ADHD in India

It is known that ADHD affects people in all countries, and of all cultures. However, the level of awareness, knowledge and treatment varies significantly between cultures. There is relatively little recognition of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in India, and there are few reliable statistics about the rate of diagnosis there.

This week, the President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, participated in a book release about ADHD. The book, entitled: ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, is authored by Parvathy Viswanath. Viswanath is the founder and director of the AIKYA Special School.

I am thrilled to hear that an Indian expert is providing more information to people in India about ADHD. I am also very impressed that the President of India, Abdul Kalam, participated in the release of this book. This type of high profile event will help people in India to understand and accept ADHD.

Information from an Indian expert is crucial to ensure that the information is culturally accurate, and discusses local resources and approaches.

Hopefully, this is a great step forward for the recognition and management of ADHD in India. To read a full article on this story, click here.

If you have any experience with ADHD in India, please post a comment below.


  1. Hi,
    Can Anybody guide me about some books published on ADHD/ Adult ADHD in punjabi or Hindi language….that would be an awesome help. Thanks.

      • Hi Piya,

        I’m a 30 year old and I’ve recently been diagnosed with adult ADHD. My understanding of my world has turned upside down. The book I’m reading to know more about ADHD says that a coach is really helpful in my journey. Would you be able to help?


      • Hi Dr Piya. I m Lokesh, 27 and have been recently diagnosed with ADHD. I m planning to get a 2nd opinion for my diagnosis.Meds have helped a little and therapy isn’t going well as thought. I am desperately trying to get in touch with an adhd coach but there seems to be none in my city. Plzz contact me on this no. 9740838623.

  2. Are Adderall XR or Vyvanse available by prescription in India? If not, then what are the corresponding drugs if any that might work in managing ADHD?
    Thanks so much

    • adderall xr is not available in india. as for vyanse, i think was available under the brand name meterra. but it is always safe to check out with your physician and ask for cheaper alternatives.

      • I was not able to find meterra in most of the pharmacies in Bangalore ( Apollo, fortis, manipal ) … Local pharmacies have no clue. Any clue on where u might get it or it’s substitute, please do help
        Any reply will be helpful, thanks a lot

        • I called taj pharma today whose website lists meterra as one of its products. It’s in Mumbai. They informed me over the phone that they have not launched meterra yet.

  3. Hi,

    I am from USA and would like to know about ADHD/ADD. Anybody form USA can please share their information which will really helpful for me..

    Sasi Kumar.

  4. Hi I am Ritesh frm Orisa.(India).
    I am trying to form a forum or site where ppl can share info and their problems regarding adhd and other psychological problem for indians basically.I am randomly searching fr indian ppl related to adhd (who have adhd or who kno abt adhd or have adhd spouse or relatives)on the internet.(Indian )
    I am trying to form a network of atleast 100 ppl so that we can start helping and sharing problems and sharing knowledge abt adhd and other LD and mental issues..

  5. Hi,

    A select list is as follows(if one is sufficiently worried about even one of these, specialist evaluation is called for:
    • Very naughty
    • High level of activity
    • Always on the go
    • In a world of his own
    • Ignores what is said to him from time to time
    • Repeatedly flaps hands when excited or afraid
    • Puts hands in ears from loud noises or for any other reasons
    • Bangs his head
    • Very angry in nature
    • Throws large temper tantrums
    • Talks a lot, but talks gibberish
    • Avoids eye contact
    • Largely repeats what is being said to him.
    • Repeatedly says the same words, sentences,phrases often out of context or in inappropriate situations
    • Does not point at things by index(Second) finger
    • Plays largely by lining up cars or toys
    • Excessive avidity to computers
    • Socially reclusive
    • Plays on his own alongside other Children
    • Tends to touch or sniff everything
    • Excessive interest in objects spinning
    • Plays with parts of the toy, rather than the whole toy
    • Inventing new words(neologism) out of context or in odd way
    • Educational difficulties
    • Declining educational grades
    • School Phobia
    • Gone quiet
    • Unusually gifted in a skill but not across the board, e,g Knows multiplication at the age of three, can draw minute details from memory, can memorize whole phrases verbatim. etc

    • Thanks for information about ADHD traits, However would u please tell whether alternative treatment like Ayurveda, Yoga or any other methods does help> Because alopathic medication Medication has side effects. . Do you know any alternative treatment centre in kolkata? Do you know NIMHANS procedure of treatment? DO they treat through alternative medicines?

