ADHD in India

It is known that ADHD affects people in all countries, and of all cultures. However, the level of awareness, knowledge and treatment varies significantly between cultures. There is relatively little recognition of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in India, and there are few reliable statistics about the rate of diagnosis there.

This week, the President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, participated in a book release about ADHD. The book, entitled: ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, is authored by Parvathy Viswanath. Viswanath is the founder and director of the AIKYA Special School.

I am thrilled to hear that an Indian expert is providing more information to people in India about ADHD. I am also very impressed that the President of India, Abdul Kalam, participated in the release of this book. This type of high profile event will help people in India to understand and accept ADHD.

Information from an Indian expert is crucial to ensure that the information is culturally accurate, and discusses local resources and approaches.

Hopefully, this is a great step forward for the recognition and management of ADHD in India. To read a full article on this story, click here.

If you have any experience with ADHD in India, please post a comment below.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    I had contacted you on last 15th July 2009 for my son,Moksh.
    Now as Dr.Parul Walia suggested I had started speech therapy immidieatly. Now after one and half year he has started to speak some sentences and now he can express many things which he was not able to do before one year.
    Now from last two months we have started occupational therapy too. You won`t believe the result. Now he has got seating tolerance, which was not before. Now he is going to school (MIRA THE HAPPY SCHOOL, Lr. K.G.). Dr. Parul Walia prescribed a medicine named ” ADWISE” which makes him more relax at school.
    I want to thank you for your co-operation and for your advise. I learned a lot. I learned how to parenting an ADHD child from your newsletters.
    Thank you very much. Will remain in touch with you.

    • Hello, I see it has been years since you have written this question about Vyvanse in Hyderabad, but I am moving to Hyderabad in January and I am seeking a doctor for myself for Vyvanse as well, as it is a current prescription of mine in the US. Could you please tell me did you ever find a doctor for Vyvanse in Hyderabad? Thank you very much.

  2. can you help me in finding a Dr in Punjab and Delhi are who can diagnose if my cousin has ADHD, I suspect he does as I have seen all the signs in him.

    I appreaciate you help

    • Hello Lakhbinder

      Do you know any doctor in Delhi who can diagnose ADHD in my one and a half year old boy.
      Your help is much appreciated

  3. Hi,
    We live in the US.My son who is going to turn 7 is recently diagnosed with ADHD.We are battling with the idea of relocating back to India and staying here.We think extended family support will help him.But afraid we might make any mistakes at the same time.We are apprehensive about the side effects that the meds cause so just trying to avoid it.Are there any good schools(regular schools with accomodations) in banglore?The medicines in India do they have side effects?Alternate treatments?Any suggestions please.Thanks.

    • Hi ,
      plz send me your email or phone no
      My nephew has also got adhd n i have been gatherin d information since long

      • We are a integrated centre for managing children with special needs especially those with ADD/HD, Autism, LD & Slow learners. We use a combination of Homoeopathy, Cognitive Training & Neurofeedback to aid these children

  4. Hi ,
    My Brother (age – 19 ) having ADHD .
    Let me know about Doctors or therapy centers in Mumbai or Delhi , where we can get good treatment for him.
    Thanks in advance

  5. Barathy,
    At our centre we have panel including paediatricians, developmental paediatricians, Psychiatrist & Homoeopathicx Psychiatrists. We could help assess your childs need and provide apporpriate therapeutic intervention. We have been treating number of cases with reasonable success.

  6. Hi Dr Dhaval,
    Please let me know about your centre in Mumbai.If any braches in Delhi do let me know about that.
    Provide me your contact details also.

  7. Hello Doctor,

    I was diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S, and was on Adderall. This was because Ritalin was not working. Now I am back in India, but am unable to find out if Adderall is available here. Please advice what meds are available in India for ADHD.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi,

    I am Swapna from Hyderabad. I suspect I have ADD/ADHD since I have all the symptoms associated with it.

    Early acadimic life wwas a struggle but colege years were brilliant.

    Now however I am having serious difficulties with my Job: poor memory, keeping track of projects and assignment, missing deadlines, managing my health, etc are just few of difficulties i am facing with.

    Although considered very creative, but not very reliable person who never gets the job done.

    Requesting support in coping with my condition.

    Thank you!

    • Hi I am from Hyd too… I share the symptoms you have depected… did you manage to contact any one in hyd to help you ? Please let me know their contact details in hyd… I m at the point of breaking down.. thx for any kind of leads

  9. Hi Miss. Swapna,

    Even i suspect having Adult ADD. It was difficult to accept first but thats the reality.

