ADHD Medication: How To Decide

When it comes to making a decision about whether to use a medication for ADD/ADHD or not, many people struggle with this… There is so much misinformation out there, that people are worried about making the wrong decision, and whether they will be judged for it…

In this short video (taken from a presentation I did), I share with you the way to decide if you will take ADD/ADHD medication or not. And this applies whether you are dealing with child/teen ADD/ADHD, or Adult ADD/ADHD.

Please watch this short video, share your comments/thoughts below (and also forward it to friends/family who may appreciate it!).

What do you think? Do you agree with the message of this video?
Dr. Kenny

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  1. I do agree with weighing the benefits and needs before deciding on medication. I agree that it is worth a try if the child’s ability to do their best on school work is being affected by their ADD.

  2. I am 52 years old and am feeling the best that I have for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed with ADHD this past year and have been taking medication. I can only say that it has drastically improved the quality of my life, and therefore, my family’s as well. For the first time in my life, I can focus on what I need to do without feeling as though I am tied to a chair with mice scrambling across me. I understand it is not for everyone, but for me, it has been nothing short of a miracle. : )

  3. I have seen the benefits as my son stays quiet after giving medication but he has lost his appetite completely. I am worried about the weight issue , the doctor has asked me to moniter it. I would just want to know will the midicine affect his IQ. He is 6 years old. In India ADHD is a hush hush issue in traditional schools and there is no counsellor , we have to sit with a counsellor separately. What do you suggest should there be a counsellor whe the child is studying in school?

  4. Hi, My son has been on Concerta for about 5 years….A’s and B’s (mostlyA’s) is 2nd biggest and 2nd heaviest in his class, he sleeps very well and most of all, he’s happy (as side effects goes). He is in 6th grade now, we lowered his Concerta from 63mg to 54mg (everything still good)…hopeing thr closer he get to puberty the lower we can reduce the meds.
    I took my son for a (EKG) and a (heart Ultra sound) before we started Meds to make sure of no hidden heart ailments… is good
    Thanks Hugh

  5. An excellent perspective. This decision making model should be presented to all decision – making parents. As a teacher, I know that this should be team approach. Doctor’s don’t always get all the behavioral issues or academic weaknesses of certain patients/ students, which means strong effective documentation from teachers and guidance councillors. Parents can’t be too wrapped up in the myths and not really look at what is best for their child. They also tend to try one medication that doesn’t necessarily work or gave side effects and give up without trying someting else. As a parent/ teacher with personal experience, I would direct them to great resources like this website.

  6. I think a lot of people these days are prescribed ADHD medications and they don’t really need it. It is best to check out natural ways to improve focus before resorting to prescription drugs.

  7. My daughter is ADHD 17 yrs. she is very sharp, but gets low grades at school. do i need to start medication for her ? does it improve her grades after atomoxitine [this was suggestad by her doctor]. if so how long do we generally have to use this medication for?

  8. I recently read two books written bt Dr Brownstein. His diagnosis’ have shown, many children diagnosed with adhd respond dramatically to natural thyroid treatment using iodine/iodide or thyroid hormones. He claims many behavior patterns of adhd syndrome have absolutely normal lives after dietary changes are made. Also, accumulation of bromides and fluorides leach iodine from the body causing add and adhd symptoms. Adding the appropriate doses of iodine helps the body to bind excessive fluoride and bromide and then eliminate it. The thyroid can then maintain hormone balances which regulate mental and physical energy.

  9. My son 5 yr old has severe adhd and not able to take stimulants like: retilin cetropram or procentra. My concern is that clonodine will not be enough for pre kinder 4. The psychiatrist suggested maybe depacote depending on teachers observations. How commonly used is depacote and any other medication with least side effects? My son has the same psychiatrist since 2 yrs old. Genetics are dominant for adhd/add. Iam unemployed due to his behavior in daycare. My sons Dr’s and counselor have been great. Frankly Iam scared of today’s school system. Suggestions welcomed.

  10. I am trying to figure out the right medication for my daughter. Our insurance does not cover the medications. She has been on concerta, and adderal which at times you can not get or are extremely expensive even when getting generic, when you can get them. But work well. Is the Ritalin comparable? And I see there are several different ones Sr, LA just wondered the difference and what would be comparable to 27 mg once a day of concerta.

  11. Why do they continue in pharmacies to get the Adderall that I have taken for years 20mg fast acting . I have been on the same exact medication always. Now every pharmacy carries other generics from several different mfg. Ever pill is different. I do not mean just look different. Some clearly do not help my Adult ADHD problem. After all these years, why is this happening? I am 71 years if age and I have no idea who can help me. Certainly no the pharmacies I have asked? This is very stressful and I have a sensitive reaction to other medications also. Now I do not want to have to go all over the state of NH looking for my same drug. Last month I had do take what was out there. So I was given the adderall made by Mallencroft Pharmacy Co. I was thrilled for it did work. I went to have my adderall filled at the same pharmacy and now they no longer carry the adderall made by Mallencroft. I have check all our local pharmacies and not one carries Adderall that Actavis made for ever. None of them now carry the adderall from Mallencroft. I have been told many stores. Also that there is a shortage of this drug. Now I know that is not true,you know this is not right, and I know u know it. My Dr. is so annoyed at the hastle I have had to endure without any results. Give me a break, I was not born yesterday, and I am not ignorant either. I would appreciate the truth about why this is going on?? Nobody care about the patient. It is all about money. I know you know that also. Sheila Thornton

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