  6. I’m 25 years old and a lawyer. I’ve always been good at studies. And I’m a voracious reader.
    However, I’m very impulsive, have very low tolerance for frustration, zone out of conversations easily, daydream all day long, tend to be escapist in my tendencies, make careless mistakes, start projects and get bored with details, find real life mundane. In my choice of reading I prefer science fiction and fantasy, and I just quit my first job because I’m hypersensitive to criticism, plus I kept making mistakes . I find it hard some times to just do the simplest things, call a client for example, apply to things on time. I’m also unbelievably disorganized. Some one please tell me, does this sound like adult ADHD?

  7. Please can someone help me find a specialist on ADD/ADHD. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh, therefore, Kolkata would be convenient to visit to consult the specialist. Please kindly send me the name of the specialist and contact number in Kolkata.
    Thanks in advance

  8. hi,

    one of my relative’s son who is in grade 8 is diagnosed ADHD we came to know few days back they live in AHMEDABAD can you suggest reliable clinic or DR we are in canada ,i met this boy i find him smart and intelligent ,he is getting suicidal thoughts pl advise me.


  9. I am having memory problem, remain confused ,cant complete work in time. Also gone to psychiatrist and taken medicines for 4 years for o.c.d but my condition is not changed. sometimes not able to express my feelings. Now , i am facing difficulties in completing my studies. I think that i might be having ADD.
    Can anyone suggest what will i do? You can also mail me to

  10. Someone tell me where i can get books on ADD or any mental illness in hindi ? As i am living in lucknow so plz tell shops in lko.

  11. I m writing to you with respect to my child who is most probably is having this disorder as ADHD. As to only today only we have come across such a term after the teacher at school had shared the info with us on observing my son ARMAAN .
    He is 4 years old now has a speech difficulty and we were taking Armaan for speech therapy classes . Now that we have discovered that it is ADHD .

    We seek your guidance and We look forward to help ARMAAN in treating with such disorder .

    Please advice .

    • Hi Anil,
      Firstly I am glad to see that you understand ADHD is a disorder and not a disease that needs to be treated.

      I am a mother of two with ADHD struggling to cope at every stage of my life but blessed with suportive parents inlaws and above all my Husband.

      The speech problem is because he wants to speak as fast as he thinks.
      (I do even now and hence I cannot always convey what I really want!) I do not know much about medical help and I beileve talking to old pediatricians (experienced and elderly) are the best bet as of today. I personally get a lot of help from my childrens pediatricines.

      Pease be as supportive as possible. Help him/her undersdtand the difference between thought and reality. Handling hyper active kids can be frustrating especially for mom and the childs mother has to be very very patient. Keep things simple and startight and keep repeating the rules.

      Since I have two very small children (4 and 7 months) I need to learn like them to instruct them. Likewise for your child. Instructions has to be very simpel like brush your teeth. If you say more the child wil be lost.

      I can give you more examples and mail you if you like and if you wnat to share the issues what specifically you wnat to dela with immediately.

      Your love and patience is the key.

      You can mail me at

  12. My 4 year old son is calm at home but he is hyperactive in school.i am not able to find right hospital for his treatment.i am residing in gurgaon.please someone help me.

  13. I have had ADHD(undiagnosed) since I was a child and my life has been hell because of it,I am an adult in my twenties now and but ADHD caused terrible problems in my life socially and with regard to education,I have had to live through some extremely painful & unforgettable experiences because of it…I am sure that people that have ADHD(even as children) are a minority and if you are unfortunate enough to be one of them and live in a country that has no awareness of the existence of such a condition then life can be pretty awful,no one is on your side,no one will understand and 99.9% of them will blame you & give you all sorts of labels and all of this added emotional baggage due to severe criticism just makes having ADHD that much worse. Which is why like the author of this article I am also thrilled to hear that an Indian expert is providing more information to people in India at such a high-profile even. No child or preteen/teenager should ever have to go through what I went through. I hope this awareness can improve the quality of the child’s life

  14. I am a Phd holder in India having studied the topic of ADHD as part of my dissertation. Recently I have completed a trilogy of Books on the same topic where i am writting for the common parents, teachers and the ADHD child himself so that there is more awareness of the topic. My books re going to be released shortly and I hope it helps those people who do exhibit such symptoms to benefit from it.

    I believe that coping with ADHD is a far better point of view than curing it.
    I am also a practicing therapist and can be approached for consultation at my clinic address.
    Check out

  15. Hi , I am suffering from ADHD . Can someone inform where I can get adderall or vyvanse in mumbai ror online.If there is any alternate drugs available share that information also.

  16. Hi
    Pl can you share some names of famous personalities from India who have ahd ADHD? This is required for my daughters class XI assignment.

  17. Hi , my nephew has adhd mild symptoms and speech delay … he is not at all sitting still either at home or school .we want him to go in a normal school because of his over unfocused behavior he jumbles here and there and knows the study but dint clears the school interview .we are providing therapies but no.medication .please suggest.

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