    I am under going the same kind condition in my work place too.

    The main symptom is procrastination ie we put forward task or work even knowing that it is important and cannot reach the deadline assigned. Even if i have to call somebody like follow up, becomes very difficult even though knowing that the call is important.

    Forget things very easily and many more….no space to illustrate.

    I suffered a lot in my childhood as my parents was not able to identify and thought that i have no interest in studies.

    Hope we can assist each other through this challenge. You can mail me your reply. ”

    Hello Doctor,

    Now i am moving to Mumbai from chennai as i have got a very good job opportunity.

    Now i am afraid about how to perform well with such problems. I am seeking for Professional help in mumbai so that i can correctly diagnosed for ADD.

    Right now i have identified this problem myself when i was seeking some assistance for depression which was caused by failure in my work place.

    Thank you,
    Shankar Kumar.

    • i was having the same problem since my childhood days.i was a bright student but suddenly everything collapsed i have poor memmory poor management of time i cant do things on time even if i know importance my problem has increased a lot by the last eight years earlier i consulted nurologists with my interest.since my parents are unfamiler with such a situation they belived it was my lazyness in studies.its very hard for me to think.even to look watch and identyfy time.i am almost depressed and i went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me as o.c.d.but since i was not making any improvement with the medicine i took he incresed the dosage iam taking sertraline hydrochloride 200mg and risperidone 2mg.i dont have any signs of o.c.d i dont have repetitive behavior and iam not having easy social life which is not usual in nurosis diseases.i approached pharmasist and said none of the add medicine is available in kerala.plese help

  10. Hi

    My daughter age 9 yrs is having ADHD and LD. I am in Delhi please suggest me some of the doctors and schools.


  11. Dear Friends

    I would like to inform you all that we have extended the services in the Child Guidance Centre at B J Wadia Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.

    We now have facilities for- IQ/ SQ/ DQ testing-outpatient basis only
    Counseling- Outpatient basis only
    Psychiatric evaluation-inpatient and outpatient
    Psychiatric treatment- mainly outpatient and rarely inpatient

    All these facilities can be had by registering at OPD counter between 12.30 and 2 pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

    I humbly, also, add that this is a charitable facility for non-affording patients. So kindly avail of this facility if you fall in that category. Please feel free to refer as many children with difficuties as you wish. We endeavour to help as much as we can. But if you can aford it, kindly choose a private facility, as this is mainly for non affording persons.

  12. For Barathy – ,
    For your 7 year old, with ADHD, if possible & available in india, try VYVANSE 10mg(start with the min dosage, always, i repeat always) – Vyvanse is a miraculous drug for ADHD – I understand your concern, if you try Vyvanse in the US, it will show up in his records, which, as a parent, we do not prefer…… also, if possible, please try to stay in the US, rather than going to India….. For the child with ADHD, living in India could be very challenging for the kiddo….. just my opinion though…… giving family or being with more friends will not alter the ADHD symptoms…..
    For Swapna -,
    try out 30mg or 40 mg of Vyvanse – 40mg could be ideal, again it might vary for you….
    Vyvanse is the best drug out there for us(ADD/ADHD’s) – though not sure if its available in Hyderabad, India – but certainly the best drug, it brings out a world of difference…in my opinion & experience……
    PS: Barathy/Swapna – if you come across a doctor who prescribes Vyvanse in Hyderabad or else where in our state, please do share it…..


  13. Dear Doctors,

    My son 3 years old still not speaking and not eating any solid food and he can hear but not responding and he his taking speech therapy for last 4 months but no use, and the therapist advised to take medical treatment maybe it is ADHD, anyone suggest who is the best Child Psychiatrist or any child behavior doctors in chennai or mumbai.

    • hi,

      The symptoms which your son is showing, that is very unlikely to be that of ADHD… most probably it is some sort of autism or some other physiological/psychosomatic disorder. In my opinion, visiting a pediatrician or a pediatric psychologist would be best in this case.

      God bless you.

      Take care.

  14. We suspect that my nephew, age 24, has ADHD. We would like to know if any one can suggest an Adult ADHD testing center at or near Bangalore.

  15. Is there a ADHD diagonistic center in Bangalore? I want to get my daughter 9 yr old. We did show her when we were in US, but the docs there says it is not a major issue. I think now again, she is lacking concentration and getting very less marks in class. Class teachers complain that she is day dreaming and often miss out what was told in the class.

