Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of methylphenidate

Methylphenidate Shortage in Canada

March 12, 2014 There has been a recent shortage of the short acting Methylphenidate medication in Canada. This is listed on the website DrugShortages.ca (and you can visit that site to check if the shortage is still an issue). Methylphenidate is a stimulant medication used to treat ADHD. It is the active ingredient in the following medications: Ritalin, Ritalin SR, Biphentin and…

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depression teen girl cried lonely

Guilt and ADHD

When you’re dealing with ADD/ADHD, you often experience guilt. If you’re a parent dealing with an ADD/ADHD child or teen, you may experience guilt in numerous ways, such as: Guilt that you have somehow caused the ADHD… Guilt that you aren’t handling it well… Guilt about the treatment you are giving your child (i.e. medication) If you’re an adult dealing…

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Apps to Help You Sleep Better

Many people with ADHD struggle with sleep. I’ve just released a podcast episode called: 5 Steps to a Good Night Sleep with ADHD. In this podcast, I go through 5 steps to help you to figure out what’s going on with your sleep problems, and I also give you steps and strategies to work on to help out. One of…

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ADHD Podcast

I’m please to let you know that I’ve launched an ADHD Podcast. It is available on iTunes, Zune and Blackberry. Of course, you can just go to the site and listen to the shows right there. It is a weekly ADHD Podcast, and I aim to bring you tips, strategies and tools to help you to live better with ADHD….

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Is There a Role For Guns in Parenting?

In February 2012, this video was uploaded to youtube. It is a video of a dad expressing his upset with his daughter’s insulting rant on Facebook. He then takes out a gun and shoots her laptop (with hollow point exploding bullets, no less…). This video went viral. At the time of this post (June 27, 2012) there are over 33…

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The Individuality of People with ADHD

When you ask someone what they think of when they hear the term “ADHD”, they often say that they picture a boy who is hyperactive. And that’s accurate – there are some boys with ADHD who are hyperactive. But ADD/ADHD can go far beyond boys who are hyperactive. There are also boys who are inattentive, girls who are daydreamers, young…

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Generic Concerta vs. Brand Name Concerta in Canada

How To Tell The Difference Between Concerta and Generic Concerta

In Canada, there is a generic Concerta available. It’s called: Teva-Methylphenidate ER-C (it was formerly called: Novo-Methylphenidate ER-C). Many people have had trouble with this generic, and it is widely accepted by doctors in Canada and patients that the generic doesn’t work as well as the brand name concerta. One question which has been sent in to me a number…

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ADDA Webinar: Rethink ADHD

Please join me tonight (June 13th 2012) for a free webinar for ADDA. My topic: “Rethink ADHD: Changing the Discussion” Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 Time:  9:00 – 10:00 pm EDT Registration link: http://bit.ly/handelman6-13g Normally these events are for members of ADDA only, but because you’re a subscriber or reader of my blog, ADDA is letting me open up the…

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Britney Has ADHD

It has just been reported that Britney Spears has ADHD. The Grammy winning pop star, who holds Guinness World Records, and has her own Star on the Walk of Fame has now shared that she has ADHD. Britney has taken on the role of a judge on the singing reality show “The X Factor”, and she is now currently filming…

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ADHD and Post-Term Births… Don’t Believe Everything You Read

A new study just came out in the International Journal of Epidemiology, called: “Post-term birth and the risk of behavioural and emotional problems in early childhood”. It was published online on May 3, 2012. The press have widely reported that this study shows that when a pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks, then a child is more than two times more…

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