQ was tested and I was high so they labeled me ‘gifted’. I was in all the TAG (talented and gifted) programs. I believe that this helped keep me stimulated. It also drove a bigger wedge between myself and my classmates…
    I have combined type adult ADHD. The ADHD existed in me then as did the higher than normal IQ. A person labeled as gifted can also have ADHD.
    Now I think it is a shame to think that there is only one or the other. What kind of potential is wasted when you are incredibly intelligent and yet struggle with ADHD!
    The two can easily co-exist, yet many are reluctant to diagnose ADHD in a ‘gifted’ child…..
    I hope I know all this in time to help my 6 year old daughter as she seems to be following the same path.

  2. One of the most disturbing and harmfull things that can happen to a highly intelligent child with ADHD or a number of other mental disorders, are parents that fall into the trap set by some people who try to convince them that any of these disorders are the cause of higher intelligence or any “gifts”. There is no scientific evidence in these false assertions.

    How does this harm the child? The parents will most likely NOT accept treatment(medication/therapy) that will calm and change the way the child acts. They don’t realize how much the child wants to “fit in”, be accepted and treated like a normal child.

    Yes I know it’s a nice feeling to think our children are more “gifted” than other parents children, but it does’nt feel so good to us children to be and feel different.

  3. I was diagnosed with add/ADHD and some other learning impairments in grade school. I am now out graduated extremely stressed and barely functioning have a lot of family support am seasonally employed at an amusement park. People ask me what do you want to do with your life I say I don’t know everyone at work thinks I’m crazy my parents say I am gifted while I am really good at reading and retaining info I am afflicted with a bunch of ailments sucks dont know if I should go get retested or try and deal with this by myself hate this.

    People love me for some reason I dont get it like for example I was at walmart looking at glasses well really the prices the optometrist assistants came over and had me do a little fashion show

    Another example is when I was at work (I work in a tollbooth) a car pulled up it contained a mother and a daughter the daughter said hey my mom likes you and something else I just zoned out then she said I like you also the mother retorted with a strange comment she said I do like you and don’t pay attention to my daughter she has syphilis.

    At work I get two kinds of people either people that hit on me or people that are pissed to pay for parking I tend to bring out extremes in people.

    Well anyway I have a special thought process in that I constantly wander throughout my mind nonstop my mom says ” shut up I hate it when you talk stupid” I just try to put my thoughts into words sucks because there are so many thoughts see this is what I’m thinking when I think of one thing gifted or cursed you decide I’m 20 unable to talk to people because I’m shy and just scatterbrained except when driving or reading then I can mellow out

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