    • Hello Kumar,

      I also live in USA. my daughter seems to have same problems. If you find any solutions or would like share any idea about ADD/ADHD with us. That would be really help for my daughter.

      Sasi Kumar.

  16. This is a great post. More people to write about ADHD especially in India. Many people still don’t think this as a medical problem and continue to blame on the child. One of the site I would recommend to learn more about ADHD is Naturally Healthy. The site has a section about ADHD. Here is the link:

    Again, thank you for the post!

  17. Need to find a doc/center at Kolkata where we can send our 19 yr old nephew for ADHD screening.

    Please advise.


  18. my 17 yr old brother have adhd.i m also a can anyone suggest me any institute in ahmedabad to improve his disorder?

  19. hi, i am father of 6 yr girl and think her activity match with ADHD symptom.I live in West Bengal, Jalpaiguri District, Pls help me how I can get rid of such problem or with whom I can contact in kolkata. waiting eagerly for your positive reply. Pls mail me.
    Maloy sarkar

  20. Hi, I am currently pursuing a research on reading skills of children with adhd in the age of 5-8 years and strategies to enhance reading skills. I would like to know if anyone is willing to volunteer their child with ADHD to be a part of this study. The only requirements are the child should be between 5-8 years and must be studying in a regular school in Chennai.
    I will be using a reading checklist to screen your child for his/her reading skills which will take about 1-2 hours.
    Looking forward to some help.
    Contact me at

  21. my son is 7 years old and he has been diagnosed as an adhd child i m looking for the day boarding school deals with such students i m putting up in tilak nagar kindly reply soon if anybody knows

  22. Thank you very much for the post. I am Indian living in USofA and have ADHD. I never was suspected or diagnosed for ADHD since i became adult. The disorder itself is very complex and have a great chance of being misinterpreted for careless, lack of self-control attitudes and Imagine having no awareness of this in people of countries like India.

    Thanks for the book although i cannot access link provided.

  23. Thank you Shamik for the link of your blog. I suspect I have ADHD after reading through the symptoms. But can you suggest remedies for adults?

  24. As a parent the first thing that you need to do for your child is to love him/her unconditionally. Look at him/her as a child first and then has a child with ADHD. Please understand that inorder to prove your love you do not have to submit to all your child’s whims and fancies. Be firm but not strict. You need not take the stick, just a loud voice and wide rolling eyes can do the trick. And be consistent in everything you do.
    The basic principles are
    1. Have a routine at home – let the bedtime, feeding time, study time be the same everyday, occasional changes in time are ok
    2. Be consistent, clear and concise in your instructions. If you say TV time is only an hour a day stick to it, don’t change it to 3 hours for one day just because you have to finish some work.
    3. Make sure your child gets lots of physical activity – encourage him in cycling, swimming, sports. You can also go for yoga/OT – make sure you find the right therapist
    4. Reduce intake of junk food, preservatives. Try to give homemade food as much as possible. Learn to cook a variety of snacks that your child will relish at home.
    5. Try simple relaxation methods for good sleep like soft music, lavender drops on the pillow, avoid TV atleast an hour before sleep, read simple stories before bedtime together
    6. Study your child’s mood and work on it. Do academics when he is at his best alertness and mood. Have short periods of study with 2-3 min breaks inbetween. Reinforcers will work well with most kids.
    7. Prepare him ahead of time of the behaviour you expect when you go out to the shop, a wedding, temple, theatre. This way he knows what needs to be done.Give him lots of opportunities to explore, be with other children.
    8. Tell him what to do, rather than what not to do. Instead of don’t run, say ‘ Sit down’.
    9. Do not expect success immediately. For some a week may show positive results, for some it may take atleast 6 months.
    Do not get discouraged and depressed, just try to think of where you might need to make simple changes to achieve.
    10. Read up on ADHD. Be equipped. Talk with other parents. Don’t be shy to question therapists of your needs. As a parent you are the best person to know what your child needs and you can do it for him/her.
    Have faith in your child.

    • My sister (25 years old) has shown almost all the sigs of adult-ADHD. We suspect she had it since childhood but we didn’t know about ADHD, so failed to recognize the condition. You seem to be quite knowledgeable about this matter. Please help us to find a psychiatrist who would diagnose / treat adult-ADHD in Calcutta (or anywhere else in India). We ahve seen a clinical psychologist who is very reputed, but is not a specialist of adult-ADHD. She only did a psychometric test, no proper interview, details on past academic data were also not taken. That is why we are looking for someone who knows her/his job and is a specialist in the field of adult-ADHD.

