ADDA Webinar: Rethink ADHD

Please join me tonight (June 13th 2012) for a free webinar for ADDA.

My topic: “Rethink ADHD: Changing the Discussion”

Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time:  9:00 – 10:00 pm EDT

Registration link:

Normally these events are for members of ADDA only, but because you’re a subscriber or reader of my blog, ADDA is letting me open up the presentation for you as well.

We are in interesting times when it comes to the public view and the public discussion around ADHD. Stigma, misperceptions, judgement and ignorance abound.

We have an interesting paradox between the research we have around the benefits of diagnosis and treatment, and the challenges that people have accessing these treatments.

And then people have to defend and explain themselves because of the misconceptions that others have. This webinar will discuss the issues of stigma and judgement, and provide some insight into what the discussion about ADHD should be about.

We need to move the discussion of ADHD from: – ‘Does ADHD exist’ to ‘how do we make sure people are getting proper assessments and diagnosis?’

From: ‘Are medications for ADHD safe?’ to ‘Ensuring you have a comprehensive treatment program, including medication, therapy, alternatives, and coaching’. –

From: ‘Is treatment improving inattention?’ to ‘Let’s not just treat core symptoms, let’s treat the whole individual, and ensure that quality of life improves.’

From: ‘Judging adults with ADHD’ to ‘moving toward compassion, support and understanding.’

ADDA has a special surprise for you this evening, too. So I hope to “see” you Wednesday night.


Dr. Kenny


    • Sandy – sorry that I didn’t get to this in time.
      There was a link in the post above.
      There is a recording, but it is only available for ADDA members.
      I will be putting a lot of the material I covered into a free PDF ebook in the next week or two, and you can get it then.
      Dr. Kenny

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