      • Hello,were you able to find a good psychologist/psychiatrist ..I have also had ADHD since I was a child(undiagnosed) and I am an adult now

    • hi,
      i have a 8 yrs old daughter ,i suspect her with ADHD problem , i reside in chennai can u suggest a good child psychiatrist ,

  25. Hi, My son is 9 years old. He is having ADHD and LD problem. We stays in Kalyan so plz suggest me some centers for remedial education in Kalyan Thane or Mumbai

  26. I am residing with my child who is ADHD aged 14 years, we are facing accadamic proble / school . kindly sugeest School in Nagpur( Maharastra)

  27. hi
    my name is son 6yrs has adhd undertaking ot classes for a year now.still has problems in school and other medication a must for him
    please suggest a doctor for him in chennai

  28. Hi,

    My sister-in-law (25 years old) has been consistently showing almost all the signs & symptoms of adult-ADHD since a long while. My in-laws suspect that, she had it since childhood but they didn’t know about ADHD back then, so failed to recognize the condition. Now, we need to be “clinically” sure that whether or not she has adult-ADHD and that is where we need help.

    Please help us to find a psychiatrist who knows PROPER methods of diagnosis of adult-ADHD in India (preferably in Calcutta). So far, we have seen a clinical psychologist here in Calcutta – who is very reputed for counseling and therapy sessions, but we are not sure if she is an expert on adult-ADHD. She is actually a full-time professor at a reputed university of West Bengal, but it is quite clear to us that she is not a specialist of adult-ADHD. She only did a psychometric test (we have just received the result & it doesn’t say any conclusive remark regarding the presence or absence of this condition), no proper interview of the candidate or any family members was arranged, details on past academic data were also not taken, and any other tests (like – written tests, games, cards, word lists, computerized keyboard/screen tests – the way it is done in US/Canada – where I live – in addition to the psychometric test) were also not done. That is why we are looking for someone who knows her/his job and is a specialist in the field of adult-ADHD.

    Please help ! We need someone who can diagnose adult-adhd clinically.

  29. Hi
    Jinay, 8 years has chronic ADHD and has behavioral problems at home, school or with friends. Can you suggest OT center near santacruz, khar, bandra west?

    • Vrudhi is a comprehensive centre to aid children with ADD/HD, Learning Disability & Autism. We have a integrated approach using various therapies like remediation, behavioural therapy, Occupational Therpay, Computersed Cognitive Training & Computerised Neurofeedback to aid children with special needs. Our centre is centrally located in sion. For further details you couls visit our website or call us.

  30. I have ADHD. Am successful. I had symptoms from childhood.
    In the family of brilliant , i was the odd one out

    but when it came to my pg, i was the best. ADHD made me lose one year of my life.

    Later on, my ex told me about it , she felt i had it. I did research and made a self diagnosis and got it right

    ADHD doesnt require any medication. some people will also have high bp as a matter of fact for ADHD.

    ADHD people have the ability to be extra ordinary brilliant and as well as high creativity. Problem occurs when we use the creativity for high level day dreaming, which makes us weave long unreal ideas and make us depress

    but ADHD is not a problem but an advantage.
    The creativity can be used in the areas of sales and marketing, the person would be successful.
    ADHD ables you to think more than three things at the same time, even that can help you make a quick analysis of any situation and make you get outcome.

    but limitation are also their. the more you use your brain, the more worse ADHD becomes. You need to be calm and composed all the time.. Walking can do lot of wonders

    you can focus on a creative hobby like poetry, story writing or drawing.
    IT helps you become more focused and the thinking would not damage you.
    I know have a successful life and am able to manage work and personal life

    I do still face difficulties with LOVE LIFE, but believe a good understanding partner can make your life normal plus successful

  31. Hi. My 8 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago. He is on Inspiral. Initially he was taking 5 mg and now 10 mg. We saw a great difference in his behaviour pattern. He started to do well in studies and many times scored highest in the class. He is a intelligent child, likes maths and science. In the last 3 months his behaviour is getting back to the old pattern. Getting into arguements and fighting with his class mates. He wants something, he will keep insisting till he gets it. I am finding it difficult to manage as I need to travel and my wife is not in good health and unable to manage him.
    We are considering a boarding school which understands ADHD. Can anyone suggest one in Bangalore, Ooty, or Pune?
    Will a boarding school help him ? He is keen on going to a boarding along with my daughter who is normal.

  32. Hello,
    I have a brother who is 19 and has ADHD living in Delhi. Can you please suggest a good doctor near or in Delhi.
    Thank you so much

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